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Allowance. London: Printed for D. Whereto is added an Epitaph. ImprinM. 1678. 4°, 4 leaves.

ted at London, 1649. 4°, A-D in fours. HALKET, ANN MURRAY, Lady. Duke Hamiltons Ghost, Or The UnderMeditations on the Twentieth and Fifth miner Countermined. Ex proprio præsidio Psalm. By one who had found how periculum. London, Printed in the Year, beneficial it was to have the Soul con- 1659. 4°, 4 leaves. In verse. tinually placed upon Divine Objects,

HAMMILTON, SIR FREDERICK. Edinburgh, 1701. 4°, A-F in

The Information of Sir Frederick Hamfours. B. M.

milton, Knight, and Colonell, Given to At the end we are informed that this

the Committee of both Kingdoms, Conwork was ended at Eyvie, the first of January, 1654.

cerning Sir William Cole, Knight and Meditations and Prayers, upon the First

Colonell; With the Scandalous Answer

of the said Sir William Cole, Knight: Week, With Observations on each Day's

Together with the Replication of Sir Creation : and Considerations on the Seven Capital Vices, ... Written by

Frederick Hammilton, . . . With divers the Lady Halket. Edinburgh ... M.DCC.I.

Letters and Depositions, for the clearing

of the said Sir Frederick Hammilton, 4°, A-F in fours, the title, and a leaf of G. B. M.

Printed, Anno Dom. 1645. 4°, A—M 2

in fours, besides title and Hammilton's Instructions for Youth. Written by the

preface. Lady Halket. For the Use of those

A scarce tract on affairs in Ireland.
young Noblemen and Gentlemen, whose

Education was committed to her Care.

Gods Judgements Upon Drunkards,
Edinburgh, M.DCC.I. 4', A-B in

Swearers, and Sabbath-Breakers. In a fours, and the title. B. M.

collection of the most remarkable ExHALL, FRANCIS, otherwise LINE, of

amples of Gods revealed wrath.
the Society of Jesus, Professor of the London, Printed by E. Tyler, 1659. 8°,

A-L in eights, and a, 8 leaves.
An Explication of the Diall sett up in
the Kings Garden at London, an. 1669.


The Genealogy of the High and Mighty In which very many Sorts of Dyalls are conteined, : . Printed at Liege,

Monarch, James, ... with his lineall deXin the Yeare of our lord 1673 . 49, A

scent from Noah, together with a -H 2 in fours, besides title and 2 folded

briefe Cronologie of the memorable Acts leaves. With many engravings.

of the famous men touched in this Gene

alogy ... With many other matters worHALL, ROBERT, Gentleman.

thy of note. Gathered by George Owen Heroologia Anglorvm. Or, An help to Harry, Parson of Whitchurch in Kemeis, English History. Containing A suc

at the request of M. Robert Holland. cession of the Kings of England ; London Imprinted by Simon Stafford, In three Tables. London, Printed by T. for Thomas Salisbury. 1604. 4o. (a)and R. Cotes, for Henry Seile, ... 1648.

(h) in fours, (h) 4 blank. Besides
12o. A, 3 leaves : B-P in twelves : Q, nine Tables.
10. Dedicated to Prince Charles.

HAMILTON, JAMES, Duke of Hamilton.

A Declaration of egregious Popish Im-
Duke Hamilton Earl of Cambridge His postures, to with-draw the harts of his
Case, Spoken to, and argued on the be- Maiesties Subiects from their allegeance,
half of the Commonwealth, before the and from the truth of Christian Religion
High Court of Justice. By Mr. Steel of

professed in England, vnder the pretence Grays-Inn. London : Printed for Fran- of casting out of deuils.

Practised by cis Tyton, ... 1649. 4°, A-F 2 in fours.

Edmunds, alias Weston a Iesuit, & diuers Digitus Dei: Or, God's Justice upon Romish Priestes his wicked associates. Treachery and Treason, Exemplified in Wherevnto are annexed the Copies of the the Life and Death of the late James Confessions and Examinations of the parDuke of Hamilton. Being an exact Re- ties themselues, which were pretended to lation of his Traiterous practices since be possessed, ... At London, Printed by the Year, 1630. Together with a true Iames Roberts, dwelling in Barbican. and full Discovery of the mysterie of his Anno Dom. 1604, 4°, A-00 2 in fours, last Engagement for the destruction of Dedicated to the Seduced Catholics of the King, and His Royall Posterity. England.

