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leaf : A, 2 leaves : a-8, 2 leaves each: don, Printed for Simon Waterson and maps of Roman and Saxon Britain : A-O

Robert Clavell, ... 1657. 4o. B-3 G 2 in fours : half title to the Counties of in fours, besides the portrait, title, and England and Wales: maps of England dedication, 3 leaves. and Cornwall : A-Ss 2 in fours : *Ss, 2

Reges, Reginæ, Nobiles, & alij in Eccleleaves : Tt, 2 leaves : *Tt, 2 leaves; Uu, 2

sia Collegiata S. Petri Westmonasterij leaves : *Uu, 2 leaves : Xx, 3 leaves : Yy,

sepulti, vsque ad Annum reparatæ salutis 2 leaves : *Yy, 2 leaves : Zz, 2 leaves: *Zz, 2 leaves : 3 Å—3 T, 2 leaves each, all re

1600. Londini, Excudebat E. Bollifan

tus. M.DC. 40, A-K in fours, and the peated : 3K—3 M in fourg : 3N-4 N, 2

Errata. leaves each : Annals of Ireland and Index,

The copy before me belonged to Thomas a-b, 2 leaves each. With maps, plates of Baker. coins (all referred to on text), and other

Annales Rervm Anglicarvm, et Hiberniplates. Dedicated to Sir John Sommers Kt Lord Keeper.

carvm, Regnante Elizabetha, Ad Annym

Salvtis M.D.LXXXIX. Gvilielmo Camdeno A Second Edition of Caindens De- Avthore. Londini, ... M.DC.XV. Folio. scription of Scotland, Containing a Sup- A-Vvy in fours. plement of those Peers, or Lords of

Annales Rervm Anglicarvm et Hiberni. Parliament, who were mentioned in the First Edition ; and an Account of those

carum, Regnante Elizabetha. Autore since Raised to, and further Advanced

Gvil. Camdeno. . . . Lug. Batavorvm.

Ex officina Elzeviriana. 1625. 8°, *, in the Degrees of Peerage, until the

and **,8 leaves each: A-Kkk in eights. Year 1694. Edinburgh, Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Ander- The Historie of the Most Renowned and son, M.D.C.Xov. 8°. T, 4 leaves : Victorious Princesse Elizabeth. . . . ComA-Gg in fours.

posed by way of Annals. Never heretofore The Abridgment of Camden's Britania Faithfully and fully Published in English. With the Maps of the seuerall Shires of

London : Printed for Benjamin Fisher. England and Wales. Printed by Iohn

Folio. ... MDCXXX.

Title and large Bi : Printer to the Kings most excel

portrait of the Queen, 2 leaves : A-B 2 lent Maiestie. 1626. Oblong 8°. En

in fours ; B-G in fours, 4 G 4 blank. graved title, 1 leaf : 4 leaves unmarked The Preface to the Reader is signed R. N. with the Maps and Descriptions, &c. : Annales Or, The History of the Most Rea-c in fours : maps of Somerset, Wilts, nowned. Elizabeth. Written in Hants, Berks, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Latin by the learned Mr. William CamMiddlesex, Suffolk, Herts, Bucks, Oxford- den. Translated into English by R. N. shire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Gent. The third Edition. London Warwickshire, and Northamptonshire, a Printed for Benjamin Fisher, . . . Anno leaf each, with letterpress on back : then 1635. Folio. First printed title and porF-N in fours, the last leaf occupied by trait, 2 leaves : a--c in fours and d, 6 the map of Flintshire.

leaves : A-3 E in sixes. Remaines Concerning Brittaine : The V. CL Gulielmi Camdeni, Et Illustrium fourth Impression, reviewed, corrected, Virorum Ad G. Camdenum Epistola and increased. London, Printed by A. I. Cum Appendice Varii Argumenti. Acfor Symon Waterson.

1629. 4°,

cesserunt Annalium Regni Regis Jacobi I. A-X in eights.

