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sanctæ Ceciliæ, Legatum a latere, Archiepiscopum Eboracensem, & Angliæ supremumCancellarium. Apud præclarissimam academiam Cantabrigiensem. An. M. quingentessimo uicessimo primo. 4°, 8 leaves. Lambeth. BULLOKAR, JOHN, M.D. An English Expositor : Teaching the Interpretation of the hardest words vsed in our Language. With Syndry Explications, Descriptions, and Discourses. By I. B. 'Doctor in Physicke. London. Printed by Iohn Legatt. 1616. 8o. A, 4 leaves : B-P 4 in eights. Dedicated to Jane, Viscountess Montagu. Br. Museum. The English Expositor : London, Printed by Iohn Legate, 1641, 8o. A, 4 leaves: B-P 4 in eights. A true Description of the Passion of oyr Saviovr Iesvs Christ : As it was acted by the bloodie Iewes : And registred by the blessed Euangelists. In English Meetre by Iohn Bvllokar, Calend. Nouemb. 1618. London, Printed by George Purslowe, for Samuel Rand, and are to be sold at his shop neere Holburne Bridge. 1622.8°, A-C 4 in eights, title on A 2, and C 4 blank. Printed between woodcut bands. B. M. BULTEEL, JOHN. Amorous Orontus : Or The Love in Fashion. A Comedy. London, Printed by G. M. for John Playfere. 1665. 40. Title and dramatis persone, 2 leaves : A-N in fours. BULWER, JOHN, M.D. Chirologia : Or The Natvrall Langvage of the Hand. Composed of the Speaking Motions, and Discoursing Gestures thereof. Whereunto is added Chironomia : Or, The Art of Manvall Rhetoricke. Consisting of the Natural Expressions, digested by Art in the Hand, as the chiefest Instrument of Eloquence, By Historical Manifestor, Exemplified out of the Authentique Registers of Common Life and Civill Conversation. With Types, or Chirograms: A long wish'd for illustration of this Argument. By J. B. Gent. Philochirosophus.

Manus membrum hominis loquacissimum. London, Printed by Thomas Harper, and are to be sold by Henry Twyford. 1644. 8°. A, 8 leaves: a, 6 leaves : B-N in eights, the last leaf having the Errata, and the preceding one a page of engravings : the Chironomia, with a separate title, A-L 2 in eights, including the

engravings, L 2 with the Errata. Each portion has a frontispiece by W. Marshall, not included in this collation. (ii.) Chironomia : Or, The Art of Manuall Rhetorique. With the Canons, Lawes, Rites, Ordinances, and Institutes of Rhetoricians, both Ancient and Moderne, Touching the artificiall managing of the Hand in speaking. . . . With Types, or Chirograms: A new illustration of this Argument. By J. B. Philochirosophus.

. . London : Printed by Tho: Harper, and are to be sold by Richard Whitaker,

. . 1644. 8°, A-İ 2 in eights, besides a frontispiece and two leaves of Types. Dedicated to the author's friend William Diconson Esq. With a few copies of verses by John Harmar. Philocophus: Or, The Deafe and Dumbe Mans Friend. Exhibiting the Philosophical verity of that subtile Art, which may inable one with an observant Eie, to Heare what any man speaks by the move ing of his lips. Upon the same Ground, with the advantage of an Historicall Èxemplification, apparently proving, that a Man borne Deafe and Dumbe, may be taught to Heare the sound of words with his Eie, and thence learne to speake with his Tongue. By I. B. sirnamed the Chirosopher. Sic canimus Surdis. London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley,

1648. 12o. Leaf of verses and frontispiece, 2 leaves : A, 12 leaves : a, 6 leaves : B-I in twelves. Pathomyotomia Or A Dissection of the significative Muscles of the Affections of the Minde. Being an Essay to a new Method of observing the most Important movings of the Muscles of the Head, By J. B. ... London, Printed by W. W. for Humphrey Moseley, ... 1619. 12o. A, 12 leaves: a, 6 leaves: B-L in twelves. Dedicated to his father, Mr. Thomas Bulwer. Anthropometamorphosis : Man Transform’d; Or, The Artificial Changeling: Historically Presented, In the mad and cruel Gallantry, Foolish Bravery, ridi. culous Beauty, Filthy Finenesse, and loathsome Lovelinesse of most Nations, Fashioning & altering their Bodies from the Mould intended by Nature. With a Vindication of the Regular Beauty and Honesty of Nature. And an Appendix of the Pedigree of the English Gallant. By J. B. Sirnamed, The Chirosopher. ... London, Printed for J. Hardesty, at the Black-Spread-Eagle in Duck-Lane. 1650. Small 80, A-N in twelves, last leaf

