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Printed at the Theater in Oxford, 1687. ROBERTS, MICHAEL, S. T.P., Oxon. 4', A-P in fours. With a map and Illustrissimi Ducis Albemarliæ, Nobilisplates.

simo Paterni Splendoris Hæredi Filio, & RAVENHILL, WILLIAM, Clerk of the

Posteris ... Londini, ... 1670. 4', Grocers' Company.

A-B in fours. A Latin poem in coupA Short Account of the Company of

lets. Grocers, From their Original. Together RYVE, THOMAS. with their Case and Condition As

Historia Navalis. Autore Tho. Rivio, also how their Revenue is settled,

Regis in Anglia Advocato ... Londini: London, Printed by Eliz. Holt, for the Typis Tho. Harperi. MDCXXIX. 8o. A, Company of Grocers. MDCLXXXIX. 4°,

4 leaves : B-L 5 in eights, L 5 with A-G in fours.

Errata. Dedicated to the King. REFORMATION.

S. T. A true and perfect Picture of our present

The Arminian Haltered, Who halting beReformation : Or, The Christians Pro

tweene two Religions, the Protestants and spective, to take a short view of the New

the Papists, fell headlong into dispair. Lights that have brake forth since Bishops

Or The Wicked life and Tragicall Death went downe. Magna est veritas

of John Hobson Bachelor in Divinity, and Printed in the first year of King Charles

late Prebend of Ely. Being one of the His Imprisonment. 1648. 4°, A-C 2

greatest Arminians in this Kingdome, in fours.

who miserablely hanged himselfe, the On the back of the title is a Catalogue of the New Lights.

twelfth of Iuly at Lyn in the County of

Norfolke 1641. RELATION.

With a coppie of verses

which he writ a little before his death. A True and Perfect Relation of the Tak

Written by T. S. Printed Anno ing of a Great Ship at Yarmouth, October

Domini. 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. 4. Sent from the Queen out of Holland

Also Her Majesties Letters to the SALGADO, JAMES. King,... Likewise the manner of Master Symbiolis, Or The Intimate Converse of Hothams taking of Keywood Castle in

Pope and Devil. Attended by A Cardinal ; Yorkshire, October 7. Printed for

and Buffoon. To which is annexed the H. Blake, 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.

Portrait of each, ... London, Printed by

Thomas Snowden. 1681. 12, A, 6: RICH, ROBERT, Earl of Warwick.

B-C in twelves. With a folded leaf. The Earle of Warwicks Svmmons to the Kings Fleet at Gowry, and Prince Charles SALUSTE, GUILLAUME, Seigneur du his Answer. With His Lordships Reply.

Bartas. Also the taking of the Lord Jermin Hadriani Dammanis A Bystervelt Dn. de his Ship, and another ship of the Irish

Fair-Hill, Bartasias ... Edinbvrgi Excv. Rebels, by the Earle of Warwicke. And

debat Robertvs Walde-graue, 1600. a great Victory against the Scots. Lon- 89, A-Z in eights, Z7-8 blank. don Printed for R. Smithurst neer Pye- SAMPSON, WILLIAM. corner, 1648. 4°, 4 leaves.

The Vow Breaker. Or, The Faire Maide RICHARD III.

of Clifton. In Notinghamshire as it hath The True Tragedie . . 1594.

beene diuers times Acted by severall Collation : -A-I 2 in fours, A1 blank. Companies with great applause. By WilA fair copy of this drama occurred in a liam Sampson. (Quot. from Virgil.] Lonvolume of plays sold at Manchester, August don, Printed by Iohn Norton, and are to 30, 1881. The collection to which it be

be sold by Roger Ball . . . 1636. 4°, A longed came from North Wales, but the

-K 2 in fours, including a woodcut plays appear to have been formerly the property of Griffith Williams, Bishop of frontispiece. Dedicated to Anne, daughter Ossory.

of Sir Henry Willoughby of Risley, Co. RICHOME, LEWIS, Provincial of the Derby. Jesuits.

