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tents, 7 leaves: B-Kkkk 2 in fours. Title and To the Reader, 2 leaves : A-F
With plates at pp. 1, 35, 61, 135, 295, 2 in fours. Black letter.
371, 449, and 539.

This is a discourse addressed by Thomas

Chaloner Gent. from the Isle Lamby on The Life and Exploits of the ingenious

the East coast of Ireland, to his cousin gentleman Don Quixote De la Mancha.

John Napper Apothecary, at the sign of Translated from the Original Spanish of the Ewe and Lamb, over against Soper Lane Miguel Cervantes de Saavedra.


end in Cheapside. Unknown to Herbert. Charles Jarvis, Esq; In Two Volumes. CHAMBERLAINE, EDWARD. London : MDCCXLII. 4o. Vol. I. A, 4

Angliæ Notitia, Or The Present State of leaves : a, 4 leaves : b, 4 leaves : *b, 4

England : Together with Divers Reflecleaves (with Bp. Warburton's Supple

tions upon the Antient State thereof. ment to the Preface): c and d, 2 leaves

In Magnis voluisse sat esteach : A (repeated with the Life of Cervantes by Ozell dated 1738), 4 leaves :

In the Savoy, Printed by T. N. for John

1669. Martyn,

12o. A, 6 leaves : a-m in fours : m, 2 leaves : n, 4 leaves: 0, 2 leaves: then pp. 1–355. Vol. II., pp.

B-Y in twelves : 2, 6 leaves. 388 + xii. With 25 plates in the first, Angliæ Notitia: The Seventeenth and 41 in the second, volume by Van- Edition London, Printed by T. dergucht after Vanderbank, besides the Hodgkin. MDCXCII. 12o. A-N 5 in frontispiece and portrait of Cervantes. twelves, including a frontispiece. Second CEREMONIES.

Part, A-N in twelves, besides a leaf of A History of Antient Ceremonies advertisements. Written Originally in French, The CHAMBERLAINE, JAMES. Second Impression Corrected, the first A Sacred Poem. Wherein the Birth, being, 1668. . . . London, Printed in the Miracles, Death, Resurrection, and Asyear, 1669: 8°, A-0 7 in eights, B-C cension of the Most Holy Jesus are Derepeated, and IL-K left out. The Pre- lineated. With his Prayer before his face is signed by Thomas Douglas, the Apprehension. Also Eighteen of David's translator.

Psalms ; with the Book of Lamentations,

Paraphras'd. Together with Poems on
Gerardo the Unfortunate Spaniard, Or A

several Occasions. By James Chamber-
Pattern for Lascivious Lovers Lon- laine. London, Printed by R. E. for R.
don, Printed by William Bentley, and are

Bentley, and M. Magnes, : 1680. 8o, to be sold by William Hope . 1653. A-0

4 in eights, X 8 with the Errata, 8o. A, 4 leaves: B-Ee 2 in eights.

&c. With a frontispiece. CHALLENGE.


A Comedy

The Swaggering Damsell.
A Strange Challendginge or Combat waged
againste the whole worlde. A ballad. Written by R. C. . . . London, Printed
Licensed to Henry Kyrkham, 7 Dec. by Tho. Cotes, for Andrew Crooke, and

are to be sold at his Shop . . . 1640. 4°,
The challenge of the Justes. Licensed to

A-I in fours, first leaf blank. With
J. Charlwood, 16 Jan. 1580-1.

verses by H. Harris, T. Rawlins, and

E. B.
A Bold Challenge of an Itinerant Preacher, CHAMBERLAINE, WILLIAM .
Modestly Answered, By A Local Minister,

Loves Victory: A' Tragi-Comedy. By
to whom the same was sent and delivered:

William Chamberlaine of Shaftsbury in
And Severall Letters thereupon. Printed
in the Year, 1652. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.

the County of Dorset.

Odiumque perit,

Cum jussit amor, veteres cedunt

Ignibus iræ.
A Shorte Discourse of the most rare and London ; Printed by E. Cotes, and are to
excellent vertue of Nitre : Wherein is be sold by Robert Clavell, .. 1658.
declared the sundrie and diuerse cures 4o, A-M in fours.
by the same effected, and how it may be

Dedicated to Sir William Portman, Baronet. aswell receiued in medicine inwardly, Wits led by the Nose ; Or, A Poets as outwardly plaisterwise applied : seru- Revenge : A Tragi-Comedy, As it is ing to the vse and commoditie aswell of Acted at the Theatre Royal. London, the meaner people, as of the delicater Printed for William Crook ... 1678. sorte. (Quotation. Imprinted at Lon- 40, A-H in fours. [Altered from Love's don by Gerald Dewes, 1584. 4o.


