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At Lancaster, Mrs. Statter.-Mr. Edward At Chefterfield, Mr. John Darby, 47.Batty.--Mrs. Eliz. Kettlewell.

M. Jean Procedats, one of the prisoners of Frederic, the ninth fon of the late Timo- war, on parole there, 32. He was a Neapo. thy Parker, efq. of Hornby hall, 12. - litan by birth, but held a captain's compii.

At Preston, Mr. Thomas Wilson, one of fion in the French service, and was taken the common-council of that borough, 89.- prisoner at the memorable battle of Maida. Mrs. Eliz. Sanderson, a maiden lady, 71. At Allop in the Dale, Mrs. Buxton.

At Bootle, the Rev. Thonias Smith, rector At Dronfield, Mr. Kay, surgeon, 42. of that parish, and vicar of Ulverston; and At Delfield, the Row, Rich. Gifford, 72. an acting magistrate for the counties of Lan- At Alport, Mrs. Melland, wife of Mr. cater and Cumberland.

Francis M. At Wigan, Mr. T. Greenough, -Mr. John At Bolsover, Mr. William Knowles, late Knowles.

surgeon in the Derby militia, 51, At Heathfield, near Pately-bridge, Sarah, the wife of F.dward Buckle, 103. At Ardwick, Mr. John Sheppard God.

Married.) At Newark, Mr. Powell, fur. dard, 26.

geon, of Bannyhall street, to Miss E. Ath. At Chorley, Miss M. H. Smethurst, eldest well, second daughter of Mr. Ashwell, lur. daughter of Mr John S.-Mrs. Halliwell, 66.

geon, formerly or, Coleman street. At Blackburn, Mrs. Aspinall, 42.

Died.] At Welford, Mr. Cumberland, 92. At Ormskirk, Mrs. Parr, relict of John Pole. -Mrs. Skidmore.- Mrs. Beft, 63.

At Nottingham, Mrs. Handley.--Mrs. P. esq. late alderman of Liverpool, 85.

At Stubbins, near Bury, Mr. Samuel Mrs. Eccleshaw. - Mr. Bates --Mrs. Olburn. Milner.

At Harrowmarth, Mr. Thomas Ellis, 64. At Pendleton Lodge, Mr. W. Hewitt, late

At Beeston, Mrs. Lacey. of Blackburn.

Married.) At Grantham, L. W. Childers, Married.) At Thornton in the Moors, Mr. esq. second son of the late Childers Walla Willium Darlington of Marbury, to Miss

banke C. esq. of Cantley, near Doncaster, Eliz. Sefton.

to viss Sarah Anne Kent, second daughter of

Sir Charles K. William Smith, eq. of Milton-brook lodze, to Miss Brafie, only daughter of Ro- Green, Mr. Wales, printer, late of Bury, to

At Stactford, after a previous visit to Gretna bert B. efq. of Cotton-hall.

Miss Eliza Booth. A: Chester, Mr. Lowe, to Miss Paul, daughter of the late Mr. John P of the

Died.] At Horncaftle, Mrs. White Lion-Mr. Eaton, of Halton, sur

Miss Frances Heald, daughter of Richard geon, to Miss Eliz. Whitley, of Sutton. Dod.] At Chefter, Mr. Topping.--Mr.

At Somercoates, near Louth, Mrs. Smith, Pulford, attorney.- Mrs. Paul, wife of Mr.

95. P. coachmaker.-Mr. John Thomas, one of

At Cockerington, Mrs. Woodroof, 80. tive members of the corporation. Mrs.

Ar Stamford, Mrs. Broughton, many years Cough, of the City Arms.

proprietor of the old Stamford coach, 77,At Lawton, Mr Cpx, 59.

Mrs. Stiles, 80.--Mr. Robert Saile, of the

New Salutation inn, and clerk of the raceAc Littleheath, near Nantwich, Mrs. Cid.

course --Mr. W. Meadows, schoolmaster, 21, -Mrs. Plumptre, relict of the Rev. Dr. P.