Apparatus. Et Commentarius de AntiRemaines Concerning Britaine: . . . The quitate, Dignitate, & Officio Comitis fift Impression, with many rare Anti- Marescalli Angliæ. Præmittitur G. Camquities never before imprinted. By the deni Vita. Scriptore Thoma Smitho industry and care of Iohn Philipot, Somer- S. T. D. Ecclesiæ Anglicana Presbytero. set Herald. London, Printed by Thomas


MDCXCI. 49. A-c in fours, Harper, for John Waterson, 1637. title on A 2: (a)–(0) in fours : A-3 T 4', A-Hhh in fours, last leaf lank. in fours. Dedicated by Smith to Sir Dedicated by the Editor to the Elector John Cotton, Bart. Louis of Bavaria.

CAMOENS, LOIS DE. Remaines Concerning Britain : ... The

The Lusiad, Translated by Sir R. Fansixth Impression, with many rare Anti

shawe, 1655. quities never before Imprinted. By the

This version was executed during the Industry and Care of John Philipot translator's residence at Tankersley Park, Somerset Herald : and W. D. Gent. Lon. in a house which had been lent to him by

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Lord Strafford. It was very carelessly Maie, and returned home the 10. of Sep. printed, and in his own copy, at one time temb. 1599. At London Printed by P.S. in possession of the Turnor family, he had noted the mistakes of the press. See Me.

for William Aspley, . . . 1599. 4°, black moirs of Lady Fanshawe, 1830, p. 13.

letter, A-D in fours. B. M. CAMPANELLA, THO.

CANCELLER, JAMES. A Discourse touching the Spanish Mon

The Alphabet of Praiers, verie fruitfull to archy. Laying down Directions and

be exercised and vsed of euerie Christian: Practises whereby the King of Spain may

Newlie drawne, into no lesse direct an attain to an Universal Monarchy. Where

order than aptlie agreeth with the same, in also we have a Political Glasse, repre

by A. Fleming. (Quot. from St. Luke. senting each particular Country, Pro

Imprinted at London for the Companie vince, As also the Causes of the Rise

of the Stationers. Small.8°, black letter, and Fall of each Kingdom and Empire.

printed within woodcut borders. A-07 Newly translated into English, ac

in eights, but perhaps 0 8 had the colocording to the Third Edition of this Book phon. in Latine. London, Printed for Phile- Dedicated by James Canceller to Robert mon Stephens . 1654. 4°, A-Gg in

Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Puttick & fours.

Simpson, July 17, 1877, much cut.
One of the sections is appropriated to


A Description of Candia, In its Ancient CAMUS, J. P. Bishop of Bellay.

& Modern State : With an Account of A True Tragical History of Two Illus

the Siege thereof, Begun by the Ottoman trious Italian Families ; Couched under

Emperour, in the year 1666, continued in the Names of Alcimus and Vannoza. 1667 and 1668, and surrendered the latter Written in French, By the Learned J. P.

end of 1669. The most part collected Bishop of Bellay. Done into English, by

from private Letters, during the Siege, a Person of Quality ... London, Printed sent by one in the service of the Repubfor William Jacob at the Black Swan

lique. London : Printed by J. G. for next Bernard's Inn in Holbourn, 1677.

William Crook,


A, 8°, A-Dd in eights, besides a frontis

2 leaves: B_I 4 in eights, I 3-4

blank. piece in four compartments. Dedicated to the Comte de Schomberg.


A Second Voyce from the Temple to the

Higher Powers. London : Printed The fantasies of a troubled mans head.

by M. Simmons. 1653. 4. A, Of euyll tounges. Of Trust and Triall

2 leaves: B-E in fours. [By B. G.] A Strife betwene Appelles and Pygmalion [By Ber. Gar." Im- CANNON, ANDREW. printed at London without Aldersgate, A balladd vpon the desperat life of one in Little Britaine, by A. Lacy, [1566.]

