The poetical works of Robert Bloomfield

Front Cover
Knight, 1855 - 284 pages

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Page 15 - There thousands in a flock, for ever gay, Loud chirping sparrows welcome on the day, And from the mazes of the leafy thorn Drop one by one upon the bending corn. Giles with a pole assails their close retreats, And round the grass-grown dewy border beats ; On either side completely overspread, Here branches bend, there corn o'ertops his head.
Page xxxi - Refills the jug his honour'd host to tend, To serve at once the master and the friend ; Proud thus to meet his smiles, to share his tale, His nuts, his conversation, and his ale. Such were the days, — of days long past I sing, When Pride gave place to mirth without a sting...
Page 13 - THE FARMER'S life displays in every part A moral lesson to the sensual heart. Though in the lap of Plenty, thoughtful still, He looks beyond the present good or ill ; Nor estimates alone one blessing's worth, From changeful seasons, or capricious earth, But views the future with the present hours, And looks for failures as he looks for showers ; For casual as for certain want prepares...
Page 201 - I was one who rung out the dumb peal, For to us noble MORRIS was dead. He had not lost sight of his home, Yon domain that so lovely appears, When he heard it, and sunk overcome ; He could feel, and he burst into tears.
Page 9 - ... run many a chirping brood, Or down his path in expectation stand, With equal claims upon his strewing hand. Thus wastes the morn, till each with pleasure sees The bustle o'er, and press'd the new-made cheese.
Page 46 - Others, detach'd in ranges through the air, Spotless as snow, and countless as they're fair ; Scatter'd immensely wide from east to west, The beauteous 'semblance of a Flock at rest.
Page 5 - A fav'rite morsel with the rook and crow; From field to field the flock increasing goes ; To level crops most formidable foes : Their danger well the wary plunderers know, And place a watch on some conspicuous bough ; Yet oft the skulking gunner by surprise Will scatter death amongst them as they rise.
Page 46 - Low, on the utmost boundary of the sight, The rising vapours catch the silver light ; Thence fancy measures, as they parting fly, Which first will throw its shadow on the eye, Passing the source of light ; and thence away, Succeeded quick by brighter still than they. Far yet above these wafted clouds are seen (In a remoter sky, still more serene,) Others, detach'd in ranges through the air, Spotless as snow, and countless as they're fair...
Page 23 - Here once a year Distinction low'rs its crest, The master, servant, and the merry guest, Are equal all; and round the happy ring The reaper's eyes exulting glances fling, And, warm'd with gratitude, he quits his place, With sun-burnt hands and...
Page 7 - - he hears no more; For pigs, and ducks, and turkeys, throng the door, And sitting hens, for constant war prepared ; A concert strange to that which late he heard. Straight to the meadow then he whistling goes; With well-known halloo calls his lazy cows; Down the rich pasture heedlessly they graze, Or hear the...

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