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Englands Choice, &c. To all Arch-
Bishops and Bishops who are not a Shame
[to], or ashamed [of] the Name of Christ

By Peter Chamberlen. London : Printed for H. Jones. 1682. Folio, 2 leaves. CHAMBRE, DAVID. Histoire Abbregee de tovs les Roys de France, Angleterre et Escosse, mise en ordre par forme d'Harmonie : contenant aussi vn brief discours de l'ancienne alliance, & mutuel secours entre la France & l'Escosse... A Paris, ... 1579. ... 8o. ă and è in eights : a—z in eights : A-G in eights : [a new title :) La Recerche des Singvlaritez Remarqvables, concernant l'estat d'Escosse ... 1579ě, 4 leaves, with the dedication to Mary Queen of Scots : A-D in eights : [a headline :] Discovrs de la Svccession des Femmes . . . A-E 4 in eights. CHAPMAN, GEORGE. Andromeda Liberata : ... 1614.

The form in which this poem is entered at Stationers' Hall is not less unusual than interesting :

“16 Martij 1613[-14]. Laurence Lyle. Entred for his coppie vnder the handes of the Duke of Lennox, the earle of Suffolke, the earle of Marr, Sir Julius Caesar, Master warden Feild and master Adames a booke called Perseus and Andromede, by George Chapman.”-Arber's

Transcript, iii. 249. The Conspiracie, And Tragoedy of Charles Dyke of Byron, Marshall of France .. London : Printed by N. 0. for Thomas Thorp. 1625. 4°, A-R 2 in fours, first leaf blank.

The dedication to his Honorable and Constant friend Sir Thomas Walsingham is

retained. The Warres of Pompey and Cæsar. Out of whose euents is euicted this Proposition. Only a iust man is a freeman. By G. C. London: Printed by Thomas Harper, and are to be sold by Godfrey Emondson and Thomas Alchorne. M.DC.XXXI. 4°, A-K 2 in fours, first leaf blank. Bussy D'Ambois : . . . Being much corrected and amended by the Author before his death. London : Printed by T. W. for Robert Lunne and are to be sold at his house next doore to the signe of the Crane on Lambeth Hill at the end of Old Fishstreet. 1646. 4°, A-K in fours. CHAPMAN, RICHARD. A booke called Halleluiah or King Dauids shrill trumpett sounding a loud summons

to the whole world. Licensed to Robert Allot, 22 Oct. 1634. CHAPPEL, SAMUEL. A Diamond Or Rich Jewel, Presented to the Commonwealth of England, for inriching of the Nation ; being necessary for the use of all Marchants and Tradesmen, and advantagious to the poor : By Capt. Samuel Chappel. . . . London, Printed for John Clowes,

. . . 1650. 40, A-D in fours, A 1 with a frontispiece. B. M. CHARACTER. The Character of a Quack-Doctor, Or The Abusive Practices of Impudent Illiterate Pretenders to Physick Exposed. London, Printed for Thomas Jones, in the Year 1676. Folio, 4 leaves. The Character of a Popish Successour, and what England may expect from such a One. Humbly offered to the Consideration of Both Houses of Parliament, appointed to meet at Oxford, on the One and Twentieth of March, 168, London, Printed for T. Davies. MDCLXXXI. Folio, A-K, 2 leaves each, first leaf blank. An Answer to a late Pamphlet, Intituled, A Character of a Popish Successor. London, Printed by Nathaniel Thompson, : . Anno Domini, 1681. Folio, A-D, 2 leaves each, and the title. The Character of a Trimmer, Neither Whigg nor Tory. London, Printed in the Year 1682. A folio leaf. The Character of An Honest Man ; Whether Styled Whig or Tory, and his Opposite, the Knave. Together with some short Reflections on some Passages in a late Pamphlet, called the Character of a Popish Successor, and Considerations thereupon. By a Lover of Truth and Peace. London, Printed for Randal Taylor. 1683. Folio, 10 leaves. The Character of the Beaux, In Five Parts. To which is Added : The Character of a Jacobite. Written by a Young Gentleman. London : Printed in the year, 1696. 8', A-C in fours, A blank : D in sixes : F in fours, F 4 blank. CHARACTERS, An Abstract of some late Characters. Or, How the principall means appointed for our Reformation is become the maine fuell of our Wickedness. Laid downe in Sundry Characters of L. Bishops. Dumb Dogs. Non-Residenciaries. Men-Pleasers. Unpreaching Ministers, that Edify to

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Damnation, By their Scandalous Living, A, 6 leaves, including frontispiece of False wresting Mis-applying The Scrip- Royal Arms and engraved title: a-g in ture. London, Printed for James sixes: g, 4 leaves : h-i in fours : k-q Crunipe, . . 1643. 4°, A-F in fours. in twos, q 2 repeated with half-title to B. M.