Jate president of Queen's College, Cambridge, The gross income of the Chesterfield Canal 73. --Mr. John Edgson, 92. -Mrs. Wright, for the lait ten years, has been as under : 93. ---Mrs. Burton, 91.-Mrs. Helleby, 75. d.

d. -Mrs. Smith, 89. 1797-10,883 0911809-18,329 6 1

At Hacconby, near Bourn, Miss Wyer. 1798-10,361 0 5 13039,967 19 At Haverholm Priory, Mr. Robert Biller1709--109,117 05 1801-13,200 1 ton, fleward to Sir Jenifon Gordon, 1800-11,9887 # 1805-12,453 4 At North Witham, Stephen Charlesworth, 1901-12,870 6 1) 1806-13,683 15 3 gent. He married in June, 1791, the secon i

The balance in hand on the 31 Decem- daughter of Sir Thomas Parkyns, of Bunney be laft, after paying the property tax, and park, and fifter to the late Lord Rancliffe. A. per share dividends, and exclusive of At Spalding, Mr. William Bellamy. 2001. tund in the agents' hands, amounted At Whittlerea, the elder fon cf 1. Jobsto 625. 193. 9

, efq. 14. Died.] At Birdholm, James Hunloke, esq. At Lincoln, Mrs. Woodthorpe, wife of unale to Sir Windsor Hunloke, of Winger- Mr. John W. of the Lion and Soake inn, 74.

Mrs. Allison, relict of Mr. Thomas A. At Derby, Mr. John Taft, of the Sara- merchant.-Mr. Robert Vergette, 70.-Mr. trei Hesd inn, 37-Mrs. Mawkes, 67.- Robert Turner. 66. Ile. Edwari Cater, 80.--Mrs. Crompton, wife, At West Stockwith, Vrs, Hickson, widow el juhn C. esq. 12.

of Capt. H. MONTHLY Mag. No. 135.

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, .

At Gainsborough, Mr. Thomas Tee, school. make considerable excursions in the extensive mafter.

fields of Science. At Louth, Miss Eliz. Wingate, 36.

At Coventry, Miss Mitchell.-Mr. J. B. At Stoke, Mr. Attenborrow, fen, an emi- Buck, 19.-Mr. Joseph Ruffell.—Mrs. A. sent land surveyor.

Crockett. At Hultoft, near Alford, John Fauld. At Warwick, Mr. Woodsfield, of the ing, efq.

Black Horse.

At Henley, in Arden, Mr. William James, Married.] John Handley, esq. of Stoke, fornverly in the profession of the Javi, but near Newark, to Miss Story, second daughter who had for some years retired from butiness. of the Rev. Philip S. of Lockington hall. At Dudley, Mr. Edward Bannister, 47.

At Syfton, Mr. Tookey, to Mrs. Cleaver, relict of Richard C. gent.

Application is intended to be made in the Mr. John Green, of Market Harborough, present session of parliament, for an act fer to Miss A. Berridge, daughter of Mr. Thos. inclosing the commons and waste lands in the B. of North Kilworth,

manor of Knockin. Died.] At Leicester, Mr. Davis, the oldest Married.) At Kinnerly, Richard Pritchard, worfted manufacturer in the town, 83, 87, to Mrs. Ann Scanfield, 84. Miss Ann Toone, daughter of the late Mr. Died.) At Pitchford, Adam Ottley, esq. John T.-Mrs. Mansfield, of the Nag's Head son of Thomas O. esq. whose death is recorde

ed in our last number. Mrs. Jane Noble, relict of the Rev. Mr. At Shrewsbury, Mr. Thomas Botevyle. N. of Frowlesworth.

-Mrs. Sarah Lawley.-Mr. George Hole At Desford, Mrs. Bailey, wife of Mr. Jo- lis, 50. nathan B.

At Whitchurch, Charles Shireff, esq. a At Castle Donnington, Mr. John Davies, major in the army, 69.-Mrs. Anne Ed. attorney, 61.-Mr. William Oldershaw, 63. wards, 91. -Mrs. Leeson, wife of Mr. William L. At Oswestry, Mrs. Evans, wife of Lewis matter of a very extensive academy at that E. esq. place, 35.

At Condover, Mr. Everall. At Hemmington, Mr. William Flint, far

WORCESTERSHIRE, mer and maltster, 77. He fell from his chair The physicians and surgeons of Worcelter and instantly expired.

are so well convinced of the great and numc

rous advantages resulting from the inoculation Died.] At Walsall, Thomas Hodgkins, entered into a resolution, not, under any

for the cow-pock, that they have unanimouly efq. many years town-clerk of that place. At Handsworth, Wm. Mottier, esq. 63.

circumstance or application whatever, to inoAt Blithbury, Mr. Matthew Smith, 56.

culate or sanction the inoculation for the At Wichnor, near Litchfield, Mr. John veral years been invariably observed by moft

small pox. The same resolution has for leHickson, 83.

of the medical gentlemen in Birmingham. At Leek, Mr. Lucas, 77.

