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At Ulndale near Cockermouth, Mrs. Betty the Dispensary enablihed there ; and also to Thompson, 97.

the poor of the parish of Crambe, where le At Workington, Mrs. Mackinson, wife of died, and to the poor of the parish of St. SaCaptain Joseph M. 62 - Mrs. Scrugham, 80. viour's-gate, where he is buried in a family

At Stainborn, Mr. John Stockdale, 78 vault. - Mrs Sinclair, wife of Robt. S. esq.

At Kendal, Mrs. Wikinfon, wite of Mr. recorder of the city. Henry W.-Mrs. Campbell, wife of Dr. C. Mrs. Confitt, widow of Mr. Richard C.

Ac Whitehaven, Mr. Michaelmas Kel- whose death was announced in our last num. wick, 53. – Mr. James Carruthers,60.-Mr. ber.-Mrs. Catherine Rudd, eldest daughter Benjamin Gilliat, 80, formerly matter of a of the Rev. Abraham Blackston R, vicar of vesel out of this port, but retired from busi- Londesbro' and Burnly, in the Eaft riding. ness several years ago. He was the last sur- At Barnby, near Selby, Joseph Blanchard, vivor of four brothers, all of the same occu• esq.- John Brewer, efq. pation, (and chiefly employed in the foreign At Whitkirk, near Leeds, Miss Smallpage, trade) who, after encountering for years the only daughter of the Rev. Mr. S. 19. perils of a maritime life, and traverfing innu- Ar Kirkstall, suddenly, in his barn, as is merable leagues of water, at last resigned conjectured, in a fit of apoplexy, Mr. Wm. their breath in the place where first they drew Waddington.--Mr. Thos. Myers. it; each of them (une excepted) having num- At Warthill, near York, John Agar, bered his eightieth year.-Mrs. Jane Kef- esq 87. wick, 84.

At Pontefra&t, Mrs. Gunning, relict of At Harparigg, near Langholm, Mr. Wm. Thos. G. ela. merchant, of Sheffield. Bothrick, 96.

At Wyton, in Holderness, Mrs. Raines, At Cleator, Miss Margaret Foster, young- wife of Wm. R. esq. 28. est daughter of Mr. John F. of Whitehaven. At Hedon, John Burstall, esq. 71.

At Burton, in Lonsdale, Mr. Thomas At Beverley, Mrs. Isabella Nicholson, a Smith, 67.

maiden lady. Mr. Richard Meadley, 73.At Hague-hall, Mrs. Allott, relict of the Miss Rachel Wyrill, daughter of Mr. James Rev. Mr. A. 76.

W. being the third daughter he bas buried in

less than three months. At the annual meeting of the members of At Scarbro', Mr. Thos. Abort, 74.-M. the Dock-Company, held at the Guildhall, Rich. Crompton, 82. in Hull, the accounts for the year 1806 were At Hull, Mrs. Hewson, wife of Mr. Geo. audited, and the total sum to be divided, de- H.-Mrs. Harriet Bennet, wife of Captain clared to be £.8901 158. or £49 9s. 1d. per Thos. B. of the Good-Intent, of London, 19. Share, upon one hundred and eighty thares,

- - Mrs. Eckins, 40 years matron of the work. in which number are included the twenty-five bouse, 86.-Mr. Thomas Richardson, or additional thares admitted the last Mrs. Staniforth, relict of John S. elc. and year.

aunt to John S. esq. M.P. for this borough, 89. Married.] At York, Mr. Thos. Sanderson, At Winterburn, near Skipton, Thomas to Mrs. Harrison. -Mr. Thos. Ellis, of Nora Wilkinson, esq. 69, and a few days after. ton, near Malton, to Miss Waud, of Acomb. wards his brother, Mr. James W. of Skipton,

At Birstall, Mr. John Alderson, of Liver. poft-master. pool, to Miss Knowles, of Gomerfall. At Clayton-hall, near Barnsley, Richard

At Richmond, Mr. F. Story, to Miss Greaves, esq. Mary Dale.

