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The Civil Service English Grammar: being Notes on the

History and Grammar of tho English Language. By W.v.yates, CM.,
Windermere Grammar School. Fep. 8vo. cloth, 2s.

The Civil Service Handbook of English Literature. By

H. A. Dobson. Editor of" The Civil Service History of England," &c.

[Just ready.

The Civil Service First French Book: being a Practical

First Ornirse of French Grammar, with Exercises combined. By Achille
Motteat/. Sin the press.

The Civil Service History of England: being a Fact-Book

of English History, arranged lor Examination Candidates, Public Schools,
and Students generally. By F. A. White, B.A. Revised and enlarged by
H. A. Dobson, of the Board of 'I rade. Second Edition. With Maps, &c.
Fep. cloth, 2s. 6d.
'We do not remember having seen anything nf the kind at once so compendious, com-
plete, accurate, and convenient for use.'—ATUKNiEUM.

The Civil Service Geography, General and Political; ar-
ranged especially for Examination Candidates and the Higher Forms of
Schools. By tho late Lancelot M. Dalrymple Si'ence, of H. M. Civil
Service; revised throughout by Thomas Okay, of tiic Board of Trade.
Fourth'Edition, carefully revised and enlarged. With Woodcuts and six
Coloured Maps. Fep. cloth, price 2s. 6d.
1 A thoroughly reliable as well as a most Ingenious compendium of geography.'—

Civil Skuvicb Qazbttb.

The Civil Service Orthography: a Handy Book of English

Spoiling. With ample Rules and carefully arranged Exercises. Adapted for the"use of Schools and of Candidates for the Civil and other Services. By E. S. H. B. Fep. cloth, price 2s. 6d.

• * Of 1 972 rejections of Candidates for the Civil Service during five years, all'except 106 were for deficiency in Spelling or Arithmetic.

'A very handy, carefully written, and complete little book.'—Pall Mall Gazette.

The Civil Service Book-keeping—Book-keeping no Mystery:

Its Principles Popularly Explained, and tho Theory of Double Entry
Analysed- for the use of Young Men commencing Business, Examination
Candidates and Students generally. By an Experienced Book-keeper,
late of H. M. Civil Service. Second Edition, fep. cloth, price 2s.

The Civil Service Chronology of History, Art, Literature,

and Progress from the Creation of the World to the Conclusion of tho Franco-German War. The Continuation by W. D. Hamilton, F.S.A., of H M Public Record Office. Fep. 8v<,. ololh boards, 3s. Gd. 'An admirable little work, and one Iliat will be welcomed by the host of young mm wlio are socking admission into the Civil Service.'—CIVILIAS.

'Accurate wide, and thorough. Most useful to iliosc who are reading up for ClvU Service and Uucr examinations.'—Esglish CuUUCIlHAH.


Professor of the Science and Art of Education to the College of Preceptors. <f-e.

Payne's Studies in English Poetry; with short Bio

-raphical Sketches, and Notes Explanatory and Critical. Intended as • Text-Book for the Higher Classes ot'S.liools. Sixth Edition. PostSvo. cl.Bs.

PavneV Ipse. Specimens of the

Langf [Notes Explanatory and Critical.

Toeol I of the English Language and a

concil kloth, 5s.

Payne' L ISthEd.'2s.6d.

London :l lers'-Hall Court, Ludgato Hill.

. ♦

Attention is respectfully invited to the following eminently useful series cf French rfnssbooTts, which have enjoyed an unprecedented popuUtritu, mid are in use at mo&t of the Coueges and Schools througliout the United Kingdom and the polonies.

Le Fivas' New Grammar of French Grammars; comprising the, substance of all the most approved French Grammars extant, but more especially of the standard work ' La Grammaire itea Grammaires, sanctioned by the French Academy and the "University of Paris. Wiih numerous Exercises and Examples illustrative of every Rule. By Dr. V, De Fivas, M.A., F.E.I.S., Member of the Grammatical Society of Paris, &c. &c . Thirty-seventh Edition, price 3s. 6d. strongly bound. •At one* the simplest and most complete Grammar of the French language. To the

pupil the effect Is almost as if he looked Into a Map, so .well-defined is the course of study

as explained by M. de Fivas.'—Litehahy Gazette. 'Of the many French grammars which have come under our notice, this is, in many

respects, incomparably the best. Certainly it has no equal for conciseness and precision

uf style. Another point, and one well worth the consideration of parents, is that the

volume is bound in the stoutest of calf, and seems destined to put the destructive powers

of the rising generation to a severe test.'—Civilian.

%* A Key to the above, price 3s. 6d. bound.

De Fivas' New Guide to Modern French Conversation;

or, the Student and Tourist's French Vade-Mecum; containing a Comprehensive Vocabulary, and Phrases and Dialogues on every useful or interesting topic; together with Models of Letters, Notes, and Cards; and Comparative Tables of the British and French Coins, Weights, and Measures: the whole exhibiting, in a distinct manner, the true Pronunciation of the French Language. Twenty-fifth Edition, 18mo. price 2s. 6d. strongly half-bound. Voulez vous un guide aussl stir qu'infaillihle pour apprendro la langue franchise, prenez le Guide de M. de Fivas: e'est rindispensable manual de tout etrauger.'—


De Fivas, Beautes des Ecrivains Francais, Anciens et

Modernes. Quatorzicme Edition, augmented de Nntes Historiques, Geogra

pbiques, Philosophiques, Litteraires, Grammaticales, et Biograpuiques.

12mo. 3s. Gd. bound.

* An elegant volume, containing a selection of pieces in both prose and verse, which,

while it furnishes a convenient reading book for the student of tiie French inn gunge,

at the same time affords a pleasing and interesting view of French literature.'—


De Fivas, Introduction a la Langue Francaise; ou,

Fables et Contes Choisis; Anecdotes Instructive*, Faits Memorahlcs, &c. Avec un Dictiounaire de tous lea Mots traduits en Anglais. A l'usago de la jeunesse, et de ceux qui coromencent a apprendre la langue francaise. Vingt -troisieme Edition, 12mo. 2s. 6d. bound. 'By far the best first French reading book, whether for schools or adult pupils.'

Tait's MAGAZIKV, *We strongly advise students to read this excellent book, and they will soon find their knowledge of the language enlarged and, to a great extent, perfected.'—Fudlio Opinion, Oct. 14,1870.

De Fivas, Le Tresor National; or, Guide to the Trans

! lation of English into French at Sight. Fifth Edition, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

bound. B33" Le 'Tresor National' consists of idiomatlcal and conversational phrases, anecdotes told and untold, and scraps from, various English writers, and is especially intended to produce by practice, in those who learn French, a facility in expressing themselves In that language.

%• A Key to the above, 12mo. 2s. cloth.

London: LOCKWOOD & CO., 7 Stationers'-Hall Court, Ludgate Hill.

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