Married.] The Rev. Mr. Powell, of Mug

flow, Shropihire, to Miss Maria Pardoe, of Married.] The Rev. William Wheler, Tenbury, second daughter of the late George youngest son of Sir Charles W. to Miss Hard- P. esq. of Nath court. ing, daughter of William H. erg. of Alve. At Frankley, Jonathan Haines, esq. of fton house, near Stratford upon Avon. Forshaw heath, to Miss Gosling, daughter of

Died.] At Stoke Priory, Mr. John Deakin, Thomas G. esq. farmer, 70; and on the day on which he was Died.] At Worcester, Mr. Cole.—Mrs. interred, his mother, Mrs. D. aged 100. Elizabeth Lovett, relict of Mr. L. apotheShe retained her faculties to the last, and cary, 89.-Mrs. Barnes - Mr. S. Hayes, wri. could read without spectacles.

ting-master.--Mr. Richard Pritchard, nearly Ac Birmingham, Mrs. Lant, 94.--Mr. 30 years clerk to the London coach office.Charles Power. -Mrs. E. Smith, governess Mrs. Anne Lewis.-Mrs. Evett, of the Difto the School of Industry, in Queen Atreet - tillers' Arms. Mr. J. Hardy.-Richard Greaves, esq. of the At Evelham, Mr. Joseph Thomas. House of Grundy and Greaves, a young gen- At Bromsgrove, Mr. Richard Collett, only tleman of the brightest promise. To a bigh son of Mr. C. surgeon, 21. degree of commercial knowledge, and the

At Henwick, Mrs. Hughes, wife of Mr. most unsullied integrity, he added many useful H. of the Old Bank, Worcester, 20. and ornamental acquirements. By means of At Chaceley, Mrs. Taylor, many yean • very retentive memory, and intense appli- governess of a respectable school for young cation, he had become a great proficient in ladies at that place. the modern European languages, particularly French, Italian, Spanith, and German. His Died.] At Hampton, near Hereford, Mr. taste for the fine arts was clegant and correct, J. Pitr, 69. and his native vigour of mind enabled him to At Eyton, Mrs. Weaver, wilc of Joha W.





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At Hereford, Mr. Hopley, 57.-Mrs. Tay. tlemen held a meeting in the county hall, to for, mother of William T. esq. of Tilling- take into confideration a plan for establishing ton, 96.---John Jones, efq. who last year a general county fire insurance, by an assoserved the office of chief magistrate of the ciation of the noblemen and gentlemen of city, 60. Mr. William Parker. Mr. the counties of Bucks, Bedford, Berks, Ellex, Knill.

Hertford, Huntingdon, Middlesex, North. At Leominster, Mrs. Lowe, wife of Mr. ampton, Oxford, and Warwick, which was L-Mrs. Sandland.

highly approved, and recommended to be care At Ledbury, Mrs. Watts.

ried into immediate effect. At Stretton, Mr. Weaver.

Married.] Ac Stoke Pogis, Jerome de Sa

lis, esq. of Hillingdon Place, Middlesex, to A meeting of the principal traders and in. Miss P. Freeman, daughter of Robert F. hatitants of Gloceiter, was lately convened, M.D. of the Lodge near Uxbridge. for the purpose of taking into confideration

At Upton, Mr. W. Davis, of Windfos, to the intended measure of forming a rail-way Eaton Wick.

Miss Mary Goddard, daughter of Mr. G. of from the Coombe-Hill Navigation, to the town of Cheltenham: the meeting were of of Buckingham, who united fingular kill

Died.] At Bath, John Williams, M. D. opinion that the plan, ii carried into a law, with Atrict integrity, 56.–And a week afterwould prove injurious to the trade and comterce of Glocester; and therefore determined wards, his lister, Mrs. F. Williams, 61. to instruct their cwo representatives in par.

At Great Marlow, where he was inspector liament, to oppose, in all its stages, any Bill general of instruction at the Royal Military which may be introduced to sancion such an

College, General Jarry, 74. undertaking, Married.) At Quedgley, Mr. John Tay. erg. sen. of Luckley, Berks.

Died.) At Bedford, Charles Fylhe Palmer, lor, to Mils Copner. At Thornbury, Mr. Edward Salmon, fur

At Tingrith, Charles Dymocke Willaume, geon, to Miss Hodges, only daughter of Mr.

cra. Hotges, formerly a partner in the house of the Rev. Ms. H. rector of Carlton cum

At Chellington, Mrs. Hooper, wife of Meffrs. Grove and Co. Bristol, At Minchinhampton, Mr. Daniel Smith,

Chellington. of Nailsworth, to Miss Martha Playne, of


Married.] At Daventry, Mr. Richard Died.) At Glocester, Mrs. Martha Ro. Watson, son of the Rev. George W. to Miss berts, reli&t of David R. esq. army agent,

Tayler. London.-Mrs. Cor.-Miss Smith.-Mr. ).

