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ACHATES, a-ka'těz, the armor-bearer and on which he played with such magic skill their conflict with Zeus. Being confaithful friend of Æneas.

that the stones moved of their accord and quered, he was condemned to bear ACHERON, ak'e-ron, a river of the lower formed the city wall.

heaven on his head and hands. world, round which the shades hover. AMPHITRITE, am-fi-tri'tē, the wife of Po-| ATROPOS, at'ro-pos, “ the inevitable," one ACHILLES, a-kil'lēz, the son of Peleus and seidon (Neptune), and mother of Triton. I of the Fates.

Thetis, and the bravest of the Greeks in ANDROMACHE, an-drom'a-kē, the wife of AURORA, aw-ro'ra, the Greek Eos, the the war against Troy. He was invul Hector.

goddess of the dawn. nerable, except in his right heel, in ANDROMEDA, an-drom'e-da, the daughter AVERNUS, a-ver'nus, a lake near the enwhich he was mortally wounded, through of an Ethiopian king, rescued from a sea trance to the lower world—the lower treachery, by Paris. His quarrel with monster by Perseus, who married her. world itself. Agamemnon is the subject of Homer's ANTÆUS, an-tē'us, a giant overcome by | BACCHUS, bak'us, the god of wine, son of Iliad. Hercules.

Jupiter and Semele, daughter of Cadmus, ACTÆON, ak-tē'on, a famous hunter who, APHRODITE, af-ro-di'tē, the Greek god BELLEROPHON, bel-ler'o-fon, the rider

having accidentally seen Diana and her dess of love and beauty, the mother of of the winged horse Pegasus, and the nymphs bathing, was changed by the Eros (Cupid), identified with the Roman destroyer of the Chimæra. goddess into a stag, and torn to pieces by Venus.

BELLONA, bel-lo'na, the Roman goddess his own dogs. APIS, ā'pis, the bull worshipped by the

of war, sister of Mars. ADONIS, a-do'nis, a beautiful youth be- Egyptians.

BRIAREUS, bri'a-rūs, or ÆGÆON, ē-jē'on, loved by Venus. He was killed by a wild | APOLLO, a-pollo, twin-son with Diana of

a giant with a hundred arms, the son of boar during the chase, and from his! Jupiter and Latona; the god of prophecy,

Uranus by Gaia. He aided Zeus in his blood the anemone sprung. His worship of song, and of music. See PH@BUS.

struggle with the Titans. was of Phænician origin.

ARACHNE, a-rak'nē, a Lydian maiden who | BUCEPHALUS. bū-sef'a-lus, the favorite ÆACUS, ē'a-kus, one of the judges in challenged Athena to a trial of skill in

charger of Alexander the Great. spinning, and was by her changed into a ÆGEUS, e-jē'us, a king of Athens who,

CACUS, kā'kus, son of Vulcan, a giant and

spider. believing his son Theseus to have per-| ARES, ā'rēz, the Greek form of Mars, god

potorious robber. Having stolen the catished in his expedition against the Mino of war.

tle of Hercules, he was killed by him. taur. threw himself into the sea, hence | ARETHUSA, ar-e-thū'sa, one of the Ne- | CADMUS, kad'mus, the mythical founder called the Ægean.

reids, and the nymph of a celebrated of Thebes in Boeotia, and the first to inÆNEAS, ē-nē'as, a Trojan prince, son of fountain near Syracuse.

troduce alphabetic writing among the Anchises and Venus, the ancestral hero ARGUS, argus, the keeper with a hundred

with o hundred Greeks. of the Romans, and as such the hero of eyes, appointed by Hera to watch the cow CALCHAS, kal’kas, the wisest of the Virgil's Æneid.

into which Io had been changed. He was Greek soothsayers at the siege of Troy. ÆOLUS, ē'o-lus, the god and king of the lulled to sleep and killed by Hermes, by CALLIOPE, kal-li'o-pē, the Muse of epic

winds, which he kept inclosed under a command of Zeus. Hera gave his eyes' poetry. mountain.

to the tail of the peacock.

