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at White-Hall; . . . By a True son of The Most Famous, Delectable, and Pleathe Church of England. London, Prin- sant History of Parismus, The Fourted for William Jacob, and John Place, teenth Impression . . . London, Printed ... 1678. 12o. A, 4 leaves : B-F in by W. Wilde,.. 1696. 4°, Aa 2 in twelves : G, 8 leaves.

fours : part 2, Ee 2 in fours. Each part FILMER, SIR ROBERT, of Kent.

has a woodcut frontispiece on A l. Observations upon Aristotles Politiques, FORT-ROYAL. Touching Forms of Government. To- Articles of High - Treason Exhibited gether with Directions for Obedience to against the Fort-Royall, With all the Governours in dangerous and doubtfull other Horn-works and Breast-works about Times . . . London, Printed for R. Roy- the Citie. By the representative body of ston, 1652. 4°, A-H 2 in fours. the Common-Counsell of the Citie. With

Ascribed to Filmer in a coeval hand on the last Will and Testament of the said the title of the copy used.

Fort-Royall. Also, Her severall Legacies FLATMAN, THOMAS.

to divers eminent Persons of Qualitie.
To the King: A Congratulatory Poem. Also her Epitaph. Printed in the Yeare
Virg. Æn. 1. 6.Tu maximus Ille es . 1647. 4°, 4 leaves.
Printed at London, and Re-printed at

The Epitaph is in verse.
Edinburgh, . . . 1685. 4°, 4 leaves. FOUNTAIN, JOHN.

The Rewards of Vertue; A Comedie. tino.

By J. F. Gent. London, Printed by Ja. Historia de la morte de l'Illustriss. Sig

Cottrell, for Hen. Fletcher, ... 1661. nora Giovanna Graia, gia Regina eletta e

4o. A, 2 leaves : B-L in fours : M (not publicata d'Inghilterra : e de le cose

marked), 1 leaf. accadute in quel Regno dopo la morte FRANCE. del Re Edoardo VI. ... Stampato ap- An Apology or defence for the Christians presso Richardo Pittore, ... 1607. 8°. of Fraūce which are of the Euāgelicall or A, 4 leaves : B-Z in eights.

reformed religion, for the satisfying of FORBES, WILLIAM.

such as wil not liue in peace and concord Hecatomompha Carolo Regi, Vbi, sub

with them ... Written to the King of personâ Caledoniæ, Atheismi incremen- Nauarre and translated out of French tum & Christianismi deliquium Ecclesia

into English by Sir Hierom Bowes Knight. Scoticana deflet. No place, printer's

At London Printed by Iohn Day name, or date 1 .] 4°, 4 leaves. In

1579 ... 89, black letter. A, 8 leaves, Latin verse.

A i blank :, 3 leaves : B-S 4 in FORDE, SIR EDWARD, of Harting,


Following the title is the author's dedi. Sussex.

cation to Henry II. of France, and his Song, A Designe for bringing a Navigable River the latter in four 7-line stanzas. from Rickmansworth in Hartfordshire, An Advertisement from a French Gento St. Gyles in the Fields; the Benefits of tleman, touching the intention and meanit declared, and the Objections against it ing which those of the house of Guise answered. London, Printed for John haue in their late leuying of forces and Clarke. 1641. 4°, A-B in fours : B 4 Armes in the Realme of France: Written with a plan of the Colne River, and a as an answere to a certaine Declaration view on the title of the proposed scheme. published in the name of the Cardinal of An Answer to Mr. Fords Booke, Enti- Burbon. Anno. 1585. Iune. 8°, A-E tvled, A Designe . . . Printed at London, in eights. B. M. 1641. 4°, A-D in fours. With a folded The Characters or Pourtraicts of the Preplan.

sent Court of France : Wherein is deFORD, EMMANUEL.

scribed The King, the Princes, the GeneThe Most Famous, Delectable, and Plea- rals and the principal Ministers of State. sant History of Parismus. ... The Ninth Written Originally in French. Made Impression, newly Corrected and Amen- English by J. B. Gent. London : Prinded. London, Printed by A. P. for F. ted by J. C. for Thomas Palmer, Coles, T. Vere, and J. Wright. 1671. 1668. 8o. A, 4 leaves : B-K 4 in 4°, black letter, A-Cc in fours, A 1 with eights. the frontispiece: Part 2, dated 1672, Strange News from France, Being Letters A-Kk in fours, A 1 with frontispiece. from A French Protestant Gentleman at


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Blois, to a Person of Quality at West- prodesse volunt ... Edinburgh, Printed ninster. Giving an Account of the late in the Year, M.DCC.I. 89, 8 leaves. Extraordinary Tempest that lately hapned G. R. there, . . . London: Printed for L..C.

