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ties present Gouernment, tending to the noble experyence ... Whiche boke of late Vnion of his whole Iland of Brittonie was translated out of the moders tonge of Rumpatur quisquis rumpitur inuidia. Englysshe, moche necessary & profytabl At London, Printed by W. W. for S. for Surgyans ... Imprynted at London Waterson. 1604. 4, A-H in fours, in Southwarke. by Petrus Treueris. In H 4 blank. B. M.

the yere of our lorde god. M. D. XXV. and A MS. note in the Museum copy states the .xxvi. day of Marche. Folio, black that this was written either by Sir (John letter. A-S in fours : T, 6 leaves. Skynner, Knight, or by N. Douglas, the

With curious cuts. Printed in two latter afterwards executed for forgery.

columns. La Conference tenuë à Hamptoncourt, ... Traduit d’Anglois en François. A

The vertuose boke Of Distyllacyon of the Roven,

waters of all maner of Herbes, with the ... 8°, A-H in eights.

fygures of the styllatoryes/ Fyrst made Lvcta Iacobi. Or, A Bonefire for His

and compyled by the thyrte yeres study Maiesties Double Deliueries, from the and labour of the moste conynge and Deluge in Perth, the 5. of August, 1600.

famous mayster of phisyke / Master And the Domes-day of Britaine, the 5. of Jherom bruynswyke. And now newly Nouember, 1605.... Seene and allowed.

translate out of Duyche into Englysshe London, :Printed by T. C. for William Nat only to the synguler helpe and proWelby, ... 1607. 40, A-I 2 in fours.

fyte of the Surgyens / Phisycyens / and The Dedication to the King and the Pre

Pothecaryes / But also of all maner of face are subscribed Univoce-catholicus.

people / Parfytely and in dewe tyme and Lettre Dv Roy D'Angleterre. A Madame ordre to dvstyll all maner of Herbes / La Princesse de Condé. M. DC. XVII. . . Cum gratia et preuilegio regali. Sm. 8°, 3 leaves.

(Colophon :) Imprinted at London in Relates to the imprisonment of the Prin- the flete strete by me Laurens Andrewe / cess's son.

in the sygne of the golden Crosse. In JAMES II., King of Gr. Britain (1685–8). the yere of our lorde. M.ccccc.xxvii, the The Jacobites Hudibras, Containing The .xvii. daye of Apryll. Folio, black letter, Late King's Declaration in Travesty. with woodcuts. Printed in two columns. London, Printed for Abel Roper, B. M. (Ratcliff s copy.) 1692. 89, A-B 4 in eights. In verse.

Collation :- Title with cuts and (on the A View of the Court of St. Germain,

back) the Royal arms, 1 leaf : The Pro. Since the Year 1690. With an Account

logue of Laurence Andrew the Transla.

tour, Robertus Huetus ad Lectorē, and the of the Entertainment Protestants meet

Table, 3 leaves: a b in sixes : c-d in with there. Directed to the Male- fours : e-f in sixes: A-B in fours : C, 6 Contente Protestants of England. Dub- leaves : D, 4 leaves : E-G in sixes : H, 4 lin Re-printed by Andrew Crook .

leaves : I, 6 leaves : K, 4 leaves : L-S, in

sixes and fours alternately : T, 4 leaves : and again Re-printed at Glasgow by

U, 6: X, 4, with the printer's simple mark Robert Sanders M DC XC VI. 8°, 8

on the last page within a small ornamental leaves.


TI vertuose boke Cum gratia et O Rara Show, A Rara Shight! A priuilegio regali [Col.] Imprynted Strange Monster, (the like not in Europe) at London in the flete strete by me To be seen near Tower-hill, a few doors Laurens Andrewe / in the sygne of the beyond the Lions Den. Printed for R. golden Crosse. In the yere of our lorde. Janeway, 1689. A broadside.