Eikon Basilike : Folded plate: B-Rr 4 Seventy Eight Characters Of So many

in sixes: [a new title] A Collection of ertuous and Vitious Persons. Written

Declarations, dc. (A) 4 leaves : (B)— By one well acquainted with most of

(3 R 4) in sixes, the last leaf with the them. London, Printed for Publick use. colophon. 1677. 89, A-Í in fours. Malone Coll.

Preceding the Declarations occurs a se

cond large plate with an allegory of the Characters of Several Ingenious Design- bramble and the trees. There are copies ing Gentlemen, who have lately put in to

on large paper. the Ladies Invention. Which is intended

Reliquiæ Sacræ Carolinæ. 'The Workes to be drawn as soon as Full. A folio leaf. of that Great Monarch and Glorious Characters of Gentlemen that have put in Martyr King Charles the Ist, both Civil to the Ladies Invention. [A different

and Sacred. With a short view of the edition.] A folio leaf.

Life and Reign of that most blessed Characters of Several Ingenious designing

Prince from his Birth to his Buriall. . Gentlewomen [as before.] A folio

Hague, Printed by Sam: Browne. [1649.] leaf.

8°, A-Aa 4 in eights, and (bb), 2 leaves

with a Hymn. CHARING CROSS. The Last Will and Testament of Charing (ii.) Reliquiæ Sacræ Carolinæ: The PourCrosse, Very usefull for the Wits of the traicture of His Sacred Majestie in His Time. Printed in the year 1646. 4°, A

Solitudes and Sufferings Hague, in fours, and a fifth printed leaf with

Printed by Samuel Browne. [1648–9.] "Verses upon the defacing of Cheape

8o. Frontispiece and Explanation in side Crosse, with the Pictures of Christ

verse), 2 leaves : separate title to the and Saint Peter."

Eikon Basilike, 1 leaf: A-Cc 4 in eights. CHARLES THE GREAT, or CHARLE- Reliquiæ Sacræ Carolinæ. Or The MAGNE.

Works of . : . King Charles the I. Col[The Life of Charles the Great. The lected together, and digested in order, colophon: Whyche werke was fynysshed according to their several Subjects, Civil in the reducyng of hit in to englysshe and Sacred. Hagve, Printed by the xviij day of Juyn the second yere of

Samuel Browne. 1650. 12o. 1,7 leaves, kyng Rychard the thyrd / And the yere exclusively of copperplate three-quarter of our lord m CCCC LXXXV | And en- portrait : A-Ee 3 in twelves. prynted the fyrst day of december the Eikon Basilike. . . .

.. MDCXLIX. 8. A, same yere of our lord & the fyrst yere

3 leaves, title on A 2: B-S 4 in eights, of kyng Harry the seuenth / Explicit besides a frontispiece and portrait of the p william Caxton. Folio, 96 leaves. B. M. King. King's books.) West, 1773, the Harleian copy, £13,

Eikon Basilike. London, Printed resold Ratcliff, 1776, 44, 4s., bought for

by R. Norton for R. Royston, George III. No other copy is known. MDCLXXXV. 8', A-S in eights. With

This work appears to be a compilation by a portrait of Charles II. on p. 220 and a an anonymous person in French, at the

frontispiece. instigation of Henri Bolomyer, Canon of

The last page is occupied by an Epitaph Lausanne, out of the Speculum Historiale of Vincent de Beauvais, the prose Ferumbras

on Charles by J. H. or Fierebras, and other sources; and Cax- Bibliotheca Regia, Or The Royal Library, ton reduced the French itself into English Containing a Collection of such of the

at the request of certain noble persons. Papers of his late Majesty King Charls, CHARLES THE FIRST, King of Great The second Monarch of Great Britain, Britain.

as have escaped the wracke and ruines Basilika : The Workes of King Charles of these times. Not extant in the Relithe Martyr: With a Collection of Decla- quiæ Carolinæ, or the Exact Collections rations, Treaties, and other Papers con- of Edward Husbands. In Two Books, cerning the Differences betwixt His said The first relating to the concernments of Majesty and His Two Houses of Parlia- the Church. The second unto those of ment. London, Printed by James Flesher the Civil State. London, Printed for for R. Royston, MDCLXII. Folio. Henry Seile . . . 1659. 8°. *, 8 leaves:




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8 leaves : A-Bbb 4 in eights, last a second headline :] The Duke of Bvckleaf blank, and Bbb 3 with the Errata. ingham his Speach to his Maiestie on With a frontispiece.

