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Of the Presbytery of Oneida.
Rev. Andrew Oliver, Mr. William Williams,
Eli F. Cooley,

Dan Chapman, Elders.

Of Columbia.
Rev. Samuel Blatchford, D. D. Mr. Daniel Sayre,
Nathaniel S. Prime.

Of Albany.
Rev. Eliphalet Nott, D. D. Mr. Nehemiah Bassett,
William Neill, D. D.

Of Londonderry.
Rev. Ephraim P. Bradford.

Of Hudson.
Rev. Artemas Dean,

Mr. Adam Millspaugh,
Isaac Van Doren,

Abm. G. Blauvelt, Ezra Fisk,

Daniel Bailey,

Of New York.
Rev. John B. Romeyn, D. D. Dr. John R. B. Rodgers,
Philip M. Whelpley,

Mr. Zechariah Lewis,
Mattw. L. R. Perrine.

of Long Island.
Rev. Zachariah Greene.

Of Jersey
Rev. Cyrus Gildersleeve, Mr. Ebenezer Fairchild,
Henry Cook,

Peter A. Johnson,

Amos Harrison,
Wm. A. M.Dowell.

Of New Brunswick.
Rev. John Woodhull, D. D*, Mr. Samuel Holcomb,
Leverett I. F. Huntington,

William Kennedy,
Joseph Shafer,

Benjamin Haydent, Robert Finley,

Samuel Bayard$, Ashbel Green, D. Dt. John Annint,

* Succeeded by the Rev. George S. Woodhull on the
6th. day of the sessions.

+ Took their seats on the 5th.
# Ditto, on the 2d.
9 Ditto, on the 4th.

Elias Riggs,

Of the Presbytery of Philadelphia.
Rev. George C. Potts, Mr. James Stuartt,
William Latta*,

Joseph Montgomery,
James P. Wilson, D.D. Thomas Latimer,
William Dunlap,

John M'Mullin,
Ezra S. Elyt

Robert Smith, Elders.

Of New Castle
Rev. John B. Slemons, Mr. Leonard Vandegrift.
John E. Lattas;

Dr. John S. Martin,
Stephen Boyer,

Mr. Wm. P. Beattytt,
Samuel Bells,

Robert Evansit,
Samuel Parke**.

Of Carlisle.
Rev. Robert Cathcart,
James Buchanang.

Of Baltimore.
Rev. Thomas L. Birch, Mr. James Irvine, Elder.

Thomas C. Searle,
John Brackenridge.

Of Northumberland.
Rev. Samuel Henderson.

* Succeeded by Rev. Jacob 7. Janeway, D. D. on the 7th. day of the sessions.

Succeeded by Rev. George W. Fanvier, on the 2d. who resigned his seat on the 5th. day of the sessions to Rev. Ezra S. Ely.

$ Succeeded by Mr. John W. Scott, on the 5th. day of the sessions.

Succeeded by Rev. James Magraw, on the 4th. day of the sessions, who on the 9th. resigned his seat to the Rev. John E. Latta.

I Succeeded by Rev. John Burton, on the 4th day of the sessions.

** Succeeded by Rev. John D. Perkins, on the 5th. day of the sessions. #1 Took their seats on the 4th. day of the sessions.

Took his seat on the 2d. day of the sessions, and was succeeded on the 4th. by Reu. Alexander Boyd.

II Succeeded by Rev. Asa Dunham, on the 6th.

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Of the Presbytery of Huntingdon.
Rev. John Coulter.

of Redstone.
Rev. William Swan,
Robert Patterson.

Of Erie.
Rev. Samuel Tait.

Of Lancaster.
Rev. Thomas D. Baird,

Of Grand River.
Rev. John Seward.

Of Hartford.
Rev. Joshua Beer.

Of Ohio.
Rev. James Hervey,

Mr. Obadiah Jennings.

Of Winchester.
Rev. Samuel B. Wilson, Mr. John Mark, Elder.
Samuel D. Hoge*.

Of Hanover.
Rev. John H. Rice,

Mr. William Baird,
Benjamin H. Rice.

Of Lexington.
Rev. Robert H. Anderson,
Robert Logan.

Of Washington.
Rev. James Hoget.

Of West Lexington.
Rev. James Blythe, D. D.

Of Orange.
Rev. Robert H. Chapman, D. DĚ.

Of Concord.
Rev. James Hall. D. D.

* Succeeded by the Rev. John B. Hoge, on the 7th. day of the sessions.

Took his seat, on the 3d. day of the sessions. # Took his seat on the 10th day of the sessions.

of the Presbytery of Transylvania. Rev. Samuel B. Robertson, Mr. James C. Barnes,

Elder. Of Harmony. Rev. John R. Thompson, D. D*.

Of Muhlenberg Rev. Daniel Comfort.

Of Miami. Rev. James Kemper.

The following delegates from the different Associations connected with this Assembly also attended ; and having produced certificates of their appointment, they took their seats as members : viz. Of the General Association of the State of Connecticut, Rev. John Marsh, D.D.

Jonathan Miller,
Daniel Smith.

Of Massachusetts Proper,
Rev. Samuel Spring, D. D.
Timothy M. Cooley.

Of New Hampshire,
Rev. Ephraim P. Bradford.

of the General Convention of Vermont, Rev. Silvester Sage. The Assembly proceeded to the choice of a Moderator and temporary Clerk ; and the Rev. James Blythe, D. D. was chosen Moderator, and the Rev. Robert Cathcart, temporary Clerk.

The following delegates were duly chosen to attend the different Associations connected with this Assembly: viz. Rev. James P. Wilson, D. D.

Eli F. Cooley, and

Cyrus Gildersleeve, to attend the next meeting of the General Association of Connecticut.

* Took his seat on the 2d. day of the sessions.

Rev. Eli F. Cooley and Rev. Cyrus Gildersleeve, to attend the next meeting of the General Association of Massachusetts Proper.

Rev. William A. M Dowell, to attend the next meeting of the General Association of New Hampshire, and the next meeting of the General Convention of Vermont.

Resolved, That the Assembly, and such persons as may choose to unite with them, will spend a part of next wednesday evening, in this church, in special prayer and other religious exercises; and that Drs. Wilson, Neill and Rodgers, be a committee to make arrangements for the occasion, and to designate persons to lead in the exercises.

The concert of prayer was held accordingly, and the audience was solemn and unusually large.

Resolved, That a free conversation on the state of religion be the order of the day for next Monday.

A connected Narrative of the state of Religion was read ; and, being amended, was adopted, and is as follows :

The General Assembly in giving to the churches under their care a detailed account of the state and prosperity of Zion find themselves affected by mingled emotions, in which joy and gratitude have the ascendency. A view of the operations of Divine grace in our churches during the past year, clearly demonstrates, not only that God is “ever mindful of his covenant with his people, that he will not forever hide his face from the children of his love, but also, that “the time,even the set time to favour many parts of the American Zion has now come.” If, when receiving a particular account of God's dealings with his people, we find, in some instances, that “ iniquity abounds, and the love of some who have professed to serve the Lord, has waxed cold; that stupidity, luke-warmness, deadness, or vice, have paralyzed the arm of religious exertion, or stopped the pulse of religious feeling ;" the General Assembly feel thankful to the great head of the church, that they are soon relieved from dwelling on these dark and depressing scenes. A brighter and more animating state of affairs soon rises to notice. Instances, in which “ the

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