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masculine nor feminine : (bot.) without est in place, time, etc.-adu. nearest or | NIGHT, nit, n. the time from sunset to stamens or pistils : (2001.) without yen immediately after. (A.S. neahst, nyhd, sunrise: darkness : intellectual and n. one taking no part in a contest : (bot.) superl. of heah, near; Ger. nächst. See moral darkness : a state of adversity: a plant having neither statens nor pís YEAR.)

death. [A.S. niht; Ger. nacht, Goth. tils : (wol.) a sexlers animal, esp. the NEXUS, nek'sus, n. a tie or connecting nahts; L. non, Gr. nur, Sans. nakta ; working bee. [L. ne, not, uter, either.) principle. (L., from necto, to bind.) all from a root nak, sig. to fail, disapNEUTRAL, pu'tral, auj. being neuter, in- | NIB, Dib, n. something small and pointed : pear, found in Sans, nac, to disappear,

different: unbiased ; neither very good a point, esp. of a pen.-adj. NIBBED', L. necare, to kill, Gr. nekus, a corpse.] nor very bad : (chem.) neither acid nor having a dib. (Same as NEB.]

NIGHTCAP, nīt'kap, n. a cap worn at alkaline.--. a person or nation that NIBBLE, Dib'i, v.t. to bite by small nips : night in bed-so NIGHT DRESS, NIGHT

night takes no part in a contest.-adv. Neu' to eat by little at a time.-0.i. to bíte : GOWX, NIGHT'SHIRT. TEALLY.-n. NEUTRAL'ITY. [L. neutralis to find fault.-n. NIBB'LER, (Freq. of NIGHTFALL, nit'fawl, n. the fall or beneuter, neither.] NIP; but some connect it with NIB.

ginning of the night. NEUTRALIZE, pa'tral-12, v.t. to render NICE, nis, adj. foolishly particular: hard | NIGHTINGALE, nit'in-gal, n. a small bird

neutral or indifferent: to render of no o please : lastidious: requiring refine-l celebrated for its singing at night. (A.S. effect.-ne. NEUTRALIZER, NEUTRALIZA' ment of apprehension or delicacy of nihtegale- niht, night, and galan, to TION.

treatment : exact: delicate : dainty : sing ; Ger. nachtigall.] NEVER, dev'er, adv., not ever: at no time: agreeable : delightful. - adv. NICELY. NIGĀTJAR, nīt'jār, NIGHTCHURR, nit'.

in no degree: not. (A.8. nofrene, not, [. Fr. nice, foolish, simple; from L. chur, n. the goatsucker, so called from and cofre, ever.)

nescius, ignorant-ne, not, and scio, to its coming out at night and its jarring NEVERTHELESS, nev-er-the-les', adv., | know.]

noise. never or not the lear: notwithstanding : NICENE, ni'sēn, adj. pertaining to the NIGHTLESS, nit'les, adj. baving no night. in spite of that. (Lit. " never less on town of Nice or Nicæa, in Asia Minor, NIGHTLY, nīt'li, adj. done by night: done that account ;* thethi, the old instru esp. in reference to an ecumenical coun every night.-adv. by night: every night. mental case of that.)

cil held there in 325, at which was drawn | NIGHTMARE, nīt'mār, n. a dreadful dream NEW, na, adj. lately made: having hap- | up a confession of faith, out of which accompanied with pressure on the breast,

pened lately : recent : not before seen or the present Nicene Creed has grown. and a feeling of powerlessness of motion known : strange : recently cominenced : NICENESS, nis'nes, n. exactness, scrupu. or speech. (A.S. niht, night, and mara, not of an ancient family : modern : as at lousness : pleasantness.

a nightmare; O. H. Ger. mara, incubus, first: unaccustomed : fresh from any- NICETY, nis'e-ti, n. quality of being nice: Ice. mara, nightmare.] thing: uncultivated or recently culti delicate management : exactness of treat- NIGHTPIECE, nīt'pēs, n. a piece of paintvated. adv. NEWLY. --m. NEW'NESS. ment: delicacy of perception : fastidious ing representing a nightscene: a painting (A.S. niwe, neowe; cog. with Ger, neu, ness : that which is delicate to the taste: to be seen best by candle-light. Ir. nuadh, L. novus, Gr. neos, Sans. nava. a delicacy.

