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juice, the thing sucked up — sugo, to | SUFFRAGAN, suf'ra-gan, adj. assisting.- SULPHURET sul'fū-ret, n. a combination suck.]

n. an assistant bishop. (Lit. “ voting of sulphur with an alkali, earth, or SUCCUMB, suk-kumb', v.i. to lie down un for."

metal. der: to sink under : to yield. [L. sub, SUFFRAGE, suf'rāj, n. a vote: united voice, SULPHURETTED, sulfū-ret-ed, adj. havunder, cumbo, to lie down.]

as of a nation, or a congregation in prayer: ing sulphur in combination, SUCH, such, adj. of the like kind : of that the right to vote. [L. suffragium-suf SULPHÚRIC, sul-fū'rik, adj. pertaining to quality or character mentioned ; denot- / fragor, to vote for.]

or obtained from sulphur: denoting a ing a particular person or thing, as in SÚFFUSE, suf-fūz', v.t. to pour underneath: certain well-known strong acid, formerly such and such : (B.) SUCH LIKE = SUCH. to overspread or cover, as with a fluid. called oil of vitriol. [Lit. “so like," A.S. suelc, swilc, from [L. sub, underneath, and fundo, fusum, SULPHUROUS, sul'fūr-us, adj. pertaining swa, so, and lic, like, cog. with Goth. to pour.]

to, resembling, or containing sulphur : svaleiks. See So and LIKE.]

SUFFUSION, suf-fū'zhun, n. act or opera denoting the pungent acid given out SUCK, suk, v.t. to draw in with the mouth: tion of suffusing: state of being suffused: when sulphur is burned in air. to draw milk from with the mouth : to that which is suffused.

SULTAN, sul'tan, n. the supreme head of imbibe: to drain.-v.i. to draw with the SUGAR, shoog'ar, n. a sweet substance the Ottoman empire.-1. SUL'TANSHIP. mouth: to draw the breast: to draw in. obtained chiefly from a kind of cane. [Ar. sultan, power, prince-salita, to be

-n. act of sucking: milk drawn from the v.t. to sprinkle, or mix with sugar : to strong; allied to Heb. shalat, to rule.] breast.-n. SUCK'ER. [A.S. sucan, sugan; compliment. (Fr. sucre-Low L. zucara SULTANA, sul-tā'na or sul-tä'na, n. the Ger. saugen ; allied to L. sugo, suctum, -Arab. sokkar – Pers. schakar, Sans. wife or queen of a sultan : a small kind

Sans. chush, to' suck ; from the sound.] carkara, sugar, orig. grains of sand, of raisin. SUCKLE, suk'l, v.t. to give suck to: to applied to sugar because occurring in SULTRY, sultri, adj., sweltering: very nurse at the breast. [Dim. of SUCK.] grains.]

hot and oppressive : close.-n. SUL'TRISUCKLING, suk'ling, n. a young child or SÚGAR-CANE, shoog'ar-kān, n. the cane | NESS. (Another form is sweltry, from

animal being suckled or nursed at the or plant from which sugar is chiefly ob- root of SWELTER.] breast.


SUM, sum, n. the amount of two or more SUCTION, suk'shun, n. act or power of SUGARY, shoog'ar-i, adj. sweetened with, things taken together: the whole of any.

sucking: act of drawing, as fluids, by tasting of or like sugar : fond of sweets. thing: a quantity of money : a problem exhausting the air.

SUGGEST, sug-jest', v.t. to introduce in in arithmetic: chief points: substance or SUDATORY, sū'da-tor-i, adj., sweating. directly to the thoughts: to hint. [L. result of reasoning : summary : height:

12. a sweating-bath. [L. sudatorius sub, under, from under, and gero, gestum, completion. - v.t. to collect into one sudo, sudatum, akin to Sans. svid, to to carry.]

amount or whole: to count: to bring into sweat, and to SWEAT.)

SUGGESTION, sug-jest'yun, n. act of sug a few words:-pr.p. summ'ing; pa.t. and SUDDEN, sud'en, adj. unexpected : hasty : gesting : hint : proposal.

pa.p. summed. [L. summa-summus, abrupt.-adv. SUDD'ENLY.-n. SUDD'EN SUGGESTIVE, sug-jest'iv, adj. containing supremus, highest, superl. of superus, on NESS. [A.S. soden-Fr, soudain-L. subi a suggestion or hint.-adv. SUGGEST'IVE high-super, above.] taneus, sudden-subitus, coming stealth LY.

SUMMARIZE, sum'ar-iz, v.t. to present in ily-sub, up, and co, itum, akin to Sans. i, SUICIDAL, sū-i-si'dal, adj. pertaining to a summary or briefly. to go.

or partaking of the crime of suicide. SUMMARY, sum'ar-i, adj., summed up or SUDORÍFIC, sū-dor-if'ik, adj., causing adv. SUICI'DALLY.

condensed : short : brief: compendious: sweat.-n. a medicine producing sweat. SUICIDE, sū'i-sīd, n, one who falls or dies done by a short method.-n. an ab

[L. sudor, sweat, and facio, to make.] by his own hand : self-murder. [Coined stract, abridgment, or compendium.SUDS, sudz,, seething or boiling water from L. sui, of himself, and codo, to kill.] adv. SUMM'ARILY. mixed with soap. [From pa.p. of seothan, SUIT, sūt, n. act of suing: an action at SUMMATION, sum-a'shun, n. act of sumto seethe; cog. with Ger. sod-sieden. law: a petition: a series : a set: a num ming or forming a total amount : an agSee SEETHE)

ber of things of the same kind or made to gregate. SUE, sū, v.t. to prosecute at law.-v.i. to be used together, as clothes or armor : SUMMER, sum'er, n. the second and warmmake legal claim: to make application : courtship.-v.t. to fit: to become: to est season of the year-June July,August. to entreat: to demand. [M.E. suen-O. please. -v.i. to agree: to correspond. -v.i. (B.) to pass the summer. (A.S. Fr. suir (Fr. suivre)-L. sequor, secutus, SUITABLE, sūt'a-bl, adj. that suits : fit sumor, with cog. words in most Teut. akin to Sans, sach, to follow.]

ting: agreeable to: adequate.-adv.SUIT tongues. The root is perh. found in Ir. SUET, sū'et, n, the hard fat of an animal, ABLY.--ns. SUITABILITY, SUITABLENESS.] samh, sun.]

particularly that about the kidneys. SUITE, swēt, n. a train of followers or at SUMMER-HOUSE, sum'er-hows, n. a house adj. SU'ETY. (O. Fr. seu (Fr. suif-L. | tendants : a regular set, particularly of in a garden used in summer : a house for sebum, fat.) rooms. [Fr., from SUE.]

summer residence. SUFFER, suf'e", v.t. to undergo: to endure: SUITOR, sūt'or, n. one who sues in love or SUMMERSET. Same as SOMERSAULT. to be affected by: to permit.-v.i. to feel law: a petitioner: a wooer.