CALYPSO, kal-ip'so, a nymph who inÆSCULAPIUS, es-kū-lā'pi-us, son of Apolo ARIADNE, ar-i-ad'nē, daughter of Minos, habited the island of Ogygia, on which

lo, the “ blameless physician" of Homer, king of Crete. She guided Theseus out Ulysses was shipwrecked. She loved killed by Jupiter, to keep men from es of the labyrinth of Crete, but was aban him, and delayed his voyage for seven caping death altogether, and afterwards I doned by him at Naxos, and was after years. deified. His descendants had a secret and wards married to Dionysus.

CÅSSANDRA, kas-san'dra, a daughter of hereditary knowledge of the medical art. | ARION, a-ri'on, a famous Greek bard and Priam, king of Troy, beloved by Apollo, AGAMEMNON, ag-a-mem'non, son of Atre cithara-player, who, when cast into the who gave her the gift of prophecy, but

us, leader of the Greeks before Troy, mur sea by robbers, was carried safe to land not of being believed. dered on his return home by Ægisthus, by a dolphin which he had charmed by CASTOR, kas'tor, and POLLUX, pol'luks. with the connivance of his own wife his music.

twin-brothers, the former mortal, the Clytemnestra.

ASCANIUS, as-kā'ni-us, the son of Æneas. latter immortal, who, from their love AGANIPPE, ag-a-nip'pē, a fountain at the | ASTRÆA, as-trē'a, daughter of Zeus and to each other, were placed by Jupiter as

foot of Mount Helicon, sacred to the Themis, and the goddess of justice. She a constellation in heaven under the name Muses.

lived among men during the golden age. of Gemini," the twins.” AGLAIA, a-glā'i-a, “ the bright one," one ATALANTA, at-a-lant'a, (1) of Baotia, CECROPS, sē'krops, the first king of Atof the Graces.

celebrated for her swiftness, conquered tica, and founder of the Cecropia or AJAX, ā'jaks, son of Telemon, a Grecian by Hippomenes or by Milanion in run- citadel at Athens.

hero in the Trojan war, second only to ning, by the stratagem of dropping three CERBERUS, ser'ber-us, the three-headed Achilles in valor. Unsuccessful in his golden apples in the race, and married by dog that guarded the entrance to the struggle with Ulysses for the armor of him. (2) of Arcadia, a sharer in the lower world. Achilles, he killed himself.

Calydonian boar-hunt, passionately loved CERES, sē'rēz, the Greek Demeter, godALCESTIS, al-ses'tis, wife of Admetis, died by Meleager.

dess of agriculture, especially of corn, in the stead of her husband, but was ATE, ā'tē, the Greek goddess of mischief. sister of Jupiter, and mother of Prosbrought back to him from the lower ATHENA, a-tbē'na, a Greek goddess, iden erpine. world by Hercules.

tified with the Roman Minerva.

CHARON, kā'ron, the son of Erebus, ferALECTO, a-lek'to, one of the Eumenides ATLANTIS, at-lant'is, a great and beauti ried the souls of the dead over the rivers or Furies.

ful island in the Atlantic Ocean, sunk in Acheron and Styx, receiving for this servAMMON, am'mon, a title of Jupiter.

the sea when its inhabitants became im ice the obolus placed in every corpse's AMPHION, am-fi'on, a king of Thebes who pious.

mouth before burial. received from Hermes (Mercury) a lyre, ATLAS, atlas, the leader of the Titans in CHARYBDIS, ka - rib'dis, a dangerous






whirlpool between Italy and Sicily, and I famed for an oracle of Jupiter, where | HELICON, hel'i-kon, a mountain in Boeotia, opposite to Scylla.

the responses were given by the wind sacred to Apollo and the Muses. CHIRON, ki'ron, a centaur celebrated for rustling through oak-trees.

HELLE, hellē, a maiden who, while fleehis knowledge of medicine and music, | DRACON, drā'kon, the author of the first ing from her stepmother, was drowned the tutor of Æsculapius, Achilles, and

in the strait which, after her, is called Hercules. Accidentally wounded by one the penalty of death was attached even the Hellespont. of the poisoned arrows of Hercules, he

to petty crimes.