SAVAGE, HENRY, Master of Baliol Holy Pictvres of the mysticall Figures of College, Oxford. the most holy Sacrifice and Sacrament of Balliofergys, Or, A Commentary upon the Evcharist : Set forth in French the Foundation, Founders, and Affaires, And Translated into English ... By C. of Balliol Colledge, Gathered out of the A. Printed [at Paris) with Licence. Records thereof . . . Oxford, Printed by 1619. 4°. T, 4 leaves, first blank: A- A. & L. Lichfield, . . . 1668. 4. A, 5 Rr in fours.

leaves: B-S in fours.

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SCOT, THOMAS, of Utrecht.

shape of one of his Brethren : LonThe Belgick Sovldier : Dedicated to the don, Printed for Francis Coles, ... 1661. Parliament; or, War was a Blessing. 4°, 4 leaves. Printed at Dort. 1624. 4°, A, 3 leaves: A true Relation of the Terrible EarthiB-G 2 in fours.

quake at West-Brvmmidge in StaffordA Choice Narrative of Count Gondomor's shire, and the places adjacent: on TuesTransactions During His Embassy in

day the 4th of this Instant January, 1676 England. By ... Sir Robert Cotton, . .

And likewise a true Account of the Exposed to publick Light, for the Benefit Tertour of the Earthquake at Kidderof the whole Nation. By a Person of minster . . . London: Printed for D. M. Honour. London, Printed for John Gar

in the Year 1676. 4°, 4 leaves. field, ... 1659. 4°, A-E in fours, first STANBRIDGE, JOHN. leaf blank.

Vocabula . W. de Worde, 1510 and With a print of Gondomar after Pass, 1529. published by T. Jenner. The person of At Comerford's sale, Nov. 28, 1881, No. honour appears to have been John Rowland,

3611, occurred a copy of this book, purportRector of Footscray in Kent, who dedicates the tract to Sir William Pastops. But he

ing to be printed by W. de Worde without

date ; but the first and last leaves were very was not perhaps aware that it had been

suspicious. The collation agreed with 1510 printed as early as 1620, under the title of

and 1529. The book had been apparently Vox Populi, &c., and was not by Cotton at

made up for the purpose of sale. all.

STEARNE, JOHN, of Lawshall, near Bury SCOTT, JAMES, Duke of Monmouth.

St. Edmunds, formerly of Manningtree. A Letter to a Person of Honour, concern

A Confirmation and Discovery of Witching the Kings disavowing the having been Married to the D. of M[onmouth]

craft, Containing these severall particu

lars; That there are Witches called bad Mother. [1680.] 4°, A-C in fours. The letter is erroneously dated at end,

Witches, and Witches untruely called June 10th, 1610.

good and white Witches, and what manSELLER, JOHN.

ner of people they be, ... Together with Atlas Minimus or A Book of Geography

the Confessions of many of those executed

since May 1645, ... London, Printed by Shewing all the Empires . . . By John

William Wilson, ... 1648. 49, A-I 2 Seller Hydrograph' to the King. And

in fours.
are sold at his House at the Hermitage in
Wapping. 12°

A series of fifty-three maps, with letter-

A True Coppy of Mother Shiptons Last press descriptions, and a frontispiece and Prophesies : As they were taken from title, the whole engraved.

one Ioane Waller, In the Year of our SHADWELL, THOMAS, of the Inner

Lord, 1625. Who Died in March last, Temple.

1641. being ninety foure yeares of age ... The Sullen Lovers : Or, The Imperti- London, Printed for T. V. 1644. 4°, 4 nents. A Comedy Acted by his Highness the Duke of Yorkes Servants. Written SWADON, WILLIAM. by Tho. Shadwell. (Quot. from Horace De Vpon the death of Queene Anne, wife of Arte Poet. Num satis ...] In the Savoy, our Sovereigne lord King James. FunePrinted for Henry Herringman ... 1668. ral verses written by William Swadon, 4o. A, 3 leaves : (a) 4 leaves: B40 2 in of New College in Oxford, Doctor of fours, O 2 blank. Dedicated to the Duke Divinity and Chaplaine to Her Majesty. of Newcastle.