SUMMIT, sum'it, n. the highest point or pain or punishment: to sustain loss : to SULCATE, sulkāt, SULCATED, sulkāt degree : the top. [L. summitas-sumbe injured.-n. SUFF'ERER. [L. suffero ed, adj., furrowed : grooved. [L. sulcus, mus, supremus.] sub, under, and fero, to bear.1

a furrow.]

SUMMON, sum'un, v.t. to call with authorSUFFERABLE, suf'er-a-bl, adj. that may SULK, sulk, v.i. to be sullen.-SULKS, n. ity: to command to appear, esp. in court: be suffered : allowable. a fit of sullenness.

to rouse to exertion.-N. SUMM'ONER. L. SUFFERANCE, suf'er-ans, n. state of suf-SULKY, sulk'i, adj. silently sullen. — n. summoneo-sub, secretly, and moneo, to

fering : endurance : permission : tolera SULK'INESS. (A.S. solcen, slow: or perh. warn. tion.

for sulty-0. Fr. soltif, sullen, solitary. SUMMONS, sum'unz, n. a summoning or SUFFERING, suf'er-ing, n. distress, loss, Compare SULLEN.)

an authoritative call : a call to appear, or injury.

SULLÉN, sul'en, adj. gloomily angry and esp. in court. SUFFICE, suf-fis', v.i. to be enough : to be silent : malignant : dark : dull. - adv. SUMPTER, sump'ter, n. a horse for carry. equal to the end in view.-v.t. to satisfy. SULL'ENLY.-1. SULL'ENNESS. (Lit. 'soli ing packs or burdens. [With inserted p

L. sufficio, to take the place of, to meet tary, dull," 0. Fr. solain-L. solus, alone. from Fr. sommier-L. sagmarius-L. and the need of-sub, under, and facio, to See SOLE, adj.]

Gr. sagma, a pack-saddle--Gr. satto, to make.]

SULLY, sul'i, vit. to soil : to spot: to tarSUFFICIENCY, suf-fish'en-si, n. state of nish.—v.i. to be soiled :-pa.t. and pa.p. SUMPTUARY, sumpt'ū-ar-i, adj. pertain

being sufficient : competence : ability : sull'ied.-n. spot : tarnish. [Fr. souiller. ing to or regulating expense, as in SUMPTcapacity : conceit. See SOIL, v.]

UARY LAWS, which sought to curtail the SUFFICIENT, suf-fish'ent, adj., sufficing : SULPHATE, sul'fāt, n. a salt formed by expensive habits of the citizens. [L. enough : equal to any end or purpose : sulphuric acid with a base.

sumptuarius--Sumo, sumptum, to take, competent.-adv. SUFFI'CIENTLY.

SULPHITE, sul'fīt, n. a salt formed by contr. of sub, up, emo, to buy.] SUFFİX, suf'iks, n. a particle added to the sulphurous acid.

SUMPTUOUS, sumpt'ū-us, adj. costly: root of a word.-SUFFIX', to add a letter SULPHUR, sul'fur, n. a yellow mineral magnificent. — adv. SUMPT'UOUSLY. - n. or syllable to a word to mark different substance, very brittle, fusible, and in SUMPT'UOUSNESS. notions and relations. [L. sub, under, flammable : brimstone. [L. ; said to be SUN, sun, n. the body which is the source after, and figo, to fix.] conn. with Sans, culvari.]

of light and heat to our planetary sysSUFFOCATÈ, suf'o-kāt, v.t. to choke by SULPHURATE, sul'fur-āt, v.t. to combine tem: a body which forms the centre of stopping the breath: to stifle. [L. suffoco with or subject to the action of sulphur. a system of orbs : that which resembles

-sub, under, and fauces, the throat. SULPHUREOUS, sul-fū're-us, adj. consist the sun in brightness or value.--v.t. to SUFFOCATION, suf-fo-kā'shun, n. act of ing of, containing, or having the quali expose to the sun's rays :-pr.p. sunn'suffocating : state of being suffocated. ties of sulphur.

ing; pa.t. and pa.p. sunned. [A.S.

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sunne ; Ice. sunna, Goth. sunno ; an old | air, as from overcrowding in barracks | SUPERCIL'IOUSNESS. (L. superciliosus word, of unknown ety.]

and on shipboard, prolonged marches or supercilium, an eyebrow-super, above, SUNBEAM, sun'bēm, n. a beam or ray of other overexertion, intemperate habits, and cilium, eyelid, akin to Gr. kyla, the the sun.

and the like. Called also ICTUS SOLIS, parts under the eyes.] SUNBURNED, sun'burnd, SUNBURNT, COUP DE SOLEIL, and INSOLATION.

SUPERCILIUM, sū - per - sil'i-um, n. (pl. sun'burnt, adj., burned or discolored by SUNWARD, sun'ward, adv., toward the SUPERCILIA, sū-per-sil'i-a), in anat. the the sun. sun.

eyebrow; the projecting arch, covered SUNDAY, sun'dā, n. the first day of the SUP, sup, v.t. to take into the mouth, as a with short hairs, above the eyelids : in week, so called because anc. dedicated to liquid. -v.i. to eat the evening meal: (B.) anc, arch, the upper member of a cornice. the sun or its worship.

to sip :-pr.p. supp'ing ; pa.t. and pa.p. It is also applied to the small fillets on SUNDER, sun'der, v.t. to separate: to di supped.-n. a small mouthful, as of a each side of the scotia of the Ionic base.

vide : (B.) IN SUNDER, asunder. [A.S. liquid. [A.S. supan ; Ice. supa, Ger. (L., an eyebrow.) sundrian, to separate; sunder, separate; saufen, to drink.

SUPERCOLUMNIATION. sū-per-ko-lumIce. sundr, asunder.)

SUPÉRABOUND, sū-per-ab-ownd', v.i. to ni-ā'shun, n. in arch, the placing of one SUNDRY, sun'dri, adj., separate : more abound exceedingly: to be more than order above another.

than one or two : several : divers. enough. [L. super, above, and ABOUND.] SUPERCONCEPTION, sū-per-kon - sep' SUN'DRIES.