Andrew Cannon, Licensed to Thomas A sheet. H. Huth, Esq.

Scarlett, 15 Aug. 1590. Reprinted in Ancient Ballads, &c. 1867, CANTICA. p. 217. The two poems by Canand appear in Tottell's Miscellany, 1557 (repr.

Cantica Sacra : Containing Hymns and Collier, pp. 177 and 180), the first under

Anthems for Two Voices to the Organ, the title of “Of the mutabilitie of the both Latine and English. Composed by world," the other with the heading, Mr. Richard Dering, Dr. Christopher Against wicked tonges.” This republi- Gibbons, Dr. Benjamin Rogers, Mr. cation of pieces from books in the form

Matth. Locke, and others. London, of broadsides seems to be reversing the ordinary practice.

Printed by W. Godbid, for John Play

ford, 1674. Folio. Cantus, A-M, 2 CANARIES.

leaves each, and N, 1 leaf : Bassus, A-I, The Conqvest of the Grand Canaries, 2 leaves each, and a leaf of K. made this last Summer by threescore and thirteene saile of shippes, sent forth at

CAPEL, ARTHUR, LORD. the command and direction of the states

Obsequies on that Unexemplar Chamgenerall of all the Vnited prouinces, to

pion of Chivalrie and perfect Patern of the coast of Spaine and the Canarie Isles :

true Prowesse, Arthur, Lord Capell. with the taking of a towne in the Ile of

[1649.] A sheet of verses, with an enGomera, and the successe of part of the

graving. saide fléete in their returne homeward. Daily Observations or Meditations, Which set saile for Spaine the 25: of Divine, Morall. Written by a person of

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Honour and Piety. [Quotations.] Anno Esquire. Licensed to Thomas Walkley,
Dom. 1654. 4°, A-P 2 in fours: Certain 27 June, 1640.
Letters written to severall Persons, A–F CAREW, THOMAS (AND GEORGE).
in fours.

Fraud and Oppression detected and arCAPEL, CHARLES, Esquire.

raigned. Or An Appeal to the ParliaAffectvvm Decidva, Or Dve Expressions ment of England in a short Narative and In honour of the truly noble Charles

Deduction of severall Actions at Law, Capell Esq. (Sonne to the right hon- depending in the Ordinary Courts of ourable Arth vr Capell Baron of Hadham)

Justice in Holland & Zealand, between deceased on Christmas Day 1656.

diverse Subjects of the King of England, Quis desiderio sit pudor, aut modus and the Subjects of the States Generali Tam Chari Capitis?

of the Seven United Provinces. With Oxford, Printed Anno Dom. 1656. 4', severall remarkable Observations and A-D in fours, D 4 blank.

Animadversions thereupon, by the Credi. A collection of verses by Flatman, tors of St. William Courten, St. Paul Ken, &c.

Pyndar, St. Edward Littleton, and WilCARACCIOLUS, GALEACIUS.

liam Courten Esquire deceased. FaithA President to the Nobilitie of Court, fully recollected and digested into a and Countrey. In the Life of Galeacivs Method by G. C. a Lover of his Countrey. Caracciolvs, the Noble Marquesse of Vico,

Whereunto are added Some necessary in the Kingdome of Naples. Contayn

Advertisements concerning the improveing the Story of his admirable conversion ment of Navigation and Trade. Printed from Popery, and his forsaking of his

Anno Domini 1676. Folio. *, 2 leaves: Marquesdome, for the Gospels sake. **, 2 leaves : A—P, 2 leaves each, besides Written first in Italian : thence trans

title to Part 2 ; Q, 3 leaves, one unlated into Latine, by Reuerend Beza : and marked ; R-Ee, 2 leaves each : Ff, 4 for the benefit of our people, put into

leaves : T, 4 leaves : Kk-Mm, 2 leaves English by W. Crashaw. London : each : Index and Postscript, 2 leaves. Printed by T. S. for Richard Moore, Hinc lllæ Lacrymæ ; or, An Epitome of 1612. 4°, A-M in fours, but no sign. the Life and Death of Sir William B in the copy employed. Dedicated to Courten and Sir Paul Pyndar Late of the Earl of Pembroke and Viscount London Knts Deceased, with their great Lisle.