HERA, hē'ra, the Grecian goddess corregave up his immortality, and waschanged | EGERIA, e-gēr'i-a, one of the Camenæ or sponding to the Juno of the Romans. into the constellation Sagittarius.

prophetic nymphs of Roman mythology,

HERCULES, her'kū-lēz, the son of Jupiter CHLORIS, klõ'ris, wife of Zephyrus, the who dictated to Numa Pompilius his

and Alcmena, one of the most celebrated Greek goddess of flowers ; identical with forms of worship.

heroes of antiquity, noted especially for the Roman Flora. ELEUSIS, el-ū'sis, a very ancient city of

his twelve labors. CIRCE, sir'sē, daughter of Helios and

Greece, famous for its mysteries of Ceres. HERMES, her'mēz, the Greek name of MerPerse, a sorceress who detained Ulysses

ENDYMION, en-dim'i-on, a youth cele cury. on his way home from Troy, converting his men into swine.

brated for his beauty, and the perpetual HERO, he'ro, a beautiful priestess of Venus

sleep in which he was wrapped by the CLIO, kli'o, the Muse of history.

at Sestos, beloved by Leander of Abydos.

Moon, in order that she might kiss him CLOTHO, klö'tho, the spinner of the

HESPERIDES, hes-per'i-dēz, daughters of without his knowledge. thread of life, the youngest of the Fates.

Hesperus. In their garden were golden EOS, ē'os. See AURORA. COCYTUS, ko-si'tus, a river in the lower

apples guarded by a dragon, which was, ERATO, er'a-to, the Muse of amatory world.

bowever, killed by Hercules, who carried COMUS, ko'mus, a god of mirth and joy,


off the apples. EREBUS, er'e-bus, son of Chaos, brother represented as a winged youth.

HESPERUS, hes' per-us, a son of Aurora,

of Nox, the god of darkness, also the CORYBANTES, kor-i-ban'tes, priests of

or of Atlas, turned into a star. lower world. Cybele or Rhea, in Phrygia, who wor.

HIPPOCRENE, hip-po-krē'nē, a fountain EUPHROSYNE, Ü-fros'i-në, one of the shipped her with wild dances to the sound

near Mount Helicon, sacred to the Muses, Graces.

and said to have been produced by a of cymbals.

EUROPA, û-ro'pa, the daughter of AgeCREŠUS, krē'sus, a king of Lydia, of

stroke of the hoof of the winged horse nor, carried off by Jupiter into Crete

Pegasus. boundless wealth.

under the form of a white bull. The CUPID, kü'pid, the Greek EROS, the god

HORÆ, ho'rē, the Hours, daughters of Jucontinent of Europe was named after of love, son of Venus, represented as a

piter and Themis. They controlled the mischievous boy with arrows, which he

changes of the seasons, and kept watch EURUS, 'rus, the east wind,

at the gates of Olympus. aims at gods and men alike.

EURYDICE, ū-rid'i-sē, the wife of OrCYBELE, sib'e-lē, a goddess originally

HYACINTHUS, hi-a-sin'thus, a beautiful pheus. When she died, he followed her Phrygian, worshipped at Rome also as

lad, beloved by Apollo, and accidentally to Hades, and by the charms of his lyre

killed by a blow from his quoit. From Ops.

won her back from Pluto on condition CYNTHIA, sin'thi-a, Diana, so called from

his blood sprang the flower that bears his that he would not look back at her upon Mount Cynthos, in Delos, her birthplace.

dame. the way. This his love made him forget, CYTHEREA, sith-er-ē'a, Venus, so called

HYBLA, hib'la, a town in Sicily, the neighand she returned to the lower world. from the island of Cythera, where she

borhood of which was celebrated for its EUTERPE, ū-ter'pē, the Muse of lyric was worshipped.

honey. DÆDALUS, dē'da-lus, the builder of the

poetry and music.

HYDRA, hi'dra, a water-serpent with fifty FÅTES, three goddesses who determined Cretan labyrinth, who was shut up by

heads, killed by Hercules near the LerMinos, but escaped by means of artificial

the birth, life, and death of man-Clotho, nean lake.
Lachesis, and Atropos.

HYGEIA, hi-je'i-a, the goddess of health,
DAMOCLES, dam'o-klēz, a flatterer of the
FLORA, Ao'ra, the Roman goddess of daughter of Æsculapius.