SUPERABUNDANT, sū-per-ab- und'ant, shun, n. a conception after a former conSUNFISH, sun'fish, n. a fish whose body adj., abundant to excess : more than ception : superfetation

resembles the forepart of a larger fish enough: copious. — adı. SUPERABUND'- | SUPEREMINENT, sū-per-em'i-nent, adj., cut short off, supposed to be so called ANTLY.-n. SUPERABUND'ANCE.

eminent in a superior degree : excellent from its nearly circular form.

SUPERADD, sū-per-ad', v.t. to add over beyond others.-adv. SUPEREM'INENTLY. SUNFLOWER, sun'flow-er, n. a plant so and above.-n. SUPERADDI'TION. [L. su -1. SUPEREM'INENCE. [L. super, above, called from its flower, which is a large per, above, and ADD.1

and EMINENT.] disc with yellow rays.

SUPERADVENIENT, sū-per-ad-vē'ni-ent, SUPEREROGATION, sū-per-er-o-gā'shun, SUNG, sung, pa.t. and pa.p. of SING.

adj. coming upon : coming to the in n, doing more than duty requires or is SUNK, sungk, SUNKEN, sungk'n, pa.p. crease or assistance of something, “The necessary for salvation. - adj. SUPERof SINK.

soul of map may have matter of triumph EROG'ATORY. [Lit. “ paying over and SUNLESS, sun'les, adj. without the sun : when he has done bravely by a superad above," L. super, above, and erogo,-atum, deprived of the sun or its rays : shaded : venient assistance of his God."- Dr. H. to pay out-ex, out of, and rogo, to ask.] dark.

More. [Prefix super, and ADVENIENT.] | SUPEREXCELLENT, sū-per-ek'sel - lent, SUNN, sun, SUNN-HEMP, sun'-hemp, n. / SUPERALTAR, sū'per-awl-ter, n. a ledge adj., excellent above others, or in an un

a material similar to hemp, imported or shelf over or at the back of an altar common degree.-1. SUPEREX'CELLENCE. from the East Indies, and extensively for supporting the altar-cross, vase and (L. super, above, EXCELLENT.] used in the manufacture of cordage, can- flowers, etc. Called also RETABLE.

SUPERFETATION, SUPERFČETATION, vas, etc. It is obtained from the stem SUPERANGELIC, sū-per-an-jel'ik, adj. sū-per-fē-tā'shun, n. a second conception of the Crotalaria juncea, a shrubby le more than angelic: superior in nature or after a prior one, and before the birth of guminous plant, 8 to 12 feet high, with rank to the angels : relating to or con the first, by which two fetuses are growa branching stem, lance-shaped silvery nected with a world or state of existence ing at once in the same womb: superleaves, and long racemes of bright yel higher than that of the angels. · Mil conception. The possibility of superlow flowers. Called also BOMBAY HEMP, man,

fetation in the human female has been MADRAS HEMP, SUN, SUN-HEMP, SUN- | SUPERANNUATE, sū-per-an'ū-āt, v.t. to vigorously opposed by some eminent PLANT.

impair or disqualify by old age and in physicians and as vigorously defended SUNNA, SUNNAH, sõõn'a, n. the name firmity; as, a superannuated magistrate: by others. Some believe that up to the

given by Mohammedans to the tradition to allow to retire from service on a pen third month of gestation a second conary portion of their law, which was not, sion, on account of old age or infirmity; ception may follow the first, and that like the Koran, committed to writing by to give a retiring pension to; to pension; this will satisfactorily account for all the Mohammed, but preserved from his lips as, to superannuate a seaman.

cases of superfetation on record. by his immediate disciples, or founded SUPERANNUATE, sū-per-an'ū-āt, v.i. to SUPERFICIAL, sū-per-fish'al, adj. pertainon the authority of his actions. The last beyond the year; The dying in the ing to or being on the surface : shallow : orthodox Mohammedans who receive the winter of the roots of plants that are an slight: containing only what is apparent Sunnah call themselves Sunnites, in dis nual seemeth to be partly caused by the and simple: not learned.-adv. SUPERFI'tinction to the various sects compre overexpense of the sap into stalk and CIALLY.-ns. SUPERFICIALNESS, SUPERFIhended under the name of Shiites.

leaves, which being prevented, they will CIAL'ITY. [From SUPERFICIES.] SUNNY, sun'i, adj. pertaining to, coming superannuate."-Bacon: to become im SUPERFICIES, sū-per-fish'ēz, n. the upper

from, or like the sun : exposed to, paired or disabled by length of years ; to face or surface : the outer face or part of warmed, or colored by the sun's rays. live until weakened or useless; “Some a thing. [L.-super, above, and facies, n. SUNN'INESS.

superannuated virgin that hath lost her face.) SUNRISE, sun'rīz, SUNRISING, sun'rīz lover.Howell. [Prefix super, above, SUPERFINE, sū'per-fin, adj., fine above ing, n. the rising or first appearance of beyond, and L. annus, a year.]

others : finer than ordinary. [L. super, the sun above the horizon: the time of SUPERANNUATION, sū-per-an-ū-ā'shun, above, and FINE. this rising: the east.

n. the state of being too old for office or SUPERFLUITY, sū-per-floo'i-ti, n. a superSUNSET, sun'set, SUNSETTING, sun'set business, or of being disqualified by old fluous quantity or more than enough :

ing, n. the setting or going down of the age; senility ; decrepitude ; “ The mere state of being superfluous : superabundsun : the west.

doting of superannuation." Pownall; ance. SUNSHINE, sun'shin, n. the shining light “ Slyness blinking through the watery | SUPERFLUOUS, sū-per'floo-us, adj. more

of the sun : the place on which he shines: eye of superannuation.”Coleridge: the than enough : unnecessary or useless.warmth.

state of being superannuated or removed adv. SUPER'FLUOUSLY. [L. superfluusSUNSHINE, sun'shin, SUNSHINY, sun' from office, employment, or the like, and super, above, and fluo, to flow.)

shin-i, adj. bright with sunshine : pleas receiving an annual allowance on account SUPERHUMAN, sū-per-hū'man, adj., above ant: bright like the sun.

of old age, long service, or infirmity: the what is human: divine. [L. super, above, SUNSTROKE, sun'strök, n. a sudden affec pension or annual allowance granted on and HUMAN.]

tion of the human body caused by the account of long service, old age, and the SUPERHUMERAL, sū-per-hū'mer-al, n. sun or his heat; specifically, a very fatal like.