M.ccccc.xxvii, the XVIII. daye of Apryll. JEROME OF BRUNSWICK,

Folio. B. M.

Collation :-0, 4 leaves : a-b in sixes : The noble experyence of the vertuous

C-d in fourg : e-f in sixes : A-B in fours: handy Warke of surgery practysyd & C-S in sixes and fours alternately: T, 4 compyled by the moost experte mayster leaves : U-X in sixes, X 6 blank, and X 5 Jherome of Bruynswyke / borne in Straes- verso with the mark as in the other issue, borowe iu Almayne / ý whiche hath it

but enclosed in a border of pieces.

This impression corresponds pretty closely fyrst proued / and trewly founde by his

with the former, but exhibits differences owne dayly exercysynge.

Item there

in the earlier and concluding sheets, as after he hath authorised and done it to

if portions only of the volume had been vnderstande thrugh the trewe sentences printed twice. of the olde doctours and maysters very JESSEY, HENRY. experte in the scyence of Surgery / As The Lords Loud Call to England : Being Galienus / ... [Col.] Thus endeth the a True Relation of some Late, Various,

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and Wonderful Judgments, or Handy- Printed by Thomas Harper. 1631. 4°, Works of God, by Earthquakes, A-N 2 in fours. Dedicated to Sir Published by H.J. . . . London, Printed Francis Cottington, Chancellor of the for L. Chapman, ... and for E. Smith ... Exchequer. 1660. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-F in fours.


The Roman Empress. A Tragedy: Acted The Most

Pleasant History of Tom A at the Royal Theater, By His Majesties Lincoln, The Ever Renowned Soldier, Servants. In the Savoy, Printed by The Red-Rose Knight. Printed by J. T. N. for Henry Herringman, ... 1671. W. for B. Deacon ... 1703. 4°, A-I 4', A-K 2 in fours, and the title. Dedi. in fours, including a duplicate (printed) cated to Sir Charles Sidley. title, undated, on which this is called the 13th Edition.


Here begynneth the lyf of Saynt kaA Vindication of the Surry Demoniack therin of senis the blessid virgin as no Impostor : Or, A Reply to ... [on p. 5 verso is a new headline:] Here The Surey Impostor. ... London, Printed begynnen the reuelacios of Saynt Elysafor Nevill Simmons, in Sheffield, York- beth the kynges doughter of hungarye / shire: And sold by A. Baldwin . . [No place, &c. London, W. de Worde, 1698. 4°, A-K in fours.

1491-3?] Folio, 96 leaves. Printed in JONES, D.

two columns. Grenv. Coll., Univ. Lib. A Continuation of the Secret History of Camb., Royal Lib. Copenhagen, Winchester White-Hall ; From the Abdication of the

College, and Althorp.

In the later edition by De Worde, as late K. James, in 1688 , to the Year

well as in that by Waley, this Saint is mis. 1696. . . . Published from the Original named a martyr. Papers. Together with the Tragical

History of the Stuarts By D. Jones, KEN, THOMAS, D.D. Gent. London, Printed, MDCXCVII.

The Royal Sufferer. A Manual of Medi

tations and Devotions. Written for the 8°, A-F in eights, and Aa–3 B 4 in eights.

Use of a Royal, tho Afflicted Family. .

By T-K— D.D. Printed in the JORDAN, THOMAS. London's Royal Triumph For the City's cated to the King (James II.] in an epistle,

Year 1699. 8°, A-M 6 in eights. DediLoyal Magistrate : In an Exact Descrip- where the writer professes his loyalty tion of several Scenes and Pageants,

and allegiance to the Stuarts, notwithAdorned with many Magnificent Repre- standing James's regretted Popish leansentations. Performed on Wednesday, ing. October XXIX. 1684. At the Instalment and Inauguration of the Right Honour- KILLIGREW, WILLIAM. able Sir James Smith, Knight, Lord

The Property of all English-Men Asserted, Mayor of the City of London. Illustrated

in the History of Lindsey Levell. Dediwith divers Delightful Objects of Gal

cated, 1. To the Queen's Most Excellent lantry and Jollity, Speeches and Songs, Majesty ::: In behalf of Himself, and Single and in Parts. Set forth at the

the rest of the Drainers and Participants proper Costs and Charges of the Worship

of Lindsey Levell in Lincolnshire. By ful Company of Drapers. Devised and

William Killigrew, Esq. ; . . . London, Composed by Tho. Jordan, Gent. . .