HYMEN, bi'men, the god of marriage. tyrant Dionysius. Having lauded high

flowers. ly the happiness of kings, he had his

FURIES, three goddesses of vengeance HYMETTUS, hi-met'tus, a mountain near
Alecto, Megæra, and Tisiphone.

Athens, famed for its honey and its marviews altered on finding a keen-edged

ble. sword suspended by a single horse-hair | GANYMEDE, gan'i-mēd, son of Tros, for

HYPERION, hip-e-ri'on, a Titan, son of over his head, as he sat at a banquet.

his beauty carried off from Mount Ida DAMON, dā'mon, and PHINTIAS, fin'ti by the eagle of Jupiter to be the cup

Uranus (Heaven) and Gaja (the Earth), bearer of the gods. as, two noble Pythagoreans of Syracuse,

father of the Sun. | GERYON, gē'ri-on, a giant king in Spain, remembered as models of faithful friend

IACCHUS, i-ak'us, a name of Bacchus. ship.

whose oxen were carried off by Hercules. IDA, i'da, a mountain in Crete, also a DANAE, dan'a-ē, the mother of Perseus GLAUCUS, glaw'kus, a fisherman who mountain-range near Troy. by Jupiter, visited by the god in a was changed into a sea-god.

IDALIA, I-dā'li-a, a surname of Venus, de

rived from the town of Idalium in Cyprus, GORGONS, gorgons, three female monshower of gold, when immured in a tower by her father's order.

sters, who turned all they looked upon sacred to her. DAPHNE, daf'nē, a nymph beloved by Ap into stone-Medusa, Euryale, and Stheno. ILIUM, il'i-um, a poetical name for Troy. pollo, and turned into a laurel-tree.

GRACES, three attendants of Venus, of 10, 1'o, daughter of a king of Argos, loved DEJANIRA, dej-a-ni'ra, wife of Hercules. great beanty-Aglaia, Thalia, and Eu by Jupiter, and, through fear of Juno, Having unwittingly caused his death, phrosyne.

changed into a cow. Juno now tormented she killed herself.

HEBE, "hê'bē, the goddess of youth, daugh her with a gadfly, and she fled from land DELOS, dē'los, the smallest of the Cy.

ter of Juno, cup-bearer to the gods, and to land, swimming the Bosporus (**oxclades, a floating island, until Jupiter

wife of Hercules after he was deified. ford"), and at length finding rest in made it stationary, in order to be a safe HECATE, hek'a-tē or hek'at, a goddess Egypt, where she recovered humau form, resting-place for Latona, and the birth often identified with Diana on earth,

and was worshipped as Isis. place of Apollo and Diana. Luna in heaven, and Proserpine in the

IPHIGENIA, if-i-jen-i'a, daughter of AgaDELPHI, del'fi, a small town in Phnocis, lower world, and therefore represented

memnon. She was to be sacrificed in the Pytho of Homer, celebrated for its with three heads.

expiation for an offence of her father oracle of Apollo.

HECTOR, hek'tor, the son of Priam, king against Diana, but was spared by the DEUCALION, dū-kā'li-on, son of Pro of Troy, and husband of Andromache; goddess, who put a hart in her place.

metheus, with his wife Pyrrha, the sole the bravest of the Trojans, slain, and IRIS, i'ris, the swift-footed messenger of I survivor of the deluge.

dragged three times round the walls of the gods, the personification of the rain. DIANA, di-ā'na, twin-sister of Apollo, the Troy, by Achilles.

bow. virgin goddess of the moon and of hunt- HECŮBÅ, hek'ü-ba, wife of Priam, and

ISIS, T'sis, an Egyptian goddess, by the ing, identified by the Romans with the mother of Hector, noted for her misfor

Greeks identified both with Demeter and Greek Artemis. tupes after the fall of Troy.

with Io. DIDO, di'do, daughter of the Tyrian king HELENA, hel'e-na, daughter of Jupiter IXION, iksIon, the son of a king of Thes

Belus, and the reputed foundress of and Leda, sister of Castor, Pollux, and saly, was chained, for an offence against Carthage. She fell in love with Æneas, Clytemnestra, wife of Menelaus, and the Juno, to a constantly revolving wheel. the Trojan hero, but not finding her love greatest beauty of her day. She caused JANUS, jā'nus, the Roman sun-god, having returned, killed herself.

the Trojan war by eloping with Paris, a face on the front, and another at the DIONYSUS, di-on-i'sus, the Greek Bac son of Priam, king of Troy.

back, of his head. His temple in the Fochus.