(eccles.) a term of no very definite appliaffection of the nervous system of fre SUPERB, sū-perb', adj. proud: magnificent: cation, being sometimes applied to an quent occurrence in tropical climates, stately : elegant.-adv. SUPERBÖLY. [L. archbishop's pallium, and sometimes to especially among the white races, and superbus, haughty, proud-super, above.] an amice. [L. super, above, and humerus, in temperate regions during very warm SUPERCARGO, sū-per-kär'go, n. an officer the shoulder.) summers. It has been described as acute or person in a merchant-ship placed over SUPERIMPOSÉ, sū-per im-põz', v.t. to impoisoning of the nerve-centres with super the cargo and superintending all the pose or lay above. [L. super, above, and heated blood, the resulting phenomena commercial transactions of the voyage. IMPOSE.) being acute paralysis of the nerve-cen [L. super, over, and CARGO.)

SUPERINCUMBENT, sū-per-in-kum'bent, tres, principally the centres of respira- | SUPERCILIARY, sū-per - sili - ar-i, adj., adj., lying abore. [L, super, above, and tion and heart movements. It is gener- | above the eyebrow. [From L. super, INCUMBENT. ally caused by exposure of the head and above, and cilium, the eyelid.]

SUPERINDUCE, sū-per-in-dūs', v.t. to neck to the direct rays of the sun, but is SUPERCILIOUS, sū-per-sil'i-us, adj. lofty bring in over and above something else. not infrequently brought on by intense with pride: disdainful: dictatorial: over- [L, super, above, and induco-in, in, and tropical heat, the contamination of the bearing. – adv. SUPERCIL'IOUSLY. - n. duco, to bring. 1

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SUPERINTEND, sū-per-in-tend', v.t. to “ Cures wrought by medicines are nat-1 supersensible : supersensual : extremely have the oversight or charge of : to ural operations; but the miraculous ones sensuous : more than sensuous. control. [Lit. "to be intent over any. wrought by Christ and his apostles were SUPERSERVICEABLE. sū-per-ser'vis-athing," L. super, above, and intendo-in, supernatural."-Boyle.—THE SUPERNAT bl, adj. over serviceable or officious : on, and tendo, to stretch.)

URAL, that which is above or beyond the doing more than is required or desired. SUPERINTENDENCE, sū-per-in-tend'ens, established course or laws of nature : "A . . . superserviceable, finical rogue."

n. oversight : direction : management. that which transcends nature : super -Shak. SUPERINTENDENT, sū-per-in-tend'ent, natural agencies, influence, phenomena, SUPERSTITION, sū-per-stish'un, n. exces adj., superintending.-n. one who super and so forth; as, to laugh at a belief in sive reverence or fear : excessive exactintends: overseer. the supernatural.

ness in religious opinions or practice. SUPERIOR, sū-pē'ri-or, adj., upper: higher SUPERNATURALISM, sū-per-nat'ü - ral false worship or religion : an ignorant

in place, rank, or excellence : surpassing izm, n, the state of being supernatural : and irrational belief in supernatural others » beyond the influence of.-n. one a term used chiefly in theology, in contra agency : belief in what is absurd, withsuperior to others : the chief of a monas distinction to rationalism. In its widest out evidence. [L. superstitio, excessive tery, etc., and of certain churches and extent supernaturalism is the doctrine religious belief-super, over, above, and colleges. [L., comp. of superus, high that religion and the knowledge of God sto, to stand ; it orig, meant a " standsuper, above.

require a revelation from God. It con ing still over or by a thing," in fear, SUPERIORITY, sū-pē-ri-or'i-ti, n. quality siders the Christian religion as an ex wonder, dread.]

or state of being superior: pre-eminence: traordinary phenomenon, out of the circle SUPERSTITIOUS, sū-per-stish'us, adj. peradvantage. : of natural events, and as communicating

taining to or proceeding from superstiSUPERLATIVE, sū-per'la-tiv, adj., carried truths above the comprehension of hu tion: showing or given to superstition : above others or to the highest degree : man reason.

over-exact.-adv. SUPERSTI'TIOUSLY. superior to all others : most eminent : SUPERNUMERARY, sū-per-nūm'er-ar-i,

SUPERSTRUCTURE, sū-per-strukt'ūr, n. (gram.) expressing the highest degree adj., over and above the number stated,

a structure above or on something else : of a quality.-n. (gram.) the superlative or which is usual or necessary.-n. a

anything erected on a foundation. [L. or highest degree of adjectives and ad person or thing beyond the usual, nec

super, above, and STRUCTURE.] verbs.-adv. SUPER'LATIVELY. (L. super essary, or stated number. [L. superlativus-superlatus, pa.p. of superfero numerarius-super, over, and numerus,

SUPERSUBSTANTIAL, sū-per-sub-stan'. super, above, fero, to carry.] a number.]

shal, adj. more than substantial : beyond

the domain of matter : being more than SUPERMOLECULE, sū-per-mol'e-kūl, n. a / SUPERPOSE, sū-per-põz', v.t. to place over

substance. “Heavenly supersubstantial compounded molecule or combination of or upon. [L. super, over, and Fr. poser

(see POSE, n.).] two molecules of different substances.

bread.”—Jer. Taylor.

SUPERSUBTLE, sū-per-sut'l, adj. overSUPERMUNDANE. Sū-per-mun'dān, adj. | SUPERPOSITION, sū-per-po-zish'un, n. being above the world. act of superposing : state of being su

subtle : cunning : crafty in an excessive SUPERNACULAR, sū-per-nak'-ler, adj. |

perposed that which is above any

degree. “An erring barbarian and a suthing. having the quality of supernaculum : of

persubtle Venetian." -Shak. first-rate quality : very good-said of SUPERSCRIBE, sū-per-skrīb', v.t. to write

SUPERTEMPORAL, sū-per-tem'põ-ral, adj. liquor. “Some white hermitage at the or engrave over, on the outside or top: and n, transcending time, or independent Haws (by the way, the butler only gave to write the name on the outside or cover

of time : what is independent of time. me half a glass each time) was supernacof. [L. super, over, above, and scribo,

" Plotinus and Numenius, explaining ular."-Thackeray. scriptum, to write.]