NIGHTSHADE, nīt'shād, n. a name of Hame as Now.)

NICHE, nich, n. a recess in a wall for a several plants having narcotic properNEWEL, nu'el, n. (arch.) the upright post statue, etc. (Lit. a " shell-like” recess, ties, often found in damp shady woods.

about which the steps of a circular stair Fr. ; from It. nicchia, a niche, nicchio, a NIGHT and SHADE.) case wind. [O. Fr. nual (Fr. noyau), shell-L. mytilus, mitulus, a sea-muscle. NIGHT-WALKER, nīt'-wawk'er, n. one stone of fruit-L. nucalis, like a nut CI. NAPERY, from L. mappa.]

who walks in his sleep at night : one who nur, nucis, a nut. See NUCLEUS.] NICHED, nicht, adj. placed in a niche. walks about at night for bad purposes. NEWFANGLED, nû-lang'gld, adj. fond of | NICK, nik, n. a notch cut into something: NIGHTWARD, nīt'ward, adj., toward

new things: newly devised.-n. NEW a score for keeping an account: the night. FANG'LEDNESS. [Corr. from Mid. E. newe precise moment of time.-v.t. to cut in NIGHTWATCH, nit'woch, n. a watch or fangel-new, and the root of FANG, thus notches: to hit the precise time. guard at night: time of watch in the meaning "ready to seize."]

[Another spelling of Nock, old form of night. NEW-FASHIONED, nu - fash'und, adj. | NOTCH.]

NIGRESCENT, ni-gres'ent, adj., growing newly fashioned : lately come into NICK, nik, n. the devil. [A.S. nicor, a black or dark : approaching to blackness. fashion,

water-spirit; Ice. nykr, Ger. nix, nixe.] (L. nigrescens, pr.p. of nigresco, to grow NEWISHI, na'ish, adj. somewhat new : | NICKEL, nikel, n. a grayish-white metal, black-niger, black.) nearly new.

very malleable and ductile. [Sw, and NIHILISM, ni'hi-lizm, n. belief in nothing, NEWS, naz, n.sing. something new : re- | Ger.; from Sw. kopparnickel, Ger. kupfer extreme scepticism: in Russia the system

cent account: fresh information of some nickel, copper of Nick or Nicholas, because of certain socialists, most of whom seek thing that has just happened: intelli it was thought to be a base ore of copper.] to overturn all the existing institutions gence.

NICKNACK, nik’nak, n. a trifle. [Same as of society in order to build it up anew on NEWSBOY, nůz'boy, NEWSMAN, nüz' KNICK-KNACK.)

different principles. Name given by man, n. a boy or man who delivers or | NICKNAME, nik'nām, n. a name given in their opponents, from L. nihil, nothing.] sells neu epapers.

contempt or sportive familiarity.--v.t. to NIHILISTS, ni'hi-lists, n. those who profess NEWSLETTER, nûz'let-er, n. an occasional give a nickname to. [M.E. neke-name, nihilism.

letter or printed sheet containing news, with intrusive initial n from eke-name, NIL, nil, n, nothing. (L. contr. of nihil.) the predecessor of the regular news surname; from ERE and NAME. Cf. Sw. NIMBLE, nim'bl, adj. light and quick in paper. öknamn, Dan. ögenavn.]

motion : active : swift.-adv. NIM'BLY.NEWSMONGER, nûz'mung-ger,n, one who NICOTIAN, ni-ko'shi-an, adj. pertaining to n. NIM'BLENESS. [A.S. numol, capable,

deals in news: one who spends much tobacco, from Nicot, who introduced it quick at catching, from niman (Ger. time in hearing and telling news. [NEWS into France in 1560.

nehmen), to take.] and MONCER.]