Avona, Or A Transient View of the 1678. 4°, 4 leaves.

Benefit of making Rivers of this Kingdom The Means to Free Europe from the Navigable. Occasioned by observing the French Usurpation ; And the Advantages Scituation of the City of Salisbury, upon which the Union of the Christian Princes

the Avon, and the Consequence of openhas produced, to preserve it from the ing that River to that City Communicated Power of an Anti-Christian Prince. Lon

by Letter to a Friend at London. By con, Printed for R. Bently, . . . 1689. R. G. Sola est fiducia Nilo. London, 12°, A-G9 in twelves.

Printed by T. R. & N. T. for John The King of France His Catechism. Courtney Book-seller in Sarum, 1675. Written at Paris, and Licens'd by Father 89, A-Č 4 in eights, A 1 and C 4 blank. La Chese, the French King's Confessor.

G. T., M.D. London : Printed in the Year, 1703. 8°,

A True and Exact Account of Sadlers 4 leaves.

Well : Or The New Mineral-Waters FREDERIC III., Margrave of Brandenburg Lately found out at Islington ; Treating

and (1701) First King of Prussia. of its Nature and Virtues ... Published An Account of the Ceremony of Investing for publick good by T. G. Doctor of His Electoral Highness of Brandenburgh Physick. London, Printed for Thomas with the Order of the Garter. Perform'd Malthus at the Sun in the Poultry. 1684. at Berlin on the 6th of June, 1690. By [30 July.] 4°, 4 leaves. James Johnston, Esq; His Majesties En- GAILLARD, J. voy, • . . And Gregory King, Esq; The

The Present State of the Republick of other Commissioner London : Prin

Venice, As to the Government, Laws, ted for Ric. Chiswell, ... MDCXC. 4°,

Forces, Riches, Manners, Customes, A-E in fours.

Revenue, and Territory of that CommonTwo editions the same year.

Wealth : With a Relation of the present FREDERIC V., King of Bohemia.

War in Candia. London, Printed for A Proclamation made by the High and John Starkey . . . 1669. 12°, A-M in Mighty Fredericke by the Grace of God

twelves : A with Imprimatur and M 12 King of Bohemia, &c. Commanding all blank. Dedicated to Sir John Trevor. those his Subjects which are now in the Seruice of his Majesties Enemies, to re


The Princelye pleasures, 1576. paire Home within the space of 14. dayes,

The titlepage is followed by “The Printer vpon paine of his Highnes displeasure, and

to the Reader," 1 leaf, which does not occur Confiscation of Goods and Lands. Trans

in the later editions. Read, as were there lated out of the Dutch Coppie. Printed deuised," and Rychard Ihones." The Farat Prague, 1620. 4°, 4 leaves.

mer, afterwards Staunton, copy was proThis is dated from Prague, August 18,

bably burnt with the Shakespear Library 1620.

at Birmingham, and no other is known. A

tracing of the titlepage by Mr. Halliwell. FURMETARY.

Phillipps is among my collections. The Furmetary. A Very Innocent and GATAKER, THOMAS, B.D., Pastor of Harmless Poem. In Three Canto's. Lon

Rotherhithe. don : Printed, and Sold by A. Baldwin,

Of the Natvre apd Vse of Lots ; A Trea... 1699. [15 June.] 4o. B-E, 2 leaves

tise Historicall and Theologicall; Loneach, E 2 blank, and the title.

don Printed by Edward Griffin and are A very curious London piece, with interesting local allusions. The date of the

to be sold by William Bladen .. 1619. month is added in the copy used in coeval 4o. 1, 2 leaves : A-Z 2 in fours. Dedi. MS.

cated to Sir Henry Hobart, &c.

GENEVA. G. G. of S.

The forme of prayers and Ministration of A Facetious Poem In imitation of the the Sacraments, &c. vsed in the Englishe Cherrie and the Slae. Giving account of Congregation at Geneua : and approued, the Entertainment Love and Despair by the famous and godly learned man, got in the Highlands of Scotland.


Iohn Caluyn. . . . Printed at Geneva vealed in a Dream to one in pursuit of By Iohn Crespin M.D.LVI. 8. A, 8: his stoln Cows. By G. G. of S. Aut B, 4: C-E in eights. The Psalms by

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Sternhold and others, A-K in eights, A with an Advertisement and the Errata
with a new title and the music : The Al blank.
Catechism, with a new title, A-L 4 in GILBERT, SAMUEL.