At Drypool, Mr. William Ramsden, forAt Hull, Capt. Richard Maxwell, to Mrs. merly a Itationer in Hull, and author of seThomas, of Liverpool.

veral tracts on religious, moral, and popular At Pocklington, John Bagley, esq. to fubje&ts. | Miss Bell, daughter of Mr. B. surgeon. At North Ferriby, Mr. Wm. Hessleden,

At Scarbro' Capt. Smith, of the ship Lin- youngest fon of Thomas H. esq. 18. coln, to Miss Willis.

At Leeds, Mr. Thomas Wilson, 42.-Mr. Ac Pontefract, Mr. Wm. Bradley, archi- George Roper, merchant. teå, of Halifax, to Miss Rideout, daughter At Crossland Hall, near Huddersfield, of Mr. Wm. R. of Manchester.

George Beaumont, esq. formerly major of At Myton, in Craven, John Charnley, the Leeds Volunteer Infantry. esq. of Lancaster, to Mrs. J. Peele, daugh- At Kettlewell, Craven, the Rev. Tenter of the Rev. Thos. Armistead, vicar of nant Bolland, Curate of Hubberholm : a that parish.

gentleman of the Atricteft probity and honour, Died.] At Oxton, near Tadcaster, Mrs. with a heart always touched with the dir. Siddall, 101. She retained all her faculties tresles of others, and a henevolence ever to the hour of her death.

ready to relieve their wants and promote their At York, the Rev. John James Dobson, future good. of Crambe. He has leit handsome legacies

LANCASHIRE. to the York County Hospital, the Schools for Married.] At Manchester, James Bellairs, Blue Coat Boys, and Grey Coat Girls, and cfq. of Derby, banker, tu Elizabeth Anne. eldest daughter of Lawrence Peel, efq. of Wm. Coppack.-Mr. Henry Fletcher, 70.Ardwick-Green, and niece of Sir Robert P. Mr. Wm. Parry, of Eglwysfach, DenbighBart M.P.

cldcft bella from

thire, 91.--Mr. James Gill. At Garitang, Mr. Parkinson, attorney, Near Gee Crois, John Robotham, (known to Mils Buxtua, daughter of Mr. B. of Ingol, by the name of Old England) aged 79. He Dear Preston.

was much admired for his promptitude in At Lancafter, Mr. Parsop, to Miss Jackson. making rhymes, in conversation seldom re

At Preibury, the Rev. L. Heapy, to Miss plying to any question without one; many of Hoblon, of Sutton, near Macclesfield. which will be long remembered by his ac

Ar Liverpool, Mr. John Smith, merchant, quaintance. Had he received a liberal edu. to Mrs. Heale.-Mr. James Balberney, tocation, he probably might have ranked as a Mrs. Dove, widow of Capt. D.

respectable poct. Dies.) A. Manchester, Mr. Julius Leuchte,

CHESHIRE. leader of the band of the gentleen's con

The fingular mildness of the present wincert, 2-Mrs. Barber, wife of Mr. B. or

ter has been generally remarked by the preRanift of St. Ann's church.-Mr. J. B. Stead. mas, secretary to tbe Infirmary. -Mrs. Dic

mature appearance of flowers, and other prokinson, wife of Mr. Joseph D. of Salford, 32. bluffomed and borne fruit, gooseberries were

Jactions of nature; apple and pear trees have -Thomas, third son of the late Mr. S. O. Birch, 15.-Mis Heywoud, wife of Mr. plucked at Christmas, and a throftle's nest William H.- Mr. Joseph Tindall, 74; he was

with three eggs in it was found in a garden employed in the excise upwards of fifty-three

in this couaty, on the 4th of January. But

a ftill greater curiosity, is to be seen at Chelyears. At Clithero, the Rev. Mr. Heaton, pero joint of the city walls (by the Kaleyards)

ter. A gooseberry buih, which grows in a petual curate of the united chapelries of has never failed for 20 years, to fhew its fruit Whitewell, Grindleton, and Toffet; and in the depth of winter, however severe; as under-master of the free grammar-ichool,

it seems to be of the common kind, it may Clithero.