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blank. With a portrait and engraved leaves: B-L 5 in twelves. With a portrait, title.

cuts, and (in this copy) the series of copper [BUNNY, EDMUND.]

plates as advertized for sale either with The First Part of the Resolution of Re

the book or separately. ligion. Divided into two Bookes, Con- The Pilgrim's Progress. The Ninth tayning a Demonstration of the Necessitie Edition with Additions London, of a Divine and Svpernatvrall Worshippe. Printed for Nathaniel Ponder . . . 1684. In the First, against all Atheists and 12o. A, 6 leaves, the portrait on A: Epicures : In the Seconde, that Christian B-K 10 in twelves, K 11-12 occupied Catholicke Religion is the same in parti- by advertisements. culer, and more certaine in euery article On the back of the portrait occurs the thereof, then any humane or experi

Notice relative to the 13 copper plates to mented knowledge, against Iewes, Mahu

be had by purchasers of the book, who

desired them. metans, Pagans, and other external enemies of Christ. Manifestly convincing

The Pilgrini's Progress ... The Sixteenth al their Sects and professions, of intoller

Edition, with Additions of New Cuts ... able errors, and irreligious abuses. Newly

London, Printed for N. Boddington, ... Printed and Amended. Printed at Ant- 1707. 12°, A-I in twelves. Portrait. werpe by Richard Ver[s]tegan. M.DC.IIII. The Life and Death of Mr. Badman, 4°, À-N in fours, besides a leaf after the Presented to the World in a Familiar title with the address of R. B., the reputed Dialogue between Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Author, to the Reader.

Attentive. By John Bunyan, Author of The date is misprinted M.DI.IIII. Al

the Pilgrims Progress. London, Printed though the name of the printer is given

by J. A. for Nath. Ponder ... 1680. 12°, here as Vertegan, it seems more probable that it should be Verstegan, the well-known

A-Q 6 in twelves. writer of that name, who resided at Ant- The Holy War, Made by Shaddai upon werp at this time. Possibly the present

Diabolus; at the Regaining of the Metropiece was not actually printed by him, but at his expense. I take this to be the R.B. polis of the World : Or, The Losing and who prefixed verses to Verstegan's Restitu- Taking again of the Town of Mansoul. tion, 1605.

By John Bunyan. Note, the 3d part BUNYAN, JOHN.

suggested to be his, is an Impostor. LonA Few Sighs from Hell, Or, The Groans

don, Printed by the Assigns of B. A, and of a damned Soul. Or An Exposition of

sold by Nic. Ponder ... 1696. 12o. A, those Words in the sixteenth of Luke,

5 leaves: B-Q 8 in twelves. With a Concerning the Rich Man and the Beggar.

portrait (on A 2) and cuts. .. By that Poor and Contemptible Ser- BURBURY, JOHN. vant of Jesus Christ, John Bunyan. A Relation of a Journey of the Right London, Printed by Ralph Wood, for M. Honourable my Lord Henry Howard, Wright, . . . 1658. 89, A-T in eights, from London to Vienna, and thence to T 7 with Errata, T 8 with label. B. M.

Constantinople, in the Company of his The Pilgrim's Progress. ... The second Excellency Count Lesley, Knight of the Edition, with Additions. London:

Order of the Golden Fleece .. London, Printed for Nath. Ponder, ::. 1678. 12°, Printed for T. Collins and I. Ford, . A—M in twelves, followed by two leaves, 1671. 12°, A—M 6 in twelves, first and the first unmarked, the second blank. last leaves blank, and only 6 leaves in A. B. M.

BURCHETT, JOSIAH. The Pilgrims Progress . . The Third Memoirs of Transactions at Sea During Edition, with Additions

. . London, the War with France; Beginning in 1688, Printed for Nath. Ponder ... 1679. 12°,

and ending in 1697 . By Josiah Bur: A-N 6 in twelves, including a frontis- chett Esq; Secretary to the Admiralty. piece.

London : Sold by John Nutt ... 1703. The Pilgrim's Progress . . . The Fourth 8o. A, 8 leaves: a, 8 leaves: b, 2 leaves: Edition, with Additions London, c, 4 leaves: B_Dd 4 in eights. DediPrinted for Nath. Ponder, ... 1680. 12°, cated to Prince George of Denmark. A-N 6 in twelves, the frontispiece BURLEIGH, W. CECIL, LORD. reckoning as Al. B. M.