NICOTINE, nik'o-tin, n. a poisonous liquid) NIMBUS, nim'bus, n. the rain-cloud : NEWSPAPER, 'n az' pā-per, n. a paper pub forming the active principle of the to- (paint.) the circle of rays round the lished periodically for circulating news, bacco plant.

heads of saints, etc. [L.] NIDIFICATION, nid-i-fi-kā'shun, n. the act | NINCOMPOOP, nin'kom-poop, n. a simpleNEWSROOM, naz'rõõm, n, a room for the of building a nest, and the hatching and ton. [Corruption of L. . non compos

reading of newspapers, magazines, etc. rearing of the young. [L. nidus, a nest, (mentis), not of sound mind.] NEW-STYLE, na-stil, n. the Gregorian as and facio, to make.

NINE, nin, adj. and n. eight and one. [A.S. opposed to the Julian method of reckon- | NIECE, nës, n. (fem. of NEPHEW) the daugh nigon ; Dut. negen, Goth. niun, L. novem, ing the calendar

ter of a brother or sister. [Fr. nièce-L. Gr. ennea, Sans, navan.] NEWSVENDER, NEWSVENDOR, nûz neptis, a granddaughter, niece, fem. of NINEFOLD, nīn'föld, adj., nine times vend'or, 1. a vender or seller of news nepos, nepotis, a nephew.]

folded or repeated. papers.

NIGGARD, nig'ard, n. a parsimonious per NÍNEHOLES, nin'hõlz, n. a game in which NEWT, nat, n. a genus of amphibious ani son : a miser. [Ice. hnöggr, stingy; Ger. a ball is to be bowled into nine holes in mals like small lizards. [Formed with genau, close, strict.]

the ground. initial n, borrowed from the article an, NIGGARD, nig'ard, "NIGGARDLY, nig'- NINEPINS, nin'pinz, n. skittles, so called from ourt-A.S. efeta.)

ard-li, adj. having the qualities of a from nine pins being used. NEWTONIAN, na-to'ni-an, adj. relating to, niggard : miserly. -adv. NIGG'ARDLY.- NINETEEN, nin'tēn, adj. and n., nine and formed, or discovered by Sir Isaac News n. NIGG'ARDLINESS.

ten. (A.S. nigontyne-nigon, nine, tyn, ton, the celebrated philosopher, 1642-1727. NIGH, ni, adj., near : not distant: not re- || ten. NEW-YEAR'S-DAY, na'-yörz-da, n. the mote in time, etc.: close.-adv. near : al- | NINETEENTH, nin'tēnth, adj. the ninth

first day of the new year. [NEW, YEAR, most.-prep. near to : not distant from. after the tenth : being one of nineteen and DAY.

[A.S. neah, neh ; Ice. na, Ger. nahe, equal parts.-n. a nineteenth part. [A.S. NEXT, nekst, adj. (superl. of Nioh), near-| Goth. nehv. See NEAR.]

nigonteotha-nigon, nine, teotha, tenth.) NINETIETH



NINETIETH, nin'ti-eth, adj. the last of being noble : dignity: greatness : in- ' name.-adv. NOM'INALLY. (L. nominalis ninety: next after the eighty-ninth.-n. genuousness : worth.

-nomen, inis, a name.] a ninetieth part. NOBODY, nö'bod-i, n. no body or person :

| NOMINALISM, nom'in-al-izm, n. the docNINETY, nin'ti, adj. and n., nine tens or

no one: a person of no account.

trine that general terms have no cornine times ten. [A.S. nigon, nine, and NOCTURN, nok'turn, n. a religious ser

responding reality either in or out of the tig, ten.] vice at night. [Fr. nocturne-L. noc

mind, being mere words. [From L. NINNY, nin'i, n. a simpleton: a fool. [It.

turnus-nox, noctis, night.]

nomen, a name.] ninno, child ; Sp. nino, infant; imitated

NOMINALIST, nom'in-al-ist, n. one of a from the lullaby, ninna-nanna, for sing| NOCTURNAL, nok-tur'nal, adj. pertaining

sect of philosophers who held the docing a child to sleep.] to night: happening by night: nightly.