At Peterborough, Captain Harries, of the Wheeler, 94. - Mrs. Wilton, 73. --Mits Royal Pembroke fulileers, to Miss Mary Wingate.

Powell. At Colelbourn, Mifs Holmes, daughter of cift congregation at Middleton Cheney, to

The Rev. Mr. Davis, minister of the Bapthe Rev. Mr. H. rector of that place. At Swindon, near Cheltenham, John Scud

Miss Councer, of Thenford. amore, esq. fun of the late Henry Blackford efq. of Glendon Hall. He served the office

Died.] While hunting, Richard Booth, S. esą, of Newent.

At Cheltenham, Mrs. Middleton, wife of of high sheriff in 1794, and was chosen lieu. Mr. M. of the Lamb inn.

tenant of the Kettering troop of NorthampAr Tetbury, Wm. Fither, esq.

tonshire yeomanry on the first formation of

the regiment. He had long laboured under Married.) At Oxford, Mr. John Luckett, he died.

symptoms of angina pectoris, in a fit of which of the Bell inn, to Miss Peake, fister to Mr. P. of the Blue Bour ing.–Mr. Charles Tal- Mrs. Hayward, 86.

At Peterborough, Mr. Samuel Ellis, 77. mage, to Miss Mayow. Died.] At Oxford, Mrs. Jones, relict of youngest daughter of the late Alderman N.

At Northampton, Mrs. Mary Newcome, the Rev. William J. late rector of Llanganhafal, and Llanfihangel, in Denbighshire, 66.

AC Wellingborough, Mrs. Jones, 89.

At Spratton, Mis. Martha Hodson, 83. Mr. Thomas Hedding.-Mrs. Isaacs, 65.Miss Ann Brumhead, third daughter of Mr.

At Hartwell, of a putrid fever, Mr. John

Windmill. One of his brothers and two B. collector of excise, 13.

fifters have died of the fame disorder in the A: Chaftleron, M. Hancock, 84.

short space of seven weeks. At Headington, Mrs. Mather, daughter of che Rev. Dr. M. formerly President of Corpus

At Aynho, Mr. George Hunt. Chrifti College, Oxford.

At Thorney, the Rev. Joho Hunt, rector

of Borefield, near Oundle, 69. At Woodstock, Mr. George Hant, one of the senior members of the corporation.

Died.) At Kimbolcon, Mrs. Peck, wife of BUCKINGHAMSHIRL.

Mr. P. Curgeon. After the trials of the prisoners at the last The Rev. Joseph Sympson, redor of Steepiłeges at Aylebury, the magiftrates and gen- ple Gidding, and vicar of Ellington.

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At Chesterton, Mr. Walker, 53.

not four years old, a piece of plate of sl. At Padbury, Mrs. Burgess, wife of Mr. value. Tu the person who fhail produce the James B. 21.

beft boar, not more than two years old, a At Huntingdon, Sir John Alston, bart. 45. piece of plate of 21. value. To 'he person Mr. William Graves, 65.

who fail produce the best stallion for the

purpose of breeding houses to be used in buse The representatives in parliament for the bandry, being his own property, and having university of Cambridge having proposed, been used this seafon in Norfolk onlv, a piece after the example of his Grace the Chancel- of plate of gl. value. Tothor: thepherds wha lor, to give two prizes of 15 guineas each Thall have been found to have, upon any day to two lenior bachelors of arts, and the like between the ist day of May and the poth, to two middle bachelors, who shall compose the greatest number of lamos in proportion the best exercises in Latin prose, wliich are to their oumber of ewes, certified ac ading to be read publicly by them on a day to be ap- to the form of a certificate, to be had by appointed for the purpose ; the Vice-Chan- plying to the secretary, ani to be returned to cellor has appointed the following subje&ts him on or before the 30th of Muy, 1807– for this year : For the senior bachelors, Utrum a premium of mores civium emendet an corrumpa: commer- Two Pounds, if the

300 ciummiddle bachelors, Utrum literis prufit Three

number of


librorum quant a nunc eft editorum covia ? Four
The Rev. F. Wrangham, M. A. of Trinity Five Tup was at