The Execution of Iustice in England for The Pilgrims Progress The Fifth maintenaunce of publique and Christian Edition with Additions. London, Printed peace, against certain stirrers of sedition, for Nath. Ponder, ... 1681. 12o. A, 6 and adherents to the Traytors and ene

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mies of the realme, without any persecution of them for questions of Religion, as is falsely reported and published by the fautors and fosterers of their treasons. xvii. Decemb. 1583. Imprinted at London. 1583. 4°, black letter, A-E in fours. L'Execution de Ivstice Faicte en Angleterre, Povr Maintenir la Paix publique & Chretienne ... Le 30. de Ianuier 1584.

.. 8°, A-E in eights. Jvstitia Britannica : Per Qvam liqvet perspicve, Aliqvot in eo Regno Perditos Cives, . . . Londini, Excudebat Thomas Vautroullerius, Anno 1584. ... 8", A-F in eights. [The same.] Ivstitia Britannica Londini, 1584. 8o, A-F in eights.

A different edition. These are French

and Latin translations of the original BURNELL, HENRY. Landgartha. A Tragic-Comedy, as it was presented in the new Theater in Dublin, with good applause, being an Ancient Story. Written by H. B. (Quotation from Horace.) Printed at Dublin Anno 1641. 4', A-I in fours,

Dedicated “To all faire, indifferent faire, vertuous, that are not fair and magnani

mous Ladies." BURNET, GILBERT, Bishop of Salis

bury. A Collection of Several Tracts and Discourses, written in the years 1678, 1679, 1680, 1681, 1682, 1683, 1684, 1685. By Gilbert Burnet, D.D. To which are added, A Letter witten to Dr. Burnet, giving an Account of Cardinal Pool's Secret Powers. The History of the PowderTreason. . . , An Impartial Consideration of the Five Jesuits dying Speeches. London : Printed for Ric. Chiswell. MDCLXXXV. 4o.

A table of contents is attached. This is simply a general title to the separate tracts,

as issued at intervals. The Memoires of the Lives and Actions of James and William Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald, &c. In which an Account is given of the Rise and Progress of the Civil Wars of Scotland: with other great Transactions both in England and Germany, from the Year 1625, to the Year 1652. Together with many Letters, Instructions, and other Papers, written by King Charles the I. Never before Published. All drawn out of, or Copied from the Originals. By Gilbert Burnet. In Seven Books. London, . . . MDCLXXVII.

Folio. Title and dedication, 3 leaves :
a, 6 leaves : B-3 L in fours.
A Letter, Written upon the Discovery of
the Late Plot. [By Gilbert Burnet.]
London : Printed for H. Brome, and R.
Chiswell, both living in St. Paul's Church-
Yard, 1678. 4°, A–F in fours.
The Unreasonableness and Impiety of
Popery : in a Second Letter written upon
the Discovery of the Late Plot. London,
Printed for Ř. Chiswell, : . . 1678. 4°,
A-E 4 in fours, E 4 blank.
A Relation of the Barbarous and Bloody
Massacre of about an hundred thousand

Begun at Paris, and carried on over all France, by the Papists, in the Year 1572. Collected out of Mezeray,

London, Printed for Richard Chiswell, . . . 1678. 40, A-F in fours. An Impartial Consideration of those Speeches, which pass under the Name of the Five Jesuits lately executed, viz. Mr. Whitebread, Mr. Harcourt, Mr. Gawen, Mr. Turner, and Mr. Fenwick. In which it is proved, that according to their Principles, they not only might, but also ought to die after that manner, with Solemn Protestations of their Innocency. London : Printed for Richard Chiswell, MDCLXXIX. 40, A-D 2 in fours. A Decree made at Rome, the Second of March, 1679. Condemning some Opinions of the Jesuits and other Casuists. London, Printed for Ric. Chiswell, . 1679.40, A-E 2 in fours. Lat. and Engl. Some Passages of the Life and Death of the Right Honourable John Earl of Rochester, who died the 26th of July, 1680. Written by his own Direction on his Death-Bed, by Gilbert Burnet, D.D. London, Printed for Richard Chiswell,

1680. 8°, A-N in eights, title on A 2, with a portrait by R. White. Some Passages of the Life and Death of

John Earl of Rochester. . London, Printed for Richard Chiswell. MDCXCIII. 8°, A-N 4 in eights. with the same print. The History of the Powder-Treason, with a Vindication of the Proceedings, and Matters relating thereunto, from the Exceptions made against it, and more particularly of late years by the Authour of the Catholik Apologie, and others. To which is added, A Parallel betwixt that and the present Popish Plot. London, Printed by J. D. for Richard Chiswell, ... 1681. 40, A-D in fours,