[1619.] A broadside. Epsom Wells. A Comedy, As it is Acted SYLVIA. by their Majesties Servants. Written by Sylvia's Revenge, Or, A Satyr against Tho. Shadwell ... London, Printed for Man ; In Answer to the Satyr against H. Herringman,... 1693. 4o. A-I in Woman. Printed by Authority. Lonfours. Dedicated to the Duke of New- don, Printed by Joseph Streater, castle.


blank, A 1 with half-title. A Wonder in Stafford-shire ; Or, A Staf- A Satyrical Epistle to the Female Author fordshire Wonder. Of a strange and hor- of a Poem, Callid Silvia's Revenge, &c. rible apparition of the Divell, appearing By the Author of the Satyr against to one James Fisher a Phrenatick neare Woman. Mil. Par. Lost. Revenge at Brummingham late in the Night, in the first ... London: Printed for R. Bentley,





p. 615.

at the Post-House in Russel-street in Printed for Gabriell Cawood. 1597. 8°, Covent Garden, MDCXCI. 4°, 12 black letter, A in eights, A 8 blank. leaves.


A New-Years-Gift for Doctor Witty, Or TARTAGLIA, NICOLO.

The Dissector Anatomized : Which is a Three Bookes of Colloqvies Concerning

reply to the Discourse Intituled, An the Arte of Shooting in Great and Small

Answer ... London, Printed by J. M. for Peeces of Artillerie, variable randges,

the Author. MDCLXXII. 8, A-N 4 in measure, and waight of leaden, yron, and

eights, A i blank. marble stone pellets, ... translated into English by Cyprian Lycar Gent. ... Im- TREATISE. printed_at London by Iohn Harrison. The treatyse answerynge the boke of 1688. Folio..., 4 leaves : A, 6: B, 4:

Berdes ... R. Wyer, 4o. C-R in sixes. With woodcuts and extra

This may be a reply to John Valerian's

book Pro Sacerdotum Barbis, 89, 1533. See folded leaves at C 4, I 5, K 5, Q 3, Q 4,

Handbook, 1867, p. 33, and Bibl. Coll., 1882, and R 4. Dedicated by the publisher to Robert Earl of Leicester. There are some

TUNBRIDGE WELLS. preliminary verses by G. B. of Cambridge. Tunbridge Wells Or A Days Courtship.

The greater part of the volume is occupied by the translator's Additions and Ap

A Comedy, As it is Acted at the Dukespendix.

Theatre. Written by a Person of Quality.

London, Printed, and are to be sold by TAYLOR, STEPHEN.

Henry Rogers ... 1678. 4o. A, 2 leaves: A Whippe for Worldlings Or The Centre

B-H 2 in fours. With a curious large of Content [This is on a label over an

frontispiece by Faithorne. engraving of St. Paul and the serpent,

Attributed without apparent foundation with the motto below, Vt Paulus Dipe- to Thomas Rawlins, rum. Circa 1620.] 4, Engraved title,

A Rod for Tunbridge Beaus, Bundld up 1 leaf: To the Reader, in verse, sub- at the Request of the Tunbridge Ladies. scribed Stephen Taylor, and a few lines in To Jirk Fools into more Wit, and Clowns Latin by Michael Edmonds, 1 leaf : the into more Manners. A Burlesque Poem. Poem, B-C in fours. B. M.

London, Printed, ... 1707. Folio, The imprint, if any, has been cut off ;

A-H, 2 leaves each. but no other copy with a title is known to me. Evidently printed after the death of TWYNE, JOHN. Elizabeth; for the author refers to His Ioannis Twini Bolingdvnensis, Angli, Majesty; there are some curious allusions.

De Rebys Albionicis, Britannicis atqve He seems to speak of a daughter Doll, and of a deceased wife,

Anglicis, Commentariorum libri duo.

Ad Thomam Twinym filium ... Londini, THORNES, EDWARD, of Melverley. Excudebat Edm. Bollifantus, pro Richardo

Encomium Salopiæ, Or The Description Watkins. 1590. 8o. Title, I leaf : Episof the Pleasant Sitvation, Commendable tle, &c., 1 leaf, preceded by a blank leaf Gouernement, and Rarities, of the ancient marked +: B-M2 in eights, M 2 blank. and famous Towne of Shrowesbvry. By Edward Thornes of Melverley Gent. UNDERHILL, JOHN. Qui sibi natus, frustra natus.

Johannis Subtermontani Thermologia Et mihi, & patriæ.

