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Prologue to the King and Queen, upon the

Union of the two Companies, 1666 page 350 Epilogue on the fame occasion

353 Prologue to the Princess of Cleves

355 Epilogue to the same

357 Prologue to Arviragus and Philicia, revived 358 Prologue to the Prophetess

360 Prologue to the Mistakes Epilogue to Henry II.

365 A Prologue

367 Prologue to Albumazar

369 An Epilogue

371 Epilogue to the Husband his own Cuckold 373 Prologue to the Pilgrim

375 Epilogue to the Pilgrim




Translations from Theocritus, Lucretius,

and Horace.

Preface concerning Mr. Dryden's Translations 383

Translations from Theocritus.

Amaryllis : or, the third Idyllium of Theocritus, paraphrased

403 The Epithalamium of Helen and Menelaus, 18th Idyl.

409 The

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The Despairing Lover, 28th Idyl.
Daphnis, 27th Idyll.

page 414


Translations from Lucretius.

The Beginning of the ist Book of Lucretius 431 Ditto of the 2d.

434 The latter Part of the 3d Book

437 Ditto of the 4th.

451 From the 5th Book


Translations from Horace.

The Third Ode of the ist Book of Horace
The Ninth Ode of ditto
The Twenty-ninth Ode of ditto
The Second Epode of Horace

467 470 472 477

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