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pire, so far as it concerneth Britain : Wherein the first Foundation of our Cities, Lawes, and Government, according to the Roman Policy, are clearly discovered, With a Chorographicall map of the severall Stations : And Index's to the whole Work. .. London, Printed by Tho. Roycroft, and are to be sold by Henry Playford . and T. Twyford . . . 1658. Folio. A, 4 leaves: a, 4 leaves : B-Nn in fours : 00-Pp, 2 leaves each. With a portrait of Burton by Hollar.

Dedicated to the Lord Chief Justice Glynn. The writer foresees his approaching end, and seems, under such circumstances, to regard with satisfaction the com

pletion of his work. Græcæ Linguæ Historia : Sive Oratio de Ejusdem Linguæ Origine, progressu, Habita olim Oxoniis in Aula Glevocestrensi, ante XX & VI Annos. A Guilielmo Burtono Londiniensi in LL.L.

Nunc demum Typis excusa Londini, Augustæ Trinobantum. Apud Thomam Roycroft, : MDCLVII. 8o. A, 4 leaves : B—H in eights.

Dedicated to Thomas Thynne, eldest son of Sir Frederic Henry Thynne, Bart. The publisher or editor appears to bave been Gerard Langbaine, who dates an epistle to the author from Queen's College, Oxford. Burton was at this time principal of King

ston-on-Thames School. BUSH, RICE. The Poor Mans Friend, Or, A Narrative of what progresse many worthy Citizens of London have made in that Godly Work of providing for the Poor. ... London, Printed by A. M. for Tho. Vnderhill 1649. 4°, A-D 2 in fours, BUTLER, CHARLES. Rhetoricæ Libri Dvo. Qvorum Prior de Tropis & Figuris, Posterior de Voce & Gestu Praecipit: In Vsvm Scholarvm postremò recogniti. Qvibvs Recens Accesservnt de Oratoria Libri duo. Authore Carolo Bytlero, Magd. Londini Excudebat Iohannes Haviland impensis Authoris. 1629. 4°, A-P in fours: the

Oratoria, A-Q in fours, besides the title and following leaf.

The first portion has the dedication to Lord Keeper Egerton, dated from Basing

stoke, 5 Idus Martii, 1600. The English Grammar, Or, The Institution of Letters, Syllabls, and Words, in the English tongues. Whereunto is annexed an Index of Words Like and Unlike. Oxford, Printed by William Turner, for the Authour, 1633. 4°. Title and to the Reader, 4 leaves : A-H in fours : the Index, a-d 2 in fours. BUTLER, JOHN. The True State of the Case of John Butler, B.D. A Minister of the True Church of England. In Answer to the Libel of Martha his sometimes wife. Treating of a marriage dissolved, and made Null by desertion and of a Lawful Concubinage in a Case of Necessity : Wherein Lawful Marriage conveniently or possibly cannot be obtained. London: Printed for the Author. 1697. 8°, A-E in fours. BUTLER, SAMUEL. Hudibras . . . Corrected and Amended, with several Additions and Annotations. London, Printed by T. Warren for Henry Herringman. MDCXCIV. 8o. Three parts. pp. 412 + 274. BUXTORPHUS. The Epitome of Buxtorphus Ebrew Grammer, Comended as a fitting booke to be printed by master Nicholas Gray scholemaster of Marchantaylorg schole. Licensed to John Grismond, i March, 1627-8. BYRD, WILLIAM. Contra Tenor. Cantiones qvae ab Argvmento Sacrae vocantvr .. Cvm Privilegio : Excudebat Thomas Vautrollerius

1575. 40, A-G in fours. _ (ii.) Descantvs . . . Cvm Privilegio. Excudebat Thomas Vautrollerius 1576. 4° A-H in fours. (iii.) Bassvs . 1575. 4', A-H in fours. (iv.) Tenor 1575. 40, A-H in fours. (v.) Sexta Pars . 1575. 4°, A-H in fours, last two leaves blank.

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C. A., Generosus.

C. J. A Satyre against Seperatists. Or, The A Handkercher for Parentes wett eyes to Conviction of Chamber-Preachers, and mistris Elizabeth Hungerford by J. C. other Chismatickes contrary to the Dis- Licensed to M. Sparke, 18 Aug. 1630. cipline of this our Protestant Profession. C. Mr. London, Printed for A. C. 1642. 4°,

Bristol Drollery. Poems and Songs. By 4 leaves. In verse.