Friday being the 4th of Aprill, 1628. A ballad of great Brytaynes greatest [London, 1628.] 40, 4 leaves. Without comfort or Brytaynes hope for the roiall

any regular title. Grenv. Col. prynce Charles prynce of great Brytayue

The Articles of Peace agreed vpon, beand Ireland Duke of York and Albany.

twixt the two Crownes of Great Brittaine Licensed to the widow White, 12 Janu

and of France. And the publication of ary, 1612-13.

the Peace, made at Roven, on Sunday,

the 20. of May, last past, by the comThe portrature of prince Charles in his

mandement of the French King, and the parlement Robes with his George, by F.

Queene his Mother. Translated out of Delaram. Licensed to Henry Holland,

the French copy.

. . Together with two 6 December, 1616.

other Relations. The one concerning the Il Glorioso Trionfo, Et Ordine delle siege and taking of the towne of Briuas Ceremonie. In Roma, ... 1625. by the French King . . . London, Print4°, 4 leaves. B. M.

ed for Nicholas Bovrne,

1629. 4°, A translation from the French version. A-B in fours, Instrvctions which His Maiesties Com- Orders and Directions, Together with a missioners for the loane of money to His Commission for the better Administra. Maiestie throughout the Kingdome, are tion of Iustice, and more perfect Inforexactly and effectually to obserue and mation of His Majestie ; . : . Imprinted follow. London, Printed by Bonham at London by Robert Barker, . . . 1630. Norton and John Bill, ... 1626. 4°, 40, A-K 2 in fours. A-B in fours.

By the King. A Proclamation for the A Currant with a latter Jornall of the prizes of Poultry, Rabbits, Butter, Candles, proceedinges of our Fleete in the Ile of Charcoale, and all manner of Fuell of Saint Mertines with the last Avisoes Wood. Imprinted at London by Robert from vpper and lower Germany. Licen


M.DC.XXXIII. A sheet. sed to N. Butter and N. Bourne, 7 Aug.

Forster Coll. 1627.

A Decree lately made in the High Court A Currant of Newes Contayninge these of Starre-Chamber, after consultation had particulers : the taking of the Citadell among the Iudges, and Certificate of their or Castle of Saint Martines, &c. Licen. opinions in diuers things, &c. And also sed to N. Butter and N. Bourne, 16 Aug. a confirmation of that Decree by His 1627.

Sacred Maiestie ; together with His MaA most exact Relacion of all the

iesties Command that the same be Printed,

passages that hath fallen out in the Ile of Ree Published, and put in due execution. since the sixt of August vntill the 24. of

Imprinted at London by Robert Barker the same. Licensed to N. Butter and

... and by the Assignes of Iohn Bill. N. Bourne, 25 Aug. 1627.

M.DC.XXXIII. 4°, A-D fours, first I have inserted the three preceding en

leaf only with the Arms.

This decree refers to the price of bread, tries, from a doubt whether they refer to a different publication from Walkley's';

the charges at Ordinaries, tavern-keepers, which is the more likely, as the latter was

petty Ostryes (Hostelries), &c. separately registered to him on the 25th A Proclamation for the suppressing of August, 1627.

profane Swearing and Cursing [26 July, His Maiesties Declaration to all his louing 1635.) Imprinted at London by Robert Subiects, Of the causes which moned Barker, 1635. A broadside. Black him to dissolue the last Parliament. Pub- letter. Forster Coll. lished by his Maiesties speciall command. A Proclamation declaring his Maiesties Imprinted at London by Bonham Norton Royall Grace and Pleasure, to confirme and Iohn Bill ... 1628. 4, A-F in to his subiects their defectiue Estates in fours, first leaf of A blank, and two leaves their Lands and Possessions, by his Comafter F 4, the second blank,

mission lately renewed and enlarged to Aprill 4, [1628.] The proceeding of the that purpose. [24 August, 1635.] ImParliament, being this day related to the printed at London by Robert Barker, King, by the Councellors of the Commons ... 1635. Forster Coll. House of Parliament. . [In reference The King and Qveenes Entertainement to a voluntary grant of money. On A 2 is at Richmond, After their Departure from





Oxford : In a Masque, presented by the Trent, to be in readinesse with Horse and most Illustrious Prince, Prince Charles Arms, to serve His Majestie for defence Sept. 12. 1636.

of the Kingdome. (York, 31 August, Naturam imitari licèt facile nonnullis 1640.] Imprinted at London by Robert videatur non est.