HELENUS, hel'e-nus, a celebrated sooth rum had two doors opposite each other, DODONA, do-do'na, a city of Epirus,' sayer, son of Priam, king of Troy.

which in time of war were open, and in





time of peace were shut. The latter | Crete, made after death a judge in the they all flew, to afflict mankind, while happened only thrice in Roman history. | infernal regions.

nothing remained but Hope. JASON, jā'son, the leader of the Argonauts, MNEMOSYNE, nē-mos’i-nē, the mother of PARCÆ, par'sē, the Fates. brought the Golden Fleece from Colchis, the Muses.

PARIS, par'is, son of Priam, king of Troy. with the help of Medea, whom he married. MOMUS, mo'mus, the god of mockery and Brought up as a shepherd on Mount Ida, JUNO, jū'no, the Greek Hera, daughter of


there he decided the dispute as to their Saturn, sister and wife of Jupiter, and

MORPHEUS, mor fe-us, the god of dreams. beauty between Juno, Minerva, and Ve. protecting goddess of women.

MUSES, daughters of Jupiter and Mnemos nus, in favor of the last, who promised JUPITER, jūpi-ter, the chief god among

yne. They were CALLIOPE, the Muse of him Helen, wife of Menelaus, and the the Romans, son of Saturn, and husband

epic poetry ; CLIO, of history ; ERATO, of fairest of women. His carrying her off of Juno ; corresponding to the Greek

amatory poetry ; THALIA, of comedy ; caused the Trojan war, in which he was

MELPOMENE, of tragedy; TERPSICHORE, of slain. : LACHESIS, lak'e-sis, the one of the Fates

dancing; EUTERPE, of lyric poetry; POLY- PARNASSUS, par-nas'sus, a mountain in who determined the lot of life.

HYMNIA, of lyric poetry and eloquence ; Greece sacred to Apollo and the Muses. LAOCOON, larok'o-on, a Trojan, priest of

and URANIA, of astronomy.

PATROCLUS, pa-trok'lus, the dearest NARCISSUS, nar-sis'us, a beautiful youth friend of Achilles, rashly challenged Apollo, killed, together with his two sons,

who fell in love with his own image re Hector before Troy, and was killed by at the altar by serpents. LAODAMIA, lå-o-dam-i'a, wife of Protesi

flected in a well, and pined away until he

was changed into the flower that bears PEGASUS, peg'a-sus, a winged horse which laus. Her husband was killed by Hector his name.

sprang from the blood of Medusa, bore before Troy, and she prayed the gods to

sto | NAUSICAA, nå-sik'a-d, the daughter of Bellerophon in his struggle with the give him to her for but three hours. The

King Alcinous. When playing at ball Chimæra, then flew upwards to heaven, request was granted, and when the time

with her maidens on the shore, she found He is called the horse of the Muses. expired, she died with bim.

the shipwrecked Ulysses, and conducted PELOPS, pē'lops,son of Tantalus,and father LATONA, la-to'na, the mother of Apollo

him to her father's court.

of Atreus. When a child, he was served and Diana.

NEMÆAN LION, ne-mē'an, a lion in the LEANDER, le-an'der, a youth of Abydos,

up as food to the gods, but was recalled wood of Nemæa, which was destroyed by to life by Jupiter. He became king of who swam across the Hellespont every Hercules.

Elis, and was so powerful that he gave night to visit Hero of Sestos, until he

| NEPTUNE, nep'tun, the Poseidon of the his name to the whole Greek peninsula. was drowned in a storm,

Greeks, brother of Jupiter, and chief god | PENELOPE, pe-pelo-pē, the wife of LEDA, lē'da, the wife of Tyndarus, king of

of the sea.

Ulysses, celebrated for her constancy Laconia, visited by Jupiter in the form

| NESTOR, nes'tor, an aged king of Pylos, during his twenty years' absence. She of a swan. By bini, she was the mother

famous among the Greeks before Troy put off her importunate suitors by prom of Pollux and Helen ; by her husband, of!

for his eloquence, wisdom, and foresight, ising to marry when she had finished a Castor and Clytemnestra.

