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Kerdaw James, Manchefer, coal dealer.

(Ellis, Curfio

Dawes John, Camomile treet, mariner, May tor free

Dixon Charles, Fenchurch freer, brutaket, June 9 Lambert William Barvabus, Manchetter, grocer. (Ellis Đent: Ancis Tecias, Watanitow, brok, Máy in Curntar Preet

final Leigh George, Manchefer, bread baker. (Lnis, Curfitor Emerfus Genege, and Richard King, Jun, st. Thomas the teet

Apostle, brokers, April 21, final Mitchell John, Minningham, worked manufadturer. Lear in James Peter, Upper Grafton treet, dealer and (Edye, Teinple

chapman April :5. Fial Mang Rulert, Horgin lane, warehousemnan. (Adamı, Fawcett Thomas, old Chaoge merchant. April 14 cha Jewry

Fitton Elizabeth, Bolton on the monts, milliner, May 9 Marihall John. Denby, tanner. (WUfan, Greville Preet Favel Michael, Korough linen draper. April 15 Mats James, Newlaglou-butts, linen draper. (Hindi Gay With it), Devi... tiam 19.) April 27 Temple.

Gwillim Robert, worth pereet, dealer in fpirituous lis Nible t jonn, Bowbridge, clothier. (Contable, Symond's quors, April 2

Gind in Peter, Wentworth ireet, cooper, Mays Newbury Edward, Old Bond Areet, builder (Smith and

Heydon ben sain Rubert, Plymoutta, bookfeller, April 15, Cu Chapter house

final Oting wina, jun. George, Myide, aod Jotin Chalmers, Houlding Ralph, and John Houldiog, Piefton, deale in li

Jeffery quare, merchants. Crowder and Co. 014 quers, April 14

Hudlon Thomas, New Bond Areer, tavera-keeperi April
Oder william. Birmingham, baker. (Swaine and Co.
Od Jewry

Howett John, St. Martin's lane, aurpenter, April 25 Parkinlun Joko, and Thomas Parkinfin, Liverpool, cur. Hell William, silver treet, warehouseman, May 5 ners Elli, Curhtor street

Hunt Walter, Putney, frucer. May 9
Fillips James, Milanouth, thopkeeper. (Williams, Red Hube John Chrittian. Deptforn, pot er. May 5
Lyon square

Hughe James Fietcher, Wigmore &reet, cacloner, April Rowe Jehti, Cable Arces, merchants (Swaine and Co. 25 old jewly

Hitching Samuel, Kirefland road, vidualler, Mays Reie William, and william Webfer. Mancheker, Dill- Hume william, Berwick-upon-Tweed, cors merchant, wrights (Mine aad Co. Old Jewry

May 7, fipal
Raidrick John, Leeds, dealer and chapinan. (Battye, Helketa Josephi, and willian Jones, Liverpcon, groceri
Chancery lane

May 11
Bedfero Thomas, Trowbridge, surgeon, (Williams, Red Harris Rubert, Maidlane, woollen draper, May 9
Tyon fare

I Card Winian, Ead Grimitead, breech mater. April 21 Rewro Lascheus, Northampton, factor, (Edmunds and Johnson William Edgeware road collar maker, May 13 Ser, I incoln's inn

Ifaacs George. End Michael Ilaacs, Beris-warkó, mer bymond: George, Plymouth deck, merser. (Davies, chants, April 2! Lotsbury

Lindsay Peter, Greenwich, baker, May 1 Sowley Richard. Knowle, corafador.