Services and Sufferings under the Crown CARDANUS.

of England. Together with a Brief Cardanvs Comforte, translated into Eng

Narrative of the Case and Tryal of cerlishe. ... Anuo Domini 1576. Im- tain Persons for Pyracy and Felony on printed at London in Fleete-streate neare

the 10th of February 1680. Upon a Speto S. Dunstans Churche by Thomas cial Commission of Oyer and Terininer Marsh. Cum Priuilegio. 4o. A, 6 leaves, grounded upon the Statute of the 28 of A 5—6 with the verses by T. Church

Henry the 8. Faithfully and Modestly yard and G. Gascoigne: A (repeated)-N Collected by Thomas Carew Gent. with 6 in eights, N 6 blank.

some Remarques thereupon. London, CARDING.

Printed for the Persons Interested, Anno A merrye Devyce concerninge cardinge at

Dom. M.DCLXXXI. Folio, A-F, 2 leaves yche kynd of plaie. Licensed to R. Jones,

each, besides title-page, and dedication to 2 Jan. 1578-9.

Sir John Nicholas, one of the Clerks of

the Council. B. M.
Harry Care's Last Will and Testament. CARIBBY ISLANDS.
A sheet in verse. [Circa 1700.]

The History of the Caribby-Islands, viz.

Barbados, St. Christophers, St. Vincents, CAREW, SIR ALEXANDER.

Martinico, Dominico, Barbont Hos, MonThe Speech or Confession of Sir Alex

serrat, Mevis, Antego, &c, in all XXVIII. ander Carew Baronet: Who was beheaded

In Two Books. The First containing the on Tower-hill on Munday Decemb. 23.

Natural, The Second, the Moral History, 1644. Published by Authority. London,

of those Islands. Illustrated with several Printed for Tho. Bates ... 1644. 4°, 4 Pieces of Sculpture, representing the leaves. B. M.

most considerable Rarities therein DeCAREW, THOMAS.

scribed. With a Caribbian-Vocabulary. Certaine Psalmes of David translated Rendred into English By John Davies of into English verse / by Thomas Carew Kidwelly. London, Printed for Thomas





Dring and John Starkey, ... 1666. Folio, The Life of M. Bernard Gilpin, Some A-Aaa in fours. Dedicated to Sir Ed- Times Parson of Houghton in the Bishward Bysche, Kt. With plates at pp. oprick of Dvrham. A man for his sin69, 78, 89, 98 (2), 104, 106, 124, 136. gular piety and integritie famous, and

renowned over all the Northerne parts of CARLETON, GEORGE, Bishop of Chi

this Kingdome of England. Faithfully chester.

collected and written in Latine by the Heroici Characteres. Ad Illvstrissimvm

Right Reverend Father in God George Eqvitem, Henricum Nevillum. Avtore, Carleton, late Lord Bishop of Chichester, Georgio Carletono. Oxoniæ, Excudebat and published for the satisfaction of his Iosephus Barnesius. 1603. 4°, A-G in Countrimen, by whom it was long since fours. In verse. B. M.

earnestly desired. Translated by WilTithes Examined and proued to bee due

liam Freake Minister. London, to the Clergie by a diuine right. Whereby

Printed by William Iones, dwelling in the contentious and prophane Atheists, as

Redcrosse-streete. 1629. 4o. 1, 4 leaves : also the dissembling Hypocrites of this

