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Printed for the Author, 1661. 4°, A-G in fours. ADMIRALTY. Reasons for Setling Admiralty-Jurisdiction, And Giving Encouragement to Merchants, Owners, Commanders, Masters of Ships, Martial-Men and Marines. Humbly offered to the Consideration of His Majesty, and the two Houses of Parliament. Printed in the Year, 1690, 40, A-C in fours. ADMONITION. A godly admonition for men of eche degre to vse, wherby we are admonysshed these


ballettes to refuse. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1566. An admonyssion, or a letter of a yonge man, A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1567. An admonition to cruell Jaylors. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1569–70. An admonicon to all suche as shall intende hereafter to enter the state of matrymonie godlie and agreable to the lawes, Licensed to John Harison the elder, 2 July, 1578. An Admonition vnto all Plough holders exhortinge them to holde fast, &c. Licensed to John Wolf, 20 Sept. 1588. ADONIZEDEC. A ballad of King Adonized[ec],yt had his handes and towes cutt of. Licensed to R. Jones, 16 April, 1578. ADULTERY. A Tragicall memorye of the plagues of adulterye by a late example of the Death of Foure haynous trespassers, with the Confession of Margaret Doryngton, one of the Foure. Licensed to R. Jones, 25 June, 1578. ADVICE. The Advice. A sheet containing 12 3-line stanzas besides a burden, This is the time. [Circa 1690.]

The fifth stanza runs:-“ Would you with expedition send away Those four dim Lights made Bishops t'other

day, To convert Indians in America :

This is the time." Advice to the True Representatives of Old England. [Circå 1699-1700.) A folio leaf of verses. ADY, THOMAS, M.A. A Perfect Discovery of Witches. Shew. ing the Divine Cause of the Distractions of this Kingdome, and also of the Christian World. Justitia Thronum firmat. [Quot.

from Prov. 29. 14.] Very profitable to be read by all sorts of People, especially Judges of Assizes, Sheriffes, Justices of the Peace, and Grand-Jury-men, before they passe sentence on those that are condemned for Witch-Craft. By Thomas Ady, M.A. London, Printed for R. I. to bee sold by H. Brome, 1661. 4o. Title and to the Reader, 2 leaves: BX 2 in fours. Br. Museum and Bodleian (Douce). ÆLIAN. A Registre of Hystories, conteining Martiall exploites of worthy warriours, Politique practises of Ciuil Magistrates, wise Sentences of famous Philosophers, And other matters manifolde and memorable. Written in Greeke by Ælianus a Romane: and deliuered in Englishe (as well, according to the truth of the Greeke text, as of the Latine) by Abraham Fleming. Seene and allowed. Speculum vitæ, memoriæq, Thesaurus, Hystoria. Imprinted at London, for Thomas Woodcocke Anno a Messia nato. 1576. 4o. Title, dedication to Dr. Goodman, Dean of Westminster, verses, and errata, 8 leaves : A-Yy 2 in fours.

At the end this is described by Fleming

as his “vernalis partus.” ÆSOP. [The Fables of Æsop in English.] At the end occurs : Imprinted at London by Iohn Walley. 8°, black letter, A-S 4 in eights.

The only copy I have seen had lost nearly the whole of the title. Unknown

to Herbert. The Fables of Esop, in English. Imprinted at London for Andrew Hebb, dwelling at the Bell in Paules Church yard. 1634. 8°, black letter, A-0 in eights. Grenv. Col., Bodleian, and Sion College. The Fabulous Tales of Esope the Phrygian, 1577.

Dedicated by R. S[mith] “To Mr. Richard Stonely, Esquire, one of the four tellers of the Q. Maiesties receyt of the Eschecker." A copious account of this book may be found in Laing's edition of

Henryson, 8°, 1865. Esopes fables in miter. Mentioned in the Stationers' Registers, under date of 6 November, 1598, as the property of William Wood.

This may have been the version anglicized from Henryson, and first printed in 1577. Æsops Fables in English verse by G. D. Licensed to James Boler and Henry Gosson, 30 Nov. 1630.