Mr. C. London, Printed for Charles C., A. and V., T.

Allen, Bookseller' in Bristol, 1674. 8°, Jesus, Maria, Joseph: Or, The devout A-G 6 in eights. Pilgrim of the ever blessed virgin Mary; C. N. In his Holy Exercises upon the sacred

A Modest and True Account of the Chief Mysteries of Jesus, Maria, Joseph. With

Points in Controversie between the Rothe charitable Association for the Relief

man Catholics, and the Protestants : Toof the Souls departed. . . . Printed at

gether with some Consideration upon the Amsterdam, Anno, 1663. 8o. A, 8 leaves :

Sermons of a Divine of the Church of a, 8 leaves : B-X 2 in eights. Dedicated

England. By N. C. Antwerp : to Catharine, Queen of Gr. Britain.

Printed in the Year, 1696. 8°, A–U in C. C.

eights, A and U 8 blank. Treason's Master-piece: or, A Conference

C. P. held at Whitehall between Oliver the

The Exaltation of Christmas Pye. As late Usurper, and a Committee of the then pretended Parliament; who de

it was Delivered in a Preachment at Ely

House. By P. C. Dr. of Divinity and sired him to take upon him the Title of

Midwifery. Printed in the Yeare, 1659. King of England, &c. with an intent to

4°, 6 leaves. In prose. exclude the Royal Line ... Collected by a faithful hand. London: Printed for C. R. Daniel Major. . . . 1680. 8°, A-G in

His Majesties Propriety, And Dominion eights, the first leaf blank.

on the Brittish Seas Asserted : Together The preface is signed C. C.

with a true account of the NeatherlandC. F.

ers Insupportable Insolencies, and InThe Reclaimed Papist. Or The Process juries, they have committed; and the of a Popish Knight reformed by a Pro- inestimable Benefits they have gained in testant Lady with the assistance of a their Fishing on the English Seas. As Presbyterian Minister and his Wife an also their Prodigious and Horrid CruelIndependent. And the whole Confer- ties in the East and West-Indies, and ence, whereby that notable reformation other places. To which is added an Exact was effected. No place or printer's name. Mapp, containing the Isles of Great Brit1655. 8°. *, 8 leaves : A-0 in eights, tain, and Ireland. . . . By an ExperiO 8 blank.

enced Hand. London, Printed for Edward Dedicated by F. C. to John Compton, Thomas.. 1672.89, A—M in eights. Esquire.

With a portrait and map. C., H.

C. S. An Elegie Sacred to the Memory of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey Knight, whose

An Anniversary upon the xxxth of Janu

ary 1648. Being à Poem Dedicated to Body was lately found Barbarously Mur

the Queen of Great Brittain, France, & thered, and since Honourably Interr'd,

Ireland. And may serve as a Remem. the 31st of October, 1678. London:

brance to all posterity, of the horrid Printed for L. C. 1678. A large sheet in

Murther of Charles the

First, the incointwo columns

parable King of Great Brittain. Printed C. J.

at London by Nathaniel Butter, 1650. A Pleasant Comedy, called, The Two But not permitted to be publick till now, Merry Milk-maids : : .. By J. C. Lon- 1660. 8°, A in eights, A 8 with a postdon : Printed by Tho. Johnson, script. Dedicated to Queen Henrietta 1661. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-K in fours. Maria by S.C.

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C. S.

thority. London, Printed for Matthew Roman Catholick Doctrines No Novel- Turner at the Lamb in High-Holborn. ties : Or An Answer to Dr. Pierces Court- 1687. 8', A-T in twelves. Sermon, Miss-call’d The Primitive Rule of

CABALA. Reformation. By S. C. a Roman-Catho

Cabala : Sive Scrinia Sacra. Mysteries lick. . . . MDCLXIII. 8°, A-Y in eights.

of State & Government: In Letters of Dedicated to the Queen Mother.

Illustrious Persons, and great Agents ; In An Epistle Apologetical of S. C. to a the Reigns of Henry the Eighth, Queen Person of Honour: Touching his Vindi- Elizabeth, K. James, and the late King cation of Dr. Stillingfleet. Permissu

Charles. In Two Parts. In which the Superiorum, An. Dom. MDCLXXIV. 8°, Secrets of Empire, and Publique manage A-I 4 in eights.

of affairs are contained. With many reC. T.

markable Passages nowhere else PubAn Hospitall for the diseased. . . . With lished. London, Printed for G. Bedle

and T. Collins ... a newe addition, Gathered by T. C.