At Quarmore Park, near Lancaster, Mrs. teach the speculative and carious gardener, Gibbon, wife of Charles G. efq.

how to plant, to procure this, and perhaps At Furness-abbey, Mr. Tho. A kinson, 36.

other fruit, earlier than they have hitherto Mr. George Hartnel, chief clerk to the

ever been attempted. Backbarrow-company, near Cartmel.

Married.) At Runcorn, Thomas Bate, At Hareholme, near Rochdale, Mr. Wm. efq. to Miss Jane Royle, second daughter of Dockwray, eldest son of Mr. David D. of Mr. Samuel R. of Ruflia-hall, in the parish

of Tattenhall. Lancaster, and one of the partners in the Hareholm Manufactory.

The Rev. Roger Young, M.A. minifter At Preston, Bafil, son of the late - Fitz

of Over, to Miss Ann Williamson, second herbert, era of Swinnerton, near Scone, daughter of Joseph W. efq. Stafforddhire

Died.] At Chester, Mr. Joseph Tomkin. Ac Wigan, Mrs Ryding, widow of Mr. fon, 80.- Mrs. Harrison, wife of Mr. Geo. Thomas R 90.

H. — Mr. Pope, proctor.- Miss Willan, At Levenhuime, Mr Sam. Beswick, 92. daughter of the Rev. Mr. W. rector of St.

Martin's.-Mr. Turner, one of the alderA: Bolton, Mrs. Morris, wife of Mr. Lunes M.

men of the corporation.-Mr. White, 56.At Fulwood, near Preston, Mr. Caleb Mrs. Young: -Mr. Ratelife.—Miss Barnes, Ratclif.

daughter of Thomas B. era. At Swinton, Mr. Robt. Boardman, 79.

Ac Upholland, Mr. Joh Platt, an emi. For near 60 years he had been a confiderable

nent linen, check, and canvass manufacturer, fuftian manufacturer, and was the oldest of Wigan, 70. member of a society of Proteftant Diffenters

, Mi. George Meadow, 90. He was uncle,

At Moreton, in the hundred of Wirral, of which he was always a zealous supporter.

At Edgworth. near Turton, Mr. John great-uncle, great-great-uncle, and great? Charter, 57.

great-great-uncle to nearly 200 persons; and At Green's Nook, in Roftendaie, George what is remarkable, he was uncle to a per. Ormerod, el.

fon, more than twelve months older than

himiell. A: Slade ball, near Manchester, Mr. Moles Siddall.

At Sandbach, Mr. Thomas Leigh, Mr. John Fox, inore than 45 years master of Tarleton febuol, 74.

Married.] At Ofmafton, Afr, George Hera A: Shaw, Samuel Taylor. He lay ill son, of Woulton, Scaffordchire, to Miss Sarah levch years without uttering a word, but Hodgkinson. about a month before his deccase, he reco- At Wirksworth, Mr. John Allop, of Leavered the faculty of speech so as to be able to Bridge, to Miss H. Smedley. converse with his friends.

At Alhborne, Mr. Tonlinlon, to Miss At Liverpool, Mr. Cheadle, broker, of Marshall. Manchetter --Mr. John Goldron, 66.-M. Died.] At Chapel-en-le-Erich, Mile H. MOSTHLY MAG. No. 154.



ner, 59.


gent. 70.

heila M'Knaught, only daughter of Mr. have known more of the troubles and viciliiRobert M' K. 18.

tudes of life. He was a native of Market. At Church Broughton, Mr. Thomas Mil Raisin, but early in life embarked for Ame.

rica. In an excursion up the country, he At Cavendish. Bridge, Mrs. Flack, 35. and his companions were seized by a party of