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The Fables of Æsop. With His Whole pression of the version printed by Caxton; Life : Translated into English Verse, and

Mr. Douce ascribed it to William MiddleMoralliz'd. As also Emblematically Il

ton's press, but there is no certainty. Lord

Ashburnham's catalogue mentions a copy lustrated with Pictures. By W. B.

of Caxton's version of the English Æsop, London, Printed by Richard Oulton, for

printed by W. Powell, 8vo, 1551. Francis Eglesfield at the Signe of the A new name in our poetical annals seems Marigold in S. Paules Church Yard. to be ANTHONY Rous, who executed a me

trical version of the Æsopian series of fables 1639.8°, A-Q in eights. Bodleian.

not known to exist in print, but preserved The preface is signed by W. Barret, to

in a 4to MS. of the early part of the sevenwhom there are some copies of verses.

teenth century, which was sold by auction

in 1872. A Booke called Esops fables translated

The earliest specimens of the application out of Latyn into English. The fables

of the Æsopian fables in English art (if in prose and the Morall in verse with

that can be so called) are to be seen in the Pictures by H:P:M:of A: Licensed Bayeux tapestry. to Thomas Walkley, 28 January, 1638–9. Æsop at Richmond, Recovered of his late The Fables of Æsop Paraphras'd in Verse,

Illness. A Poem in Burlesque. Dediand adorn’d with Sculpture. By John

cated to His Royal Highness the Duke Ogilby. London, Printed by Thomas [Duke Humphry). Warren for Andrew Crooke 1651.

One for Sence and one for Rhime 4o. Title, 1 leaf : dedication to the Earl

I think 's sufficient at a time.”

-HUDIBR. of Nottingham and Lord Beauchamp, 2

London, Printed in the year, 1698. 4o. leaves : verses by Davenant (written from

A 2 leaves : B-D 2 in fours. the Tower) and Shirley, 3 leaves : Imprimatur, i leaf : B—Ho in fours. With Æsop Naturalized : In a Collection of a frontispiece and 81 engravings num- Fables and Stories from Æsop, Locman, bered from 1–81.

Pilpay, and Others. The Third Edition;

with the Addition of above 50 New Fables of Æsop and other Eminent My

Fables. London : 1711. 8o. thologists : With Morals and Reflexions.

A, 4 leaves : B-L in eights. In verse. The Third Edition Corrected and Amended. London, Printed for R. Sare, AFRICA,

1699. Folio, A—N 2 in fours, and An Answer of the Company of Royal (a)-(d) in fours, besides title and por- Adventurers of England trading into trait : Fables and Storyes Moralized. Africa, To the Petition and Paper of cerBeing a Second Part of the Fables of tain Heads and Particulars thereunto reÆsop, and other Eminent mythologists. lating and annexed, exhibited to the By Sir Roger L'Estrange, Kt. London : Honourable House of Commons by Sir

MDCXCIX : A-Hh in fours, and Paul Painter, Ferdinando Gorges, Henry a-b, 2 leaves each.

Batson, Benjamin Skutt, and Thomas

Knights, on the behalf of Themselves and Fables of Æsop

By Sir Roger

Others concerned in His Majesties PlanL'Estrange, Kt. The Fifth Edition Cor

tations in America. Anno Dom. 1667. rected. London: 1708. 8. A, 8

4°, 10 leaves. leaves, besides engraved title and fron

A View of the State of the Trade to tispiece : 8–c 4 in eights : B-Nn 4 in eights.

Africa : Wherein is laid down The pre

sent Condition of the English Settlements Æsop's Fables. With Instructive Morals

there ; ... In a Letter to a New Suband Reflections. Abstracted from all

scriber. London, Printed for A. Baldwin Party Considerations, Adapted to all

in Warwick-Lane, 1708. 4°, A-B in Capacities ; and design'd to promote Re

fours. ligion, Morality, and Universal Benevolence. Containing Two hundred and Forty AGA, ZARAIM. Fables, with a Cut Engraved on Copper

A Relation of the Late Seidge and taking to each Fable. And the Life of Æsop

of the City of Babylon by the Turke. As prefixed. London. Printed for J. Osborn it was written from thence by Zaraim Junr.

8o. Title, 1 leaf : Aga. . . . Translated out of the Turkish, A, 12 leaves : a, 6 leaves : B-I in

into the Italian Language

And twelves. With 25 leaves of engravings Englished by W. H. London, Printed in compartments.

by I. Raworth, for N. Butter, and N. In the Douce Collection occurs a muti.

Bourne. 1639. 4°, A-I in fours, first lated copy of some early unidentified im- leaf blank.


