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An excellent read. Well researched, easy to follow the clear arguments. Difficult to challenge on a factual basis, thus it is attacked by those without argument for being "bad". No examples of anything wrong, just an admonition not to read it.
When your critics are unable to be specific but must post the same negative review multiple times to just sway the review stats, that should tell you something about how fascist the reviewers are. Of course we must remember that they are doing it for "the Children".

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Pure Awesome.

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A real eye-opener. Liberals call conservatives racist but history shows, it is liberals who are racist and have always been. The chapter on JFK enlightened me, I was just a toddler when he was President, amazing the difference of what we have been told and what this book says. I no longer think of JFK in the same way that I used to or the way my parents did.  

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