Barker, . . . 1640. Forster Coů. Oxford Printed by Leonard Lichfield, His Majesties Declaration, Concerning M.DC.XXXVI. 4°, A-D in fours.

His Proceedings with His Subjects of This masque is written in the dialect of Scotland. Since the Pacification in the Wiltshire.

Camp neere Berwick. London Printed A Proclamation concerning certaine Kilnes by R. Young, His Majesties Printer for for the sweet and speedy drying of Mault Scotland, for R. Badger, M.DC.XL. and Hops at a small charge. [8 Feb. 4°, B-I in fours, and the title. 1636-7.] Imprinted at London by Ro

His Majesties Declaration : To all His bert Barker, ... 1637. Forster Coll.

Loving Subjects, Of the causes which A Proclamation declaring that the pro- moved him to dissolve the Last Parliaceedings of His Maiesties Ecclesiasticall ment. Published by His Majesties speCourts and Ministers, are according to the ciall command. London: Printed by Lawes of the Realme. (18 August, 1637.]

Robert Barker, :

MDCXL. 4°, A-H Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, 2 in fours, A i blank. ... 1637. Forster Coli.

Certaine Grievances well worthy the A Proclamation commanding the repair Serious Consideration of the Right Honof all Noblemen, Knights, Gentlemen, ourable, and High Court of Parliament. and others, unto their Houses and Lands Printed Anno Dom. 1640. 4, A-C 2 in the Northern parts, by the first day of

in fours. March next, and there to abide for the

His Maiesties Declaration, To all His service and safegard of their Countrey. loving Sybiects : Published with the ad[29 Jan. 1637-8.) Imprinted at London vice of His Privie Covncel. Printed, by Robert Barker, ... 1638. Forster 1641. 4°, A-B in fours. coll.

His Majesties Message to both Houses, [Proclamations of Charles I. relating to concerning the Militia. February 22. Church affairs in Scotland.). No regular London, Printed for Joseph Hunscott. title, 40, A-M, 2 leaves each, M 2 blank, [1642.] A sheet. and A 1 occupied by the imprint : Aber

An Abstract of Certaine Depositions, By dene, Printed by Edward Raban, According to the true Copie. Imprinted at


vertue of His Majesties Commission, Edinburgh, by Robert Young,

taken upon Oath, Concerning the Trai

terous intention of the Rebels in Ireland, Anno 1638.

in rejecting the Government of His Ma[A Proclamation renewing former De- jestie, in having a King of their own : clarations of the King respecting the and who the King should be. With an maintenance of Religion, &c.] Imprinted Extract of a Letter from Rome, 4 Jan. by Robert Young, His Majesties Printer 1641. Published by His Majesties Comfor Scotland, Auno Dom. M.DC.XXXIX. mand. London : Printed by Robert Cum Privilegio. Folio, 3 leaves, printed Barker . . . 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. lengthwise.

The Protestation Protested : Or, A short [A Proclamation concerning the with- Remonstrance, shewing what is princidrawal of Officers from their Regiments pally required of all those that have or and garrisons. 14 June, 1640.] Imprinted doe take the last Parliamentary Protesat London by Robert Barker, . . . 1640. tation. ... Printed in the yeare . MDCXLI. Forster Coll.

4°, A-C in fours. A Proclamation to summon all such as The Kings Maiesties Speech to the sixe hold of His Maiestie by Grand Sergeanty, Heads, concerning the Queenes going into Escuage, or Knights Service, to do their Holland. The Queens Maiesties Speech Services against the Scots, according to to a Committee of both houses at White. their Tenures. (20 August, 1640.) Im- hall, touching her going into Holland. printed at London by Robert Barker, London printed 1641. À sheet printed .. 1640. Forster Coll.

within a border. A Proclamation commanding all the His Majesties Speech, In the House of Trained Bands and others on this side Commons, 4o Januarii 1641. London :



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