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ALBERTUS, MAGISTER. Henry Cornelius Agrippa His Fourth Questiones Alberti de modis significādi Book of Occult Philosophy, Of Geo- impresse ? Wynandú de Worde in vico mancy. Magical Elements of Peter de [the fletestrete] anglice nuncupato ad Abano. Astronomical Geomancy. The signum solis commorantem. [Colophon.) Nature of Spirits. Arbatel of Magick. Expliciunt questiones magistri Alberti Translated into English by Robert Turner, de modis . :. Londoniis nouiter imPhilomathos. London, Printed by J. C. presse per Wynandum de Worde .. for John Harrison, .. 1655. 49. A, 4°, black letter, A-D in eights and fours, 4 leaves : a, 4 leaves : B-Dd in fours. last page with the colophon. Br. M. With a woodcut portrait of Agrippa.

ALBERTUS MAGNUS. The Vanity of Arts and Sciences. By

A Treatise of Adhering to God; written Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Knight,

by Albert the Great, Bishop of Ratisbon. London : Printed by J. C. for Samuel

Put into English by Sir Kenelme Digby, Speed, ... 1676. 8°, A-Aa in eights, Kt. Also Ă Conference with a Lady besides the titlepage and portrait.

about Choyce of Religion. London, The Vanity of Arts and Sciences. By Printed for Henry Herringman, Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Knight. 1654. 8°, A-K in eights, K 8 blank, [Translated into English.) London Printed and the title. Dedicated by the author by R. E. for R. B. and are to be sold by C. to the Lady Digby, after which occurs an Blount, 1684. 89, A-Aa in eights, epistle by W. Gr. to Lady Winter, wife besides title and a portrait.

of Sir John Winter of Liddne in the AGRIPPA, MARCUS VIPSANUS. County of Gloucester. An Oration of Agrippa to Octavius Cæsar ALE. Augustus, Against Monarchy. Taken out A Jest of bottell ale. A ballad. Licensed of the LIÍ. Book of Dion the Philosopher, to Thomas Nelson, 19 Aug. 1583. And now put into English by A. R.

A ballad intituled Jones ale is newe. London, Printed for Livewell Chap

Licensed to J. Danter, 16 Oct. 1594. man, 1658. 4°, 6 leaves.

The vnthriftes adiew to Jones ale is newe. AIR.

A ballad. Licensed to E. White, 15 Nov. A thinge sene in the ayre. Licensed to

1594. J. Charlwood, 27 June, 1580. À KEMPIS, THOMAS.

ALEMAN, MATHEO. A little garden of Roses or holy Medi

The Rogve : Or The Life of Gvzman de tations written first in Latyn by Thomas

Alfarache. Written in Spanish by Matheo A Kempis and translated into English by

Aleman, Seruant to his Catholike MaiesA, H. Licensed to Humphrey Blunden,

tie, and borne in Sevill. London, Printed

for Edward Blount. 1622. Folio. *, 6 17 Oct. 1638.

leaves : A-Ggg in sixes, last leaf blank. ALANE, ALEXANDER.

Dedicated to Sir John Strangewayes by Of the auctorite of the word of God

the translator, James Mabbe. agaynst the bisshop of London / wherein

Between sign. Z and Aa occur as, 2 are conteyned certen disputacyons had leaves, 8 leaves (with title to second in the parlament howse betwene the part, preface, verses, &c.). bisshops abowt the nomber of the sacra

The Rogue, Or The Life of Gvzman ... mēts and other things / very necessary to The fourth Edition corrected. London, be known / made by Alexäder Alane

Printed by W. H. for Phillip Chetwind. Scot and sent to the Duke of Saxon.

1656. Folio. Title, dedication, &c., 5 There is nothing bydden that shal not leaves : A, 4 leaves : B-4 M 4 in sixes. be opened and come to lyght. Math. I.

The Rogue : Or, The Excellencie of His.' No place, &c. 8', black letter, A-F in

tory Displayed, in the Notorious Life of eights, F 7-8 blank. Lambeth.

that Incomparable Thief, Guzman de ALAZONOMASTIX.

Alfarache, the Witty Spaniard. Written Free-Parliament Quæries : Proposed to originally in Spanish, By Datheo AleTender-Consciences ; And Published for man, Servant to his Catholike Majestie ; the use of the Members now Elected. And from the same Epitomiz'd into EngBy Alazonomastix Philalethes. Spec- lish, by A. S. Gent. ‘London. Printed tatum admissi ...? Printed in the by J. C. for the Author; and are to be year of our Redemption. 1660. 4°, 4 sold by Tho. Johnson. .

1655. 8°, leaves.

B-R 4 in eights, and the title.