VIOBE, ni'o-bē, the wife of Amphion, king web she was weaving; but what was LUCRETIA, 100-krēsh'i-a, the wife of Col of Thebes. Having boasted that she had woven during the day, she undid at

latinus. When dishonored by Sextus more children than Latona, her seven night. Tarquinius, she killed herself, and thus

sons and seven daughters were killed by PERSEUS, per'sûs, a son of Jupiter, cut of became the immediate cause of the ex Apollo and Diana, and she wept for them the head of Medusa, and saved Androm pulsion of the Tarquins from Rome. until she was turned into stone.

eda from a terrible sea-monster. LUNA, lū'na, the moon-goddess, the Greek NOX, noks, night, the daughter of Chaos. PHAETON, fa'e-thon, a son of Sol. Having Selene.

NUMA, nū'ma, the second king of Rome, obtained leave to drive the chariot of the MARS, mårz, an old Roman god of war,

who organized the whole religious ritual sun for one day, he upset it, and was son of Jupiter and Juno; the Greek Ares. of the state.

burled by a thunder-bolt from Jupiter MARSYAS, mar' si-as, a satyr who chal EDIPUS, ē'di-pus, a king of Thebes who into the river Po.

lenged Apollo to a musical contest, with solved the Sphinx's riddle, whereupon PHILOMELA, fil-o-me'la, a daughter of the Muses as judges, and who was flayed she killed herself.

Pandion, king of Athens, changed into alive for his temerity.

ENONE, é-no'ne, a nymph of Mount Ida, a nightingale. MEDEA, me-dē'a, daughter of a king of beloved by Paris while yet a shepherd PHLEGETĦON, fleg'e-thon, a river of fire

Colchis. She assisted Jason to obtain OLYMPUS, o-lim'pus, a mountain on the in the lower world. the Golden Fleece, afterwards became his borders of Thessaly and Macedonia, the PHEBE, fē'bē, a name of Artemis or Diana, wife, and, when deserted by him for anseat of the gods.

as the goddess of the moon, it being recier, destroyed her rival and her own OMPHALE, om'fa-lē, a Lydian queen whom garded as the sister of Phoebus or the hildren by Jason, and fled to Athens.

Hercules served as a slave for a short | Sun. MEDUSA, me-dū'sa, one of the Gorgons, time. She would amuse herself by wear. PHEBUS, fēbus, a name of Apollo as god killed by Perseus.

ing his lion's skin and cai.ying his club, of the sun. MEGÆRÅ, me-gē'ra, one of the Furies, while Hercules donned woman's dress PHOSPHORUS, fos'for-us, the Greek name MELIBEUS, mel-i-bē'us, the game of a and spun wool.

of Lucifer, the morning star, shepherd.

OPS, the wife of Saturn, the Roman god PIERIA, pī-êr'i-a, a district in the north MELPOMENE, mel-pom'e-nė, the Muse of dess of plenty and patroness of hus of Greece, one of the earliest seats of the tragedy. bandry.

worship of the Muses, who are often MEMNON, mem'non, a son of Aurora, and ORESTÈS, O-res'tëz, son of Agamemnon. styled Fierides.

king of Æthiopia, who went to aid the He avenged his father's murder by slay PLUTO, plū'to, the king of the lower world, Trojans, was slain by Achilles, and, on ing his mother Clytemnestra, and her brother of Jupiter and Neptune. the funeral pyre, changed, by bis mother, paramour Ægisthus.

PLUTUS, plū'tus, the god of riches. into a bird. His marble statue at The ORION, O-ri'on, a celebrated giant and POLLUX.“ See CASTOR. bes, when touched by the first rays of hunter, who at his death was turned into POLYHYMNIA, pol-1-him'ni-a, the Muse of the sun, gave forth a sound like a lute a constellation,

lyric poetry and eloquence. string.

ORPHEUS, or'fus, a Thracian poet who POLYPHEMUS, pol-i-fé'mus, a one-eyed MENTOR, men'tor, the faithful friend of moved rocks and tamed wild beasts by Cyclops in Sicily, who was blinded by Ulysses. the music of his lyre.