Printed in the Year 1705. Folio, A-G, London, Printed for John and Henry

2 leaves each, but B omitted. Playford, 1684. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-C KINGSMILL, ANDREW, of All Souls' in fours. B. M.

College, Oxford. JORDEN, ED., M.D.

A Most Excellent and comfortable TreaA Discovrse of Natvrall Bathes, and Min

tise, for all such as are any manner of erall Waters. Wherein first the origi

way afflicted in body. Made by Andrew nall

of Fountaines in generall is declared. Kingesmyl Gentleman, sometime fellowe Then the nature and differences of Mine

of Alsolne Colledge in Oxforde. ralls, . . Next the generation of Mineralls Imprinted at London, by Christopher in the earth, . . . And lastly, of the nature

Barkar. Anno 1572. 8°, black letter, and use of Bathes, but especially of our

A-G 3 in eights. With a preface by F.

Milles. Bathes at Bathe in Sommersetshire. By Ed. Iorden D' in Physicke. London: A Viewe of mans estate, .. Where

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unto is annexed a godly aduise giuen by The Holy Life and Christian Death of the Author touching mariage. Im- Mrs. Katherine Brettergh, Late Wife of printed at London by H. Bynneman, for Master William Brettergh, of BretterLucas Harrison and George Bishop. An- ghoult, in the County of Lancaster no. 1574. 8°. A—M 4 in eights, M 4 Gentleman ... London, Printed for Wilwith the mark.

liam Whitwood . 1676. 4°, black KIRKMAN, FRANCIS.

letter, A-C in fours. The Presbyterian Lash. Or, Noctroflos The Surey Demoniack: Or, An Account Maid Whipt. A Tragy-Comedy. As it of Satans Strange and Dreadful Actings, was lately Acted in the Great Roome at In and about the Body of Richard Dugthe Pye Tavern at Algate. By Noctroffe dale of Surey, near Whalley in Lancathe Priest, and severall his Parishioners shire, And how he was Dispossest by at the eating of a chine of Beefe. The Gods Blessing . . . London: Printed for first Part. London: Printed for the use Jonathan Robinson, ... 1697. 4°, Aof Mr. Noctroffs friends, and are to be I in fours. sold at the Pye at Algate, 1661. 4°, A- The preface is signed by T. Jolly and D in fours.

others. The preface to this satire on Zachary The Lancashire Witches Containing their Crofton, on whose surname Noctrotf is an manner of becoming such ; Their Enanagram, is signed K. F., the inverted ini.

chantments, Spells, Revels, Merry Pranks, tials, doubtless, of Kirkman, the publisher

. . London: Printed and Sold in Stoneand author.

cutter Street, Fleet-Market. 8°, 12 leaves. LAMBARDE, WILLIAM, of Lincoln's

With cuts. Inn.

LAUD, W., Archbishop of Canterbury. Dictionarium Angliæ Topographicum & Mercuries Message Defended, Against the Historicum. An Alphabetical Descrip- vain, foolish, simple, and absurd cavils tion of the Chief Places in England and of Thomas Herbert à ridiculous BalladWales. With an Account of the most

maker. . . . By the Author of the said Memorable Events which have distin

Mercuries Message. London Printedi. 1611. guish'd them. By the Celebrated Anti

4°, A-C in fours. In prose. With a quary William Lambarde ... Now first

large cut on the title. publish'd from a Manuscript under the Author's own Hand. London : .

