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O balm of care and sad-ness, Most beau-ti-ful, most bright;

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Where gospel light is glowing
With pure

and radiant beams, And living water flowing

With soul-refreshing streams. 3 New graces ever gaining

From this our day of rest, We reach the rest remaining

To spirits of the blest. To Holy Ghost be praises,

To Father and to Son; The Church her voice upraises

To thee, blest Three in One.

C. Wordsworth.

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AURELIA. 7s, 6s. D.



O day of rest and glad-ness, O day of joy and light,

On thee, the high and low-ly, Bend- ing before the throne, Sing, Ho-ly, Ho -ly, Ho-ly, To the Great Three in One.

9 “Day of Best.”
O DAY of rest and gladness,

O day of joy and light,
O balm of care and sadness,

Most beautiful, most bright;
On thee, the high and lowly,

Bending before the throne, Sing, Holy, Holy, Holy,

To the Great Three in One.

2 To-day on weary nations

The heavenly manna falls ; To holy convocations

The silver trumpet calls,

MENDEBRAS. 78, 6s. D.

jo day of rest and gladness, o day of joy and light, 10 balm of care and sadness, Most beauti - ful, most bright; 3 On thee, the high and low - ly,

Bend-ing be-fore the throne, Sing, Ho - ly, Ho-ly, Ho-ly,

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Isaac Watts.


Psalm 84.
HOW PLEASANT, how divinely fair, 3 God is our sun, he makes our day;
O Lord of hosts! thy dwellings are ! God is our shield, he guards our way
With long desire my spirit faints,

From all the assaults of hell and sin,
To meet the assemblies of thy saints. From foes without and foes within.
2 My flesh would rest in thine abode, 4 O God, our King, whose sovereign sway
My panting heart cries out for God; The glorious hosts of heaven obey,
My God! my King! why should I be Display thy grace, exert thy power,
So far from all my joys, and thee? Till all on earth thy name adore !
3 Blest are the saints who sit on high,
Around thy throne of majesty;


Psalm 92. Thy brightest glories shine above, SWEET is the work, my God, my King ! And all their work is praise and love. To praise thy name, give thanks, and sing;

To show thy love by morning light, 4 Blest are the souls who find a place

And talk of all thy truth at night.
Within the temple of thy grace;
There they behold thy gentler rays,

2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest; And seek thy face, and learn thy praise.

No mortal cares shall seize my breast; 5 Cheerful they walk with growing strength, Like David's harp of solemn sound !

Oh! may my heart in tune be found,
Till all shall meet in heaven at length;
Till all before thy face appear,

3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord, And join in nobler worship there.

And bless his works, and bless his word ;

Isaac Watts. Thy works of grace, how bright they shine! 11 Psalm 84.

How deep thy counsels! how divine! GREAT God! attend, while Zion sings 4 Lord! I shall share a glorious part, The joy that from thy presence springs;

When grace

hath well refined my heart, To spend one day with thee on earth And fresh supplies of joy are shed, Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. Like holy oil to cheer my head. 2 Might I enjoy the meanest place 5 Then shall I see, and hear, and know Within thy house, O God of grace! All I desired or wished below; Nor tents of ease, nor thrones of power, And every power find sweet employ, Should tempt my feet to leave thy door. In that eternal world of joy.

Isaac Watts.

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Isaac Watts.


Morning. AWAKE, my soul, and with the sun 3 Thy works with sovereign glory shine, Thy daily stage of duty run;

And speak thy majesty divine: Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise Let Zion in her courts proclaim To pay thy morning sacrifice.

The sound and honor of thy name. 2 Awake, lift up thyself, my heart, 4 But who can speak thy wondrous deeds ? And with the angels bear thy part, Thy greatness all our thoughts exceeds: Who all night long unwearied sing Vast and unsearchable thy ways; High praises to the eternal King.

Vast and immortal be thy praise. 3 Glory to thee, who safe hast kept, And hast refreshed me when I slept;

15 Each day's Duties. Grant, Lord, when I from death shall wake, New every morning is the love I may of endless life partake.