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enhall. 1595. 4°, A-E in fours, E 4 An Essay for Advancement of Husbandry. blank. With cuts. Britwell. Learning; Or Propositions for the Errect- Communicated by Mr. W. Christieing [a] Colledge of Husbandry : And in Miller. order thereunto, for the taking in of

HELIODORUS. Pupills or Apprentices. And algo Friends

An Æthiopian Historie written in Greek, or Fellowes of the same Colledge or So

by Heliodorus : very wittie and pleasaunt, ciety. London, Printed by Henry Hills.

Englished by Thomas Vnderdoune. With 1651. 4°, A-C in fours, and the title.

the Arguments of euery Booke, sette beA Designe for Plentie, By an Vniversall fore the whole Woorke. Imprinted at Planting of Frvit-Trees : Tendred by London, by Henrie Wykes, for Fraunces some Wel-wishers to the Publick ...,

Coldocke, dwellinge in Powles ChurchLondon, Printed by Richard Wodenothe yarde, at the signe of the greene Dragon. 4°, A-D in fours.

(1569.] 4o, black letter. T, 4 leaves : A Discoverie For Division or Setting out A-00 in fours : Pp, 1 leaf. Dedicated of Land, as to the best Forms. Published by the translator to Edward Deuiere [sic] by Samuel Hartlib Esquire, for Direction

Earl of Oxford. and more Advantage and Profit of the

Heliodorys His AEthiopian History: Done Adventurers and Planters in the Fens

out of Greeke, and compared with other and other Waste and undisposed Places Translations in diuers Languages. in England and Ireland. . . . London,

London, Printed by Felix Kyngston, for Printed for Richard Wodenothe

William Barret. 1622. 4o. A, 2 leaves: 1653. A, 3 leaves : B-D in fours : [a

B-Y in eights: Z, 6. B. M. new title] An Essay upon Master W.

Dedicated to Sir John Sidley of AilesPotters Designe : Concerning a Bank of

ford, Kent, by the publisher, who speaks Lands to be erected throughout this Com- of having had the work cleered from the mon-Wealth. .. E, 4 leaves : F, i leaf. barbarismes of antiquity.” 4o.

One of the earliest European romances.

It does not appear to have been noticed by HARVEY, CHARLES, Groom of the Bed

critics that this is the parent book from chamber to the Protector.

which later writers derived those tales of A Collection of several Passages concern- sensational adventure and hair's breadth ing his late Highnesse Oliver Cromwell escapes, on which much of the plot of such

Dramas as PERICLES OF TYRE turns and .. 1659.

depends. No doubt, the author of the See p. 150. I see from Carlyle's Crom. well that this anonymous tract is attribut.

Pattern of Painful Adventures, the acknow.

ledged foundation-story of PERICLES, went able to the pen of Harvey.

to Heliodorus. HARWARD, SIMON. A Discovrsé of the Severall kinds and HENRIETTA MARIA, Queen of Great causes of Lightnings. Written by occa

Britain. sion of a fearefull Lightning which on

A Great Discovery of the Queen's prethe 17. day of this instant Nouember, paration in Holland, to assist the King Anno Domini 1606. did in a very short

in England. Also, how Her Majesty hath time burne vp the spire steeple of Blech- sent Her Standard, with the rest of her ingley in Surrey, and in the same melt Regiments over to New castle. As it was into infinite fragments a goodly Ring of

sent in a Letter from Rotterdam, Dated Bells. . . . London Printed by Iohn

Decemb. 16. stilo novo, and directed to Windet, and are to be sold by Ieffrey

Mr. Iohn Blackston a Member of the Chorlton ... 1607. 4°, A-C in fours.

House of Commons. . . . London, Printed Dedicated in verse to Lord Howard of for J. Wright in the Old-bayly, Decemb. Effingham, and with a preface dated from 17. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. Banstead, Nov. 20, 1606. B. M.

HENRY, Prince of Wales, Ob. 1612. HASLETON, RICHARD.

Two Elegies, Consecrated To the NeverStrange and wonderfull things. Hap- dying Memorie of the most worthily adpened to Richard Hasleton, borne at myred, most hartily loued, and generally Braintree in Essex, In his ten yeares bewayled Prince; Henry Prince of Wales. trauailes in many forraine Countries.