At Derby, Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. Indians, and those who were not malsacred, Thomas S. 30.– Mr. George Oldham, 31.- were detained as Naves. In this situation the Mr. James Dugdale, 69.-Mr. Thomas subject of this article was for a long period Lonsdaie.

held, being repeatedly transferred from one At Chesterfield, Rich. Slater, gent. 67. savage chieftain to another, at the price of a

At Denby, Mrs. Lowe, only surviving few skios of wild beasts. Having endured daughter of Vincent L. erg.

innumerable hardships, he at length effected At Brailsford, Mrs. Plummer.

his escape; and after spending some time as

a schoolmaster in America, he returned in Married.) At Nottingham, Joshua Mann, indigence to his native country, and was ingent. of Stragglethorpe, to Mrs. Clayton.- debted for a moderate subfiftence to the fituaMr. Hall, to Aliss Smith.

tion he was charitably put into by the public At Southwell, Mr. Cooke, surgeon, to library.--Mrs. Burton, 91. Miss Brett, of Fledborough.

At Falkingham, Benjamin Smith, esq. 75. Died.] At Basford, Miss Pearson, daugh- At Burley, near Oakham, William Gillter of Mr. Andrew P. 20.

son, esq. He served the office of high-fbeAt Linby, Miss Sarah Allcock.

riff for the county of Rutland in 1802. At Noctingham, Mr. William Butler At Spalding, Mrs. Tatam, widow of Win. Mrs. Crackle, 63. Abraham Woolley, T. efq. of Moulton.

At Lincoln, Mrs. Burley, wife of Mr. At New Radford, Mr. Thomas Creswell. William B. 59.-Mrs. Stone, wife of Mr.

At Teversal, near Mansfield, Mr. Joseph Thomas S. Paulson.

At Sutterby, Mrs. Ann Soulby, reli&t of LINCOLNSHIRE.

Mr. Robert S. of Skenderby Thorpe, 71. The Committee for managing the funds of At Barton, Mrs. Sowerby, 76. the city of Lincoln Charitable Repository, At Wainfleet, Mrs. Morton, 60.-Mrs. instituted for the relief of poor married wo. Kelk, 80. nien, during the month of their confine- At Great Steeping, Mr. John Goddard, 90. ment; and for the education and employment At Halton Holgate, Mr. Rob. Holmes, 89. of poor female children, bave published the At Halton, Mrs. Crow, wife of Mr, C. following statement of the receipts and dif- ffeward to Colonel Sibthorp. bursements of that laudable institution, dur

LEICESTERSHIRI. ing the last year:

In the course of the last years the Benevo£. s.

£ so do lent Society, established at Leicefter, in Cash remainTo childrens

1789, have relieved 226 persons, at the ing in

schooling 34 4 8 expence of £118 12s. hand - 60 0 O Mrs. Cur

Married.] At Leicester, Thomas Paget Subscriptions


jún. esq. to Anne, second daughter of John and bene

Pares, esq.-Mr. Rice, to Miss Morlidge. factions 54 12 of presents 12 2 At Netherseal, Mr Shardlow, of Hinck. By the tale To the fick

ley, to Miss Orton, of Donithorpe. of orna

fund 18 16 10 Mr. Dibbin, of Leicester, to Miss Casson, mental Materials for

daughter of the Rev. Mr. C. of Throllingcon. works made employ

At Loughborough, Mr. Stirland, of Ollerby the laing the

ton, Notts. to Muy Mary Brewin, fiftes of dies

18 16 10 children 63 9 5 Captain B. By sale at Balance in

Ded.) At Blaby, Mrs. Cox, 82. the shop 56 8 01 hand

61 10 11}

At Humberston, Miss Ann Wills.

At Leicester, Mr. Springthorpe, sen. £189 16 10% £189 16 101 Will. Cooper, gent. formerly an eminent Married.] At Wainficet, Mr. Wm. Carca bofier, 90.-Mrs. Elizabeth wright, to Mrs. Mawen, both of Great Ledbrooke, 75.--Mr. Mattocks, formerly a Steeping.

fadles, 87.-Mr. Boothby. John Brown, At Belleau, Mr. Christopher Fofter, jun. gent. 72. to Miss Blanshed.

