A Chronicle of the First Thirteen Years of the Reign of King Edward the Fourth, Volume 10

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Camden Society, 1839 - Great Britain - 79 pages

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Page 63 - Turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord ; for I am married unto you : and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion...
Page 21 - Maij, on a tywesday nyght, betwyx xj. and xij. of the cloke, beynge thenne at the Toure the Duke of Gloucetre, brothere to Kynge Edwarde, and many other ; and one the morwe he was chestyde and brought to Paulys, and his face was opyne that every manne myghte see hyme ; and in hys lyinge he bledde one the pament ther ; and afterward at the Blake Fryres was broughte, and ther he blede new and fresche ; and from thens he was caryed to Chyrchesey abbey in a bote, and buryed there in oure Lady chapelle.
Page xiv - ... The best of the contemporary chroniclers, though he does not name the murderer, hints clearly that he was murdered, and that the deed was done or ordered by Edward, or by his brother Clarence, or Richard, Duke of Gloucester, or some other member of the royal House of York. " May God," he exclaims, " grant time for repentance to the person, whoever he was, who laid his sacrilegious hands on the lord's anointed.
Page 69 - About x. of the cloke afore none, the King come into the Parlement chamber in his Parlement robes, and on his bed a cap of mayntenaunce, and sat in his most Royall...
Page 59 - On halmesse evyn, abowt thre after noyne, comyn into the Comowne Howus, the Lordys spiritual and temporal, excepte the Kyng, the Duk of York...
Page xix - IIII reigned the people looked after all the forsaid prosperity and peace but it came not; but one battle after another and much trouble, and great loss of goods among the common people.
Page 47 - Kynges estraingid the gret lordis of thayre blood from thaire secrete Councelle, And not avised by them ; And takyng abowte them other not of thaire blood, and enclynyng only to theire counselle, rule and advise, the wheche persones take not respect ne consideracion to the wele of the seid princes, ne to the comonwele of this lond, but only to theire singuler lucour and enrichyng of themself and theire bloode...
Page 9 - ... for the whiche the peple of the londe were gretely displesyd ; and evere afterwarde the Erle of Worcestre was gretely behatede emonge the peple, for ther dysordinate dethe that he used, contrarye to the lawe of the londe.
Page xiii - Chertesey juxta Tamisiam Winton dioces'. Et sic nemo relinquitur in humanis qui ex illo stirpite coronam petat." MS. Arundel, Mus. Brit. 28, fol. 25, v. John Blakman*, after relating an anecdote of the patience of Henry, adds — " Consimilem etiam misericordiam cum pluribus aliis ostendit, specialiter autem duobus, mortem ei intendentibus, quorum unus collo suo grave vulnus inflixit, volens excerebrasse vel decolasse eum, quod tamen Rex patientissime tulit, dicens, forsothe and forsothe, ye do...