trine of nominalism. NINTH, ninth, adj. the last of nine : next

-n. an instrument for observations in

NOMINATE, nom'in-āt, v.t. to name : to after the 8th.-n. one of nine equal the night.-adv. NOCTUR'NALLY.

appoint : to propose by name. (L. nomparts. [A.S. nigotha.) NOD, nod, v.i. to give a quick forward mo

ino, -atum, to name-nomen.] NINTHLY, ninth'li, adv. in the ninth tion of the head : to bend the head in NOMINATION, nom-in-a'shun, n. the act place. assent: to salute by a quick motion of

or power of nominating: state of being NIP, nip, v.t. to pinch : to cut off the edge : the head : to let the head drop in weari

nominated. to check the growth or vigor of: to de

ness.-v.t. to incline: to signify by a NOMINATIVE, nom'in-a-tiv, adj., naming: stroy :-pr.p. nipp'ing ; pa.t. and pa.p. nod :-pr.p. nodd'ing; pa.t. and på.p.

(gram.) applied to the case of the subject. nipped'. -n. a pinch : a seizing or closing nodd'ed.-n. a bending forward of the

-n. the naming case, the case of the in upon : a cutting off the end : a blast : head quickly: a slight bow: a command.

subject. destruction by frost. --adv. NIPP'INGLY.

[From a Teut. root found in prov. Ger. NOMINATOR, nom'in-āt-or, n. one who [From root of KNIFE ; found also in Dut.

notteln, to wag, Ice. hnjotha, to ham I nominates. knijpen, Ger. kneipen, to pinch.] mer ; cf. NUDGE.)

NOMINEE, nom-in-ē', n. one nominated by NIPPER, nip'er, n. he who or that which

| NODAL, nöd'al, adj. pertaining to nodes. another ; one on whose life depends an

[See NODE.) nips : one of the 4 fore-teeth of a horse :

annuity or lease: one to whom the holder -in pl. small pincers.

NODATED, nod-āt'ed, adj., knotted. (See of a copyhold estate surrenders his in

NODE.) NIPPLE, nipl, n. the pap by which milk

terest. is drawn from the breasts of females : a

NODDING, nod'ing, adj. inclining the NON, non, adv., not, a Latin word used as

head quickly : indicating by a nod. (See teat: a small projection with an orifice,

a prefix, as in NON - APPEAR'ANCE, NONNOD.) as the nipple of a gun. [A dim. of NEB


NODDLE, nod'l, n. properly, the projecting | NONAGE, non'āj, n. the state of being NIT, nit, n. the egg of a louse or other

part at the back of the head : the head.

of age : the time of life before a person small insect.-adj. NITT'Y, full of nits.

(A dim. from root of KNOT ; cf. O. Dut. becomes legally of age : minority.-adj.

knodde, a knob.] [A.S. hnitu ; Ice. nitr, Ger. niss. ]

NON'AGED. [L, non, not, and AGE.] NODDY, nod'i, n. one whose head nods NITRATE, ni'trāt, n. a salt of nitric acid.

| NONAGENARIAN, non-a-je-nā'ri-an, n.

from weakness: a stupid fellow: a sea-adj. NI'TRATED, combined with nitric

one ninety years old. [L. nonagenarius, fowl, so called from the stupidity with containing ninety-nonaginta, ninetyacid. [Fr.-L. nitratus. ]

which it allows itself to be taken. (See NITRE, ni'ter, n. the nitrate of potash, also

novem, nine.] NOD.) called salt petre.-CUBIC NITRE, nitrate of

NONCE, nons, n. (only in phrase " for the | NODE, nöd, n. a knot: a knob : (astr.) one soda, so called because it crystallizes in

nonce") the present time, occasion. (The of the two points at which the orbit of a cubes. (Fr.-L. nitrum-Gr. nitron, na

substantive has arisen by mistake from planet intersects the ecliptic : (bot.) the tron, potash, soda-Ar, nitrun, natrun.]

