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ness of Flesh and Spirit, and hath the Holy Ghost in him to renew his Nature, and to conform him exactly to Christ's own Image, and to work him in this present World into the true Similitude of Heaven, and to be in him a Fountain of Water springing up unto EverLasting Life; what need hath he of cold Material Water to be poured on his Body, under the pretence of any Sign whatever, either of Moses and John, whenas, he hath the Truth, Substance, and Heavenly Thingit self?

Now this, it may be, may seem strange and dangerous to some of low, and fleshly, and customary Religion ; but let all such (if it be possible) consider, that where the Substance comes the Shadow is at an End, and the Ceremony where the Truth comes, and the Creature where God comes: And if they understand not this for the present, I hope they may understand it afterwards, for we speak not at uncertainties in this point, but what we have in some measure seen, and felt, and handled of the Word of Life, that we deliver to you, that ye may have fellowship with us; and truly our Fellowship is with the Father, and his Son Jesus Christ, thro' the Spirit.


Street, 1705.

N Apology for the True Christian Divi

A ,

Preached, by the People , called in Scorn Quakers ; Being a full Explanation and Vindication of their Principles and Doctrines, by many Arguments, deduced from Scripture and right Reason, and the Testimonies of Famous Auchors, both Ancient and Modern : With a full Answer to the strongest Objectiuns usually made against them. By Robert Barclay. The Fourth Edition in English. price Bound 46

Baptism and the Lord's Supper, Subftantially Allerted ; being an Apology in behalf of the People called Quakers, concerning those Two Heads. By Robert Barclay, price Bound 1 s.

A Catechism, and Confeffion of Faith. By 3 R. Barclay. price Bound 9 d.

The Delign of Christianity, Teftified, in the Books, Epistles, and Manuscripts, of that A11cient Faithful Servant of Christ Jesus, Fohn Crook, who departed this Life the 26th Day of the 2d Month, 1699. in the Eighty-second Year of bis Age. price 35. 6 d.

Robert Barclay's Apology in French,
Widian Penn's key in French. 4d.

A Collection of many Select and Chriftian
Epistles, Letters and Testimonies, written on
fundry Occalions, by that Ancient, Eminent,
Faithful Friend and Minister of Christ Jesus,
George Fox. The Second Volume.

The Works of the Long-Mournful and SorelyDiftreffed ljauc Pennington, whom the Lord iu his tender Mercy, ac leagch vfsited and relieved

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by the Ministry of that Despised People, called
Quakers; and in the Springings of that Light,
Life, and Holy Power in him, which they had
truly and faithfully Testified of, and dire&ed
his Mind to, were these things written, and are
new Published as a thankful Testimony of the
Goodness of the Lord to him, and for the benefit
of others. In Two Parts.
The Works of Samuel Fifper, in Folio.

1 The Works of that Memorable and Ancient Servant of Christ Stepban Crijp; containing allo

Journal of his Life, giving an Account of his Convincement, Travels, Labours and Sufferings in and for the Truth. price bound 5 s.

7 Truth's Innocency and Simplicity shining, through the Convertion, Gospel Ministry, Lao

T bours, Epiftles of Love, Testimonies and Warnings to Profeffor and Prophane (with the Long 2nd Patient Sufferings) of that Ancient and Faith ful Minister and Servant of Jesus Christ, Thomas It;br. price Bound 5 s.

The Memory of the Righteous Revived, being a Brief Collection of the Books and written Epiftles of Fobon Camm and Fobn Audland; together with several Testimonies relating to those tivo" faithful Labourers. price Bound 2 s.

A plaia Account of certain Christian Experiences, Laboars, Services and Sufferings of that Axier Servant, and Minister of Christ, Roger Heblen. Containing both Warning, Consolatiua and Instruction in Righteou'neís. Price Bound 15

Piety Promoted, in a Collection of the Dying Sayings of many of the People called Quae

With a brief Accuunt of some of their Labours in the Gospel, and Susserings for the fame: gol Torkies. price bound is.


The Chriftian Quaker, and his Divine Testi niony, stated and vindcated, from Scripture, Red son and Authority. By W. Penn. price Round 2 s.

Primitive Chriftianity Revived, in the Faith and Practice of the People called Quakers: Written in Teftimony to the present Dispensa tion of God, through them to the World, that Preju lices may be removed, the Simple informelis the Well-inclined encouraged, and the Truth and its Innocent Friends rightly represented By W. Penn. price Bound 1 s.

A Defence of a Paper, entituled, Gospel Trut's, against the Exceptions of the Bishop of Cork's Testimony (against the Quakers.) By Penn. price Bound 1 s.

A Brief Account of the Rise and Progress of the People called Quakers in which their Fundamental Principle, Doctrines, Worship, Ministry and Discipline, are plainly declared, to prevent the Mistakes and Perversions that Ignorance and Prejudice may make to Abuse the Credulous With a Summary Relation of the former Ditpensations of God in the World, by way of Intro duétion. By w. Penn. price Bound 1 so

An Account of w. Penn's Travels in Holland and Germany, for the Service of the Gospel of Chrift; by way of Journal. Containing also divers Letters and Epiftles, writ to several Great and Eminent Persons, whilst chere. The Second Impression. Corrested by the Author's own Copy ; with some Answers not before Printed. price Bound 2 se

God's Protesng Providence, Maa's Surest Help and Defence, in times of the greatest Difficulty, and most eminent Danger. Evidencd in the Remarkable Deliverance of Robert Barrow,


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with divers other Perfons, from the Devouring Waves of the Sea, among which they suffered Shipwrack ; And also, from the cruel Devouring Jaws of the Inhumane Canibals of Florida. Faichfully related by one of the Persons concerned therein, fonatban Dickenson. Price Stitch'd 8 d.

Lux Evangelice Aiteftata: Or, a further Tea Atimony to the Sufficiency of the Light Within. Being a Reply to George Keith's Centure, In his Book, Intituled, An Account of the Qulikia's Politicks, Upon certain Pallages in my Beck, Mtituled, Mercy Covering the Fudgmint-Seat, &c. For the clearing of Truth from G, K's Misrepresentations, and Satisfying of Sober Erquirers into the True State of the Conisoversie between us By Richard Claridge. Price stitch'd is.

Anguis Flagellatus; or, a Switch for the Snake. Being an answer to the Third and Last Edition of the Snake in the Grass. Wherein that Author's Injustice, both in Quotation and Story, are dircovered and obviated. And the Truth, Doétri. nally delivered by Us, ftated and maintained, in opposition to his Misrepresentation and Perverfion. By 7ofepb Wyeth. To which is added, a Supplement by G. Whitehead,

SACRED History: Or the Hiftorical Part of the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament; Gathered out from the other Parts thereof, and Digested,(as near as well could be) into due Me. thod, with respect to order of Time and Place, With some Observations, bere and rhere, tend. ing to Illustrate fome Pallages therein, And a Table to the wbole in Folio, By Thomas Elwood. Price jos.

A Scripture Catichism for Children by Amb. Riga, Price Bound 64.


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