A Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language: Abridged from the Octavo

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Bolles & Williams, 1846 - English language - 689 pages

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Page 220 - A single seed of corn; corn; the seed of any fruit; any minute particle; the smallest weight any thing proverbially small...
Page 231 - The muscle which by its contraction and dilation propels the blood through the course of circulation, and is (therefore considered as the source of vital motion ; the chief part, the vital part ; the inner part of any...
Page 179 - Exit, ks-t. n. the term set in the margin of plays to mark the time at which the player goes off; departure ; act of quitting the theatre of life ; passage out of any place, the way by which there is a passage ont.
Page 56 - Some-thing made to sleep on ; lodging ; marriage ; bank of earth raised in a garden ; the channel of a river, or any hollow...
Page 260 - Insects, which in their several changes belong to several of the before-mentioned divisions, may be considered together as one great tribe of animals. They are called insects, from a separation in the middle of their bodies, whereby they are...
Page 119 - A crank is the end of an iron axis turned square down, and again turned square to the first turning down ; any bending or winding passage , any conceit formed by twisting or changiug a word.
Page 151 - One that has taken the Highest degree in the faculties of divinity, law, or physick ; in some universities they have doctors of musick ; a physician, one who undertakes the cure of diseases.
Page 29 - ... is found to be equal to some quantity or quantities which are known, and consequently itself is known.
Page 503 - A stroke of lightning is a charge of electricity which passes with terrific force from one cloud to another, or from a cloud to the earth, or from the earth to a cloud.
Page 74 - The place on which the mark to be shot at is placed ; the point at which the endeavour is directed ; a man upon whom the company break their jests.

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