Abstracts of the Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Volume 1

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On an improved Reflecting Circle By Joseph de Mendoza Rios
The Bakerian Lecture On the Theory of Light and Colours
On the Independence of the analytical and geometrical Methods
Observations on the two lately discovered celestial Bodies By William
Analysis of Corundum and of some of the Substances which accom
On the Composition of Emery By Smithson Tennant Esq F R S
A gºal Analysis of some Calamines By James Smithson Esq R
An Account of some Stones said to have fallen on the Earth in France
Account of some Experiments on the Descent of the Sap in Trees
An Account of the sinking of the Dutch Frigate Ambuscade of 32
Continuation of an Account of a peculiar Arrangement in the Arteries
Analysis of a triple Sulphuret of Lead Antimony and Copper from
Experiments and Observations on the Motion of the Sap in Trees
An Analysis of the magnetical Pyrites with Remarks on some of
On two Metals found in the black Powder remaining after the Solu
An Essay on the Cohesion of Fluids By Thomas Young M D
An Investigation of all the Changes of the variable Star in Sobieskis
Concerning the Differences in the magnetic Needle on Board the
The Case of a fullgrown Woman in whom the Ovaria were deficient
On the Reproduction of Buds By Thomas Andrew Knight Esq F R S
Observations on the singular Figure of the Planet Saturn By William
Experiments on a Mineral Substance formerly supposed to be Zeolite
Mémoire sur les Quantités imaginaires Par M Buée
The Application of a Method of Differences to the Species of Series whose Sums are obtained by Mr Landen by the ii of impossible
Observations upon the Marine Barometer made during the Examina
On the inverted Action of the alburnous Wessels of Trees By Thomas
Account of the Dissection of a Human Foetus in which the Circulation
On the Attractions of homogeneous Ellipsoids By James Ivory A M
The Bakerian Lecture for 1809 On some new Electrochemical
An Analysis of several Varieties of British and Foreign Salt Muriate
Observations on the Effects of Magnesia in preventing an increased
On the Gizzards of Grazing Birds By Everard Home Esq F R S
On Cystic Oxide a new species of Urinary Calculus By William
Observations and Experiments on Pus By George Pearson M D F R S
On the Expansion of any Functions of Multinomials By Thomas
On the Composition of Zeolite By James Smithson Esq F R S
An Account of the great Derbyshire Denudation By Mr J FareySen
Experiments to ascertain the State in which Spirit exists in fermented with a Table exhibiting the relative Proportion of pure
On the Attractions of an extensive Class of Spheroids By James
A Narrative of the Eruption of a Volcano in the Sea off the Island
Observations of a second Comet with Remarks on its Construction
An Account of some Experiments on different Combinations of Fluoric
On a remarkable Application of Cotess Theorem By J F
On a Method of Freezing at a distance By William Hyde Wollaston
An Appendix to Mr Wares Paper on Vision By Sir Charles Blag
On a new Construction of a Condenser and Airpump By the
On the Means of procuring a steady Light in Coal Mines without
On a new Principle of constructing His Majestys Ships of War
Propositions containing some Properties of Tangents to Circles
Observations respecting the natural Production of Saltpetre on the Walls
An Account of some Experiments on Animal Heat By John Davy

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Page 35 - When a ray of light passes from one medium to another, it is refracted so that the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of the angle of refraction is equal to the ratio of the velocities in the two media.
Page 250 - It is very natural to suppose, that the repellent and attractive energies are communicated from one particle to another particle of the same kind, so as to establish a conducting chain in the fluid ; and that the locomotion takes place in consequence ; and that this is really the case seems to be shown by many facts.
Page 388 - On some Physiological Researches respecting the Influence of the Brain on the action of the Heart, and on the Generation of Animal Heat," for which a Copley medal, " the highest honour the Society has to bestow,
Page xiii - Lecture ; an Account of some new analytical Researches on the Nature of certain Bodies, particularly the Alkalies, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Carbonaceous Matter, and the Acids hitherto undecompounded ; with some general Observations on Chemical Theory.
Page 279 - ... the opinion of their formation independently of the presence of this substance. The combustible bases of the fixed alkalies seem to be repelled as other combustible substances, by positively electrified...
Page 92 - wherever two portions of the same light arrive at the eye by different routes, either exactly or very nearly in the same direction, the light becomes most intense when the difference of the routes is any multiple of a certain length, and least intense in the intermediate state of the interfering portions; and this length is different for light of different colours.
Page 294 - ... to be passed through them becomes less. The burners, where the gas is consumed, are connected with the above mains, by short tubes, each of which is furnished with a cock to regulate the admission of the gas to each burner, and to shut it totally off when requisite.
Page 218 - IT can scarcely have escaped the notice of the most inattentive observer of vegetation, that in whatever position a seed is placed to germinate, its radicle invariably makes an effort to descend towards the centre of the earth, whilst the elongated germen takes a precisely opposite direction ; and it has been proved by Du HAMEL* that if a seed, during its germination, be frequently inverted, the points both of the radicle and germen will return to the first direction. Some naturalists have supposed...
Page 385 - The Bakerian Lecture, on some of the Combinations of Oxymuriatic Gas and Oxygen, and on the Chemical Relations of these Principles to inflammable Bodies.
Page 271 - Observations on the nature of the new celestial body discovered by Dr. Olbers ; and of the Comet which was expected to appear in July last, in its return from the Sun. By William Herschel, LL.D., FRS— Phil. Trans., abr. A Narrative of the proceedings on board His Majesty's ship

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