“ for the nones," orig. for then ones,

joint of a stem : the plot of a piece in meaning simply “for the once"; the n NITRIC, ni'trik, adj. pertaining to, con- | poetry. [L. nodus (for gnodus), allied to belongs to the dative of the article.] taining, or resembling nitre. KNOT.)

NON-COMMISSIONED, non-kom-ish'und, NITRIFY, ni'tri-fī, v.t. to convert into NODOSÉ, nöd'os, adj. full of knots: having adj., not having a commission, as an nitre.-v.i. to become nitre pr.p. ni' knots or swelling joints : knotty.

officer in the army or navy below the trifying ; pa.t. and pa.p. ni'trified.-n. | NODULE, nod'ūl, n. a little knot: a small rank of lieutenant. NITRIFICA TION. [L. nitrum, and facio, to lump.

NON-CONDUCTOR, non-kon-dukt'or, n. make.)

NOGGIN, nog'in, n. a small mug or wooden a substance which does not conduct or NITRITÉ, ni'trīt, n. a salt of nitrous acid.

cup. [Ir. noigin, Gael. noigean.]

transmit certain properties or conditions, NITROGEN, ni'tro-jen, n. a gas forming NOISE, noiz, n. sound of any kind : any as heat or electricity.

nearly four-fifths of common air, so called over-loud or excessive sound, din : fre NONCONFORMING, non-kon - form'ing, from its being an essential constituent of

quent or public talk.-v.t. to spread by adj., not conforming, esp. to an estabnitre.-adj. NITROGʻENOUS. (Gr. nitron,

rumor.-v.i. to sound loud. [Fr. noise, lished church, as in England. and gennao, to generate.]

quarrel, Provençal nausa ; prob. from L. NONCONFORMIST, non-kon-form'ist, n. NITRO-GLYCERINE, ni'tro-glis'er-in, n. nausea, disgust, annoyance; but pos one who does not conform : esp. one who

an explosive compound produced by the sibly from L. noxa, that which hurts refused to conform to the established action of nitric and sulphuric acids on noceo, to hurt.]

church of England at the restoration of glycerine.

NOISELESS, noizles, adj. without noise : Charles II. NITROUS, ni'trus, adj. resembling or con silent.-adv. NOISE'LESSLY.-n. NOISE'- | NONCONFORMITY, non-kon-form'i-ti, n. taining nitre. LESSNESS.

want of conformity: in England, refusal NITRY, ni'tri, adj. of or producing nitre. NOISOME, noi'sum, adj. injurious to to unite with the established church. NO, no, adj., not any : not one: none. health : disgusting.-adv. NOI'SOMELY. | NON-CONTENT, nop'-kon-tent or nonShort for NONE.) -n. NOI'SOMENESS.

kon-tent', n. one not content: in the NO, no, adv. the word of refusal or denial. NOISY, noiz'i, adj. making a loud noise British House of Lords, one giving a (A.S. na, compounded of ne, not, and d,

or sound : clamorous : turbulent. --- adv. negative vote. ever ; 0. Ger. ni ; Goth. ni, Sans. na.) NOIS'ILY.-n. NOIS'INESS.

NONDESCRIPT, non'de-skript, adj. novel : NOACHIAN, no-ā'ki-an, adj. pertaining to NOMAD, NOMADE, nom'ad or no'mad, n. odd.-n. anything not yet described or Noah the patriarch, or to his time.

one of a tribe that wanders about in classed: a person or thing not easily NOB, nob, n. a superior sort of person. [A quest of game, or of pasture. [Gr. described or classed. [L. non, not, and familiar contr. of NOBLEMAN.]

nomas, nomados-nomos, pasture-nemo, descriptus, described. See DESCRIBE.] NOBILITY, no-bil'i-ti, n. the quality of to deal out, to drive to pasture.]