Fons Sanitatis ; Or the Healing-Spring
The Psalms have a separate title without

at Willowbridge in Staffordshire. Found imprint as follows: One and Fiftie Psalmes of David in Englishe metre, whereof 37

out by the Right Honourable the Lady were made by Thomas Sternholde : ād Jane Gerard Baroness of Bromlev. Pubthe rest by others Cöferred with the lished . . . by Samuel Gilbert, Chaplain hebrewe, and in certeyn places corrected to her Honour & Rector of Quatt. ... as the text, and sens of the Prophete re

London, Printed for the Author, Anno quired. The edition of Sternhold and others is

Dom. 1676. 89, A-C in eights. very curious, as it appears to precede any GLAMORGANSHIRE. equally complete one from an English press.

The heads of the present Grievances of Sothebys, Feb. 15, 1881, No. 276, the three parts complete in a volume.

the County of Glamorgan, Declaring the

Cause of their late rising and taking up GERARD, CHARLES, Lord Gerard of

of Armes. ... Printed in the Yeare, 1647. Brandon.

4°, 4 leaves. A True Narrative of the Proceedings of the severall Suits in Law that have been GLANVILL, SIR JOHN, Kt., late Speaker between the Right Honourable Charles

of the House of Commons. Lord Gerard of Brandon, and Alexander

A Paraphrase vppon the Psalms of David,

1645. 4o. Dedicated “To my loveing Fitton, Esq. Published for generall Satisfaction. By a Lover of Truth. Hague,

Wief Winifred Glanvill,” from the Tower,

10 Jan. 1645-6. Printed, MDCLXIII. 4o. A-N, 2 leaves

An unpublished MS. in old blue morocco, each.

with the separate arms of Sir John and GERARD, DIGBY, Lord Gerard of Lady Glanvill following the dedication, Gerard's Bromley.

and the same quartered in gold and colours. Bedlam Broke loose, A Review of that

Her ladyship was the daughter of William

Bourchier of Barnesley, Gloucestershire; Boistrous Uproar, whereby the Lives of

her autograph, “Wini. Glanvill," is on the the Right Honourable Digby Lord Gerard flyleaf. The version was commenced in and his Mother, were eminently Endan- 1608, and completed in 1645. ger'd, June 1677. Præteriti dulce est Sothebys, Dec. 12, 1881, No. 807. Meminisse periculi. London, Printed GLANVILL, JOSEPH. 1677. 4°, A-D, 2 leaves each. B. M. The Vanity of Dogmatizing : Or ConfiGERMANY.

dence in Opinions. Manifested in a DisThe confessyon of the fayth of the Ger

course of the Shortness and Uncertainty maynes . . . [Col.] Imprynted at Lon- of our Knowledge, And its Causes ; With don in Fletestrete / by me Robert Red

some Reflexions on Peripateticism ; And man / dwellynge at the sygne of the

an Apology for Philosophy. By Jos. George nexte to Saynt Dunstones Churche.

Glanvill, M.A. London, Printed by E. 1536. Cvm Privilegio Regali. 8°, A–Z 6

C. for Henry Eversden . .. 1661. 8°, in eights.

A-S in eights. Dedicated to the Rev.
Sothebys, Feb. 14, 1881, No. 78. Mr. Joseph Minard, B.D. from Cecil

House in the Strand, March 1, 1660[-1.)
The Perfect Speech of Mr. John Gibbons,

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. as it was Delivered by Himself on the

An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons, Scaffold at Tower-Hill, on Friday the 22

For raysing and maintaining of Horse of August, 1651. . . . Likewise, His De

and Foot for the Garrison of Glocester. sires to the People,

Published by a

And for the Counties of Glocester, Hereperfect Copy. . London, Printed in ford, Monmouth, Glamorgan, Brecknocke,

and Radnor. the Year, 1651. 4°, A-B in fours.

Printed for Edward

Husbands, 1644, May 13. 4°, 4 leaves.
Gideon's Fleece : Or, The Sieur de Frisk.

The Gloucester-shire Ministers Testimony
An Heroick Poem. Written on the cur-

to the Truth of Jesus Christ, and to the sory perusal of a late Book, call'd The Solemne League and Covenant ; Conclave of Physicians. By a Friend to

London, Printed by John Clowes. 1648. the Muses. Facit Indignatio versum.

4°, 4 leaves. London, Printed for Sam. Smith. The Blovdy Murther in Gloucester-shire. 1684. 4°, A-E in fours, an extra leaf in Or, A Grand Peice of Inhumane Cruelty.