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A Vindication of the History. . . . Lon- his Answer; and Three Letters, writ by don, Printed by J. D. for Richard Chis- him, upon that Subject, to the Right well, 1681. 4°, A-N 2 in fours. Honourable the Earl of Middletonne, The Life and Death of Sir Matthew Hale, His Majesties Secretary of State. (Hague, Kt. Sometime Lord Chief Justice of 1687.] 4°, 4 leaves. His Majesties Court of Kings Bench. Dr. Burnets Vindication of himself from Written by Gilbert Burnet, D.D. Lon- the Calumnies with which he is aspersed, don, Printed for William Shrowsbery, in a Pamphlet, entitled, Parliamentum

1682. 89, A-I in eights, A blank. Pacificum, licensed by the Earl of SunWith a portrait.

derland, and printed, at London in March, The Last Confession, Prayers, and Medi- 1688. (Printed at the Hague.] 4°, 4 tations of Lieuten. John Stern, De

leaves. livered by him on the Cart immediately The Life of William Bedell, D.D. Lord before his Execution to Dr. Burnet. To- Bishop of Killmore in Ireland. Written gether with the last Confession of George by Gilbert Burnet, D.D. Now Lord Borosky. With which an Account is Bishop of Sarum. To which are Subgiven of their Deportment both in the joyned Certain Letters, which passed bePrison and at the place of their Execu- twixt Spain and England in Matter of tion, which was in the Pall-Mall, on the Religion ; London, Printed for Tenth of March, in the same place in

Richard Chiswell, 1692. 8. A, 8 which they had murthered Thomas leaves : a-b 4 in eights : B—Ii 4 in Thyun, Esquire. . . . Written by Gil- eights. bert Burnet, D.D. and Anthony Horneck, BURTON, EDWARD, of Stanton, DerbyD.D. London, Printed for Richard Chis

shire. well... MDCLXXXII. Folio, A-G, 2

The Fathers Legacy: or Byrtons Collecleaves each, and a leaf of H.

tions. Containing Many excellent InstrucAn Answer to the Animadversions on tions for Age, and Youth, shewing them the History of the Rights of Princes, &c. how to live godly in this life. . . First By Gilbert Burnet, D.D. London, Printed written for the Instruction of his only for Richard Chiswell, ... MDCLXXXII. 4°, Son, and now set forthe for the benefit of A-C in fours.

others. London, Printed by John News from France: In a Letter Giving Clowes, for Matthew Walbancke, a Relation of the Present State of the 1649. 12o. A, 6 leaves : B-K 5 in Difference between the French King and twelves. the Court of Rome. To which is added, BURTON, HENRY. The Popes Brief to the Assembly of the Grovnds of Christian Religion. Laid Clergy, and the Protestation made by downe briefely and plainely by way of them in Latin, together with an English Question and Answer. By Henry] Translation of them. London, Printed B[urton.] London, Printed by I. B. for for Richard Chiswell, MDCLXXXII. Robert Bird, 1636. 8°, A-C in 4°, A-E in fours.

eights. Dedicated to his parishioners of A Letter from Gilbert Burnet, D.D. to St. Matthew's, Friday Street, London, Mr. Simon Lowth, Vicar of Cosmus- Grovnds of Christian Religion. Laid Blene in the Diocess of Canterbury. downe briefly and plainely by way of Occasioned by his late Book of the sub

Question and Answer. By H. B. Lonject of Church-power. Col.] London : Printed for Richard Baldwin ...

don, Printed by G. M. for Robert Bird,

... 1685. ... 89, black letter, A-C in eights, C 8 4°, 4 leaves.

blank. An Answer to a Letter to Dr. Burnet, A Divine Tragedie lately Acted, Or A occasioned by his Letter to Mr. Lowth. Collection of sundry memorable examples (Col.] London : Printed for Richard

of Gods judgements upon sabbath-breakBaldwin, . . . 1685. 4°, 4 leaves.

ers, and other like Libertines, in their A Letter Occasioned by the Second unlawfull Sports, happening within the Letter to Dr. Burnet, written to a Friend. Realme of England, in the compass of [Col.] London, Printed for Richard only two years last past, since the Booke Baldwin. . . . 1685. 4°, 4 leaves. was published, ... Anno M.DC.XXXVI. The Citation of Gilbert Burnet, D.D. To 4°, A-G 3 in fours. answer in Scotland on the 27. Iune Old The Grand Impostor Vnmasked, Or A Stile for High Treason : Together with Detection of the notorious hypocrisie