LAWRENCE, RICHARD. MDCCXXX. 4o. Pp. iv + xiv + 498.

The Interest of Ireland in its Trade and With a portrait of the author, an, æt. 65,

Wealth Stated. In two parts. ... With A.D. 1601,

some Reflections on Principles of ReliLANCASHIRE.

gion, as it relates to the Premisses A Punctuall Relation of the Passages in

Dublin, Printed by Jos. Ray, for Jos. Lancashire this Weeke. 1. Containing

Howes, and are to be sold by Awnsham

Churchill, . . . London. 1682. 8o. *, the taking of Houghton Tower . . . 2.

8 leaves : **, 8 leaves : +, 8 leaves : ++,7 How the Earl of Darbies Forces made an

leaves : +++, 8 leaves : A-Rr in eights. on-set on the Towne of Boulton ... 3.

Dedicated to James Earl of Ossory. The taking of the Towne and Castle of Lancaster by Sergeant-major Birch. LEAGUE AND COVENANT. Printed in the Yeare 1643. 4o. 4 leaves. The Necessity of some Nearer ConjuncA True Relation of a great and wonder

tion and Correspondency amongst Evanfull Victory Obtained by Captain Ashton

gelicall Protestants, for the advancement and the Parliaments Forces, Against the

of the National Cause, and bringing to Earl of Derby at Whalley in Lancashire.

passe the Effect of the Covenant. LonAs it was certified in a Letter from a

don Printed. 1644. 4°, 4 leaves. Gentleman there, : . . London, Printed Generall Demands Concerning the Late for Edw. Husbands, . . . May 8. 1643. Covenant; Propounded by the Ministers 4°, 4 leaves.

and Preachers of Divinity in Aberdene : An Exact Relation of the bloody and

Aberdene, Reprinted by John Forbes, barbarous Massacre at Bolton in the Anno Dom. 1662. 4°, A-H, 2 leaves

each. Moors in Lancashire, May 28. By Prince Rupert: Being Penned by an Eye-Wit- LE MOYNE, JACQUES, dit De Morgues. nesse, . London, Printed by R. W. for La Clef Des Champs, pour trouuer Christopher Meredith, August 22, 1644. plusieurs Animaux, tant Bestes qu' Oy40. 4 leaves.

seaux, auec plusieurs Fleurs & Fruits.

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Anno. 1586. Imprimé aux Blackefriers, holy and blessed father Pope Paule the pour Jacques le Moyne, dit de Morgues fourth, and from his moste holy sea of Paintre. 4°. Title, dedication, &c. 2 Rome. Translated out of the Italian leaves : the work, in its present state, language by Michael Throckmerton. 46 leaves occupied by representations of Curtigiane of Rome. 1556. [London, beasts, birds, flowers, and fruit. B. M. John Day?] 8°, black letter, 8 leaves.

This copy is evidently very imperfect, and the engravings are spoiled by colour. The

LONDON. volume is dedicated to Madame Sidney by

The Apprentices of Londons Petition Preher very affectionate servant the author, sented to the Honourable Court of Parwho, on the next page, adds a Sonnet, “A liament. Humbly Shewing unto them Elle mesme," both being in French.

the manifold Abuses of their ApprentiLILLY, W., Astrologer.

ship, . London, Printed. for Iohn Mr. Lilly's New Prophecy : Or, Certain Greensmith, 1641. '4', 4 leaves. notable Passages in his Writings observed. An Alarum to London : Or, The Famous London: Printed for L. C. 1678.

London's blowing up by Londoners. 4°, 4 leaves.