At Hinckley, Mr. Willian Neal. At Boston, Ms. Wykes, of Leicetter, to At Kegworth, Mrs. Dalby, relict of Mr. Miss Reynolds.

Di surgeon and apothecary, 64. Ar Lincoln, Mr. Edward Fowler, jun. to At Allby-de-la-Zou.h, Mr. Samuel Rags. Miss Mary Taylor.

At Queenby Hall, W. Latham, efq. Ditd.] At Stamford, aged 68, Mr. Lilly, At Thorpe Sutchville, Mr. Phil. Gray, 68, fub librarian at the subscription-room, and At Wrincíwouid, Edward James, a day. brother to the late Mr. L. hofier. Few men labuster, 83. He received two premiums

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from the Leicester Agricultural Society, for At Pitchford, Thomas Ottley, esq. one of supporting his numerous family without be. His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this ing burthensome to the parish, and for long county. Providence bestowed on him health fervitude in the family of Mr. Wm. Burrows. and length of days; of which fingular blesHe supported through life an exemplary cha- fing, no one ever made a more grateful or racter for honefty, industry, and piety, and proper use; for his whole life was invariably was carried to the grave by fix of his grandsons. directed to every wise, and good, and lauda At Quorndon, Mrs. Stone, 73.

able purpose. In his public character, he

was upright, judicious, and impartial ; in priMarried.) At Wallall, Mr. John Heeley, vate life, the amiable and accomplished gene folicitor, to Miss Hannah Spurrier, second tleman; polite, hospitable, and attentive to daughter of the late William S. esq.

his friends; kind, considerate, and benevoAt Stafford, William Eld, erg. of Scigh- lent to his tenants and dependents; hunane ford, to Miss Mary Keen.-Mr. Chas. Har. and charitable to his indigent fellow.creavey, to Mifs Hyatt, daughter of William H. tures: his whole conduct was an example to elą of the Mear-house.

those of high rank, and his virtues and inte. Diet] At Stafford, Mr. John Repton.

grity an example to mankind. Univerially At Hampstead Hall, George Birch, esq. a

and deservedly respected; full of years, and juftice of the peace for this county.

matured in all those virtues which adorn and

dignify human nature, he departed this life, WARWICKSHIRE.

with that unspeakable peace which ever marks The Quakers of Birmingham, with a libe- the end of the upright and just nian, at the rality which entitles them to the respect of venerable age of 90 years. every friend of humanity, have subscribed

At Shrewsbury, Mr. James Wilson, 72.[1000, for the relief of British prisoners in Miss Browne, daughter of the late Thos. B. France; a part of which has already lately efq.- Mrs. Vaughan, 83. sexched the fufferers.

WORCESTERSHIRE. Married.] At Farnborough, Sir Charles Mantaunt, bort. to Miss Holbech, eldest Married.] At Worcester, Mr. Francis daughter of William H. esq.

Hooper, to Miss Tymbs, daughter of Mr. T. At Alten, Thomas Parkin, erg. of Lom. printer of the Worcester Journal burditreet, London, merchant, 'to Miss, Died.] Ac Worcester, Mi. Pritchard, of Hughes, daughter of the late William H. esq. the Green Dragon - Mrs. Lewis, relict of of Wef-Bromwich.

Mr. George L. engraver, 76.--Mrs GardAt Birmingham, Mr. John Batkin, to Miss ner, wife of Mr. G. malifter, at the Cross.Alice Wyatt, daughter of Mr. W. of Sutton. Mrs. Tidmarih, of the Wheat-theat. Mr.

