The Journal [afterw.] The Madras journal of literature and science, ed. by J.C. Morris, Volumes 19-20

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Page 194 - Then spring the living Herbs, profusely wild, O'er all the deep green earth, beyond the power Of Botanist to number up their tribes : Whether he steals along the lonely Dale, In silent search ; or through the Forest, rank With what the dull incurious Weeds account, Bursts his blind way ; or climbs the mountain Rock, Fired by the nodding Verdure of its brow.
Page 32 - And he set a graven image of the grove that he had made in the house, of which the LORD said to David, and to Solomon his son, In this house, and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all tribes of Israel, will I put my name for ever...
Page 138 - ... whose means of locomotion are domestic animals ; for it is well known that the bite of this poisonous insect is certain death to the ox, horse, and dog. In this journey, though we were not aware of any great number having- at any time lighted on our cattle, we lost forty-three fine oxen by its bite. We watched the animals carefully, and believe that not a score of flies were ever upon them. " A most remarkable feature in the bite of the tsetse is its perfect harmlessness in man and wild animals,...
Page 200 - Indigo also, of excellent quality and in large quantities, is made here. They procure it from an herbaceous plant, which is taken up by the roots and put into tubs of water, where it is suffered to remain till it rots; when they press out the juice. This, upon being exposed to the sun, and evaporated, leaves a kind of paste, which is cut into small pieces of the form in which we see it brought to us.
Page 139 - The previously shrunken belly swells out, and if left undisturbed, the fly quietly departs when it is full. A slight itching irritation follows, but not more than in the bite of a mosquito. In the ox this same bite produces no more immediate effects than in man.
Page 139 - ... the animal, no longer able to graze, perishes in a state of extreme exhaustion. Those which are in good condition often perish soon after the bite is inflicted with staggering and blindness, as if the brain were affected by it. Sudden changes of temperature produced by falls of rain, seem to hasten the progress of the complaint ; but in general the emaciation goes on uninterruptedly for months, and, do what we will, the poor animals perish miserably. " When opened, the cellular tissue on the...
Page 102 - ... germ of life with them out of the ovary ; whilst otherwise it would be inexplicable and incredible. Thus the queen has it in her power to deposit an egg just as it comes from the ovary, and as the unfecundated mothers lay it ; or by the action of the seminal receptacle, past which it must glide, to invest it with a higher degree, a higher potency, of fertility and awaken in it the germ of a more perfect being, namely a queen or a worker bee.
Page 212 - There is another sort, which all People by the King's Permission may and do make. The shape is like a fish-hook, they stamp what mark or impression on it they please. The Silver is purely fine beyond pieces of Eight. For if any suspect the goodness of the Plate, it is the Custom to burn the Money in the fire red hot, and so put it in water : and if it be not then purely white, it is not Currant Money.
Page 79 - Tubingre, 1815), who assumes that this poison acts in the first place on the spinal marrow. Now this point fixed, the further question arises, whether the other symptoms mentioned, viz. the paralysis of the voluntary and reflex movements, and the loss of the irritability of the muscles and nerves, are only the results of the paralysis of the heart, or must be attributed to a specific action of the Antiar. For the elucidation of this question, I found it necessary to study the consequences of the...
Page 91 - ... is most liable to rupture. Large pearls often work their way out of the mantle, and lie loose between it and the shell, or. become attached to the surface of the latter. They have even been found outside the shell .altogether, entangled amongst the strands of the byssus.

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