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The Harmony of Divine and Heavenly Do. &trines, demonstrated in sundry Declarations, on Variety of Subjects. Preached at the Quakers Meetings in London, by Mr. W. Penn, Mr. G. Whitehead, Mr. S. Waldenfield, Mr. B. Coole ; taken in Short-hand, as it was delivered by them, and now Faithfully Transcribed and Published for the Information of those, who by reason of Ignorance, may have received a prejudice against them. By a Lover of that people, price i s. 6d.

A brief Testimony to the great Duty of Prayer; shewing the Nature and Benefit thereof; to which is added, Many Eminent and Select Inftances of God's Answer to Prayer: Collected out of the Record of Holy Scriptures. By F.T. one of the People called Quakers. With a Postscript by F. F. The Second Edition, with Alditi. ons. Price 6 d.

Truth Prevalent; and the Quakers discharget from the Norfolk-Rectors Furious Charge: In a Sober Answer to their Book, falsly stiled The Principles of the Quakers further shewn to be Blasphemous and Seditious : By these thus remarked Authors, viz. Edward Beckbam, D. D. Rector of Gayton-Thorp; Henry Meriton, M. A. Rector, of Oxborougb; Lancaster Topcliffe, L. L. B.. Rector of Hockwold; Norfólk. Upon due Examination Answered, by George Whitehead, a. Servant of Christ price 2 s.

Light and Truth discovering and dete&ting Sopbistry and Deceit: In Reply to a Book callid Allein Discovery of many gross Falfhoods, &c. hy G. Reith. Together with Animadverfions on G.R's Answer to his own Queries, concerning the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (so calla ed) By F. Field. Price 6 d.


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Diors Fruits of Solitude; being the Second part of Reflections and Maxims, relating to the Conduct of Humane Life. By the Author of the former. price 9.d.

The Harmony of the Old and New Testiment ; and the fulfilling of the Prophets, con. cerning our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and his Kingdom and Glory in the latter Days, With a brief Concordance of the Names and Attributes, Oc. given unto Chrift; and some texts of Scripture, collected concerning Christ's Humiliation and Sufferings; also, of his most excellent Dignity and Glorification. published. for the benefit of Christians and Jews, by Tomkins. With an Appendix to the Jews, by W. Penn. 3d Edition, with Additions. price is.

No Cross, No Crown, A Discourse of the Matnre and Discipline of the Holy Cross of Chist. In 2 parts. 6th Edition. by w, Penn. price bound 3 s.

Englanl's present Interest confidered, with Honour to the Prince, and Safety to the People. In Answer to this one Question, vvhat is most Fit, Easie and Safe to be done, for Allaying the Heat of contrary interefts, and m.king them conAtent with the prosperity of the Kingdom ? Submitted co the Confideration of our Superiours. price bound is.

Truth's Vindication; or, a gentle Stroke to wipe off the foul Afperfions, falle Accusacions an 1 Misrepresentations, caft upon the people of God, called Quakers, both with respect to their Principles, and their way of Profelyting People over to them. price bound 15.

A Testimony to the Truth of God, as held forth by the people called Quikus, being a short

ViadiVindication of them from the Abuses and Mir. representations, often put upon them by Envious Apoft dies, , and Mercenary Adversaries. Second Impreffion. price stitch'd 3.4.

Mercy covering the Judgment-Seat; and Life and Lighi triumphing over Death and Darkness : In the Lord's tender Visitation, and wonderful Deliverance, of one that sat in Darkness, and in the Region and Shadow of Death. Witnessed unto in certain Epistles and papers of Living Experience. By Richard Claridge: Price 6 d.

A Collection of the Christian Writings, La. bours, Travels and Sufferings, of that faithful and approved Minister of Jesus Christ, Roger Haydock; to which is added, an account of his Death and Eurial. price i s. 9.d.

A short Work, but of great Concern ; by VVilliam Tomlinson. price 3 d.

A Narrative of a Charge against Francis Bugg, and his Evasions and Shufflings at Sleeford in Lincoln-fhire. By Henry Pickworth. Price 4 d.

A Reply 50 F. Bugg's pretended Answer to a Narrative of a Charge against him. By Hega ry Pickworth. Price 2 d.

Honesty the truest Policy; shewing the sophiftry, Envy and perversion of G. Keith, in his three books, viz. his Briftol Quakerism, Bristol Narrative, and his Deilm. by B. Coole. price i s.

A Treatise concerning Baptism, and the Lord's Supper. Shewing, that the true Disciples of Christ are sent to Baptize Men into the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; for the Carrying on of which, Christ is with them, and will be, to the End of the World. Allo, a few


Words concerning the Lord's Supper; shewing, that those that sup with him, are in his Kingdom. by Folm Grattor. price 9 d.

The Friendly Enquirers Doubts and objections answered ; concerning the Light within, the Word of God, the Church of Chrift, Gospel Ministers, Ordinances in general and in partitular, Water-baptism, and the Lord's Supper ; together with a brief Testimony against Oaths and Tithes; first intended and written for the Satisfaction of some particular acquaintance, and now published for a more general Service. by James 7 ackson. price 4 d.

The poor Mechanicks Plea, against the rich Clergys Opprefiron ; fhewing, Tithes are no Gospel-Ministers Maintenance ; in a brief and plain Method, how that Tithes (as now paid) are both Inconsistent with the dispensation of the Law, and dispensation of the Gospel ; also, how they were brought into the Church many Hundred Years after Christ, and testified a. gainst by many ancient Cbrifians and Martyrs; with several sober Reasons against the payment thereof, by Foln Bocket price 3d.

A Narrative of fome Passages of the Life of Tbeophilus Green, from his Youth, both before and after he received the Truth, as profeffed by the people of GOD, in scoru called Quakers.. price 2d.

Fruits of Retirement; or Miscellaneous Poems, Moral and Divine. Being fome Letters, Contemplations, C., written on Variety of Subje&s; by Mary Molineux, late of Leverpool, deceased. price. bound 1 s. 6 d.


Fudas and the Chief Priests conspiring to betray Christ and his Folorvers : Or, An Apoftate Convicted, and Truth Defended. In Aida fiver to George Keitb's Fourch (Falle, Partial) Narrative of his Troceedings at Turners- Hall (against the Quakers) c. By Foba Whiting.

The Spirit of the Martyrs Revivel: In a Brief, Compendious Collection of the most Remarka. ble Pallages, and Living Testimonies of the True Church, Seed of God, and Faithfull, Martyrs in all Ages. Trice 3 s.

The Trial of Spirits, both in Teackers and Hearers. WVherein is held furth the clear Dil covery, will certain Dowofal of the Carnal, and Anti-Christian Clergy of these Nations. .Tertified from the Word of God, to the University Congregation ia Cambri ge. Where: unto is added, a plain and Neceilary Confu. tation of divers gross Errors delivered by Mr. Sydrach Sympfon, in a Sermon Preached to the {ame Congregation, at the Commencement, Aria no MDCLIII. Wherein (among other things) is declared, That the Universities (according to their present Statutes and Pralices) are not (as he affirmed) answerable to the Schocis of the Prophets, in the time of the Law; but rather to the Idolatrous High Places. Ard that Humane Learning, is not a Preparation appoint. ed by Christ, either for the right Understanding, or right Teaching the Gospel. With a brief Testimony against Divinity-Degrees in the Universities. As also Lutber's Testimony at large upon the whole Matter. And lastly, The right Reformation of Learning, Schools and Univerfities, according to the State of the Gospel, and the Light that shines therein. All neceffary for


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