Ulysses while he was sleeping, after MERCURY, mer'kū-ri, son of Jupiter and OSIRIS, 0-si' ris, the chief Egyptian deity, having devoured many of the companions

Maia, a Roman god of commerce and I husband of Isis, and the first to introduce of the latter. gain, messenger of the gods ; identified civilization into Egypt.

POMONA, po-mona, the goddess of fruit. with the Greek Hermes.

PACTOLUS, pak-to'lus, a river in Lydia, POSEIDON, po-si'dòn, the Greek god of MIDAS, mi'das, a Phrygian king who re said to bring down golden sands, from the sea, identical with the Roman Nep ceived from Bacchus the power of turn. | Midas having washed in it.

tune. ing everything he touched to gold. Even PÆAN, pē'an, a name of Apollo as the PRIAM, pri'am, the last king of Troy, slain his food turning to gold, he escaped star healer.

by Pyrrhus. vation only by washing in the Pactolus. PALLAS, pal'las, the same as ATHENA. PRIAPUS, pri-a'pus, son of Bacchus and He decided in favor of Pan, a musical PAN, an Arcadian pastoral god, inventor Venus, the god of fruitfulness, of gar contest between him and Apollo, who, in of the shepherd's flute.

dens, etc. revenge, gave Midas an ass's ears.

PANDORA, pan-do'ra, the first woman, PROMETHEUS, pro-mē'thûs, son of LapeMINERVA, min-erva, the Roman goddess made by Vulcan by command of Jupiter. tus, and father of Deucalion. He made a

of wisdom, identical with the Greek Pal. She brought with her from heaven a box man of clay, and put life into him by las Athene.

containing all human ills, which feminine fire stolen from heaven. For this, VINOS, mi'nos, a king and lawgiver of curiosity made her open, and out of it Jupiter chained him to a rock, where a 506


vulture preyed coatinually upon his liver, SERAPIS, se-ra'pis, an Egyptian divinity. | TIMOTHEUS, ti-mo'the-nas, a celebrated

until he was delivered by Hercules. SILENUS, si-le’nus, the companion of musician of Miletus. PROSERPINE, pros'er-pin, daughter of Bacchus, represented as being usually TIRESIAS, tî-ré'si-as, a blind soothsayer

Jupiter and Ceres, carried off by Pluto, drunk, and seated on an ass. When of Thebes.

and made queen of the lower regions. drunk or asleep he would prophesy, if TISIPHONE, ti-sif'o-ne, one of the Furies. PROTEUS, pro'te-us,a sea-god who assumed surrounded by a chain of flowers.

TITANS, titans, the sons of Titan, helped any form he pleased. He tended the SINON, si' non, a Greek who allowed him their father against Jupiter, but were seals or sea-calves of Neptune.

self to be taken prisoner by the Trojans, overthrown. PSYCHE, s'ke, a nymph beloved by Cupid. and persuaded them to admit within TITHONUS, tith-o'nus, the mortal hus. PYGMALION, pig-mali-on, a king of Cy. their city the wooden horse, which was band of Aurora, endowed by her with prus who fell in love with the image of filled with Greek warriors.

immortality, but not eternal youth. In à maiden which he himself had made. SISYPHUS, sis'i-fus, a wicked king of & decrepit old age his immortality beVenus changed it into a woman, whom Corinth, who was punished in the lower came a burden to him, and he was he married.

world by having to roll to the top of a changed into a grasshopper. PYRAMUS, pir'a-mus, the devoted lover hill a stone which constantly rolled back | TITYRUS, tit'i-rus, the name of a shepof Thisbe. Supposing her to be dead, he again,

herd. stabbed himself under a mulberry tree, | SOL, the ancient Italian god of the sun, TROILUS, tro'i-lus, & son of Priam, king PYTHON, pi'thon, a serpent killed near later identified with the Greek Helios, of Troy, slain by Achilles.

Delphi by Apollo, who founded the Py hence often called Titan or Phoebus by TROPHONIUS, trof-o'ni-us, the builder, thian games to commemorate the victory. the poets.

along with his brother Agamedes, of REMUS, rē'mus, twin-brother of Romulus, SOMNUS, som'nus, the god of sleep, said the temple of Apollo at Delphi. Deified

killed by him for laughing et his infant to be son of Night and brother of Death. after his death, he imparted oracles in walls.