NONE, nun, adj. and pron., not one : not being noble: rank : dignity : excellence: NOMADIC, no-mad'ik, adj. of or for the any: pot the smallest part. (A.S. nan greatness : antiquity of family : descent feeding of cattle : pastoral : pertaining -ne, not, and an, one.) from noble ancestors.

to the life of nomads: rule.-adv. NOMAD'. | NONENTITY, non-en'ti-ti, n. want of NOBLE, nö'bl, adj. illustrious : exalted in ICALLY.

entity or being: a thing not existing. rank : of high birth : magnificent: gen NOMENCLATOR, no'men-klā-tor, n. one NONEŠ, nõnz, n.sing. in the Roman calenerous : excellent.-n. a person of exalted who gives names to things:-fem. No' dar, the ninth day before the ides-the rank: a peer : an old English gold coin, MENCLATRESS. (L.-nomen, a name, and 5th of Jan., Feb., April, June, Aug., value about $1.61.-adv. NO'BLY. [Fr. calo, Gr. kalo, to call.]

Sept., Nov., Dec., and the 7th of the L. nobilis, obs. gnobilis-nosco (grosco), | NOMENCLATURE, no'men-klā-tūr, n. a other months : in R. C. Church, a season to know.)

system of naming : a list of names : a of prayer observed at noon. [L. noncNOBLEMAN, nö'bl-man, n. a man who is calling by name : the peculiar terms of a nonus for novenus, ninth-novem, nine. noble or of rank: a peer : one above a science.

NONESUCH, nun'such, n. a thing like commoner.

NOMINAL, nom'in-al, adj. pertaining to a which there is none such : an extraordiNOBLENESS, nö'bl-nes, n. the quality of name : existing only in name : having a nary thing.





NONJURING, non-joor'ing, adj., not swear-| longing to the north-east: being in the paper : (mus.) a mark representing & ing allegiance. [L. non, not, and juro, to north-east, or in that direction.

sound, also the sound itself a paper ac. swear. ]

NORTH-EASTWARD, nortla-ēst' ward, adv. knowledging a debt and promising pay. NONJUROR, non-jõõr'or or non'jõõr-or, n.

towards the north-east.

ment, as a bank-note, a note of hand : one who would not swear allegiance to NORTHERLY, north'er-li, adj.being toward

notice, heed, observation : reputation : the government of England at the revothe north : from the north.-adv. toward

fame.-v.t. to make a note of : to notice: lution of 1688. or from the north.

to attend to : to record in writing : to NONPAREIL, non-pa-rel', n. a person or | NORTHERN, north'ern, adj. pertaining to

furnish with notes. (Fr.-L. nota, from thing without an equal : unequalled ex

gna, root of nosco, notum, to know.) the north : being in the north or in the cellence : a rich kind of apple: a small

NOTED, not'ed, adj., marked: well known: printing type. - adj. without an equal: direction towards it.-n. an inhabitant of

celebrated : eminent : notorious.-adv. the north. matchless. [Fr.-non, not, and pareil, equal-Low L. pariculus, dim, of par, NORTHERNMOST, north'ern-most,

NORTHMOST, north'most, adj. situate

| NOTELESS, not'les, adj. not attracting 10

at the point furthest north NONPLUS, non'plus, n. a state in which


NOTEWORTHY, nöt'wur-thi, adj. worthy NORTH-STAR, north'-stär, n. the north no more can be done or said : great diffipolar star.

of note or notice. culty.-v.t. to throw into complete per

NORTHWARD, north'ward, NORTH NOTHING, nuth'ing, n., no thing : nonplexity: to puzzle :- pr.p. non'plusing WARDLY, north'ward - li, adj. being

existence : absence or negation of being : or non'plussing; pa.t. and pa.p. non

toward the north. - adv. (also NORTH no part or degree: a low condition : no plused or non'plussed. [L. non, not, and

WARDS) toward the north. plus, more.]

value or use : not anything of imporNONSENSE, non'sens, n. that which has NORTH-WEST, north-west', n. the point

tance, a trifle : utter insignificance, no between the north and west, equidistant no sense : language without meaning :

difficulty or trouble: no magnitude : a

cipher. -adv. in no degree: not at all. absurdity: trifles.