(Smart and Co. Lewthwaite Jon, Liverpool, merchant, May 3 Staplesind

Lewes Jofeph, Wet minker Bridge road, vidvalier, April Shym jarper. Stratford, vidueller. (Smith and Cu. Chap. 28, final te house

Lloyd Hugh, Middle Temple lane, mouey scrivener, May Stracy Ricbard and Josiah Oliver, Cateaton freet, factors. 16 (Bluot. Old Pay office

Life Geor, e. High Harrowgate, innkeeper, May 11
Scarih Jonathan Coalion, cotton spinner. (Foulkes and Life John, Ripley, grocer, May
Co. Gray's inn

Lench Benjamin juna Curtaio road, horse dealer, June
Selod Andrew, Moniton, grocer. (Drew and Ce. New inn Morgan Richard, Aberdare, apothecay, May 1
Troer Samuel, Maachciter, inn keeper. Uackius, Maniey Charles, Lyon' inn, merchant, May
Hire court

Montieih James, and Jam Seyueira, Gracechurch freely Tucker willuan, 'us. Exeter, ferke manufacturer. (Col- drugritts. May 12 fins and Co. Spital fquare

Miles sarguel, Bristol, cornfactor, May 7, faal Toomplon Witbad, Manchester, erocer. (Milne and Co.

Maitland David. Wigas Walrer Campbell, London, and Ud Jewry

William Wright, Liverpool, May? Touthas Jonu George, Great Yarmouth, lineo draper. Morley Jonn, Sewardtone, spiller, May 9 (Swaine and Co. Old Jewry

Noble James, Kensington Gravel Pits, brewer. May ! Voit John, Prettua, cotton manufa@urer. (Barrett, Norman Thuma, Shenitone in thuider, May 9 Bolbora cuurt

Oakes John, Union ftreet coal m-rchant, ay 16 finał Vaughan George, ren and Richard Mackil wain, Sna:ch. Papillon l'eter James, st. Swithio's lane, inerchual, wood. Platt, Taukeld court

April 21 Wt stephen Timothy, Caftur, eriveoer. (Pev fon, Phillips Benjamio, and William Baron, Ewer Areet, drugGray's inn

grinders. Maya Wilscoe Nathaniel. Wynardisbury, wheelwright (RI Pritchard Jone sturey. Wigmore Atreet, grocer, April 15 chardson, New inn

Pickup James, Burnley, curton spinner, mat o Wilon Junarban, White Horse Areet, dyer. (oldham, Pearty Eryan, kindal kinne, May 8, kual Mas Head court

Philips Michael, Norria Areit, grocer. May final Younx Wiljam, Madcheder, vi&ualier. (Johnson aod Roberts Thomas, Helmong, grocer, May 41 anal Co. Masicheder

Ruffell Jobs, Moor helds, broker, April at, foal

Roberts Heniy, Afretub. John Roberts, Of Newport. ind DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED.

Mark Gregory, of Xing's Arms yard, binkers,

April 23 Adams John. Fortfea, nupfelter. May s.

Nors Alexander. Minories, mercbant, May 9 Alker Margeres, Jus. aud Elizabeth Alker, Preltoo, mil. Rodd Edmad, Luodon trees, merchant, April 14 liver, May 13

Robertrun Jatnes, and Jaines furchison, ricet-dreet, oilBlindes w llam Welwyn, inalter, April 18

med, May 26 Brown Ribert, Lloyd's collee houre, infurance broker, Roule Williams, Worceder, filversmith, May 4 May 16

Rors Bernard, New City Chambers. merchant, Mays Erillow Charles, Newgate treet, liaen drapef, April 28, Schneider Richard Williant Ulric, White Lion curt, mer

chant. April ! Judrey Charles, Tramliogham, currier. May I

Sretterd Thomas, Lindley Jabez Stutterd, lindley and larket Richard, weiliegboroukh, common carrier, May 13 Tbomas Little wood, ufo.d Field, merchants, April 20 Barks Kichers, Liverpool, faul maker, May

Scort John, and George Scott, South fruct, mercbanta. rwo Thomas. Peon, miller. May 4

Aprilia lowes Henry Kichard, Bath, ctajnaman, May 4

Smeture James, and fames Mangoall, Bolton, dimity Srewer Thomas. Chippendam. I nen draper, May 23, final manufacturers, April 28 Badderley Jotust, Wolverhampion drutzia, May ..