STYX, stiks, a river of the lower world, a cave in Boeotia. RHADAMANTHUS, rad-a-mad'thus, one of across which the shades of the departed TROY, a city of Asia Minor, destroyed by the judges in the lower world. were ferried.

the Greeks after a siege of ten years. ROMULUS, rom'yoo - lus, the mythical TANTALUS, tan'ta-lus, & SOD of Jupiter, See HELENA.

founder of Rome, son of Mars. by Rhea for divulging his father's secrets, was | TYRTÆUS, tir-te'us, a lame schoolmaster, Silvia, exposed at birth in a cradle on made to stand up to his chin in water, sent by Athens to Sparta in answer to the Tiber, and miraculously suckled by with branches of fruit hung over his an appeal for aid, and who, by his ina she-woli.

head, the water receding when be wished i spiriting martial lyrics, led the Spartans RUBICO (Eng. RUBICON, roob'i-kon), a to drink, and the fruit when he desired on to victory. small stream on the east coast of Italy, to eat.

ULYSSES, A-lis'êz, a king of Ithaca, the boundary between Italy and Cisal- | TARPEIAN ROCK, tar-pran rok, on the famed for his craft and eloquence. His pine Gaul. It was thus the limit of Cæ Capitoline hill at Rome, over which wanderings for ten years, over many sar's province, and his crossing it at the 1 criminals were thrown,

lands and seas, on his way home from head of his army at the commencement TELEMACHUS, te-lem's-kus, the son of Troy, form the subject of the Odyssey. of the civil war was tantamount to bid Ulysses and Penelope, left Ithaca to URANIA, O-rā'ni-a, tbe Muse of astron

ding defiance to the laws of the republic. search for his father, and found him at omy. SARDANAPALUS, sar dan-a-palus, king home on his retura,

VACUNA, Va-ku'na, the goddess of rural of Nineveh, noted for his licentiousness TERMIN US, ter'min-us, the god who leisure. and effeminacy. When hopelessly de guarded boundaries,

VENUS, věnus, the goddess of love and feated, he burned himself together with TERPSICHORE, terpsiko-rë, the Muse of beauty. all his treasures.


VERTUMNUS, ver-tum'mus, the god of the SATURN, sat'urn, an old Roman divinity, THALIA, thala, the Muse of comedy, seasons. the god of agriculture and civilization, THERSITES, ther-si'tes, & Greek before VESPER, ves' per, the same as Hesperus. identified by the Romans with the Greek Troy famous for his ugliness and scurl VESTA, ves'ta, daughter of Saturn, god. Cronos, and thus the father of Jupiter, rility, killed by Achilles.

dess of the household fire and of doby whom he was detbroned,

THESEUS, the'sus, the great legendary mestic life. Her priestesses took an SCYLLA, silla, a rock between Italy and bero of Attica, wbo killed the Minotaur, oath of virginity, and were charged to

Sicily, opposite Charybdis, very danger. and performed various other famous ex keep the sacred fire burning. ous to passing ships. It was the haunt ploits.

VIRGINIA, vir-jin'i-d, a Roman girl whom of Scylla, a fearful monster,

THESPIS, thes' pis, the founder of Greek her father Virginius stabbed to death, BEMELE, sem'e-le, the mother, by Jupiter, tragedy.

to save her from the lust of the decemvir of Bacchus

THETIS, the'tis, Neraid, mother of Appius Claudius. This led to the expulNEMIRAMIS, sem-tra-mois, with her hus Achilles

sion of the decemvirs. band Nians, tbe mythical founder of THISBE, this bo, & Babylontan maiden VULCAN, vulkan, the Roman god of fire, Nineveh. She was distinguaiabed for her who killed herself beside tibe body of son of Jupiter and Juno, confounded personal prowess; and after the death her lover Pyramus

with the Greek Hephaistos.. of Ninus the reigned alone with great TIMON, 'mon, s elebrated paisanthrope ZEPHYRUS, zef'i-rus, the west wina. glory,

I ZEUS, Å'us. the Greek name of Jupiter,

of Athena

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