Hoc fonte deriuata clades Printed as he delivered it from his owne

In Patriam, Populumq; fuxit. mouth. London Printed by A. I. for London : Printed by T. S. for Richard William Barley, and are to be solde at More, ... 1613. 4to, A-E 2 in fours, his shop in Gratious Streete, neere Lead- A i having only a leaf printed in black,




A 3 the dedication to the Prince's follow- This is a distinct impression, yet collates ers, and A 4 the Errata.

with that of 1526, and follows it with

tolerable closeness. By W. Browne and Christopher Brooke. Three Elegies on the most lamented

The greate Herball, which geueth parfyte Death of Prince Henrie.

knowledge & understandinge of al Maner The first

of Herbes, and theyr gracious vertues, Cyril Tourneur


whiche God hath ordeyned for our prosThe second written by Iohn Webster. The third

Tho. Heywood. perous welfare and health, for they heale London. Printed for William Welbie. and cure all maner of diseases and seke1613. 4o. General title in white letters

nesses, that fall or misfortune too all on black ground, i leaf : title to Tour

maner of creatures of God created, pracneur's Elegy and dedication to Mr. George

tysed by many experte and wyse maysCarie, 2 leaves: B-C in fours, C 4 blank: ters, as Auicenna, Pandecta, and more Webster's Elegy, A-C 2 in fours : Hey

other, &c. Newly corrected and diliwood's Elegy, A-C in fours. B. M., &c.

gently ouersene. In the yeare of our

Lord God. M.CCCCC.LXI. Folio. HERBAL

The collation, &c., in Collections and Here begynnyth a newe mater, the Notes, 1876, p. 209, is correct; but the whiche sheweth and treateth of ý vertues particulars given above were there taken

from a friend's copy with a MS. title. & proprytes of herbes; the whiche is called an Herball. [Col.] Imprynted by me HERBERT, EDWARD, Lord Herbert of Rycharde Banckes 7 dwellynge in Lõdo / Cherbury. a lytel fro ý Stockes in j Pultry / Expeditio in Ream Insulam, Authore day of Marche. The yere of our lorde. Edovardo Domino Herbert, Anno. M.ccccc.&.xxv. 4°, A-I in fours. B. M.

MDcxxx. Quam publici Juris fecit TimoApparently a translation from the Latin

theus Balduinus, L.L. Doctor è Coll. tract De Virtutibus Herbarum.

Oxon. Anim. apud Oxonienses, Socius. The grete herball whiche geueth parfyt Londini, ... 1656. 8o. a 7 leaves: b, 8 knowlege and vnderstandyng of all maner leaves: B-N 4 in eights, N 4 with the of herbes & there gracyous vertues Whiche Errata. god hath ordeyned for our prosperous Reprinted for the Philobiblon Society. Welfare and helth / for they hele & cure

HERMANNIDAS, RUTGERUS. all maner of dyseases and sekenesses that

Britannia Magna Sive Angliæ, Scotiæ, fall or mysfortune to all maner of creatoures of god created / practysed by many

Hiberniæ & adjacentium Insularum Geo

graphico-Historica Descriptio. Amsteloexpert and wyse maysters as Auicenna & other. &c. Also it geueth full parfyte leaves, reckoning an engraved title : **,4

dami, . . . Anno MDCLXI. 12°. *, 12 vnderstandynge of the booke lately

leaves : A-Ee in twelves : Ff, 8. With pryntyd by me (Peter treueris) named the noble experiens of the vertuous hand Warke of surgery: [Col.] Imprentyd at HERODIAN. London in Southwarke by me Peter

The History of Herodian, a Greeke Treueris; dwellynge in the sygne of the Authour, treating of the Romayne EmWodows. In the yere of our lorde god. perors, after Marcus, translated oute of M.D.XXVI. the xxvii. day of July. Folio,

Greeke into Latin, by Angelus Politianus, black letter, printed in two columns.

and out of Latin into Englyshe, by NyWith cuts. Hi, 6 leaves, the sixth with cholas Smyth. Whereunto are annexed, a page-cut: A-Ee in sixes, Ee 6 with the Argumentes of euery Booke, the large device and colophon enclosed in

Cum gratia

· William Coplande. a border of pieces. B. M.

[Col.] Imprynted at London, in Flete A translation from the French.

strete, by Wyllyam Coplande, at the The grete herball . . . [Col.] Impryntyd

Sygne of the Rose Garlande. Cum gratia. at London in Southwarke by me Peter

4', black letter. A, 2 leaves : BTreueris. In the yere of our lorde god.

Hh 2 in fours. Dedicated to William M.D.xxix. the xvii. day of Marce. Folio,

Earl of Pembroke. black letter, printed in two columns. HERODOTUS OF HALICARNASSUS. With woodcuts. +, 6 leaves (the 6th ap- The Famous Hystory of Herodotvs. Conparently deficient in B. M. copy): A-Ée teyning the Discourse of dyuers Counin sixes as in the edition of 1526, Ee 6 treys, the succession of theyr Kings : with the colophon, &c., in a border of diffe- the actes and exploytes atchieued by rent pieces. B. M.

them : the Lawes and customes of euery

32 maps.