000 College, and the Rev. E. D. Clarke, LL. D. Six

least of Jesus College, are to preach the two fer. Ten pounds to be divided and disposed of by mons before the University, on the subject of the committee according to its discretion, 10 translating the Scriptures into the Oriental lavourers in hulbandry, regard being had to languages, agreeably to the proposition of the most deserving. Ten pounds to be die the Rev. Claudius Buchanan, vice-president of vided and disposed of by the committee, ac. tlie College at Fort William in Bengal, for cording to its discretion, to dairy maids, wba which he requests that each of the preachers fall have lived each at least five years in the will accept the sum of 30 guineas.

same service ; regard being had to the mult The two gold medals, value 15 guineas deserving. each, given by the Chancellor of this Uni- Died.] At Norwich, Miss C. B. Burrows. versity, for the encouragement of claffical -Mrs. Durrant. Mrs. Robinson – Mrs. learning, are this year adjudged to Mr. Joseph Sarah Legget, 70.--Miss Ann Fairhead, 29. Kirkman Miller, and Mr. John Goodrich, - Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson, 77. - Mrs. bachelors of arts of Trinity college. Chesnutt, 75.--Mr. Spooner Nath, 26.

Died.] At Cambridge, Mr. William Hin. Mrs. Day, 63.-Mr. Robert Baldry, 77, well, of the Bird-bolt inn.--Miss Ann Nut- At Beccles, Mrs. Barcham, 73.-Mrse ter, third daughter of Mr. James N. 14. Howes, a maiden lady, 8s. Mr. John Paul.-Sarah, the youngest fifter At East Dereham, Mrs. Wigg, 36 --Mr. of Mr. Thomas Sharp.

Henry Keymer, 84.
At Upwell, Mr. Edmund Overton, 86. At Stoke Perry, Mrs. Goodman, fifter to
Ar Teverlham, Mr. Thomas Foot, 79. James Bradfield, era of that place.
At Linton, Mr. Robert Chalk, sen. 75. At Harleston, Miss Palmer, daughter of

At Wisbech, Mrs. Sarah Dewey.-Mrs. Mr. P. of the Pye inn. She was going to Wright, wife of Mr. W. master of the board take a walk one evening, when the fell dowa ing Ichool, Godmanchefter, 28.

in the street, and expired as soon as the was NORFOLK

conveyed home. At the general meeting of the Norfolk At Ayitham, Mirs Cooke, 41. Agricultural Society, held at Lynn on the At Blofield, Mr. William Parrocks, 72. 18th of February, the following premiums At Lynn, Mrs. Wright, of Downlam. were propofed for the present year :-To Miss Ann Pell Barnes, only daughter of chofe persons who shall produce the best one the Rev. Mr B. vicar of Gorietten and rece year old rams of the Leicester, Southdown, tor of Southtown, near Yarmouth. or Norfoik breeds, for each of the respective Ac Belaugh, Mrs. Miles, widow of Mr. breeds, being the beft in competition, a piece John M. of Burgh Castle, and filter to the of plate of sl. value ; or being the second late Thomas and William Palgrave, cias. of bett, or without competition, of 31. value. Coltihall, 86. To those persons who shall produce the beft Aç Yarmouth, William Lane Cory, gente pens of ewes one year old, confing of three fourth son of Robert C. esq. 33. cach, of the Leicester, Southdown, or Nor.

SUFFOLK. folk breeds, for each pen of the refpe&tive Married.] At Elmswell, William G. $a breeds, being the best in competition, a piece word, cfq. of Greenwich. to Mils Hodgkin, of plate of sl. value; or being the second daughter of the Rev. Joseph H. rector of bell, or without competition, of 31. value. Elmlwell. To the person who shall produce the best bull Died.] At St. Edmund's Hill, aca bury,

aged 77, John Symonds, efq. LL. D. pro. In London, George Wright Gravener, esq. feffor of modern history in the university of of Dover, to Miss Waller, of Faversham. Cambridge, and late recorder of Bury. He At Warehorne, Mr. Samuel Jones, enwas formerly of St. John's college, A. B. gineer, of Rye Harbour, to Mrs. How1752, A. M. 1754; he fucceeded Mr. Gray, land. the celebrated poet, in the professorship in At Greenwich, George Hillier, esq. to 1771, and took the degree of doctor of laws Mrs. Tahourdin. in 1772. He was a gentleman highly dis. Died.) At Rochester, Mr. Thomas Ethetinguished for his literary attainments, parti- rington, bookseller and stationer. cularly in biblical learning ; and his loss will At Osborne Lodge, Cranbrook, Thomas be much regretted by many furviving friends, Adams, esq. an a&tive, intelligent, and hubut by none more than his Grace the Duke mane magistrate of this county, and comof Grafton and family, with whom he had manding officer of the Cranbrook volunlong been in habits of intimacy, and honour. teers. ed by mutual friend thip.