Sounded Not to Fire their Buildings, but Lillys Strange and Wonderful Prophecy : to Quench their Burnings. In a Letter Being a Relation of many Universal AC- to Major General Browne. London, cidents that will come to pass in the Year

Printed for Matthew Simmons, ... 1650. 1681. . . . As likewise à strange and 4', A-C 2 in fours. Wonderful Discovery at a place called Lamentatio Civitatis, Or, Londons ComLeek, in Stafford-shire ; Printed for plaint Against her Children in the Coun

P. Brooksby, . . . 1680. 4°, 4 leaves. trey. . . . London, Printed for Robert LINCOLNSHIRE.

Rogers at the Duke of Monmouth's Head A true Relation of a Great Victory ob

in the Park Southwark, and are to be sold tained by the Lord Willoughby of Par

at his House, or at Tho, Glassbrook at ham, Lievtenant of the County of Lincoln,

Brookswharf. 1665. 4, A-F in fours. Against divers Forces of the Earle of Horrid News from St. Martins : Or, New-Castle Infesting the said County. Vnheard-of Murder and Poyson. Being

London, Printed for Thomas Iohn. A True Relation how a Girl not full Six. son, ... 1643. 4°, 4 leaves.

teen years of age, Murdered her own A True and Impartial Narrative of the

Mother at one time, and a Servant-maid Eminent Hand of God that Befell A

at another with Ratsbane, ... To which Quaker and his Family, at the Town of

is added The taking of a man for a Murder Panton in Lincolnshire; London,

committed at Islington two years ago, &c. Printed for Francis Smith,

London : Printed for D. M. 1677.

1672. 4', A-D 2 in fours.

4°, 4 leaves. LINDSAY, SIR DAVID.

London's Flames Reviv'd : Or, An AcSeerkere Articulen Van de Macht eens

count of the Several Informations Exhi.

bited to a Committee Appointed by Princen, Ofte Der Magistraets : Ghestelt by David Lindesay in't Latijn.

Parliament September the 25th 1666. Ghedruckt in't Jaer 1617. 4°, 4 leaves.

To Enquire into the Burning of London A Dutch abstract in prose from Lindsay's

London, MDCLXXXIX. 4°, A-E Monarch.

in fours. LINDSAY, JAMES.

A Dialogue between Francisco and AuCort Verhael Vande Reyse der Neder. relia, Two Unfortunate Orphans of the landsche Soldaten, die anno 1616, na

City of London. (Col.] London Printed, Venetien zijn ghereyst. . . . Beschreven

for Randal Taylor, · MDCXC. 4°, 4

leaves. door laques Linsay Schotus. : : . Tot Delf, ... Anno 1622. 4°. 8 prel. leaves : Ecclesia & Factio. A Dialogue between A-G 3 in fours.

Bow-Steeple Dragon, and the Exchange Dedicated to Maurice Count of Nassau, Grashopper. London, Printed in the

followed by a Sonnet in Dutch by Lindsay. Year, 1698. Folio, A-D, 2 leaves each. LIPPOMANO, LUDOVICO, Bishop of In verse. Verona.

Attributed to E. Ward. A Copye of a verye fyne and wytty letter Predictions concerning the Raising the sent from the ryght Reuerende Lewes Dead Body of Mr. Thomas Emes, comLippomanus byshop of Verona in Italy, monly cali’d Doctor Emes, late of Old. and late Legate in Polone, from the moste street-square, in the Parish of St. Giles,

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by Cripplegate, London: Who on or Spirits, by an onely Lamp Furnace reabout the 4th Day of December, 1707. solved into real Improbability. ... Aberwas taken with a most violent Head-Ach, deen, Printed by John Forbes, or Meagrim; and Died on the 22d Day Anno Dom. 1683. 89, A-T in fours, of December, 1707. and was Buried on besides four leaves before A. the 25th Day of the same Month, being On O 2 commences, with a new title, a Christmas Day, in the Burying-Place, in second piece entitled : Scurvie Alchymie 1

Discovered. Bun-hill-Feilds, near Moor-Fields. London:... [1707). 4°, 4 leaves. MACKERELL, BENJAMIN, Librarian. LOVEDAY, ROBERT.