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remedis against diuers diseases, woundes, An history of Alexander, Campaspe, and and other accidentes. ... Translated out Appelles, and of the Faythfull frynde- of Frenche into Englyshe, by William shippe betwene them. A ballad. Licensed Warde. Prynted at London by Rouland to T. Purfoot in 1565–6.

Hall for Nycolas England, dwellynge in ALEXANDER VII., Pope of Rome.

Pater noster rowe. 1562. 4o, black A Short Account of the Life and Death

letter. *, 6 leaves: A-R 4 in eights. of Pope Alexander the VII. With a

The secretes of the reuerende maister Description of his Funeral Machin.


Imprinted at London, by Together with an Exact Relation of the

Henry Bynneman, for Iohn Wight. Anno particular Ceremonies performed at the Domini. 1568. 4o. *, 6 leaves : A-Q in Creation and Coronation of this present eights. Pope Clement the IX. ... Translated out of the Italian Copies printed at Rome :

The seconde part of the Secretes of Master By P. A. Gent. London, Printed for Alexis of Piemont, by hym collected out Moses Pitt . . . 1667. 40, A-D 2 in

of diuers excellent authours, and newely fours, besides the title and preface, 2

translated out of Frenche into Englishe, leaves, and a portrait of Clement IX.

with a generall Table of all the matters

conteined in the saied Boke. By Willyam ALEXIS OF PIEDMONT.

Ward. Imprinted at London, by Jhon The Secretes of the reuerend Maister

kyngston for Nicholas Englande. Anno Alexis . . . Imprinted at London, by

domini, M.D.Lx. 4°, black letter. Title Jhon Kyngston, for Jhon Wight. Anno and the Translator to the Readers, 2 Domini. 1580. 4°, black letter. Part

leaves : A-Y in fours. 1. A-Q in eights, besides *, 6 leaves : Part II. with separate title, A-K in The second part of the Secretes of Maister eights : Part III. dated 1578, A—M in

Alexis of Piemont.

Printed at fours : Part IV. translated by Richard

London by Rovland Hall for Nicholas Androse, and dated 1578, A-Å in fours, Englande. 1563. 4°, black letter. Title and a-c in fours.

and the Translatour to the Readers, 2 The Secrets . . . Newly corrected and

leaves : A-P 2 in fours. amended . . . Imprinted at London by The seconde parte of the secretes. Peter Short for Thomas Wight. 1595. Imprinted at London, by Henry Bynne49, black letter, A-Z 2 in eights.

4°, A-K in eights. The Secretes of the Reverende Maister The thyrde and last parte of the Secretes. Alexis of Piemovnt, containying excel- Englished by Wyllyam Warde. lente remedies against diuers diseases, Printed at London by Roulande Hall, woundes, and other accidents, with the for Nycholas Englande. 1562. 4°, black manner to make distillations, parfumes, letter, A-Y in fours. confitures, diynges, colours, fusions, and meltynges. A worke well approued, verye

The thyrde and last parte. ... Imprinted profytable and necessary for euery man.

at London by Henry Denham, for John Translated out of Frenche into English,

Wyght. [1566.] 40, A-B in fours :

C-L in eights. by Wyllyam Warde. Imprynted at London by Iohn Kingston for Nicolas Ing- A verye excellent and profitable Booke lande, dwellinge in Paules churchyarde. conteining sixe hundred foure score and Anno. 1558. Mensi. Nouemb. 4°, black odde experienced Medicines : : , long letter. Title and Alexis to the Reader, tyme practysed of the expert and Reuerend 3 leaves : A-Hh in fours.

Mayster Alexis. Translated out of The Secretes of the Reverende Mayster

Italian into Englishe by Richard Androse. Alexis of Piemovnt.


... Imprinted at London by Henry Den

ham. 1569. 4o. A, 4 leaves : a-c in Anno a virgineo partu. M.D.LIX.

fours : B-Z in fours. Dedicated to the die Mens. Nouemb. 4°, black letter.

Earl of Bedford. a, 4 leaves : 4 leaves : A-R 4 in eights. [Col.]'Imprinted at London by ALGIERS. Henry Svtton, dwellyng in Paternoster

The Case of many Hundreds of Poor rowe, at the signe of the blacke Moryan.

English Captives in Algier, together with Anno a virgineo partu. 1559.

some Remedies to prevent their Increase, The Secretes of the reuerend Maister humbly Represented to both Houses of Alexis of Piemont. Containing excellent Parliament." [1680.] Folio, 2 leaves.

man. ...

