The Army of the Roman Republic

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Ashgate, 2006 - 540 pages
Contents: Introdution. PART I: THE EARLIEST ROMAN ARMY: The military indebtedness of early Rome to the Etruscans, E. McCartney; The legion and the centuriate assembly, G.V. Sumner; The introduction of Hoplite tactics at Rome, M.P. Nilsson. PART II: THE ARMY AND THE GROWTH OF EMPIRE: Literary sources for the pre-Marian Roman army, Elizabeth Rawson; The principes and the so-called Camillan reforms, M.C.J. Miller; Roman military forces in 223 B.C. (Polybius 2.23-4), D.W. Baronowski; The battle of Pydna, N.G.L. Hammond; The Roman general's authority over Booty, Israel Schatzman. PART III: THE ARMY AND THE END OF THE REPUBLIC: Pilum, gladius, and pugio in the late Republic, P. Connolly; Studies on Caesar's use of cavalry, Pierre F. Cagniart; The army and the land in the Roman revolution, Peter A. Brunt; The supposed manpower shortage of the later second century B.C., John Rich; The Jugurthine war: was Marius or Metellus the real victor?, M. Holroyd; Caesar and the mutiny of 47 B.C., Stefan Chrissanthos. PART IV: STRATEGY AND TACTICS: Polybius, Livy, and the 'Fabian strategy,' Paul Erdcamp; Strategy and politics in Caesar's Spanish campaign, 49 B.C.: variation on a theme by Clausewitz, Pierre F. Cagniart; Roman republican heavy infantrymen in battle (IV-II centuries BC), Alexander Zhmodikov; The Roman cohort tactics-problem of development, I. Kertisz; Tactical reform in the Roman republican army, M.J.V. Bell. PART V: EQUIPMENT, TRAINING, AND THE EXPERIENCE OF BATTLE: The five standards of the pre-Marian legion. A note on the early plebeian militaria, Dusanic Slobodan and Zarko Petkovic; Roman republican training equipment: form, function and the mock battle, I.P. Stephenson; The homogenisation of military equipment under the Roman republic, Michael T. Burns; The face of Roman battle, Philip Sabin; The reality of Cannae, M. Samuels; Single combat in the Roman republic, Stephen P. Oakley; Two Caesarian battle-descriptions: a study in contrast, Robert D. Brown; Caesar's battle-descriptions and the defeat of Ariovistus, C. Pelling.

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