A-H 2 in fours. Dedicated to Sir age, may learne to honour the Ministers,

William Belosis Knight. B. M. and not to defraude them, and to Rob The Life of Bernard Gilpin, The the Church. ... Written by George Car- fourth Edition. Imprinted at London by leton Batchelour in Diuinitie. Printed W. I. and T. P. dwelling in Red-Crosse at London by T. Este, for Clement Knight street. 1636. 8°, A—P in twelves, first ... 1606. 4°, A-L in fours. B. M. and last leaves blank. B. M. Tithes Examined and proued to be due CARLIELL, LODOWICK. to the Clergie by a diuine right. Written The Deserving Fauorite. As it was lately by George Carleton. The second Edition Acted, first before the Kings Maiestie, reuised by the Author. At London : and since publikely at the Black-Friers. Printed by Humfrey Lownes, for Cle- By his Maiesties Seruants. Written by ment Knight, ... 1611. 4°, A-L 2 in Lodowicke Carlell, Esquire, Gentle-man fours, A followed by a blank, and the of the Bowes, and Groome of the King dedication an extra leaf.

and Queenes Priuie Chamber. At Lon

don. Printed for Mathew Rhodes. 1629. An Examination of those things wherein

4°, A-N in fours, N 4 blank. the Author of the late Appeale holdeth

Dedicated to his friends, Mr. Thomas the Doctrines of the Pelagians and Armi

Carie, son of the Earl of Monmouth, and nians, to be the Doctrines of the Church

Mr. William Murrey, both of the Bedof England. Written by George Carleton Chamber. D'. of Divinitie, and Bishop of Chichester. Arviragvs and Philicia. As it was acted ... London, Printed for William Tur- at the Private House in Black-Fryers by

1626. 4°, A-Q in fours. Dedi- his Majesties Servants. The first and cated to the King.

second Part. London, Printed by John A Thankfyll Remembrance of Gods

Norton, for Iohn Crooke and Richard Mercy. In an Historicall Collection of

Sergier . . . 1639. Sm. 8°, A-G in the great and mercifull Deliverances of twelves, first leaf blank. the Church and State of England, since The Passionate Lovers, A Tragi-Comedy. the Gospel beganne here to flourish, from The First and Second Parts. Twice prethe beginning of Queene Elizabeth. sented before the King and Queens MaThe third Edition revised, and enlarged. jesties at Somerset-House, and very often [Quot. from Psalm iii. 2.) London, at the Private House in Black-Friars, Printed by M. Flesher for Robert Myl with great Applause, By his late Majesbourne . . . 1627. 4°, A-Pp 2 in fours, ties Servants. Written by Lodowick the first leaf blank. With a portrait of Carlell, Gent. London, Printed for Carleton, a frontispiece, and a series of Humphrey Moseley . . . 1655. 4°, A-H engravings on the letterpress by Hul- in fours, first and last leaves blank. sius.

Dedicated by Alexander Gough to Mary A Thankfvll Remembrance The

Duchess of Richmond and Lenox. | fourth Edition revised. London, Printed Two New Playes. by Aug. Math. for Robert Mylbourne .

1. The Fool would be a Favourit: 1630. 4°, A-Pp in fours, last leaf blank.


or, The Discreet Lover. With the same portrait, frontispiece, and

2. Osmond, the Great Turk: Or, cuts as in the edition of 1627.

The Noble Servant.


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As they have been often acted, by the owne good and bad fortunes. Licensed Queen's Majesty's Servants, with great to Francis Smith, 4 March, 1635–6. applause. Written by Lodowick Carlell, The famous and worthy History of Guy Gent. London, Printed for Humphrey Earle of Warwick in verse, by John CarMoseley, ... 1657. 8o. A, 4 leaves, penter. Licensed to Robert Oulton, 28 first blank, A 3 with separate title to first

June, 1636. play : B–G 4 in eights: A-D in eights, CARPENTER, NATHANAEL. D 8 blank.