Plato's sense, declare him to have asSUPERNACULUM, sū-per-nak'ü-lum, n. a SUPERSCRIPTION, sū-per-skrip'shun, n. serted three supertemporals or eternals, kind of mock Latin term intended to act of superscribing : that which is writ

good, mind or intellect, and the soul of ten or engraved above or on the outside. mean upon the nail, used formerly by

the universe."-Cudworth. topers. Nares. - To drink supernaculum | SUPERSEDE, sū-per-sēd', v.t. to sit or be SUPERTERRENE, sū-per-te-rēn', adj. bewas an ancient custom not only in En | above or superior to: to make useless by ing above ground or above the earth : gland, but also in several other parts of superior power : to come in the room of: superterrestrial. Europe, of emptying the cup or glass, and I to displace. (L. super, above, and sedeo, SUPERTERRESTRIAL,sū-per-te-res'tri-al. then pouring the drop or two that re sessum, to sit.

adj. being above the earth, or above mained at the bottom upon the person's SUPERSEDEAS, sū-per-sē'dē-as, n, in law, what belongs to the earth. nail that drank it, to show that he was a writ having in general the effect of a SUPERTONIC, sū-per-ton'ik, n. in music, no flincher." -Brand : good liquor, such command to stay, on good cause shown, the note next above the key-note: the as one will drink till not enough is left to some ordinary proceedings which ought second note of the diatonic scale : thus wet one's nail.

otherwise to have proceeded. [L., 2d D is the supertonic of the scale of C; A For the cup's sake I'll bear the cupbearer. pers. sing. pres. subj. of supersedeo. See the supertonic of the scale of G; and so "Tis here, the supernaculum ! twenty years SUPERSEDE. Of age, if 'tis a day.-Byron.

SUPERSEDERE, sū - per- se - dē're, n. in SUPERTUBERATION, sū - per- tū- ber-a'[Low L. supernaculum - super, above, Scots law, (a) a private agreement shun, n. the production of young tubers, over, and Ger. nagel, a nail. The term

amongst creditors, under a trust-deed as potatoes, from the old ones while still was borrowed from the Continent.]

and accession, that they will supersede growing. SUPERNAL, sū-per'nal, adj. that is above or sist diligence for a certain period ; (6) SUPERVENE, sū-per-vēn', v.i. to come

or in a higher place or region: relating to a judicial act by which the court, where above or upon: to occur, or take place. things above : celestial. [L. supernus it sees cause, grants a debtor protection [L. super, above, and venio, ventum, to super, above.]

against diligence, without consent of the • come.] SUPERNATANT, sū-per- nā'tant, adj.


SUPERVENTION, sū-per-ven'shun, n. act swimming above: floating on the sur SUPERSEDURE, sū-per-së'dūr, n, the act of superrening or taking place. face : as, oil supernatant on water ; su of superseding: supersession : as, the SUPERVISAL, sū- per - viz'al, SUPERpernatant leaves. Boyle. (L. superna supersedure of trial by jury.

VISION, sū-per-vizh'un, n. act of supertans, supernatantis, pr.p. of supernato SUPERSEMINATE, sū-per-sem'i-nāt, v.t. vising : inspection : control.

super, above, over, and nato, to swim.] to scatter seed over or above : to dis SUPERVISE, sū-per-viz', v.t. to oversee : to SUPERNATATION, sū-per-na-tā'shun, n. seminate. “That cannot be done with superintend. L. super, over, and video,

the act of floating on the surface of a joy, when it shall be indifferent to any tisum, to see. fluid. Bacon: Sir T. Broune.

man to superseminate what he pleases.” | SUPERVISOR, sū-per-viz'or, n. one who SUPERNATURAL, sū-per-nat'ū-ral, adj. -Jer. Taylor.

supervises : an overseer : an inspector : being beyond or exceeding the powers or SUPERSENSIBLE, sū-per-sen'si-bl, adj. a member of a county Board in some of laws of nature ; not occurring through beyond the reach of the senses : above the States which has general executive the operation of merely physical laws, the natural powers of perception : super control of township and county local but by an agency above and separate sensual.--THE SUPERSENSIBLE, that which affairs. from these. It is stronger than preter is above the senses : that which is super SUPINE, sū-pin', adj., lying on the back : natural, and is often equivalent to mi sensual. “The felt presence of the super leaning backward : negligent: indolent. raculous. “No man can give any rational sensible."-Brit. Quart. Rev.

-n. sü'pin (Latin gram.) name given to account how it is possible that such a SUPERSENSITIVENESS, sū-per-sen'si-tiv the verbal form in um and u (so called general flood should come by any nat nes, n. morbid sensibility: excessive sen perh, because though furnished with caseural means. And if it be supernatural, sitiveness.

endings, it rests or falls back on the verb). that grants the thing I am proving, | SUPERSENSUAL, sū-per-sen'sū al, adj. -adı. SUPINE'LY.-n. SUPINE'NESS. [L. namely, such a Supreme Being as can above or beyond the reach of the senses. supinus-sub, under, below; cf. Gr. hypalter the course of nature.”Bp. Wilkins. | SUPERSENSUOUS, sū-per-sen'sū-us, adj. tios, from hypo.]

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1 takene stoup,"


SUPPER, sup'er, n. a meal taken at the building, a knee placed under the cat- / Hallywell. [L. supra, above, and mundus,

close of the day. [Lit. “taking of soup,head : in surg, a broad, elastic, or cush- the world.] Fr. souper soupe ; from Ger. suppe. ioned band or truss for the support of SUPRA-ORBITAL, sū-pra-or'bit-al, adj. in See Soup and Sup] any part or organ, as the abdomen.

anat. being above the orbit of the eye.SUPPERLESS, sup'er - les, adj. without | SUPPOSABLE, sup-põz'a-bl, adj. that may SUPRA-ORBITAL ARTERY, an artery sent supper. be supposed.

off by the ophthalmic, along the superior SUPPLANT, sup-plant', v.t. to displace by | SUPPOSE, sup-poz', v.t. to lay down, as- wall of the orbit.

stratagem: to take the place of: to un sume, or state as true : to imagine.-n. | SUPRA - ORBITARY, sū-pra-or'bit-a-ri, dermine.--n. SUPPLANT'ER. [L. supplanto, SUPPOS'ER. [Lit. “to place under,” Fr. SUPRA-ORBITAR, sū-pra-or'bit-er, adj. to trip up one's heels-sub, under, planta, supposer-L. sub, under, and Fr. poser, to same as SUPRA-ORBITAL. the sole of the foot.)

place (see Pose, n.).]