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Nation : With the true description and A-I 2 in fours, and a, 4 leaves, with Antiquitie of the same. Deuided into verses by John Webster, the author, &c. nine Bookes entituled with the names of Dedicated to Edward Earl of Worcester, the nine Muses. At London Printed by and in a second epistle, “ To my good Thomas Marshe. 1584. 40, black letter. Friends and Fellowes, the Citty-Actors." A, 4 leaves : B_Q in eights, Q 8 blank. The title is within an engraved border. Dedicated by B. R. to Master Robert HILDEBRANDT, ANDREW, M.D. Dormer, son and heir of Sir William

The Genealogie and Pedigree of the most Dormer.

Illvstriovs and most Mighty Kings in Although the nine books are named in

Sveden. Collected ovt of Sundry the title, the volume contains Clio and Euterpe only.

Writers of Histories from the year 1250,

... By Andrew Hildebrandt, TransHERRING, FRANCIS, M.D. Certaine Ryles, Directions, Or Adver

lated into English, by ST S. L. Knight. tisements for this Time of Pestilentiall

London, Printed for James Boler, Contagion. With A caueat to those that

1632. 4°, A-E in fours, A 1 and E 4 weare about their neckes impoisoned

blank, and (a), 2 leaves. Amulets as a Preseruatiue from the HOLDSWORTH, E. Plague : ... London Printed by Wil- Muscipula ... Lat. and Engl. 1720. liam Iones. 1603. 4°, A-B in fours. Hearne, in his Diary, Aug, 7, 1732, says Dedicated from the Author's house in that his friend Mr. Calvert sent him an Wood Street, London, 19 July, 1603, to

edition of this book from Annapolis, in the Sheriffs at London.

Maryland, where it was printed in 1728 or

1729. It was translated by R. Lewis, & HEYDON, SIR CHRISTOPHER.

schoolmaster at Annapolis, and dedicated A Defence of Ivdiciall Astrologie, In

to Calvert. Answer to a Treatise lately published by HOMER. M. John Chamber. By Sir Chris- The Iliad of Homer ... [1612]. topher Heydon Knight. Seene and Two or three copies of this volume have allowed. Printed by Iohn Legat, Printer

a few MSS. corrections in the author's

hand. to the Vniversitie of Cambridge. 1603.

One is in the library of Trinity

College, Cambridge, and a second, formerly 4°. T-IT, 4 leaves each, IT 4

in the Steevens and Heber collections, now blank : A-4 E in fours.

belongs to Mr. Holford. It had been preHEYLIN, PETER.

sented by the poet to his friend Mr. Henry

Jones. The History of ... St. George of Cappa

The copy which Pope possessed had the docia. London Printed for Henry autograph, “Ex libris Alexandri Popei, Seyle 1633. 4°. A, 4 leaves, in- Pret. 37.” cluding the frontispiece : B-Ff 5 in HOUGHTON, JOHN. eights.

A Collection of Letters for the ImproveThe second edition, corrected and en

ment of Husbandry & Trade. [Col.] larged by the Author. At the end, before the Errata, Heylin gives an extract from London, Printed by J. Gain, for the an old English history of St. George, in the Author ... 1682, 4o. library of the Bishop of London.

Issued in Numbers. That before me is

No. 2 for October 27, 1681.
A Help to English History, Containing
A succession of all the Kings of England, HOUSTON, A.

By P. Heylin, D.D. And since his L'Escosse Francoise. Discours des AlDeath continued to this present Year.

liances commēcees depuis l'an sept cents 1669. London, Printed for T. Basset, . septante sept, & continuees iusques à and Chr. Wilkinson, .. 1670. 120, present, entre les Couronnes de France & B-Y 9 in twelves, besides 2 leaves with d'Escosse. A Paris, . . M.DCVIII. 8°, title and Advertisement as to authorship.

A-H in fours. Dedicated to Prince There are later editions.

Henry by A. Houston, from the Chateau HEYWOOD, THOMAS.

de Losse, May 10, 1607. An Apology for Actors. Containing HUBERINE, GASPAR. three briefe Treatises.

A riche Storehouse, or Treasurie, for the 1. Their Antiquity.

Sicke, full of Christian counsels, hole2. Their ancient Dignity.

some doctrines comfortable persuasions, 3. The true vse of their quality.

and godly meditations, meete for all Written by Thomas Heywood. Et pro- Christians, both in sicknesse and in desse solent & delectare- London, health. . . Written in Dutch, . . . and Printed by Nicholas Okes. 1612. 1°, Englished by Thomas Godfrie Esquire,

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D, 3.

late Remembrauncer of the first Fruits joy of all true hearted Protestants, of a and Tenthes at the request

of his daughter late intended Plot by the Papists to Marie, wife vnto Iohn French, Gentle- subdue the Protestants. Being a true man of the Inner Temple. . . . Imprinted Copie of a Discourse betwene William at London by Ralph Newberrie. o Conner a Priest, and Anne Hussey an Anno. 1578. 8°, A-N 6 in eights. Irish Gentlewoman; .