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Being a Full and True Relation, how GRANTHAM, THOMAS.
Elizabeth Skidmore, of the Town of Mon- The Grand Impostor Caught in his own
mouth, In March last, travelling from Snare: Or, The Providential Discovery
London into the Country, :

.. was ac

of the Horrid Villany Lately contrived companied by a Glover in Hereford, who against Thomas Grantham, Preacher of (as 'tis believed) did most Barbarously Glad-Tidings to all Men in the City of Murther her. . . . London, Printed for Norwich. Printed for the Author, 1691. John Hose, next door to the Rose-Inn 4°, A-B 2 in fours. neer Holbournbridge, over against the GRECO, JOACHINO. Kings Arnis. [1668.) 4°, 4 leaves. The Booke of the Ordinary games at A True and Perfect Account of the Exa

Chestes Composed by Joachino Greco an mination, Confession, Tryal, Condemna- Italian, Borne in Calabria ; Written for tion, and Execution of Joan Perry, and

Nicholas Mountstephen dwellinge at Ludher'two Sons, John & Richard Perry,

gate in London. Anno Dominj 1623. 4°. for the Supposed Murder of William

MS. of 184 leaves, including a frontisHarrison, Gent. Being One of the most piece. Sothebys, Aug. 12, 1880, No. 1426. Remarkable Occurrences which hath hap- GREGORY, JOHN, of Christ-Church Oxpened in the memory of Man, Lon

ford. don, Printed for Rowland Reynolds, .

Gregorii Posthuma : Or, Certain Learned 1676. 4°, A--D 2 in fours.

Tracts : Written by John Gregorie, M.A. This includes Harrison's own account, in

and Chaplain of Christ Church in Oxford. a letter sent by Sir Thomas Overbury of

Together with a short Account of the Burton to Dr. T. S. of London. Ratiocinium Vernaculum, Or, A Reply

Author's Life; and Elegies on his muchto Ataxiæ Obstaculum. Being. A pre

lamented Death. Published by his Deartended Answer to certain Queries, Dis

est Friend J. G. B.D. of Merton College. persed in some parts of Gloucestershire.

London, Printed by William Du-gard,

for Laurence Sadler, 1650. 4°. A, London, Printed for A. B. MDCLXXVIII. 8°, A-Y 2 in fours, and a-c in fours

4 leaves : (a)-(b) in fours : B-Vv 2 in

fours. between A and B.

This collection includes an account of the This volume is sometimes given to Sir Thomas Overbury of Burton.

Boy-Bishop, which commences with a fresh

title on N 3: “Episcopus Puerorum, In The New Gloustershire Garland.

Die Innocentium. Or, A Discoverie of an Printed (at Edinburgh) by J. Reid, at his Antient Custom in the Church of Sarum, Printing house, Bells wynde, 1704. 8°, making an Anniversarie Bishop among the 4 leaves. In verse.

Choristers." This has three curious enA love story in four parts.

gravings. The book was edited by John

Gurganie. The Elegies are by Martin GODFRIDUS.

Llewellyn, &c. The Knowledge of Things Unknown. GREGORY, ST. Shewing the Effects of the Planets, and

The Dialogves of S. Gregorie, Svrnamed other Astronomical Constellations. With

the Greate : Pope of Rome, and the First the Strange Events that befal Men,

of that Name : Devided into Fower Women and Children, born under them.

Bookes. . . . With A shorte treatise of Compiled by Godfridus, : : . Together with the Husband-Man's Practice : Or,

sundry miracles, wrought at the shrines

of martyrs : taken out of S. Augustin. Prognostication for ever ;


Together with a notable miracle wrought the Shepherd's Prognostication for the

by S. Bernard, Translated into our weather, and Pathagoras his Wheel of

English tongue By P. W. [Quot. from Fortune. Printed by W. D. for T.

Eccl. cap. 1. v. 1 & 2.]... Printed at Thackeray,[1693.] 8, black letter,

Paris. 1608. 12° -ě, 12 leaves each, A-N 6 in eights, with a separate title to

ě 12 with Errata : A-Y 6 in twelves, the Husbandman's Practice dated 1693.

Y 6 with “Favltes escaped in some fewe With cuts.

copies :". The Treatise, with a fresh title, Compare Husbandman at p. 298.

Aa-Bb in twelves. Dedicated by P. W. GODWIN, FRANCIS, Bishop of Hereford.

to Anne of Denmark. Rervm Anglicarvm Henrico VIII. Ed- On the back of the title are the arms of wardo VI. Et Maria Regnantibus, An- the Queen. nales. Londini, Apud Ioannem Billiym, GRISELDA OR GRISELL. ... M.DC.XXVIII. 4o. Title, &c., 4 leaves :

The Pleasant Comodie . . . 1603. A-Hh in fours, Hh 4 with the colophon. Collation :-A-L 2 in fours. Black letDedicated to Prince Charles.

ter, Without prefixes.