Died.) At Birmiogham, Mr. T. Rothwell, William Price, 60. enntaver, 65.-M. Henry Reynolds, young. At Shrewley, Mr. Brazier. el lon of Mr. R. -Mr. James Balleny, 76. - At Kidderminster, Mr. John Jones, upMr. Thomas Lunt, 93.- Mr. Medlicot.--Mr. wards or 40 years veítry-clerk of chat bo. Matt Redfearn.-Miss Hannah Shenton, 20. rough. At Kenilworth, Mrs. James, 87.

HER E FORDSHIRE. At Coventry, Serjeant Sedgley, of the The result of a course of experiments has Royal Artillery – Mr. Francis, 92.-Nrs. been laid before the Hereford -gricultural Fuililove, Mrs. Cope.

Society, by T. A. Knight, rsq. from which åt Moley Wake Green, Mr. John Bar- it appears that the firength of the juice of ker, 38

any cider apple is in exact proportion of its At Allum Rock, W. Ward, esq. of Bir- weight. Thus the juices of the interior apmingham

ples are light when compared with the juices Ae Bidford, Mr. Francis Charles, surgeon. of the old and approves forts. The Forest At Warwick, Mr. James Burn.

Stire outweighed every other, until it was SHROPSHIRE..

put in competition with the new variety proMarried.) At Shrewsbury, Mr. James Par- duced by Mr. Knight, from the Siberian kinlon, ut Liverpool, to Miss Lee, of Santaw, Crab and the Lulham Pearmain; nor could

Thomas Brown, efq. vf Wniscot, nesr any other juice be found equal in weight to Clua, to Aliis Jones, of Pontpunton, pear the latter. Knighton

Died.] At Hereford, Mrs. Knill, wife of Du] At Welshpool, John Meredith Wil- Thomas K, esq. mayor of this city. She liama, eiq. of Dulannug, Montgomeryshire. wis fitting alone by the fire, which caught -Mr. Rich. Clayton.

her clothes, and burned her in fucn a dreadAt Tinion, Mr. Richard Minton, 79. ful manner, that the expired next mining,

At Fernbill, Miss Juckes, late of Shrews. She was nearly 9 years of age, had been debary.

prived of fight for several years, but was At Bettersfield, near Hanmer, Mr. -art- uncommonly cheerful in diípuition.Mr. wright, 80.

Griffiths, of the Hup Pole Inn, 53.-Mis At Ludlow, Mrs. Williags, reli& of Ed. Knapp:--Mr. G. Smith, 57. mard W. eig. 87.

Ac Boarthill, Mrs. Haynes, 75.





At Eccles Green, the Rev. Joseph Carless, Walker, widow of Mr. W. yeoman-beadle vicar of Stretford, in this county, and of in the university.-Miss Catharine Eatot, 24. Berry, Montgomeryshire.

At Henley, Mr. Humphry Wrighewick. At Titley, Francis Hooper, erg. 71. At Bampton, Mr. Fox, fen. A daughter

The Rev. Thomas Allen, vicar of Brid- who lived with him, and who has at different ftow, and perpetual curate of Brimfield, and periods discovered symptonis of derangement, a justice of the peace for the county.

placed a quantity of gunpowder under the At Leominster, Mrs. Bradford.

chair in which her father was sitting, and by

means of a train which reached to the outer Married.) At Wooton-under-edge, G. H. door, see fire to the same; the explofion from Wheeler, elg. to Miss Jane Tattersall.

which was so powerful as to force a hole thro At Henbury, Captain Hale, of the North the ceiling, and the window out of the room Gloucester militia, eldest son of J. Blagden H.

above. Her father was fo feverely injured, cfq. of Alderley, to Lady Theodosia Bourke, that he survived only a few days. A thesi Gister to the earl of Mayo

time before, he had nearly effected his death Died.] At Gloucester, in the 78th year of by adminisering poison to him. his age, Mr. Jeremiah Hooper, a respectable At Waterstock, Lady Athurst, wife of Sir farmer, of Bulley. He has left by will a

