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2.Stand Modern C. Retreat Primitive Santo: According to the telare Casinos. 16:5: ce soitance of Faith, and

By William 112 Ist of the Gapel, and Master of Gir Cus Cojedeeia Cseriige.Price 4d.

Cos Sipi, 6 Cbrifix Strengte: Or, a PD cerery of the Mighey and Invincible

Power that all Believers Receive through the
Git of the Spirit. Firit held forth in Tow
Sermons 07 AES I. 8. and after Published for


se jo function and life of those that are

Spiritual, Anno 1645. By William Dell, Minifter of 'the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Price 6 d.

Academia Cæleftis : The Heavenly University : Or, the Higheit School, where alone is that Highest Teaching, the Teaching of the Heart. By Francis Rouse, sometime Provost of EatonColledge. A Treatise written above. Threescore Years since : The Third Edition, Revised and Compared with the Latin. Price bound 1 s.

Treatise of Fevers : In which is contain'd, a Description of the Nature of Fermentation together, with the Causes, Symptoms, and Cures of all Feavers. Written Originally in Latin by the Author of Riverius Reforraatus. Price Bound is.

The Writing Scholar's Companion : Or, Infallble Rules for Wricing True English with Ease and Certainty: Drawn from the Grounds and Reasons of the English Tongue. Comprehend. ing in a Full, Plain, and Exact Method what. ever is necessary to be observed in Writing True English. In Three Parts. Composed for the Benefit of all inch as are Industriously Ambitious of ro Commendable an Ornament, as Writing true Englith, is generally esteemed. Recommended especially to the Youth of both Sexes, and to be Taught in Schools. Price Bound 1 s.

A Diurnal Speculum : Containing, I. A plain and easie Method to find out those things that are most useful to be known Yearly: And may serve as an Akmanack for Thirty Years; and - many other things suitable to the Matteri II. An Explanation of Weights. Money, and Measures, both Scriptural and usual; with sundry Tables depending thereon, &c. II!. Some Re. marks on England; or a Prief Account of every


County, with the Names, and Days of the Mar. kets, and the Chief Commodities cherein, 8c The whole consisting of great Variety, explained by divers Examples, the like in all ParticuInrs, not extant; as by the Contents does more at large appear. Collected by F. Boeket. Price Bound 1 s. 6. d.

A few Queries relating to the Practice of Pby. fick, zitb Remarks upin some of them. Modestly Proposed to the Serious Consideration of Man kind, in order for their Information, how theira Lives and Healths, (which are lo neceffary, and therefore ought to be dear to them) may be better preserved. By H. Chamberlen, Physician in Ordinary to the Late King Charles the Second. Price Bound 1 so

Enchiridion Medicum Theoretico-Practicum; five Tractatus de Morborum, Theoria & Praxi: (Cui subnectitur Appendix de Lue Venerea) &c.. Per Fosepbi Fackson, Chimiatri. Pretium 2 s.

The Good House-Wife made & Doctor: Or, Healtb's Choice and Surė Friend. Being a plain way of Nature's own Prescribing, to Prevenx. and Cure most Diseases incident to Men, Women, and Children, by Diet and Kitchin-Physick only. With some Remarks on the Practice of Physick and Chymistry. By Thomas Tryen, Student in Phylick.' The Second Edition. To which is added, Some Observations on the tedi. ous Methods of enskilful Chyrurgions ;. with Cheap and Eafie Remedies. By the fame Author. Price Bound is. 68.

Where also may be had Bibles, Teftaments, Corcordances Spelling-Books, Primers, Hornbooks with Writing-Paper, l'aper-Bocks, och and Mrriage Cartificates on Parchemot, Stampi.

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