The Life of Jane de St. Remy de Valois, Heretofore Countess de La Motte ...

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Page 58 - ... he was under of immediately conveying her to prifon, at length roufed her to a due fenfe of her fituation. By the perfuafive influence of a guinea, and a bottle of wine placed on the table, his forbearance was obtained for an hour or two, in which time fhe told him fhe mould be able to procure a friend to bail the action.
Page 61 - St. lie my de Valois. In whofe character, whatever may be faid by the rigid daughters of chaftity in the infolence of virtue, there were many good and amiable traits.
Page 59 - This was obtained from a gentleman, who who has fmce contcfted the validity of the writ. and nonfuited the party with whom it originated. She continued for fome weeks in a doubtful...
Page 61 - Her appeal is now made to a higher tribunal ; if on earth fhe had the vices detraction has painted, let her death expiate them, and her grave conceal them.
Page 60 - This was obtained from a gentleman who has fince contefted the validity of the writ, and nonfuited the party with whom it originated. She continued for fome weeks in a doubtful ftate of painful fuffering ; and her friends rather cherimed than entertained the hope of her recovery.
Page 59 - ... her knee-pan, beat in one of her eyes, disfigured her face, and otherwife bruifed her body in a manner too fhocking to relate.
Page 60 - About the expiration of the nintl* week fhe was fo far recovered as to be judged out of danger. Her fpirits, which had never forfaken her during this fevere trial, feemed now to have recovered much of their wonted brilliancy. Her friends rejoiced in 'the event; but their imprudence foon put an end to every flattering profixft.
Page 238 - ... facilitated my escape. My cousin and I spent two or three days together; and as I communicated to him my desire to pass through Switzerland, though without explaining my motive, he gave me in writing the plan of my route, which was by Luxembourg. After this interval of rest, Marianne and I pursued our journey, at five in the morning, on foot. "We went eleven leagues this day; and the next, not being able to procure a coach, we were obliged to walk nine leagues farther. After this fatigue I really...
Page 59 - ... refuge in it, and without hefitation broke it open. This he had no fooner accomplifhed, than, maddening with the idea of being again in his power, (he threw up the window, and jumped out before he could fecure her. By the rafh...
Page 58 - The fellow's fcruples being thus (ilenced, he was lefs attentive to his prifoner than the palling ftrangerg of the ftreet, his attention being occupied by looking out of the window. The Countefs, imagining this would be a favourable opportunity to extricate herfelf from the fell gripe of her mercilefs purfuer, with much art and dexterity flipped out of the room, and locking the door on the outfide, thought of her efcape ; (he ran into a neighbouring houfe, while the bailiff, ii alible of the trick,...

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