from each.-adj. pertaining to or from [L. non, not, and


the north-west. VONSENSICAL, non-sens'ik-al, adj., with. | NORTH-WESTERLY, north-west'er-li, adj. | NOTICE, nöt'is, n. act of noting: attenout sense : absurd.-adv. NONSENS’ICALLY. toward or from the north-west.

tion: observation: information: warning: -n. NONSENS'ICALNESS. NORTH-WESTERN, north-west'ern, adj.

a writing containing information: public NONSUIT, non'sūt, n. a withdrawal of a pertaining to or being in the north-west

intimation : civility or respectful treatsuit at law, either voluntarily or by the or in that direction.

ment: remark.-v.t. to mark or see : to judgment of the court.-v.t. to record | NORWEGIAN, nor-wē'ji-an, adj. pertain.

regard or attend to: to mention, or make that a plaintiff drops his suit. [L. non, ing to Norway.-n. a native of Norway.

observations upon: to treat with civility. pot, and SUIT.] NOSE, nõz, n. the organ of smell : the

(Fr.-L. notitia-nosco, notum, to know.] NOODLE, noodl, n. a simpleton, a block power of smelling : sagacity. - v.t. to

NOTICEABLE, not'is-a-bl, adj. able to be head. (See NODDY.) smell : to oppose rudely to the face : to

noticed : worthy of observation. — adv. NOOK, nõok, n. a corner: a narrow place sound through the nose. [A.S. nosu ;

NOT'ICEABLY. formed by an angle : a recess : a secluded Ice. nös, Ger. nase, L. nasus, Sans, nâså.] |

Saine meni | NOTIFICATION, not-i-fi-kā'shun, n. the retreat. [Scot. neuk; from Gael., Ir. NOSEBAG, noz'bag, n. a bag for a horse's act of notifying : the notice given : the niuc.) nose, containing oats, etc. [NOSE and |

paper containing the notice. (See NotiNOON, noon, n. (orig.) the ninth hour of Bag.1

FY. the day, or three o'clock p.m.: after- | NOSEGAY, nozgā, n. a bunch of fragrant | NOTIFY, not'i-fī, v.t. to make known : to wards (the church service for the ninth flowers : a posy or bouquet. [From NOSE declare: to give notice or information of: hour being shifted to mid-day) mid-day : and Gay, adj.]

-pa.t. and pa.p. nöt'ified. [Fr. - L. twelve o'clock: middle: height. - adj. NOSELESŚ, nozales, adj. without a nose. notifico, -atum-notus, known, and facio, belonging to mid-day: meridional. [A.Š. NOSOLOGY. nos-ol'o-ji, n. the science of 1 to make. non-tid (noontide)- L. nona (hora), the diseases: the branch of medicine which | NOTION, nõ'shun, n. a conception : opin

ninth (hour). See its doublet NONES.) treats of the classification and nomen ion : belief: judgment. (Fr.-L. notio NOONDAY, 'noon'dā, n. mid-day. – adj. clature of diseases.-adj. NOSOLOGʻICAL. -nosco, notum, to know.] pertaining to mid-day : meridional.

-n. NOSOL'OGIST. (Gr. nosos, a disease. | NOTIONAL, nõ'shun-al, adj. of the nature NOONTIDE, noon'tid, n. the tide or time and logos, a discourse, an account.]

of a notion : ideal : fanciful. of noon : mid-day.-adj. pertaining to | NOSTRIL, nos'tril, n. one of the holes of NOTORIETY, no-to-ri'e-ti or no-, n. state noon : meridional.

the nose. M. E. nosethirl-A.S. nosthyrl of being notorious : publicity : public NOOSE, nõoz or nõos, n. a running knot -nos, for nosu, the nose, and thyrel, an

exposure. which ties the firmer the closer it is opening: Cf. DRILL, to pierce, and

NOTORIOUS, no-to'ri-us, adj. publicly drawn.-v.t. to tie or catch in a noose. THRILL.)

known (now used in a bad sense): in (Prob. from 0. Fr. nous, plur. of nou NOSTRUM, nos'trum, n. a medicine the famous.-adv. NOTOʻRIOUSLY.-n. NOTO'(Fr. noud)-L. nodus, knot.) composition of which is kept secret: a

RIOUSNESS. (Low L. notorius - noto, NOR, nor, conj. a particle marking the | quack or patent medicine. [L. (lit.)

notatum, to mark-nosco.] second or subsequent part of a negative “our own," from nos, we.]

