The New Examination Statutes Together with the Decrees of Convocation and Regulations of the Boards of Studies at Present in Force ...

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Clarendon Press, 1872

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Page 74 - Candidate shall be required to .have a knowledge of Political Economy, of Constitutional Law, and of Political and Descriptive Geography. 3. A subject or period of Literature may also be added as an optional subject. 4.
Page 93 - Questions arising at any meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present; and in case of an equality of votes the chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
Page 58 - On Structure of Mouth of Crustacea, in Kroyer's Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift, Ser. iii. vol. iv, translated in Annals of Nat. History, January 1868. D. BOTANY. Candidates offering Botany will be required to show a thorough acquaintance with the following subjects : — 1 . Structural and Physiological Botany, together with dissections and descriptions of preparations, illustrating the minute structure and organs of plants. 2. The Principles of Systematic Botany, with a knowledge of the leading characters...
Page 22 - Two Books, either both Greek, or one Greek and one Latin, one of such Books being some portion of a Greek philosophical work, and the other a portion of a Greek o'r Latin Historian. (2) The whole or some portions of Greek and Roman History.
Page 30 - Candidates will be expected to show such a knowledge of Classical Geography and Antiquities, and of the general History of Greece and Rome, as shall be necessary for the profitable study of the authors or periods which they offer. Questions will also be set in the general results of the science of language, with especial reference to Greek and Latin. NB — In the first two Examinations held under the new Statute Candidates may offer the same books as at present, instead of a period of Roman History...
Page 43 - Catalogue of the College of Surgeons, by Professor Quekett. Kolliker's Handbuch der Gewebelehre, ed. 1867. Leipzig. Strieker's Handbook of Human and Comparative Histology, now in course of translation for the New Sydenham Society. Comparative Anatomy — Huxley's Introduction to the Classification of Animals. Lond., 1869. Huxley's Anatomy of Vertebrated Animals. Lond., 1871. Gegenbaur's Grundziige der Vergl. Anatomie. Leipzig, 1869. Milne-Edwards' Lefons sur la I'hysiologie, 1857-1870.
Page 38 - Examination is issued by the Examiners, the subject or subjects in which each Candidate has passed being stated. 8. In the Final Honour Examination, a Candidate may, in addition to his general subject or subjects, offer himself for examination in special subjects included under any of the three general subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These special subjects shall be selected by the Candidate from a list to be issued by the Board of Studies. II. REGULATIONS OF THE BOARD OF STUDIES. Preliminary...
Page 41 - Histology (under which terms vegetable structures are included) ; secondly, with Human and Comparative Physiology, inclusive of Physiological Chemistry; and thirdly, with the General Philosophy of the subject. 2. In these subjects the Candidates will be examined both by paper work and practically ; and will be required to give evidence of being competent not merely to verify and describe specimens already prepared for naked-eye or microscopic demonstration as the case may be, but also to prepare...
Page 31 - Vernunft,' entitled severally 'von den Grundsatzen' and 'von den Triebfedern, der reinen praktischen Vernunft.

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