A New Catalogue of the Books in the Lovedays Letters, The Sixth Im- Publick Library of the City of Norwich, pression. London, Printed for Oba- in the Year 1732 ... Together with an diah Blagrave, . . . 1677. 8°, A-T in Account of Mr. John Kirkpatrick's Roeights. With a portrait.

man and other Coins. Norwich : Printed This volume, the contents of which are

by William Chase, in the Cockey-Lane. of considerable biographical and illustrative [1733.] 40, A-0, 2 leaves each. interest (many of the letters being addressed to relatives and intimate friends), has an

MANWARING, GEORGE. introductory epistle, dated May 14, 1657, A true discourse of Sir Anthony Sher. by Sir John Pettus to the Editor, Anthony ley's Travels into Persia, what accident Loveday, the deceased author's brother,

did happen in the waye, both goeinge followed by the said Editor's dedication to

thither and returning backe, with the his cousin, Mr. William Crow of London, and his nephew, Mr. Anthony Loveday of

businesse he was employed in, from the Cheston. There are several short copies of Sophie. Written by George Manwaring, verses on the portrait, &c.

Gentleman, who attended on Sir Anthony LUCIAN.

all the jorneye. Certaine Select Dialogves of Lvcian : To- A MS., of which a long and interesting gether with His Trve Historie, Translated

account, with copious extracts, occurs in from the Greeke into English By Mr.

Retrosp. Review, ii. 351-381. Francis Hickes. Whereunto is added the MAPLET, JOHN, M.D. life of Lucian gathered out of his owne

C1 Viri Joannis Maplet M.D. Episto. Writings, By T. H. Mr. of Arts of larum Medicarum Specimen De TherChrist Church in Oxford. Oxford, Printed

marum Bathoniensium Effectis. by William Turner, 1634. 4°, A-Cc in

Edente Thoma Guidott. Londini, fours, and Dd, i leaf. Dedicated by M. DC. XCIV. 40, A-F 2 in fours, besides Thomas Hickes (brother of the deceased

dedication and half-title. translator) to Dr. Duppa, Dean of Christ- MARRIAGE. Church,

Joy and Happiness to Youth : Or, The LYTTLETON, SIR THOMAS.

Young Men and Maidens Encouragement Lytylton Tenvres Newly Revised, to Speedy Marriage: Containing the Won. Cvm Privilegio. (Col.) Imprinted at

derful Felicity of a Marriage State, and London in Fletestrete at the sygne of the

the Admirable Pleasures and Blessings George by Wyllyam Myddylton. In the

that ensue thereon :... London; ... yere of our Lorde M. CCCCC. XLV. The

1700. 8o, A-H in eights. xxvi, day of Marche. 8o. Title and

Marriage Asserted, &c., 1674, with a new

title. Table, 15 leaves : A2-T in eights.


De Katherinæ nvper Vxoris doctissimi The Life of ... Nim ... 1657.

viri D. Petri Martyris vermilij Floren. It is curious that, while the initials T. M. tini, ... exhumatione, ac eiusdem ad appear on the title as those of the writer, honestam sepulturam sub Elisabetha re. in a list of books published by the same gina restitutione, studiosorum quorundam stationer at the end, this very work is

tam Oxoniensium quàm aliorum Carmina, ! ascribed to W. D.

Excvsvm Londini in officina Ioannis MACKAILE, MATTHEW, Chirurgo- Day Anno Do. 1561. 4°, A-D in Medicine.

fours, D 4 with the mark. The Diversitie of Salts and Spirits Man- A collection of Greek and Latin verses, tained. Or, The Imaginary Volatility of dedicated to Bishop Grindal by James some Salts and Non-entity of the Alkali, Alphil or Alfil. before Cremation, and Identity of all Al- MARY_II., Queen of Great Britain. kalies, all Volatil Salts, and all Vinous The Form of the Proceeding to the

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