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What you will.


Printed in the YEAR 1709.


Of that and all the Progress more and less,
Resolvedly more leisure shall express : '
All yet seems well, and if it end so meet,
The bitter past, more welcome is the sweet.

THE King's a Beggar, now the Play is done :

1 All is well ended, if his Suit be won,
That you express Content; which we will Pay,
With strife to please you, day exceeding day ;
Ours be your Patience then, and yours our Parts;
Your gentle Hands lend us, and take our Hearts.

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Rlino, Duke of Illyria. U Sebastian, a young Gentleman, Brother to

Antonio, a Sea-Captain, Friend to Sebastián.
Valentine, } Gentlemen attending on the Duke.
Sir Toby Belch, Uncle to Olivia.
Sir Andrew Ague-cheek, a foolish Knight, preten-

ding to Olivia.
A Sea-Captain, Friend to Viola.
Fabian, Servant to Olivia.
Malvolio, a fantastical Steward to Olivia.
Clown, Servant to Olivia.

Olivia, a Lady of great Beauty and Fortune, be

lov'd by the Duke. Viola, in love with the Duke. Maria, Confident to Olivia.

Priest, Sailors, Officers, and other Attendants. SCENE a City on the coast of

f Illyria.


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SCENE I. The Palace.
Enter the Duke, Curio, and Lords. ; .

DU K E. .
af Musick be the Food of Love, play on,

Give me excess of it; that surfeiting
The Appetite may ficken, and so die,
That Strain again, it had a dying Fall:
O, it came o'er my Ear, like the sweet Wind

That breathes upon a Bank of Violets,
Stealing, and giving Odour. Enough, no more;
· 'Tis not so sweet now, as it was before. .

O Spirit of Love, how quick and fresh art thou!
That notwithstanding thy Capacity,
Receiverh as the Sea; Noughe enters there,
Of what validity and pitch so e'er,
But falls into Abatement, and low Price,
Even in a Minute; fo full of Shapes is Fancy,
That it alone is high fantastical.
Cur. Will you go hunt, my Lord?
Duke. What, Curio?

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