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Arr. by F. L. BROWN.

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Lord, thou wilt bring the joyful day; Be-yond earth's weariness and pains, Thou hast a mansion

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far a • way, Where, for thine own, a rest remains. No sun there climbs the morning sky, There

never falls the shade of night, God and the Lamb, for ever nigh, O'er all shed ev-er - lasting light.

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1172 The Best that Bemaineth.

1173 Mith Christ in Glory. LORD, thou wilt bring the joyful day; Oh, for a sweet, inspiring ray,

Beyond earth's weariness and pains, To animate our feeble strains, Thou hast a mansion far away,

From the bright realms of endless day, Where, for thine own, a rest remains. The blissful realms, where Jesus reigns. No sun there climbs the morning sky, There, low before his glorious throne,

There never falls the shade of night, Adoring saints and angels fall; God and the Lamb, for ever nigh,

And with delightful worship own O'er all shed everlasting light.

His smile their bliss, their heaven, their all. 2 The bow of mercy spans the throne, 2 Immortal glories crown his head,

Emblem of love and goodness there; While tuneful hallelujahs rise, While notes to mortals all unknown And love, and joy, and triumph spread Float on the calm celestial air.

Through all the assemblies of the skies. Around the throne bright legions stand, He smiles, and seraphs tune their songs

Redeemed by blood from sin and hell; To boundless rapture while they gaze; And shining forms, an angel band, Ten thousand thousand joyful tongues The mighty chorus join to swell.

Resound his everlasting praise. 3 There, Lord, thy wayworn saints shall find 3 There, all the favorites of the Lamb

The bliss for which they longed before; Shall join at last the heavenly choir; And holiest sympathies shall bind Oh, may the joy-inspiring theme Thine own to thee for evermore.

Awake our faith and warm desire. O Jesus, bring us to that rest,

Dear Saviour, let thy Spirit seal Where all the ransomed shall be found, Our interest in that blissful place; In thine eternal fullness blest,

Till death remove this mortal vail, While ages roll their cycles round. And we behold thy lovely face.

Ray Palmer.

Anne Steele.

CAERSALEM. 89, 78, 78.

Welsh Melody.

Who are these like stars ap- pear - ing, These, be-fore God's throne who stand ! Each a gold - en

crown is wearing ;

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Who are all


glo - rious band? Alle - lu - ia! hark they sing,

Prais - ing loud their heav'nly King.

1174 "Juho are These?"

3 These are they whose hearts were riven, Who are these like stars appearing,

Sore with woe and anguish tried, These, before God's throne who stand? Who in prayer full oft have striven Each a golden crown is wearing;

With the God they glorified : Who are all this glorious band ?

Now, their painful conflict o'er, Alleluia ! hark they sing,

God has bid them weep no more. Praising loud their heavenly King.

4 Lo, the Lamb himself now feeds them, 2 These are they who have contended

On Mount Sion's pastures fair; For their Saviour's honor long,

From his central throne he leads them Wrestling on till life was ended,

By the living fountains there: Following not the sinful throng:

Lamb and Shepherd, Good Supreme, These, who well the fight sustained,

Free he gives the cooling stream. Triumph by the Lamb have gained.

Frances E. Cox.

ALL SAINTS. 88, 78, 7s.

German Choral.

On the fount of life

e-ter-nal Gaz-ing wist-ful and a-thirst ; Yearning,straining, from the prison

Of con-fin-ing flesh to burst; Here the soul an

ex- ile sighs For her na- tive Par -a




MILLINGTON. 8s, 78, 79.

What is life? 't is but a va-por, Soon it van-ish-es

a • way; Life is but a dy - ing ta-per-O my soul, why wish to stay? Why not spread thy wings and fly

Straight to yonder world of joy? Why not spread thy wings and fly Straight to yonder world of joy?

1175 "That is Your Life?" WHAT is life? 't is but a vapor,

Soon it vanishes away;
Life is but a dying taper -

O my soul, why wish to stay?
Why not spread thy wings and fly
Straight to yonder world of joy!
2 See that glory, how resplendent!

Brighter far than fancy paints;
There, in majesty transcendent,
Jesus reigns — the King of saints.

Why not spread, etc. 3 Joyful crowds, his throne surrounding,

Sing with rapture of his love; Through the heavens his praise resounding, Filling all the courts above.

Why not spread, etc.
4 Go, and share his people's glory,

'Midst the ransomed crowd appear;
Thine a joyful wondrous story,
One that angels love to hear.
Why not spread, etc.

Thomas Kelly. 1176 "Wistful and Athirst." On the fount of life eternal

Gazing wistful and athirst; Yearning, straining, from the prison

Of confining flesh to burst ; Here the soul an exile sighs For her native Paradise.

2 Who can paint that lovely city,

City of true peace divine,
Whose pure gates, for ever open,

Each in pearly splendor shine;
Whose abodes of glory clear
Naught defiling cometh near!
3 There no stormy winter rages;

There no scorching summer glows; But through one perennial spring-tide,

Blooms the lily with the rose; And the Lamb, with purest ray, Scatters round eternal day. 4 There the saints of God, resplendent

As the sun in all his might, Evermore rejoice together,

Crowned with diadems of light; And from peril safe at last, Reckon up their triumphs past. 5 Happy they, who with them seated

Shall in all their glory share!
Oh, that we, our days completed,

Might be but admitted there !
There with them the praise to sing
Of our glorious God and King.
6 Look, O Jesus, on thy soldiers,

Worn and wounded in the fight;
Grant, oh, grant us rest for ever,

In thy beatific sight,
And thyself our guerdon be
Through a long eternity.

Edward Caswall, tr.

SANCTUARY. 88, 79. D.

J. B. Dykes.

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GUIDANCE, 85, 78. D.

Arr. fr. Flotow.

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is naught but care and mourning; Comes a joy, it

sun at dawn-ing, Night will soon o'er-cloud the day,

To be

1179 "The King in His Beauty."
TIME, thou speedest on but slowly,

Hours, how tardy is your pace!
Ere with Him, the high and holy,

I hold converse face to face.
Here is naught but care and mourning;

Comes a joy, it will not stay;
Fairly shines the sun at dawning,

Night will soon o'ercloud the day. 2 Onward then! not long I wander

Ere my Saviour comes for me,
And with him abiding yonder,

All his glory I shall see.
Oh, the music and the singing

Of the host redeemed by love!
Oh, the hallelujahs ringing

Through the halls of light above! 1180 The Consummation. JESUS, blesséd Mediator!

Thou the airy path hast trod; Thou the Judge, the Consummator!

Shepherd of the fold of God!
Can I trust a fellow-being ?

Can I trust an angel's care?
O thou merciful All-seeing !
Beam around my spirit there.

2 Lo! it comes, that day of wonder!

Louder chorals shake the skies :
Hadés' gates are burst asunder ;

See! the new-clothed myriads rise !
Thought! repress thy weak endeavor;

Here must reason prostrate fall;
Oh, the ineffable Forever !
And the eternal All in All!

Josiah Conder.
1181 The City.
DAILY, daily sing the praises

Of the City God hath made ;
In the beauteous fields of Eden

Its foundation-stones are laid.
From the throne a river issues,

Clear as crystal, passing bright,
And it traverses the City

Like a sudden beam of light.
2 There the wind is sweetly fragrant,

And is laden with the song
Of the seraphs, and the elders,

And the great redeeméd throng.
Oh, I would my ears were open

Here to catch that happy strain ! Oh, I would my eyes some vision Of that Eden could attain !

S. Baring-Gould.

C. Winkworth, tr.

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