Rachel and the New world: A trip to the United States and Cuba

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Dix, Edward & Co., 1856 - Cuba - 404 pages

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Page 248 - D'un œil aussi content, d'un cœur aussi soumis Que j'acceptais l'époux que vous m'aviez promis, Je saurai, s'il le faut, victime obéissante, • Tendre au fer de Calchas une tête innocente ; Et respectant le coup par vous-même ordonné, Vous rendre tout le sang que vous m'avez donné.
Page 249 - Je passois jusqu'aux lieux où l'on garde mon fils. Puisqu'une fois le jour vous souffrez que je voie le seul bien qui me reste et d'Hector et de Troie, j'allois, seigneur, pleurer un moment avec lui : je ne l'ai point encore embrassé d'aujourd'hui.
Page 248 - Mon père, Cessez de vous troubler, vous n'êtes point trahi. Quand vous commanderez, vous serez obéi. Ma vie est votre bien. Vous voulez le reprendre : Vos ordres sans détour pouvaient se faire entendre.
Page 131 - Lind on her first appearance, in point of enthusiasm, was probably never before equalled in the world. As Mr. Benedict led her towards the foot-lights, the entire audience rose to their feet and welcomed her with three cheers, accompanied by the waving of thousands of hats and handkerchiefs.
Page 364 - I saw one with a genuine costume of a king of the middle ages, a very proper red, close coat, velvet vest, and a magnificent gilt paper crown. This negro, who was enormously tall, and had a tolerably good-looking head, gave his hand gravely to a sort of feminine blackamoor who represented some queen or other. He walked...
Page 131 - Towards the last portion of the cavatina, the audience were so completely carried away by their feelings, that the remainder of the air was drowned in a perfect tempest of acclamation. Enthusiasm had been wrought to its highest pitch, but the musical powers of Jenny Lind exceeded all the brilliant anticipations which had been formed, and her triumph was complete. At the conclusion of the concert Jenny Lind was loudly called for, and was obliged to appear three times before the audience could be satisfied.
Page 137 - I think I do not go too far when I say that I have read nearly every book and magazine article that has been written about Abraham Lincoln.
Page 364 - Ages, a very proper red, close coat, velvet vest and a magnificent gild paper crown. This negro, who was enormously tall, and had a tolerably goodlooking head, gave his hand gravely to a sort of feminine blackamoor who represented some queen or other. He walked with a deliberate, majestic step, never laughed, and seemed to be reflecting deeply on the grandeur of his mission to this...
Page 376 - ... what cause, profits will fall ; but there are two causes which raise the wages of labour, — one the demand for labourers being great in proportion to the supply, — the other that the food and necessaries of the labourer are difficult of production or require a great deal of labour to produce them. The more I reflect on the subject the more I am convinced that the latter cause has an incessant operation. It is very seldom that the whole additional produce obtained with the same quantity of...
Page 106 - The houses are literally covered with immense placards. From the cellar to the garret, you see nothing but high-flown advertisements,, colossal canvases, and monstrous bills, all ornamented with huge figures of men having nothing human about them, imaginary animals, and a thousand other representations made solely to draw the simpletons and loafers of the two continents into the shops. And can you think what all this makes the city look like ? A gigantic hand-bill of a mountebank company. These are...

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