Bristoliensis, Or, Underhill's Short AcLondon, Printed for Richard Meighen. count of the Bristol Hot-Well-Water, Its 1615. 89, A-B in eights, A 1 and B 7

Uses and Historical Cures. . . . Bristol, 8 blank. Dedicated to “The Worship- Printed and sold by W. Bonny, 1703. full Iohn Gardner, and Thomas Fawke- 8°, A-G 2 in fours, A 1 with an adverner, Gentlemen Baylives of the Towne of tisement. Shrewesbyrie, from Bentstone, 1 Jan. UTOPIA. 1615. B. M.

The King of Vtopia His Letter to the A poem in 6-line stanzas, with woodcut

Citizens of Cosmopolis, the Metropolitan head and tail pieces. There are commen. City of Vtopia. Together with the Citidatory lines by Roger Thornes, Richard

zens Answer thereunto. Translated out Montgomery, &c., and a copy of verses en. titled “The Author to his Pamphlet."

of the Vtopian Tongue, into broken EngSunderland sale, 1881, Part I., in Lot 1159. lish by 'tis no matter who. Byt TITHES.

Why broken English, Sir? what here's

spoken. The Decree for Tythes, to be payde in

Imports that England is by th' English London. Anno M.D.LXXX. At London





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[Col.] Printed at Cosmopolis in the yeare 1689. 8o. A, 4 leaves: B-O 4 in eights. 7461. And reprinted at London An: With a portrait copied from that of 1651. Dom. 1647. 40, 4 leaves. In prose, ex- WICKHAM, HUMPHREY. cept four stanzas at end.

Diego Redivivus : Or The Last Will and

Testament of the Pretended Humphrey VENABLES, ROBERT.

Wickham, Esq; Alias William Morrel, The Experienc'd Angler: ... The Fifth

Alias Bowyer, &c. ... With a Full RelaEdition much Enlarged. London, Printed

tion of his Notorious Cheats and Imposby B. W. for B. Tooke, ... and Tho.

tures, . . London, Printed for Abel Sawbridge .. MDCLXXXIII. 89, A-H


1692. 40, A-B 2 in fours. 4 in eights, A 1 and H 4 blank; with cuts.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE. WEDYRALL, FRATER WILHELMUS. The Wheel of Fortune : Or, Nothing for Frater Willelmus inter sacre theologie a Penny. Being Remarks on the drawing doctores minimus prior prouincialis ordis the Penny-Lottery, at the Theatre-Royal, fratrū Eremitarum scti Augustiniani in Dorset-Garden, with the Characters of Anglia / et in eadem . . . aplicg comis- some of the Honourable Trustees, and all sarius generalis . . . Datū in conuentu the acknowledgments paid to his Honour sro Londini. Anno dñi romana copu

the Undertaker. tatione M.D.xxvi. Die vero mensis [left

Momento Turbinis exit blank.) Subscribed F. W. Wedyral pro

Marcus Davus,-Pers. uincialis ut suprâ. A broadside (7 in. + Written by a Person who was cursed 10 in.) in oblong 4° or small folio, black Mad he had not the Thousand pound Lot. letter, with a cut in the top left-hand London, Printed in the Year 1698. Price corner of the tiara and cross-keys. three pence. 4°, 6 leaves. In verse.

Probably printed abroad, perhaps at WIGAND, JOHN.
Cologne. It was found pasted into the
Sunderland copy of a Sarum Breviary,

De Neutralibus & Medijs ... Imprinted printed at Cologne in 1525 (Sale Cat., Part at London by Thomas Dawson, for EdI., No. 1965).

ward White : 1591. 8o, A-N in This plenary indulgence was directed to

eights, N 8 blank. Black letter. all the faithful penitents in England, Ireland, Calais, and other places subject to WILLIAM III. the King of England.

Anglia Grata ;. Or, A Hearty-EnglishWELDON, SIR ANTHONY.

Welcome to King William after a SucThe Court and Character of K. James. cessful Campaign. London : Printed, Written and taken by Sir A. W. being and are to be sold by J. Taylor, ... 1695. an Eye, and Ear Witness . . . London, 4°, B-F 2 in fours, and the title. In Printed and are to be Sold by R. Baldwin. prose.

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