SUPRAPROTEST, sū-pra-pro'test, n. in SUPPLE, sup'l, adj. pliant: Jithe : yielding SUPPOSITION, sup-po-zish'un, n. act of

law, an acceptance of a bill by a third to the humor of others : fawning. -v.t. to supposing : that which is supposed : as person, after protest for non-acceptance make supple: to make soft or compliant. sumption. (Fr.-L.]

by the drawer. -u.i. to become supple.-N. SUPP'LENESS. SUPPOSITITIOUS, sup-poz-i-tish'us, adj. SUPRARENAL, sū-pra-rē'nal, adj. in anat. [Fr. souple — L. supplex, bending the put by trick in the place of another : spu situated above the kidneys.--SUPRARENAL knees-sub, under, and plico, to fold. rious : imaginary. [L. supposititius CAPSULES, two minute, yellowish, triSee PLIANT.]

suppono, to put in the place of another angular, glandular bodies which exist, SUPPLEMENT, sup'le-ment, n. that which -sub, under, and pono, to place.]

one at the front portion of the upper end supplies or fills up: any addition by which SUPPOSITIVE, sup - poz'i - tiv, adj. sup of each kidney. Their exact functions defects are supplied. -v.t. to supply or posed: including or implying supposition.

are as yet uncertain. [L. supra, above, fill up: to add to. [L. supplementum * A suppositive intimation and an express over, and ren, renes, the kidneys.] suppleo, to fill up.]

prediction.”—Bp. Pearson.

SUPREMACY, sū-prem'a-si, n. state of SUPPLEMENTAL, sup-ple-ment'al, SUP-SUPPOSITIVE, sup-poz'i-tiv, n. a word dePLEMENTARY, sup-ple-ment'ar-i, adj.

being supreme : bighest authority or noting or implying supposition, as if, added to supply what is wanting : ad granted, provided, and such like. “The

power. [Coined from SUPREME, on the

model of PRIMACY.) ditional,

suppositives denote connection, but as

SUPREME, sū-prēm', adj., highest : greatSUPPLIANT, sup'li-ant, adj., supplicating: sert not actual existence.”-Harris.

est : most excellent.-adv. SUPREME'LY, asking earnestly: entreating.-n, a hum SUPPOSITIVELY, sup-poz'i-tiv-li, adv. ble petitioner. -adv. SUPP'LIANTLY. (Fr. | with, by, or upon supposition. “The un

[L. supremus, superl. of superus, high

super, above. suppliant, pr.p. of supplier-L. supplico.] reformed sinner may have some hope sup

SURCEASE, sur-sēs', v.i. to cease.-v.t. to SUPPLICANT, supli-kant, adj., supplicat positively if he do change and repent; the ing : asking submissively.-n. one who honest penitent may hope positively.”—

cause to cease.---n. cessation. [Fr. sursis,

pa.p. of sur-seoir, to leave off-L. supersupplicates or entreats earnestly. (L. Hammond.

sedere, to sit over, to refrain from. Cf. supplicans, pr.p. of supplico.] SUPPOSITORY, sup-poz'i-tor-i, n. in med.

ASSIZE, ASSESS. Doublet SUPERSEDE.) SUPPLICATE, sup'li-kāt, v.t. to entreat a body introduced into the rectum, there earnestly; to address in prayer. [L. | to remain and dissolve gradually in order

SURCHARGE, sur-chärj', v.t. to oversupplico, -atum-supplex, kneeling down to procure stools when clysters cannot be

charge or overload. — n. an excessive -sub, under, and plico, to fold.] administered : a plug to hold back hæm

load. [Fr. sur — L. super, over, and SUPPLICATION, sup-li-kā'shun, n. act of orrhoidal protrusions.

CHARGE. supplicating: earnest prayer or entreaty. SUPPOSURE, sup-poz'ūr, n. supposition :

SURD, surd, adj. (alg.) involving surds , (L. supplicatio.] hypothesis. Hudibras.

produced by the action of the speech SUPPLICATORY, sup'li-ka-tor-i, adj. con- SUBPRESS, sup-pres', v.t. to press or put

organs on the breath (not the voice), as taining supplication or entreaty : hum down : to crush: to keep in : to retain or

the “hard” sounds k, t, p, f, etc.-n. ble. conceal: to stop.-N. SUPPRESS'OR. [L.

(alg.) a quantity inexpressible by rational SUPPLY, sup-pli', v.t. to fill up, esp. a de suppressum, pa.p. of supprimo sub,

numbers, or which has no root. [Lit. ficiency: to add what is wanted : to fur down, under, and premo (see PRESS).1

“deaf,” L. surdus; allied to Sans. svar, nish : to fill a vacant place: to serve SUPPRESSION, sup-presh'un, n. act of

heavy.) instead of :-pa.t. and pa.p. supplied'. suppressing : stoppage : concealment.

SURE, shoor, adj.,secure : fit to be depended [Fr.-L. suppleo-sub, up, and pleo, to SUPPRESSIVE, sup-pres'iv, adj. tending

on : certain : strong : confident beyond #ll. to suppress : subduing.

doubt.--advs. SURE, SURE'LY. [Fr. sûrSUPPLY, sup-pli', n. act of supplying : SUPPURATE, sup'ũ-rāt, v.i. to gather pus

L. securus. Doublet SECURE.] that which is supplied or which supplies or matter. [L. sub, under, and pus, pur

SURETISHIP, shõõr'ti-ship, n. state of bea wan: amount of food or money pro is (see Pus).]

ing surety: obligation of one person to vided (used generally in pl.).

SUPPURATION, sup-ū-rā'shun, n. act or answer for another. SUPPORT, sup-port', v.t. to bear up: to process of suppurating or producing pus:

SURETY, shõõr'ti, n. state of being sure : endure or sustain : to keep up as a part matter.

certainty : he who or that which makes or character : to make good : to defend : SUPPURATIVE, sup'ū-rāt-iv, adj. tending

sure: security against loss : one who to represent: to supply with means of to suppurate: promoting suppuration. - becomes bound for another. [Doublet living : to uphold by countenance, pat n. a medicine that promotes suppura

SECURITY.) ronize : to follow on same side as a tion.