William A. A. pair of blankets to each of the poor women

At Bicester, Mr. James Stratton, of his parish. It is remarkable, that the estate which he occupied was held 77 years Married.) Samuel Edwards, efq. of Lon. under a lease for his own life; and the pro- don, to Mrs. Smith, only daughter of the perty now descends to James Wood, esq.- Rev. John Eccies, of Stoke Bruerne. Mrs. Martha Roberts, relict of David R. esq. At Rothersthorpe, Mr. Mark Howes, to. army-agent, late of London. --Mrs. Morgan, Miss Ann Howes. relićt of Mr. John M. 81. -Mrs. Ridler, At Farndon, Mr. Thomas Sharp, to Miss wife of Mr Thomas R. 31.

Susannah Puthi, daughter of George B. gent, At Dursley, William Vizard, esq. former. Mr. George Vickers of Kettering, to Mila ly an eminent attorney of that place, 72.- Ellis, of Clipfon Mrs. Francis.

Died.) At Peterborough, Mr. James Cole. At Lypiatt, near Stroud, Peter Leversage, -Mrs. Gates, wife of Mr. G. of the Poito esq. 61.

office. At Wooton-under-edge, Mr. Thomas Bid- At Weston-Favell, Mrs. Spencer, who dle, attorney, and one of the aldermen of many years kept a boarding.fchool there, 69. that corporation.

The Rev. John Sutton, vicar of Weekley, At Upton-upon-Severn, Mrs. Skey, wife and Oakley Magna, and rector of Church of Mr. š. and one of the daughters of the Lawford, Warwickshire. He was one of the late William Russell, esq. of Showell Green, most corpulent men in the county. near Birmingham.

Mrs Barnes, wife of Janues Barnes, esą. At Nailsworth, Peter Smith, esq. a cap- formerly principal engineer, and conductor of tain in the Horsley and Tetbury volunteers. the Grand Junction Canal, but now ap alder

At Charlton-Kings, W. Loveley, esq. 61. man and common brewer, of Banbury.

At Lidney, Sibilla Pritchard, 95.- Mary At Wellingborough, Mrs. Goojhati, relia Evans, 100. There are now living in the of Mr. G. fur con, late 0. Alarket-Harbro'. fame parish, several persons who bave attained

CAMBRIDCT SHIRT, to a very great age ; and few places can boatt lo many instances of longevity.

Married.] Townley Clarkson, M. A. Fel. At Uley, Mrs Lloyd, wite of Nath. Lo esq. and vicar of Hinxton and Swavelen, to Sarah,

jew and Burfar of Jesus College, Cambridge,

daughter of the late Rev. J. Dubbs, of Secko Married.) At bi extcr, Mr. Thomas Jen- ington, Warwickshire nings, to Milo Mary Foster.

At Fly, William Ruyle, M.D. son of the Died.] Ac Oxiurd, in his 68th year, Sir Rev. William R. of Crimpleham, Noriolk, John Treacher, knt He was elected one of to Miss Kitchener. the aliiftants in that corporation in April, At Chatreris, Mr John Bonfield, jun. 10 1784, and served the office of Mayor in the Miss Fryer. succeeding year. On the 29th of July, 1785, At Ickleton, Mr. Willjun Robinson, he was elected alderman in the room of the architect, of Waiden Grove, to Miss M. Jate John Nicholls, csq. and received the Spencer. honour of knighthood when His Majefty vi. Died.] At Barham-lall, Mrs. Lonfitale, Sited that place the fame year. Having fup. widow of the Rev. Chriftopher L. formerly ported these offices with dignity to himself fellow of Peterhouse, 92. and credit to the city, some years since, from At Nurman-Cross-Barracks, Mr. Joba ju health, he resigned his alderman's gown. Crane, quarter-after of the CambridgeshireHis remains were deposited in the fansily militia, in which he entered as a private, vault at Stoke Talmage, near Tetsworth. when this conftitutional force of the country Mr. Jonathan Lowndes, printer, 57.-Msse was first raised.



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