1654. 4. A, 8 Imprinted at London for Edward White. leaves, including a duplicate: B-2 2 in ... 1579. 4°, black letter.

fours : the second part, A, 4 leaves : a, 2 The copy employed ended imperfectly on

leaves : B-Ll in fours. Ll. It was formerly W. Herbert's.


De antiquitate Cantabrigiensis Academiæ Labyrinthys Cantvariensis : Or Doctor

Libri duo. In quorum secundo de OxoniLawds Labyrinth. Beeing an Answer to ensis quoq; Gymnasii antiquitate asserithe Late Archbishop of Canterbvries tur, & Cantabrigiense longè eo antiquius Relation of a Conference between Him

essé definitur. Londinensi Authore. .. selfe and Mr. Fisher, &c. Wherein The

Excvsvm Londini, Anno Domini 1568. true grounds of the Roman Catholiqve Mense Augusti. Per Henricum BynneReligion are asserted, the principall Con

man. 8o, A-Aa in eights, and the second troversies betwixt Catholiques and Pro- Book, with a new title, a-e in tours, e 4 testants throughly examined, and the with the mark. Bishops Meandrick Windings throughout De Antiqvitate Cantabrigiensis Acadehis whole worke layd open to publique

miæ Libri duo. ... Londini in Ædibus veiw. By T. C. Paris Printed by Iohn Billaine 1658. Folio. Title, &c., 5 leaves :

Johannis Daij An. Dom. 1574. Cum

Gratia ... A-Oo in fours, Oo 4 blank : C-5 T 1 in twos.

(ii.) Assertio Antiquitatis Oxoniensis W.

Academiæ, ... 1574. A-D in fours, D 4 A Discourse for a King and Parliament. blank. (ii.) Historiae Cantabrigiensis In four Sections.

Academiæ ab vrbe condita, Liber primus. I. The inconsistency of a Free-state Authore Joanne Caio Anglo. Londini.

with the scituation of this Countrey, An. Dom. 1574. A-S in fours,

and constitution of the people. S 4 with the Errata. (iv.) Ioannis Caij II. Mischiefs incident to the continuance Angli, De pronunciatione Græcæ & La

of their endeavours that act in order tinæ Linguæ scriptione noua libellus. thereunto.

.. 1574. A-C in fours. 4°. III. The advantages probably attending Ioannis Caii Britanni De Canibvs Britana composure with the King of

nicis, Liber vnvs. De Rariorvm AnimaScots. IV. Resolves to the Grand Objections De Libris Propriis, Liber vnvs.

livm et Stirpivm Historia, Liber vnvs.

Iam that were to obstruct it.

primum excusi. Londini per Gulielmum By a moderate and serious Pen. Bono Seresium typographum. Anno. 1570. servire Principi optima libertas. London, 8°, A-I 2 in fours, besides a folded leaf Printed for G. Bedell and T. Collins ... in C. 1660. 4°, A-D in fours.

Dedicated to Sir A. H. “and those spirits The True History of the Church of Scot-

that pretend to Liberty in Democracy." land, From the Beginning of the ReforC. W.

mation, Unto the End of the Reign of A Little Manual of the Poor Mans Daily King James VIth. Beginning 1560 and Devotion. Collected out of several Pious ending 1625. By Mr. David Calderand Approved Authors. By W. C. ... wood, Author of Altare Damascenum. The Fourth Edition. Publish'd by Au- Printed in the Year, 1680. Folio. Title

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and to the Reader, 4 leaves : A-Nnnnn of State, why the Parliament should not in fours, the last leaf with the Errata. impeach the same. Unto which is also CALVER, EDWARD.

annexed, a true Copy of a Commission Passion aud Discretion, in Youth, and Age.

from the late King's Eldest Son, to M'.