Geographie Delineated ... By Nathanael CARMARTHEN,THOMAS OSBORNE, Carpenter, Fellow of Exceter Colledge in Marquis of.

Oxford. The Second Edition Corrected. A Journal of the Brest-Expedition, By Oxford, Printed by John Lichfield, the Lord Marquess of Caermarthen. for Henry Cripps,

M.DC.XXXV. 4°. London, Printed for Randal Taylor . . *, 8 leaves, besides a folded one with the 1694. 4°, A-F 3 in fours.

Analysis of the First Book: A-Ss in CARMENI, FRANCESCO.

eights, Ss 8 blank, besides a folded Table Nissena, An Excellent New Romance :

at D 3 and a second folded one with the Written originally in Italian by Fran

Analysis of Book 2. Dedicated to Wilcesco Carmeni, And now Englished by

liam Earl of Pembroke. an Honorable Anti-Socordist. London. CARPENTER, RICHARD. Printed for Humphrey Moseley. Experience, Historie, and Divinitie, Di1653. 8°, B-L in fours, and the title- vided into five Books. Written by page.

Richard Carpenter, vicar of Poling, a CAROLINA.

small and obscure Village by the SeaA Brief Description of the Province of

side, neere to Arvndell in Syssex. Who Carolina on the Coasts of Floreda. And being, first, a Scholar of Eaton Colledge, More perticularly of a New-Plantation,

and afterwards, a Student in Cambridge, begun by the English at Cape-Feare, on

forsooke the Vniversity, and immediately that River now by them called Charles

travelled, in his raw, greene, and ignorant River, the 29th of May. 1664. Wherein yeares, beyond the Seas

London, is set forth The Healthfulness of the Air; Printed by R. C. for Andrew Crooke . the Fertility of the Earth, and Waters;

1642. 89, A-Xx in eights, title on A 3. and the great Pleasure and Profit will With a portrait by W. Marshall. In accrue to those that shall go thither to prose. enjoy the same. Also, Directions and CARRE, FRANCIS. advice to such as shall go thither whether A Dowlefull Dettye of one Fraunces Carre. on their own accompts, or to serve under A ballad. Licensed to J. Allde in 1567. another. Together with a most accurate CARRE, THOMAS, Priest of the English Map of the whole Province. London,

College at Doway. Printed for Robert Horne in the first

Sweete Thovghtes of Jesvs and Marie Or Court of Gresham-College neer Bishops- Meditations for all the Feastes of our B. gate-street. 1666. 4°, A-B in fours,

Sauiour. And his B. Mother. And for first and last leaves blank, or 12 printed

the most part of their Octaues. Togeither pages, besides the folded map.

with his sacred Passion. For the vse of CARPENTER, JOHN.

the daughters of Sion. Printed at Paris. Schelomonocham. Or King Solomon Anno 1658. 12o. ă, 12 leaves : A-H6 his Solace, Containing (among many other in twelves : A (with Entertainments for things of worthy request) King Solomon Whilsantide) – 1 in twelves : Meditahis Policie, his true Repentance, and tions, A-F 5 in twelves. Dedicated to finally his Salvation. First Presented to “the Verie Venerable His Most Honored the Kinges most excellent maiestie, and Deare Lady Marie Tredway, First Alafterward published. ... London' Im- besse of the English Monasterie of Sion printed by Iohn Windet. 1606, 49, of S. Augustins Order established in black letter. I, 4 leaves, first blank : Paris.” A-Aa 4 in eights, B 8 and Aa 4 blank : Pietas Parisiensis or a Short Description 8 leaves.

of the Pietie and Charitie comonly exerDedicated to James I. There are a few

cised in Paris. Which represents in short

the pious practises of the whole Catholike CARPENTER, JOHN.

Chvrch By Thomas Carre, Counsellour A Merry fortune Booke, wherein all of Paris. Trades and professions may read their Euery Good tree yealdeth good fruites. ...


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