Smedley Isaac, Maideo labe, boger. April 14 Kantoa William, and John Beation, Si. Mary.11. Dill, Sergent Francis, Wake held innkeepe: April 30 final brokers, April 21

Southard George New Nead brett, jaen wraper. May s Bewatey Mofes. Manchester, viatua'ler, May 16

Seuiry Francis, Kent road, coai dealer, May final Bowker George, sud Jants Chapman, Manchester, cort- Tread pola Jona. Portfea, cable maker. April 25 dealers, May 8

Tydeman lobe Simpfun, Colchetter itunmonger, April CAPE John, and willian Walker, Stratford, calico-prio Tinkley George, and John Rilk, Meard's court, leathertele ters, May 16

lers, May 2 Crane Wisiain Charles. Kenficgton, brewer. May !

Wilkinson James, Leeds, dyer, April 23 Catwell Charles, Narbone place, upholierer, April 18 Wine Wiljam. To kill Areer, butcher. April :s. fagl Carr Jahn, Pontefracs, grocer, May 11

wright jong, Kebroyd Mill. cotton {pipper, April 23 Casamnael. & Walter Powell, Lumbard Arect, banker. wufun william, Colchetter. merchant. Aprit 7 April 28

Wheatley Jons, Mark tape, cornfactor, Apris 25
Cnusist James, Stow. calice-printers, April 23
Campion junes Henry, Crave fend, grocer. May 7

Willacy Jobn, william Wiliasy, and Thomas Willary, Li

verpool, millers, April 27
Currie waria, Throtinot too #reet merchand, May 1, Real Wulfoo Joht, Kendal, talow chandler, Mayo
Cuvinias Peter, Union tuurt, merchant, May 9
Francis, Cranbourn pailagt, inen uraper, May 30

Wilkis fon Sam el, ann Joten BurrouSA, High Wycomber Comptue spes en Nrw freet terbang, May 18

incu drapers, May 9, fuat Desmau tichard Barafley, and Lobert Derit, da

Watfon Sashuet. Blakeney, curn merchant, Mays wat, Daetaal, ways

Webber Juta, and Julep Hanila, Liverpool, merchants,

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Containing official and authentic Documents.

Browne, who commanded on the left, ordered A ,

a copy, was received on the 12th of Campbell, to their support: these companies fell April at the office of Viscount Caftlereagb, in with the head of the column, and very one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries bravely charged it; the charge was as gal. of State, from Brigadier-General Auchmu- lantly received and great numbers rell

on both fides ; at length the column bety, to the Right Hon. Williain Windham : SIR, Monte Video, Feb. 6, 1807.

gan to give way, when it was suddenly and I have the honour to inform you, that his impetuously attacked in Aank by the tific Majesty's troops under my command have corps, and light battalion, which I had or. taken by assault, and after a molt determined The column now gave way on all fides, and

dered up, and directed to the particular point. resistance, the important fortress and city of Monte Video.

was pursued, with great Naughter and the lofs The Ardent, with her convoy, arrived at

of a gun, to the town. The right column, Maldonado on the 5th of January; and I im. observing the fate of their companions, ramediately took under my orders the troops

pidly retired, without coming into action. from the Cape commanded by Lieutenant

The loss of the enemy was confiderable, Colonel Backhouse. On the 13th, I evacua.

and has been estimated at fifteen hundred ted that place without oppofition, leaving a

men; their killed might amount to between small garrison on the Island of Gorriti.

two and three hundred; we have takea the On consulting with Rear-Admiral Stirling,

same number of prisoners, but the priociple it was determined to attack Monte Video; part of the wounded got back into the town; and I landed on the morning of the 18th, to

I am happy to aid, that ours was comparithe Westward of the Caretas rocks, in a

tively trifling small bay, about nine miles from the town.