SURF, surf, n. the foam made by the speaker.-n. act of supporting or uphold SUPRALAPSARIAN, sū-pra-lap-sā'ri-an,

dashing of waves.-adj. SURF'Y. [Ety. ing : that which supports, sustains, or n, in theol. one who maintains that God, very dub. ; perh. from SURGE ; under inmaintains : maintenance. [L. sub, up, antecedent to the fall of man or any

fluence of L. sorbeo, to suck in.) and porto, to bear.]

knowledge of it, decreed the apostasy

SURFACE, sur'fās, n. the exterior part of SUPPORTABLE, sup-port'a-bl, adj. capable and all its consequences, determining to anything. [Fr. (lit.) the “upper face," of being supported : endurable : capable save some and condemn others, and that from sur-L. super, and face-L. facies.

of being maintained.-adv.SUPPORT'ABLY. in all he does he considers his own glory See FACE. Doublet SUPERFICIES.] SUPPORTER, sup-port'er, n. one who sup only. [L. supra, above, over, and lap SURFACE-CHUCK, sur'fās-chuk, n. a ports or maintains ; as, one who gives sus, a fall.]

face-plate chuck in a lathe to which an aid or helps to carry on ; a defender ; an SUPRALAPSARIAN, sū-pra-lap-sā'ri-an, object is fixed for turning. advocate; a vindicator ; as, the support adj. of or pertaining to the Supralapsari SURFACE-CONDENSER, sur'fās-kon-deners of the war, the supporters of religion, ans or to their doctrines.

ser, n. in steam-engines, an apparatus by morality, justice, etc.; “Worthy sup SUPRALAPSARIANISM, sū-pra-lap-sā'ri which steam from the cylinder is conporters of such a reigning impiety.” an-izm, n. the doctrine or system of the densed. It usually consists of a large South : an adherent; one who takes part; Supralapsarians.

number of brass tubes united at their as, the supporter of a party or faction : SUPRALAPSARY, sū-pra-lap'sa-ri, n. and ends by means of a pair of flat steamone who accompanies another on some adj. supralapsarian.

tight vessels, or of two sets of radiating public occasion as an aid or attendant ; | SUPRALUNAR, sū-pra-lū'ner, adj. (lit.) tubes. This set of tubes is inclosed in a one who seconds or strengthens by aid beyond the moon : hence, very lofty : of casing, through which a sufficient quanor countenance: a sustainer; a comforter; very great height. [L. supra, above, tity of cold water is driven. The steam “ The saints have a companion and sup and luna, the moon.]

from the exhaust pipe is condensed as it porter in all their miseries."-South : | SUPRAMUNDANE, sū-pra-mun'dān, adj. passes through these tubes, and is that which supports or upholds ; that being or situated above the world or pumped away by the air-pump. upon which anything is placed ; a sup above our system : celestial. “In the SURFACE-GAUGE, sur'fās-gāj, n. an inport, a prop, a pillar, etc.; “A building form of God, clothed with all the majesty strument for testing the accuracy of set upon supporters.”—Mortimer: in ship-1 and glory of the supramundane life.”—1 plane surfaces.

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SURFACE-GRUB, sur'fās-grub, n. the above: to surpass.-adj. SURMOUNT'ABLE, | SURPRISING, sur-priz'ing, adj., exciting

caterpillar of the great yellow under that may be surmounted. (Fr.-Sur (L. surprise : wonderful : unexpected.--adv. wing moth (Triphana pronuba). When super), and monter (see MOUNT).]

SURPRIS'INGLY. full grown it is nearly 14 inch long, pale SURMULLET, sur'mul-et, n. the common SURRENDER, sur-ren'der, t.t. to render green with a brownish tinge, black dots, name for fishes of the family Mullidæ, or deliver over : to resign.-v.i. to vield three pale lines down the back. It is formerly included in the perch family, up one's self to another.-n. act of yieldfrequently destructive to the roots of but distinguished by having two dorsal ing, or giving up to another. [O. Fr. grass, cabbages, and turnips.

fins placed at a very wide interval, the surrendre, from sur, over-L. super, and SURFACE-JOINT, sur'fās-joint, n. a joint first being spinous. Two long barbels rendre (see RENDER). 1

uniting the ends or edges of metallic hang from the under jaw, or, when not SURREPTITIOUS, sur-rep-tish'us, adj. sheets or plates. They are generally in use, are folded up against it. The done by stealth or fraud.-adv. SURREPformed by laps or flanges, soldered or typical genus is Mullus. The red or plain TI'TIOUSLY. (Lit. " seized in an underriveted. E. H. Knight.

surmullet (M. barbatus or ruber) inhabits hand manner,” L., from surripio, surSURFACEMAN, sur'fās-man, n. in rail. a the Mediterranean, and attains a length reptum--sub, under, and rapio, to seize.]

person whose duty it is to keep the per of about 12 inches. Its flesh is esteemed SURROGATE, sur'ro-gāt, n. a substitute : manent way in order.

very delicious, and was extravagantly the deputy of an ecclesiastical judge: a SURFACE - PRINTING, sur'fās-print-ing, prized by the Romans. It is remarkable probate judge who presides over the set

n. printing from an inked surface, in con for the brilliancy of its colors. The tlement of estates, wills, etc. [Lit. “one tradistinction to plate-printing, in which striped or common surmullet (M. sur asked to act in the place of another," the lines are filled with ink, the surface muletus) is somewhat larger, but equal L. surrogo, surrogatun-sub, in the place cleaned, and the ink absorbed from the to the red surmullet in delicacy. It is of, and rogo, to ask.) lines by pressure on the plate. Books, pretty common on the southern and SURROUND, sur-rownd', v.t. to go round newspapers, woodcuts, and lithographs south-western shores of England. [Fr. about: to encompass. [Fr. sur - L. 8uare examples of surface-printing. E. H. surmulet, the red mullet, for sormulet, per, about, and ROUND. Knight.

from 0. Fr. sor, Mod. Fr. saur, reddish SÚRTOUT, sur-too', n. a close-bodied SURFACER, sur'fās-er, n. a machine for brown, sorrel, and mulet, a mullet. See frock-coat. [Fr.-Low L. super-totus, a planing and giving a surface to wood :) SORE, a hawk, a deer.]

garment worn over all others.) one who digs for gold in the surface soil. SURMULOT, sur'mū-lot, n, a name given SURVEILLANCE, sur-vel'yans, n. a being SURFACE-ROLLER, sur'fās-rol-er, n. the by Buffon to the brown rat (Mus decuma vigilant or watchful : inspection. Fr.engraved cylinder used in calico-printing. nus). (Fr., from saur, O. Fr, sor, reddish surveiller---sur, over-L. super, and veilE. H. Knight.

brown, sorrel, and mulot, a field-mouse.] ler, to watch-L. vigilare. See VIGIL. SURFACE - WATER, sur'fās-waw-ter, n. SURNAME, sur'nām,n. an additional name: SURVEY, sur-vā', v.t. to see or look over :

water which collects on the surface of a name or appellation added to the bap to inspect: to superintend: to examine: the ground, and usually runs off into tismal or Christian name, and which be to measure and estimate, as land. [O. drains, sewers, and the like.