Our wakening and uprising prove;

Through sleep and darkness safely brought, 4 Lord, I my vows to thee renew:

Restored to life, and power, and thought. Scatter my sins as morning dew; Guard my first springs of thought and will, 2 New mercies, each returning day, And with thyself my spirit fill.

Hover around us while we pray;

New perils past, new sins forgiven, 5 Direct, control, suggest, this day,

New thoughts of God, new hopes of heaven. All I design, or do or say; That all my powers, with all their might, 3 If, on our daily course, our mind In thy sole glory may unite.

Be set to hallow all we find,

New treasures still, of countless price, 14 Psalm 145.

God will provide for sacrifice.
My God, my King, thy various praise 4 The trivial round, the common task,
Shall fill the remnant of my days:

Will furnish all we need to ask,
Thy grace employ my humble tongue Room to deny ourselves, a road
Till death and glory raise the song. To bring us daily nearer God.
2 The wings of every hour shall bear 5 Only, O Lord ! in thy dear love
Some thankful tribute to thine ear; Fit us for perfect rest above;
And every setting sun shall see

And help us, this and every day,
New works of duty done for thee.

To live more nearly as we pray.

Thomas Ken.

John Keble.

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An-gel, ev · er Round thy throne of light- An-gel harps, for

ev- er ring-ing,

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Rest not day nor night; Thousands only live to bless thee, And con- fess thee, Lord of


17 “ Lord of flight." ANGEL voices, ever singing

Round thy throne of lightAngel harps, for ever ringing,

Rest not day nor night; Thousands only live to bless thee,

And confess thee, Lord of might! 2 Thou, who art beyond the farthest

Mortal eye can scan,
Can it be that thou regardest

Songs of sinful man?
Can we feel that thou art near us,

And wilt hear us? Yea, we can !

3 Here, great God, to-day we offer

Of thine own to thee;
And for thine acceptance proffer,

All unworthily,
Hearts and minds, and hands and voices,

In our choicest melody.
4 Honor, glory, might, and merit,

Thine shall ever be,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Blesséd Trinity!
Of the best that thou hast given,

Earth and heaven render thee!

Francis Pott.




Isaac Watts.

A nobler Best."


Envocation. THINE earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love, COME, gracious Lord, descend and dwell, But there's a nobler rest above;

By faith and love, in every breast; To that our longing souls aspire,

Then shall we know, and taste, and feel With cheerful hope and strong desire. The joys that cannot be expressed. 2 No more fatigue, no more distress, 2 Come, fill our hearts with inward strength, Nor sin nor death shall reach the place; Make our enlargéd souls possess, No

groans shall mingle with the songs And learn the height, and breadth, and length That warble from immortal tongues.

Of thine eternal love and grace. 3 No rude alarms of raging foes,

3 Now to the God whose power can do No cares to break the long repose,

More than our thoughts and wishes know, No midnight shade, no clouded sun, Be everlasting honors done, But sacred, high, eternal noon.

By all the Church, through Christ his Son. 4 O long-expected day, begin! Dawn on these realms of woe and sin;


Morning Wymn. Fain would we leave this weary road,

O CHRIST! with each returning morn And sleep in death to rest with God. Thine image to our hearts be borne ;

Philip Doddridge. And may we ever clearly see 19 “Early vows."

Our God and Saviour, Lord, in thee! My opening eyes with rapture see

2 All hallowed be our walk this day; The dawn of thy returning day; May meekness form our early ray, My thoughts, O God, ascend to thee, And faithful love our noontide light,

While thus my early vows I pay. And hope our sunset, calm and bright. 2 Oh, bid this trifling world retire, 3 May grace each idle thought control,

And drive each carnal thought away; And sanctify our wayward soul ; Vor let me feel one vain desire

May guile depart, and malice cease, One sinful thought through all the day. And all within be joy and peace. 3 Then, to thy courts when I repair, 4 Our daily course, O Jesus, bless;

My soul shall rise on joyful wing, Make plain the way of holiness : The wonders of thy love declare,

From sudden falls our feet defend, And join the strains which angels sing. And cheer at last our journey's end.

John Chandler, tr.

James Hutton.

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