The consequeoces of this affair were greater The enemy were in great force, with guns felves surrounded with horse, and a petty

than the action itself. Instead oi' finding our on the heights, when we disembarked; but they did not advance to oppose us, and lufter- warfare at our poíts, many of the inhabitants ed me to take a trong position, about a mile of the country separated, and retired to their from the shore. A trifing cannonade, and several villages, and we were allowed quietly fome firing at the outposts, commenced in

to let down before the town. the afternoon, and continued occasionally du.

From the best information I could obtain, ring our stay on that ground.

I was led to believe that the defences of On the 19th we moved towards Monte Monte Video were weak, and the garrison by Video. The right column, under the ho

no means dispoled to make an obftinite renourable Brigadier-General Lumley was early "listance; but I found the works truly respect. opposed. About four thousand of the ene

able, with one hundred and fixty pieces of my's norse occupied cwo heights to his front cannon; and they were ably defended. and right As we advanced, a heavy fire of The enemy, being in poffesfion of the ILround and grape opened upon us; bué a spiri- land of Ratones, commanded the harbour; ted charge in front, from the light battalion and I was aware that their gun-boars would under Lieutenant-Colonel Brownrigg, dif- annoy us, as we apprehended. A two-gun perfed the corps opposed to him, with the battery was constructed on the. 93d to keep loss of a gun. The enemy on the flank did them in check, and our pofs were extended to not wait a fimilar movement, but retreated the barbour, and completely that in the They continued retiring before us, and per- garrison on the land side. Their communicimitted us, without any further oppofition,

tion was ftill, however, open by water, and except a diftant cannonade, to take up a po

their boats conveyed to them troops and profition about two miles from the citadel. Our yilious; even water for the garrison was obe advanced posts occupied the suburbs, and fome tained by these means; for the wells that iepsmall parties were posted close to the works; ply the town were in our pofleffion. but in the evening the principal part of the

On the 25th, we opened batteries of four fuburbs was evacuated.

twenty-four-pounders and two mortars, and The next morning the enemy came out of the all the frigates and smaller vefsels came in, town and attacked us with their whole force, as close as they could with Gafety, and can. about fix thousand men, and a number of guns. nonaded the town. But finding that the They advanced in two columns; the right, garrison was not intimidated into a surrendes, consisting of cavalry, to turn our left flank, I constructed, on the 28th, a battery of hi while the other, of infantry, attacked the lett (wenty-four pounders, within 3 thouland of our line; this column pushed in our ad- yards of the South East bastion of the citadele vanced posts, and prefied so hard on our out- which I was informed was in fo weak a fute picquet, of four hundred men, that Colonel that it might be casily brcached. The parz.



pet was foon in ruins, but the rampart re- ment, with Colonel Browne, followed. They ceived little injury, and I was foon convinced allo mifled the breach, and twice pafled tbat my niears were unequal to a regular through the fire of the batteries, before they Siege ; tbe only prospect of success that pre found it. sented it:: was to erect a battery as pear The 87th regiment was posted near the as poffiile to a wall by the fouth gate, that North gate, which the troops who entered ac joins the works to the sea, and endeavour the breach were to upen for them, but their to breach it. This was efte&trd by a fix gun ardour was so great that they could not wait. battery within fix hundred yards, and though They scaled the walis and entered the town it was expofed to a very fuperior fire from the as the troops within approached it. At dayenemy, which has been inceffant during the light every thing was in our poflellion except whole of the fiege, a breach was reported the citadel, which made a Thew of refittance, practicable on the 2d inftant. Many reasons but ison surrendered, and early in the morning induced me to delay the aflault, the town was quiet, and the wornen were though i was aware the troops would be ex- peaceably walking the streets. pored to a very heavy fire in approaching The gallantry displayed by the troops and mounting the breach. Orders were during the aflault, and their forbearance and iffued for the attack an hour before day- orderly behaviour in the town speak fu fully break 'the ensuing morning, and a funr in their praise, that it is unnecessary for me mons was sent to the governor in the to say how highly I am pleased with their evening to surrender the town. To this mes. conduct. The service they have been enfage no answer was returned.