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and desperate Impiety of the late Arch- Moral, Antient and Modern, Curiously bishop (so styled) of Canterbury, cun- engraven upon Copper Plates. With Fifty ningly couched in that printed Copy, Delightful Poems and Cuts for the more which he read on the Scaffold at his exe- lively Illustration of each Emblem, . cution (Ian. 10,1644,) Alias, called by the Collected by R. B. . . . London, Printed publisher, his funerall Sermon. By for Nath. Crouch, 1684. Small 80. Henry Burton. . . . Published according Title, 1 leaf : The Author upon the Emto Order. London, Printed for Giles lems, 2 leaves : To the Reader, 3 leaves : Calvert... [1645.] 40, A-C 3 in fours. plate of Charles I. at his devotions, 1 BURTON, JOHN.

leaf : Majesty in Misery, &c., 4 leaves : The History of Eriander. Composed by

B-K 4 in twelves. John Bvrton. The First Part. London, Two Journeys to Jerusalem, Containing Printed by R. Davenport for John Wil- First, A strange and true Account of the liams.... 1661. 8o. A, 4 leaves : B_0 Travels of Two English Pilgrims. in eights. In prose. Dedicated to Charles By H[enry] T[imberlake.] Secondly, II. B. M.

The Travels of Fourteen Englishmen in BURTON, RICHARD.

1669 from Scandernon to Tripoly, Joppa. Historical Remarques, And Observations With the Rare Antiquities, Monuof the Ancient and Present State of ments, and Memorable Places and Things London and Westminster. Shewing

mentioned in holy Scripture. Col. the Foundation, Walls, Gates, Towers,

lected by R. B. and Beautified with Bridges, Churches, thereof. With

Pictures. London: Printed for Nath. an Account of the most Remarkable Crouch. ... 1685. 12°, A-H in twelves, Accidents, as to Wars, Fires, Plagues.

H 12 blank, besides the frontispiece, and . . Illustrated with (six] Pictures of the two other engravings separate from the most considerable Matters curiously In

letterpress. graven on Copper Plates ; with the Arms This appears to be the first edition, yet

Bliss cites one of 1683, or rather speaks of of the Sixty Six Companies of London,

one under that date. and the time of their Incorporating. By Richard Burton, Author of the History of

A View of the English Acquisitions in the Wars of England. London, Printed

Guinea, and the East Indies. With an for Nath. Crouch at the Bell next to

Account of the Religion, Government, Kemps Coffee house in Exchange Alley. Wars, strange Customs,

in those . . 1681. 12°, A-E and Aa-Ee in

Countries. Together with a Description twelves, the last leaf of Part 2 occupied

of the Isle of St. Helena ; And the Bay only by an advertisement.

of Souldania, where the English usually

refresh in their Voyages to the Indies. Admirable Curiosities, Rarities, & Won- Intermixt with pleasant Relations, and ders in England, Scotland, and Ireland, Enlivened with Picture. By R. B. ... Or, An Account of many Remarkable

London, Printed for Nath. Crouch. . Persons, and Places, and likewise of the

1686. 12°, A-I in twelves. With cuts Battels, Sieges, Prodigious Earthquakes . . Adorned with the Lively Descrip

at pp. 20, 117, and 140, and a frontis

piece. tion of several Memorable things, therein contained, Engraven on Copper Plates. BURTON, ROBERT, By R. B... London Printed by Tho.

The Anatomy of Melancholy ... The Snowden for Nath. Crouch . . . 1682.

thirde Edition. corrected and augmented 12°, A-K in twelves. With a frontis- by the Author. Oxford Printed for piece and plates at pp. 20, 117, 140, 165,

Henry Cripps. 1628. Folio. Title and 188.

dedication, 2 leaves : a-k in fours : 1,2 Unparallel'd Varieties ; Or, the Matchless

leaves: A-Pppp 2 in fours. [Col.] Actions and Passions of Mankind. Dis.

Oxford, Printed by Iohn Lichfield played in near Four Hundred Notable

for Henry Cripps. Anno Dom. 1628. Instances and Examples. Imbel- The Anatomy of Melancholy. . . . The lished with Proper Figures. London, fourth Edition, corrected and augmented Printed for Nath. Crouch, 1683. by the Author. Oxford Printed for 12°, A-K in twelves, besides the frontis- Henry Cripps 1632. Folio. Prefixes, piece and plates at pp. 1, 181 and 207. 4 leaves : A-4 Y in fours. In prose and verse.

BURTON, WILLIAM. Delights for the Ingenious, In above Fifty A Commentary on Antoninus His ItiSelect and Choice Emblems, Divine and nerary, Or Journies of the Romane Em

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