William Davenant, to dispossess the Lord Here in a plaine, and most familiar kinde

Baltemore of the said Province, because You may behold a Combat in the minde; Mans differing motions are the jar in question,

of his adherence to the Common-Wealth. The Combatants are passion and Discretion : London, Printed in the Yeare, 1653. 4°, Each striving to be chiefe in the desire. A-C in fours, C 4 blank. B. M. Or, if you please to straine it any higher, Then here you, partly, may behold the strife Virginia and Maryland. Or, The Lord Betweene the Flesh, and Spirit in this Life. Baltimore's printed Case, uncased and London, Printed by T. and R. Cotes, for answered. Shewing, the illegality of his Francis Grove, dwelling on Snow-hill, : . Patent and usurpation of Royal Juris1641. 4°, A—P in fours. Grenville Coll, diction and Dominion there. With, The This copy has a set of four plates by

Injustice and Tyranny practised in the Stent, referring to the subject-matter of the Government, against the Laws and Liberwork; they are not in good state, but they ties of the English Nation, and the just rarely occur at all. The second part is Right and Interest of the Adventurers and dedicated to the writer's kinsman, Master John Strut. See Corser's Collectanca, part

Planters. Also, A short Relation of the 3, pp. 237-9.

Papists late Rebellion against the GovernCalvers Royall Vision. With his most

ment of his Highness the Lord Protector. humble Addresses to His Majesties Royall

To which is added, A brief Account

of the Commissioners proceedings in the Person. [October 12, 1648.) 4', A-C 2 in fours, including a frontispiece. In

reducing of Maryland London,

printed, 1655. 4°, A-G 3 in fours. B. M.

B. M. Englands Fortresse : Exemplified in the most Renowned and Victorious, his Ex- CALVERT, CHARLES, Lord Baltimore. cellency, the Lord Fairfax, Commander

The Case of Charles Lord Baltemore, a in Chiefe of the Parl, Army. Humbly pre

Minor, with Relation to his Government sented unto his Excellency by E[dward]

of Maryland. [About 1710.] A sheet. C[alver) a lover of Peace. Printed in the CALVIN, JOHN. Yeare 1648 (Feb. 20.) 4°, title, woodcut Sermons of Iohn Calvin vpon the Songe frontispiece, and A in fours. In verse. that Ezekias made ... I'ranslated out B. M.

of Frenche into Englishe, 1560. (By A. Zions thankfull Ecchoes from the Clifts L.]... Imprinted at London, ouer Alof Ireland. Or the little Church of Christ dersgate, by John Day . 89, A-G in in Ireland, warbling out her humble and eights, Ġ 8 blank : A Meditation of a gratefull addresses to her Elder Sister in Penitent Sinner: written in answer of a England : And in particular, To the Par- Paraphrase vpon the 51. Psalme of Dauid, liament, to his Excellency, and to his in verse, by the translator's friend, 8 Army, or that part assigned to her assist

leaves. ance now in her low, yet hopefull Con- The Catechisme or Maner to teache dition. Printed for Richard Harper at children the Christian religion. Wherein the Bible and Harp in Smithfield. 1649 the Minister demandeth the question, and [July 2.) 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-D in

the chylde maketh answere : made by the tours. In verse. B. M.

excellent Doctor and Pastor in Christs CALVERT, CECIL, second Lord Balti- Church, Iohn Caluin. Ephes. 2. The

doctrine . . . Imprinted at Edinbrough The Answer to Tom-Tell-Troth. The by me Robert Lekpriuik. 1564. Cum Practise of Princes and the Lamentation Priuilegio. 8, A-L 6 in eights. Grenv. of the Kirke. Written By The Lord Bal

Coll, tismore, late Secretary of State. London The Catechisme Or Maner to Teach ChilPrinted 1642. 4°, A-D in fours.

dren the Christian Religion. Wherein The Lord Baltemores Case, Concerning the Minister demandeth the question ... the Province of Maryland, adjoyning to Printed [at Edinburgh] by Thomas BasVirginia in Anerică. With full and sandyne, dwelling at the nether Bow. clear Answers to all material Objections, M.D.LXXV. Cvm Privilegio. 8, A-[?]M touching his Rights, Jurisdiction, and in eights : Prayers, A-K in eights : Proceedings there. And certaine Reasons Psalms, with the music, A-Ii in eights.