Printed Anno, Black letter. Dedicated by the pub- 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. lisher to the Lady Catherine Howard, A Proclamation Concerning A Cessation followed by a preface by Mary French. of Arms. Agreed and Concluded on at HUNNIS, W.

Siggings-town, in the county of Kildare, A Hyve Évll of Hunnye . . . 1578.

Reprinted at London for Edw. HusCollation :- Title, dedication in an acros- bands. October 21. 1643. 4°, 4 leaves. tic to Dudley Earl of Leicester, a short note by Thomas Newton “ on his Frendes

A Collection of some of the Murthers Trauayle,” and the Argument in verse,

and Massacres committed on the Irish in 4 leaves : A-Kk in fours.

Ireland Since the 23d of October 1641. HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

With some Observations and FalsificaA Strange and True Relation of One Mr.

tions on a late Printed Abstract of MurJohn Leech ; Who Lived in Huntingdon

thers said to be committed by the Irishı. Shire, at a place called Ravely, not farre

Now Published by R. S. London Printed distant from Huntington Town, who was

for the Author 1662. 4, A-E 2 in fours. (about ten Dayes agoe) carried twelve A Collection of Certain Horrid Murthers miles in the Ayre, by two Finpes, and in Several Counties of Ireland. Comalso of his sad and lamentable death ... mitted since the 23. of Octob. 1641. AbLondon, Printed for Fr. Grant, 1668. stracted out of certain Examinations 4°, 4 leaves.

taken by vertue of several Commissions HUSBANDMAN.

under the Great Seal of Ireland. The Hysband-Mans Practise, or Prognos

London : Printed for Henry Brome, tication for ever.

As teacheth Albert, 1679. 4°. A, 6 leaves : B-C in fours : Alkind, Haly, and Ptolome. With the principall Faires of Great Britaine :

Strange and Lamentable News from Printed at London by A. N. for Iohn

Ireland : Being a True and Perfect RelaStafford, and fare to be sold at his house tion of the Bloody Murthering and Robin Black horse (Alley in Fleet-street]... bing of Thomas Moor and his Family; 1642. Sm. 8°, black letter, 12 leaves. With London, Printed for J. Conyers ... 4°, 4 a large cut on the title.

leaves. D. Laing, Feb. 21, 1881, No. 499. INTRATIONES.

Histoire surprenante d’une Dame IrlanIntrationū excellentissimus liber perā

doise, qui est accouchee depuis peu de necessarius õibus leg hominib?: fere in

douze Enfans. [Troyes, 1725.) 8o. A se continens oēm medullam diuersar.

single leaf. Without any imprint. materiar. / ac plit/tam realiū personalium ISLEWORTH. la mixte Necno multorum breuium Isleworth-Syons Peace. Containing Certam executionū q aliorum valde vtilium tain Articles of Agreement made between illis hunc librum inspecturis aut inscru- the Right Honourable Algernoon, Earl of tandis. . . . [Col.] Explicit opus excel- Northumberland, &c. Lord of the Manlentissimū... nouiter Impressum / cor- nor of Isleworth-Syon in the County of rectum / emendatum /& no minimo labore Middlesex, Peter Dodsworth, Hugh Potter excusum London. in vico vulgariter nū. ".. Copy-hold Tenants of the said Mannor cupato Fletstrete in officina ere ac im

London, Printed by W. Godbid. pensis honesti viri Ricardi Pynson Regis 1657. 4°, A-I 2 in fours. Impressoris : M. ccccc. x. Die vero ISNARD, JACOBUS. vltima mensis Februarij. Folio, black

Arcis Sam-Martinianæ Obsidio Et Fuga letter. Aa, 6 leaves : Bb, 4 leaves :

Anglorym a Rea Insula. Parisiis a-2 in_sixes : 2, 6 leaves : A-E in

MDCXXIX. 4°. ă and > in fours; A-Kk sixes : F 4 leaves, F 4 blank.

in fours. With a folded plate, containing In some copies the title is printed in red and black, in others in black only. A few

a portrait of Richelieu, and a map. copies were struck off on vellum.

JAMES I., King of Great Britain IRELAND.

(1603–25). A Discovery to the prayse of God, and Rapta Tatio. The Mirrour of his Maies

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