H. R.

The True and Admirable History of the master, Prince Charles, whose portrait is Noble Marquess of Salus, and Patient on the back of the title. Grissel, . . London: Printed by and GWILLIM, JOHN. for W. O. and are to be sold by A. Bettes- A Display of Heraldrie : Manifesting a worth, . . . 1703. 4°, A-C in fours.

more easie accesse to the knowledge GROSSETESTE, ROBERT, Bishop of

thereof then hath bene hitherto published Lincoln.

by any, through the benefit of Method, The Testamentes of the twelue Patri- whereunto it is now reduced by the inarches, the Sonnes of Iacob: translated dustry of Iohn Gwillim Pursuiuant of out of Greeke into Latine by Robert Armes. All that thy hand shall find to Grosthed, sometime Bishop of Lincolne, doe, ... Eccles. 9. 12. London Printed and out of hys copy into French and by William Hall for Raphe Mabb 161 1. Dutch by others : Now englished by A. Folio. (a), 4 leaves : (b), 2 leaves : A G. ... At London Printed by lohn 00 2 in fours. [Col.] London. Printed Daye, dwelling ouer Aldersgate.' 1581. by William Hall, and are to be sold by Cum priuilegio ... 8°, A-L 4 in eights, Raphe Mab. 1610. With a dedication L 4 with the colophon. Black letter. by the Author to James I., and verses by With cuts.

Thomas Gwillim, the writer's kinsman, The Testaments of the twelue Patriarches,

John Davies of Hereford, &c. Following Printed at London by Peter Short,

the title is an explanatory Epigram. for the Assignes of Richard Day, 1595. A Display of Heraldrie : ... The third 8°, black letter, with cuts, A-L 4 in Edition . . . London, Printed by Thomas eights.

Cotes for Jacob Blome. 1638. Folio. The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs. (A), 4 leaves : (a), 4 leaves : B_Gg in . . . London, Printed by E. C. for the

fours : Hh, 6. Company of Stationers, 1665. 8o, black H. I. letter, A-R in eights. With cuts. Down-right Dealing, Or The despised The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs,

Protestant Speaking

plain English ... London, Printed by M. Clark, for To the Kings most Excellent Majesty. the Company of Stationers, 1684 [at end

The honourable houses of Parliament, 1683.] Sm. 8°, black letter, A-K in

The City of London, eights. With cuts.

The Army. The Preface is signed by Richard Day; And all other Peace-desiring Commons but the style is modern.

of this divided and self-destroying King. GRYNDALL, WILLIAM, Falconer.

dome. Written by I. H. an impartiall Hawking, Hunting, Fouling, and Fish- observer of the present transactions of ing, With the true measures of blowing. the Court, City, and Camp . . . Printed A worke right pleasant and profitable for

in the Year of Discoveries. 1647. 4°, all estates whoso loueth it to practise, and

A-B in fours. exceeding delightfull, to refresh the irk-H. I. somnesse of tedious time. Whereunto

Paradise Transplanted and Restored, In is annexed the maner and order in keep- a Most Artfull and Lively Represening of Hawkes, ... Now newly col- tation of the several Creatures, Plants, lected by W. G. Faulkener. Publicum Flowers, and other Vegetables, in their comodum priuato preferendum. Imprin- full growth, shape, and colour : Shown ted at London by Adam Islip, and are to at Christopher Whiteheads at the two be sold by Richard Oliue. 1596. 4°, wreathed Posts in Shooe-Lane, London. A-L in fours. Black letter.

Written by I. H. Gent. London, Printed The Fowling and Fishing sections bave

in the year, 1661. 4°, 4 leaves. separate titles. Sothebys, August 13, 1880, No. 1816, £30.


Proposals for building in every County a Aphorismes Civill and Militarie : Ampli

Working-Alms-House or Hospital, as the fied with Authorities, and exemplified best Expedient to perfect the trade and with Historie, out of the first Quaterne Manufactory of Linnen-Cloth. London, of Fr. Guicciardine. (Quotations.]

Printed by W. G. for R. Harford, . London, Imprinted for Edward Blovnt. 1677. 40, A-B in fours, B 4 blank : 1613. Folio, A-3 E in fours, first and Postscript, A-B 2 in fours. last leaves blank. Dedicated by R. A Dialogue between A Protestant and Dallington to his gracious lord and An Ana Baptist. By R. H. With

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