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TAERE are now lying before us Office, having at its head an officer the copies of two Acts of Parlia- of acknowledged ability, whom he ment which Mr Cardwell has per- proposed to call the Clerk of the suaded the Lords and Commons to Ordnance. He had further invited pass in the course of the current to assist him, and placed in a room session. They are both intended in Pall Mall, a junior Lord of the to give to the country an improved Treasury, whose duties appear to system of military administration. be as yet very imperfectly defined, One, called the War Office Act, aims but whom he called his Financial at establishing an effective scheme Secretary. All that Parliament did of control and finance at headquar- was to say that "it shall be lawful ters. The other, the Army Enlist- for the Secretary of State” to perment Act, deals, as its title im- form these operations, and to change plies, with the enrolment of the the title of the chief of the control troops themselves. We do not pro- department from Clerk of the Ordpose on the present occasion to nance to Surveyor-General. To go take any special notice of the into the merits of a piece of legislaformer of these Acts, for several tion so entirely superfluous as this reasons. In the first place, it really would be, as it seems to us, a grievsettles nothing. All that it does is ous waste of time. Again, the maformally to empower the Secretary chinery which the War Office Act of State for War to do that which is supposed to create is a great deal he had a perfect right to do with- too complicated, a great deal too out the authorisation of the Legis- full of defects, and too obviously lature—that which, in point of fact, capable of improvement, to warrant he had done before he took counsel any attempt to analyse or dissect with the Legislature at all. He it, except at length. Now we canhad already established-or rather not, on the present occasion, find accepted as established, for he took

room so to treat it, keeping in view it over from his predecessor, as he the proper object which we have had done from General Peel - a set to ourselves to attain. Obvi. department of control in the War ously, before you invent or perfect



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