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The Cathechisme, or maner to teache children the Christian Religion. Imprinted at London, by Ihon Kyngston. 1580. 8o, black letter, A-R in eights. Institvtionis Christianæ Religionis a Joanne Calvino conscripta, compendium simul, ac methodi enarratio. Per Edm. Bunnium Londini, Excudebat Thomas Vautrollerius impensis Georgij Bishop. 1579. 80, A-M in eights, M 8 blank. CAMBINE, ANDREW. (Two very notable Commentaries. The one of the Originall of the Turcks and [Empire of the house of Ottomanno, written by Andrewe Cambine, and thother of the warres of the Turcko against George Scanderbeg, prince of Epiro, and of the great victories obteyned by the sayd George, as well against the emperour of Turkie, as other princes, and of his other rare force and vertues, worthye of memorye, translated oute of Italian into Englishe by John Shute. (Quot. from Proverbs, xxi.] Printed at London by Rouland Hall for Humfrey Toye dwelling in paules Churche yearde at the signe of the Helmette. 1562. 4o, black letter. *_3* 2 in fours : A–Ff in fours, Ff 4 blank. Dedicated to Edward Fynes, Lord Clinton and Say. CAMBRIDGE. Synodia, Sive Musarum Cantabrigiensium Concentus et Congratulatio ad Serenissimum Britanniarum Regem Carolum, De quinta sua sobole, clarissima Principe, ... Ex Academiæ Cantabrigiensis Typographeo. Anno Dom. 1637. 40, A-N in fours. Statuta Quædam Academiæ Cantabrig ensis In admissione ad Gradus, &c. Cantabrigiæ, ... 1684.

1684. 8°, A-C in eights. Cambridge Jests ; Or, Witty Alarums for Melancholy Spirits, By a Lover of Ha, Ha, He. London : Printed by Tho. Norris

1721. 12°, A-F in twelves (probably).

The copy here used ended imperfectly on

the ninth leaf of F.
CAMDEN, WILLIAM, Clarencieux.

Britannia Sive Florentissimorvm Regno-
rum, Angliæ, Scotiæ, Hiberniæ, et Insu-
larvm adiacentium ex intima antiqui-
tate chorographica descriptio. Authore
Gvilielmo Camdeno. Londini. Per Ran-
dulphum Newbery. Cum gratia
1586. 89, A-00 4 in eights.

Dedicated to Sir W. Cecil, Lord Burleigh, from Westminster, 2 May, 1586. With

several copies of complimentary verses. Britannia ... Nunc denuo recognita & plurimis locis adaucta. Londini, Per Randulphum Newbery.... 1587. i 8, A-Vv in eights, Vv 8 blank, Britannia . . . Nunc tertio recognita, & magna accessione adaucta. Londini impensis Geor. Bishop. Cum gratia 1590. 8°, A-Ddd in eights. Britannia . . . Nunc quartò recognita, & magna accossione post Germanicam editionem adaucta. Londini impensis Georg. Bishop. 1594. 4°, A-Bbb 3 in eights. Britannia Nunc postremò recognita, & magna

Londini impensis Georg. Bishop. 1600. 4°, A-Mmm in eights, last leaf blank, and first occupied by a frontispiece. A 2 has a dedication to Queen Elizabeth, in lieu of that to Cecil in edits. 1586–94, Britannia . . . Nunc postremò recognita, plurimis locis magna accessione adaucta, & Chartis Chorographicis illustrata. Londini, Inpensis Georgii Bishop & Ioannis Norton. M.DC.VII. Folio. Engraved and printed titles, and dedication, 3 leaves : Lectori, 2 leaves : verses and Anglo-Saxon Alphabet, 3 leaves : A-5R in sixes : 5 S-5 T in fours. Britain, Or A Chorographicall Description of the most flourishing Kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Ilands adioyning, out of the depth of Antiqvitie: Beavtified with Mappes of the severall Shires of England : Written first in Latine by William Camden Clarenceux K. of A. Translated newly into English by Philemon Holland Doctour in Physick : Finally, revised, amended, and enlarged with sundry Additions by the same Author. Londini, Impensis Georgii Bishop & Ioannis Norton. M.DC.X. Folio. Title, 1 leaf : Dedication, 1 leaf : The Author to the Reader, 2 leaves : Verses, 2 leaves : the Characters of the A.-S. alphabet, 1 leaf: A–Vvvv in sixes : Xxxx-liiii, 2 leaves each.

The maps are separate from the letterpress. Camden's Britannia, Newly Translated into English: With Large Additions and Improvements. Published by Edmund Gibson, of Queens-College in Oxford. Cic. De Divinat. Lib. 1. Quem non moveat . . . London, Printed by F. Collins, for A. Swalle'. .; and A. & J. Churchil, .. 1695. Folio. Title, 1

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