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ALLEN, CARDINAL WILLIAM. An Introduction of Algorisme, to learne

Traicté Politique, Composé par William to reckon with the Penne, or with the Allen, Anglois, Et traduit nouvellement Counters, in whole numbers or in broken. en français, ou il est prouvé par l'exemple Newlie ouerseene and corrected. Whereto de Moyse, et par d'autres, tirés hors is annexed, certaine notable and pleasant

de l'escriture, que tuer un Tiran titulo rules of false positions, not before seene

vel exercitio, n'est pas un meurtre. Lugin our English tongue. By which all

duni. Anno M.DC.LXVIII. 89, A-L6 in manner of difficill Questions, may easely eights. be dissolued and assoyled. Imprinted ALLINGTON, JOHN. at London by John Charlewood, dwell- The Grand Conspiracy of the Members ing in Barbican, at the signe of the against the Mind, of Jews against their halfe Eagle and the Key, 1581. Kings. As it hath been delivered in the A-P in eights. Black letter. Douce four following Sermons. By John AlColl.

lington (A Sequestred Divine.) London : Printed for R. Royston,

1657. 12°, ALINTON, ROBERT.

A-I in twelves and A-D 6 in twelves. Libellus sophistarū ad vsum Oxonien A curious and quaintly.written book, Impressus Londoniis per Winandum de with political allusions. Worde [at the end is added :] Anno ALLISON, RICHARD. dni. M.CCCCC. Xxx. Die vero decima sexta The Psalmes of Dauid in Meter, The Julij. 40, A-K in eights and fours.

plaine Song beeing the common twine to Lambeth.

be sung and plaide vpon the Lute, Or.

, Libellus Sophistarū ad vsum Cañbrigien. pharyon, Citterne or Base Violl, seuerally

or altogether, the singing part to be either [This title is on a ribbon over a woodcut. The colophon :) Explicit libellus Sophis- cording

to the

nature of the voyce, or for

Tenor or Treble to the Instrument, actarum ad vsum Cantibrigien. Londoniis peruigili cura impressus per me Wynan

foure voyces. With some short Tunnes in dum de Worde in vico anglice nücupato

the end, . . . By Richard Allison Gent.,

Practitioner in the Art of Musicke, (the fletestrete) Ad intersigniū solis

London Printed by William Barley, the Imorantē. Anno dñi M. ccccc. xxiiii. dievero. iiii. Mensis Junii. 40, A-K

Assigne of Thomas Morley. 1599. Cum

Priuilegio. in eights and fours : L, 6: L 6 with the

. . Folio, A-T 3 in fours,

Dedicated to Anne, Countess of Warwick. colophon and device. Lambeth.


Almanacke for xii. yere. [This is the The Natural History of the Chalybeat whole title. On the verso of the third leaf and Purging Waters of England : With occurs :] ... lately corrected . and entheir particular Essays and Uses. Among prynted at London in the Fletestrete by which are treated at large the Apoplexy wynkyn de worde. In the yere of the In& Hypochondriacism. To which are carnacyon of our lorde a. m. ccccc. and. viii. added, Some Observations on the Bath The.xxiii. yere of the reygne of our most Waters in Somersetshire. Dedicated to redoubted souereyne lorde kīge henry the Right Honourable the Earl of Man- the. vii. Very small 12°, 16 leaves, the chester. By Benjamin Allen, Med. Bac. last blank. Br. Museum. London Printed : . . . 1699. 8', A, 4 Almanacke for XII. yere. [This is the leaves : a-b in eights : B_N 4 in eights. whole title. On the third leaf occurs :] ALLEN, J.

.. lately corrected and enprynted at

London in the Flete-strete by Wynkyn The Younger Brother His Apologie. de Worde. In the yere of the reygne of Oxford, Printed by Iohn Lichfield for

our most redoubted souerayne Lorde Edward Forrest, 1635. 4°, A-I 2 in

Kinge Henry the . vij. [? 1516.] Small fours.

12°, 15 leaves. A diminutive volume, 2} The date 1634 in the colophon is pre- in. X 2 in. Bodleian, served.

See Notes and Queries, 2nd S. vii. 114. An Apology for a Yoynger Brother. Alma[na]cke for . xv. yeres. Here beWritten for the generall good of this gynneth ye seycle or chaūge of ye mone Kingdome. Oxford, Printed by Leonard with ye coniuncyon / & sheweth what Lichfield for Edward Forrest, 1641. 4°, daye / houre / mynute / sygne / and deA-I 2 in fours, A 1 and I 2 blank.

gree ye mone shall chaunge. Also yo




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