At Borden, Mr. William Wise, ren. 82. At Claydon, the Rev. G. Drury, rector of At Lydd, the Rev. John Goodwin. Overston and Billing in Northamptonshire, At Canterbury, Mr. Noble, 75

Mr. and patron of Claydon and Allenham, 87. William Burnby, attorney.-Mr. George He was the oldest magistrate in the county, Hadlee, youngest son of Mr. H. of the Fal

At Bury, aged 94, Mrs. Anne Burrough, faff inn.-Lee Warley, esq. 92.--Mr. Geo. a maiden lady, niece of the late Sir James Legrand, surgeon. B. knt. master of Caius college, Cambridge. At Chatham, Mr. Fitzgerald, of the royal Sbe was the last survivor of a very ancient navy, 97. and respectable family, and her benevolent At Folkstone, Mrs. Hague, 91. Mrs. Jeand charitable disposition will long be remem- cobs, 54.--Mr. Anthony Warman, 36. bered, and her loss severely felt, by those At Southborough, Lieutenant Colond who participated in her bounty.

Hollweli, 61.
At Whitton, Mr. Kerridge, banker, of At East Hayes, Miss Payne, 28.

At Dover, Colonel Carr, many years bar. At Darham House, Miss Charlotte Pey. rack-master at that place. ton, third daughter of the late Sir Henry P. At Maidstone, Miss Collins, niece to J. of Hagbeach Hall.

Blake, erq. of that town, 31. At Newham, Mrs. Abbot, wife of Mr. At Favertham, Mrs. Wright, wife of Mr. A. surgeon.

W. of the royal powder mills.-Mrs. FairAt Wrentham, the Rev. Mr. Sheppard, man.--Mrs. Glasscock. diffenting minifter, 38.

At Gravesend, Miss Rogers, daughter of At Ipswich, Mr. Wm. Bryant, 21. Henry Thomas R. esq. At Lakenheath, Mr. Tunael, 85.-Mr. At Eltham, Mrs. Grant. This truly in. Newton, 74.

terefting lady was a native of St. Domingo,

and received her education in France. She Married.) At Bocking, George Powel, esq. had been three times a widow; ber first marto Miss Georgiana Dench, youngeft daugh- riage was solemnized when she had barely ter of the late John D. efq. of Newland attained her 14th year. Her laft marriage Hall.

was to Col. Grant, the commanding officer Died.] At East Hanningfield, Mrs. Polley, at Jamaica. The premature engagements 83.

and duties of her family cares, added to the At Coptfold Hall, William Vachell, csq. peculiar maladies of a Weft Indian climate,

sapidly Chattered a beautiful and delicate A: Chelmsford, Miss Caswell, 30.

frame of body; infomuch that, even to those At Great Waltham, Mr. Thomas Devonish, who were must honoured with her intimacy, 93. Till the week preceding his death, he she appeared much older than lae declared was never confined to his bed by fickness. herself to be. We are allured that the far.

At Colchester, Mrs Beaumont.--Mr. Jo- cinating Tubject of this account had strong feph Eisdell.--Mr. Benjamin Matthewman. public claims on the gratitude of this nation, At Danbury, Mrs. Cooch, 93.

for her fpirited detection of a conspiracy ac New Hall, Boreham, the Rev. Mr. among the negroes to vindicate their outraged O'Brian, a venerable pastor of the school rights. It is at least certain, that her anthere, 72.

nual pension from government was more am

ple than the common provision for a colonel's Murried.] At Chatham, Captain H. H. widow. Not to dwell, however, with proSpence, of the Royal Navy, to Miss E. lixity on an event in which the humane and Lowry, daughter of Charles L. esq. of his free-born minds of Englihwomen can see litMejetty's chip Glory.-- Mr. Richard Collins, tle to imitate, we will turn to the scene of London, to Miss Thompson, eldest daugh. in which they excel all other females on the ter of John T. erg. of the Dock-yard. face of the earth. Here Mrs. Grant's cha

At Dover, Whitridge, esq. of London, racter thone with con(picuous luftre. ComMiss límay.

plete miftress of all the sameless endearing



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