NOTWITHSTANDING,not-with-stand'ing, proposition :correlative to NEITHER or NOT, not, adv. a word expressing denial, conj. and prep. (this) not standing against Not. [Contr. from nother, a form of negation, or refusal. [Same as NAUGHT, or opposing : nevertheless : however. NEITHER.] from A.S. ne, and wiht, a whit.)

[Not and WITHSTANDING, pr.p. of WITHNORMAL, nor'mal, adj. according to rule : NOTABILITY, not-a-bil'i-ti, n. the being STAND.]

regular : analogical : perpendicular.-n. notable : a notable person or thing. NOUGHT, nawt, n., not anything: nothing. a perpendicular.-adv. NOR'MALLY. [L. NOTABLE, not'a-bl, adj. worthy of being -adv. in no degree.-SET AT NOUGAT, to normalis-norma, a rule.]

known or noted : remarkable : memor despise. Same as NAUGHT.] NORMAN, nor'man, n. a native or inhabi able : distinguished: notorious.-n. a NOUN, nown, n. (gram.) the name of any.

tant of Normandy.-adj. pertaining to person or thing worthy of note.-adv. thing. [O. Fr. non (Fr. nom)-L. nomen. the Normans or to Normandy. [The in NOTABLY.-n. NOTABLENESS.

See NAME.] vading Northmen from Scandinavia gave NOTARY, nöt'ar-i, n. in ancient Rome, oue NOURISH, nur'ish, v.t. to suckle: to feed their name to Normandy.]

who took notes, a shorthand writer : an or bring up: to support: to encourage : NORSE, nors, adj. pertaining to ancient officer authorized to certify deeds or to cherish : to educate.-n. NOUR'ISHER.

Scandinavia.-n. the language of ancient | other writings.-adj. NOTA'RIAL.-adv. -adj. NOUR'ISHABLE, able to be nourished. Scandinavia. [Norw. Norsk (Northisk), | NOTA'RIALLY. [L, notarius.)

[Fr. nourrir-L. nutrio.] from NORTH.]

NOTATION, no-ta'shun, n. a noting or NOURISHMENT, nur'ish-ment, n. the act NORTH, north, n. the point opposite the marking: the act or practice of record of nourishing or the state of being

sun at noon: one of the four cardinal ing by marks or symbols: a system of nourished : that which nourishes : food: points of the horizon. [A.S. north; signs or symbols. [L. notatio-noto, nutriment. found in most Teut. tongues, as in Ice. notatum, to mark.]

NOVEL, nov'el, adj., new : unusual : northr, Ger, nord.)

NOTCH, noch, n. a nick cut in anything: strange.-n. that which is new : a fictiNORTH-EAST, north-ēst', n. the point be an indentation.-v.t. to cut a hollow into. tious tale : a romance. [O. Fr. novel tween the north and east, equidistant From a Teut. root, found also in 0. Dut. (Fr, nouveau)-L. novellus- novus.] from each. - adj. belonging to or from nock. See NICK, a notch.)

NOVELETTE, nov-el-et', n. a small novel. the north-east.

NOTE, nöt, n. that by which a person or NOVELIST, nov'el-ist, n. a novel-writer, NORTH-EASTERLY, north-ēst'er-li, adj. thing is known : a mark or sign : a brief [Orig, an introducer of new things.]

toward or coming from the north-east." explanation : a short remark: a memo- NOVELTY, nov'el-ti, n., newness : any. NORTH-EASTERN, north-ēs'tern, adj. be randum: a short letter: a diplomatic thing new or strange.

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