comes a family name. Surnames with Fr. surveoir-L. super, over, and videre, SURFACE-WORKING, sur'fās-wurk-ing, us originally designated occupation, to see. 1

n. the operation of digging for gold or estate, place of residence, or some par SURVEY, sur'vā, n., oversight : view : exother minerals on the top soil.

ticular thing or event that related to the amination : the measuring of land, or of SURF-BOAT, surf-bot, n. a peculiarly person. Thus William Rufus, or red; a country.

strong and buoyant boat capable of pass Edmund Ironsides; Robert Smith, or the SURVEYOR, sur-vā'or, n. an overseer : a ing with safety through surf.

smith ; William Turner. Surnames seem measurer of land : a public officer who SURF-DUCK, surf'-duk, n. a species of to have been formed at first by adding the keeps records of and does surveying in

scoter (Oidemia perspicillata) about the name of the father to that of the son, counties, states, etc.-n. SURVEY'ORSHIP. size of a mallard, frequent on the coasts and in this manner several of our sur SURVIVAL, sur-viv'al, n. a surviving or of Labrador, Hudson's Bay, and other names were produced. Thus from Thomas | living after. parts of North America. It dives so William's son we have Thomas William SURVIVE, sur-viv', v.t. to live beyond : to swiftly that it is extremely difficult to son ; from John's son we have Johnson, outlive.-v.i. to remain alive. [Fr.-L. shoot except when on the wing.

etc. “There still, however, wanted super, beyond, and vivere, to live.] SURFEIT, sur'fit, v.t. to fill to satiety and something to ascertain gentility of blood, | SURVIVOR, sur-viv'or, n. one who survives

disgust.-n. excess in eating and drink where it was not marked by the actual or lives after another.-n. SURVIVORSHIP. ing: sickness or satiety caused by over tenure of land. This was supplied by SUSCEPTIBILITY, sus - sep - ti-bil'i-ti, n. fullness. [Fr. surfait, overdone -- L. Su two innovations, devised in the eleventh quality of being susceptible : capability : per, and factum.]

and twelfth centuries, the adoption of sensibility. SÚRFEITING, sur'fit-ing, n. eating over surnames and of armorial bearings." SUSCEPTIBLE, sus-sep'ti-bl, adj. capable much : gluttony.

Hallam. [Prefix sur, over and above, of receiving anything : impressible: disSURGE, surj, n. the rising or swelling of a and NAME.

posed to admit.-adv. SUSCEP'TIBLY. [Fr. large wave.-v.i. to rise high : to swell. SURNAME, sur'nām, v.t. to name or call -L. suscipio, susceptum, to take up, to [Through 0. Fr. forms from L. surgo, to by an appellation added to the original undergo-sub, from beneath, up, and rise. See SOURCE.]

name: to give a surname to. “Another capio, to take.] SURGEON, sur'jun, n. one who treats in shall subscribe with his hand to the Lord, SUSCEPTIVE, sus-sep'tiv, adj. capable of

juries or diseases by operating upon them and surname himself by the name of receiving or admitting: readily admitting. with the hand. From serurgien, an O. Israel.”—Is. xliv. 5. “And Simon he sur SUSPECT, sus-pekt', v.t. to mistrust : to Fr. form of Fr. chirurgien (whence E. named Peter."--Mark. iii. 16.

imagine to be guilty: to doubt: to conCHIRURGEON), which see.]

SURNOMINAL, sur-nom'in-al, adj. relat jecture. [L. suspicio, suspectum, to look SURGEONCY, sur'jun-si, n. the office or ing to surnames. [Prefix sur, over, at secretly-sub, from beneath, up, and

employment of a surgeon in the army or above, and L, nomen, nominis, a name.) | specio, to look at.) navy.

SURPASS, sur-pas', v.t. to pass beyond : to SUSPEND, sus-pend', v.t. to hang one thing SURGERY, sur'jer-i, n. act and art of exceed: to excel. (Fr. surpasser, from beneath another : to make to depend on :

treating diseases by manual operations : sur-L. super, beyond, and passer (see to make to stop for a time: to delay : to a place for surgical operations. Pass).

debar.-n. SUSPEND'ER. [L. suspendoSURGICAL, sur'jik-al, adj. pertaining to SURPASSABLE, sur-pas'a-bl, adj. that sub, beneath, pendo, pensum, to hang.] surgeons, or to surgery : done by surgery. may be surpassed or excelled.

SUSPENSE, sus-pens', n. state of being susadv.-SUR'GICALLY.

SURPLICE, sur'plis, n, a white outer gar pended: act of withholding the judgment: SURGY, surj'i, adj. full of surges or ment worn by the clergy. [Fr. surplis uncertainty: indecision: stop betwixt two waves : billowy.

Low L. superpellicium, an over-garment. opposites. SURLOIN, the preferable form of SIRLOIN. See PELISSE.T

SUSPENSION, sus-pen'shun, n. act of susSURLY, sur'li, adj. morose : uncivil : tem SURPLUS, surplus, n. the overplus: excess pending: interruption: delay: teniporary

pestuous. - adv. SUR'LILY.-n. SUR'LI above what is required. [Fr., from sur privation of office or privilege: a condiNESS. [From A.S. sur, sour, and lic, -L. super, over, and plus, more.]

tional withholding. lice, like : Wedgwood thinks it a modi SURPLUSAGE, sur' plus-āj, n., overplus. SUSPENSORY, sus-pens'or-i, adj. tbat sus

fication of sir-ly, for sirlike, arrogant.) SURPRISE, sur-priz', n. act of taking un pends: doubtful.-n. that which suspends: SURMISE, sur-mīz', n. suspicion : conject awares: the emotion caused by anything a bandage. ure.-v.t. to imagine : to suspect. [O. sudden : amazement.-v.t. to come upon SUSPICION, sus-pish'un, n, act of suspect. Fr. surmise, accusation--surmettre, to suddenly or unawares: to strike with won- ing: the imagining of something without accuse-L. super, upon, mitto, to send, der or astonishment: to confuse. [Fr.-1 evidence oron slender evidence: mistrust. to put.)

surpris, pa.p. of sur-prendre-L. super, SUSPICIOUS, sus-pish'us, adj. full of susSURŇOƯNT, sur-mownt', v.t. to mount and prehendo, to take, catch. See GET.] | picion : showing suspicion : inclined to

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