History of the Town of Uttoxeter

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J.R. Smith, 1865 - Uttoxeter (England) - 368 pages

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Page 127 - Were half the power that fills the world with terror, Were half the wealth bestowed on camps and courts, Given to redeem the human mind from error, There were no need of arsenals or forts: The warrior's name would be a name abhorred!
Page 184 - I to the church the living call and to the grave do summon all.
Page 20 - These midsummer fires and sacrifices were to obtain a blessing on the fruits of the earth, now becoming ready for gathering ; as those of the first of May, that they might prosperously grow; and those of the last of October were a thanksgiving for finishing their harvest.
Page 190 - Jesus' sake forbear To dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones And cursed be he that moves my bones.
Page 310 - ... terms of the year, that is to say, at the feast of the nativity of St John the Baptist, St Michael the Archangel...
Page 105 - ... the door opened, and the Doctor stalked into the room. A solemn silence of a few minutes ensued, nobody daring to inquire the cause of his absence, which was at length relieved by Johnson addressing the lady of the house in the following manner...
Page 106 - Madam, I beg your pardon for the abruptness of my departure in the morning, but I was compelled to it by conscience. Fifty years ago, madam, on this day, I committed a breach of filial piety.
Page 106 - But, madam, my pride prevented me from doing my duty, and I gave my father a refusal. To do away the sin of this disobedience, I this day went...
Page 21 - God, the immortality of the soul, and a future state of rewards and punishments have been esteemed useful engines of government.
Page 262 - The garlands consist of two hoops, one passing through the other, which give the appearance of four half-circles, and they are decorated with flowers and evergreens, and surmounted with a bunch of flowers as a sort of crown, and in the centre of the hoops is a pendant orange and flowers.

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