gaged in fince we landed, has been uncomThe troops destined or the assault confifted monly severe and laborious, but not a murmur of the rifle corps under Major Gardner, the has escaped then ; every thing I wished has light intuntry under Lieutenant Colonel bcen etlected with order and cheerfulness. Brownrigg and Major Trotter, the grenadiers Our loss during the lege was triling, parunder Majors Campbell and Tucker, and the ticularly as we were not cheltered by apS8th regiment under Lieutenant-Colonel vallal proaches, and the enemy's fire of shot and Meli and Major Nugent.

was inceffant. But it is painful for me to They were supported by the 40th regiment add, that it was great at the assault. Many under Major Dalrymple, and the 87th under most valuable officers are among the killed Lieutenant-Colonel Butler and Major Miller. and wounded. Major Dalrymple of the 40th The whole were commanded by Colonel was the only field oificer killed. LieutenantBrowne The remainder of my force, con- Colonels Vatial and Brownrigg, and Major fitting of te 17th light dragoons, detachment Tucker are among the wounded. I am deeply of the 20tlı an: 214 light dragoons, the 47th concerned to 'Tay that the cwo former are regitrent, a company of the 71st, and a corps severely so. The enemy's loss was very of 700 marines and feamen, were encamped 'great, about height hundred killed, five hununder Brigadier General Lumley, to protect dred wounded, and the governor Don Pasquil our car.

Ruis Huidobro, with upwards of two thousand At the appointed hour the troops marched officers and men are prisoners. About fifteen to the affault. They appreached near the hundred escaped in boats or secreted thembreach before they were discovered, when a felves in the iown. dcitructive fire from every gun that could bear From Brigadier General the honourable W. upon it, and from the musketry of the garri. Lumley and from Colonel Browne, I have fon, opened upon them Heavy as it was, received the most able and the most zealous afour lors would have been comparatively tri fittance and support. The former protected fling, if the breach had been open, but during the line from the enemy during our march, the night, and undervur fire, the enemy had and covered our tear during the fiege. The barricadoed it with hides, fo as to render it latter conducted it with great judgment and Dearly impracticable. The night was ex. determined bravery. tremely dark. The head of the coluton mift. The established reputation of the royal ed the breach, and when it was approached it artillery has been firmly supported by the was to shut up, that it was mistaken for the company under my orders, and I confider myuntouched wall. In this situation the troops self much indebted to Captains Watson, remained under a heavy fire for a quarter of Dickson, Carmichael, and willgress, for their an hour, when the breach was difcerned by zealous and able exertions. Captain Fanshaw Captain Renny of the 40th light infantry, of che engineers was equally zealous, and who pointed it out, and gloriously fell as he though young in the service conducted himmounted it. Our gallant soldiers rushed to it, felf with such propriety that I have no doubt and, diffcult as it was of access, forced their of his proving a valuable ufficer. Owing to way into the town. Cannon were placed at the great fatigue he was taken ill in the midit of head of the principal Atreets, and their fire our operations, and Captain Dixon readily unfor a short time, was destructive : but the dertook his office, and executed it with the troops advanced in all directions, clearing the greatest judgment. Atects and batteries with their bayonets, and From the heads of corps and departments, overturning their cannon. The 40th regi- from the general staff of the army, from the

medical, medical, and from my own personal staff, I Major Trotter, of the 83d. Major Camp. have received the most prompt and cheerful beli, of the 10th. Captain Willgress, of the asistance.

Royal Artillery. Captain Crookihanks, or It is insufficient to say, that the utmott cor. the 38th. Captain Rogers, of the 40th. diality has subfifted between Rear-Admiral Lieutenant Chawner, of the 95ch. -Killed Stilling and myself; I have received from him during the fiege Captain Beaumont, of the the most friendly attention, and every thing 87th. Wounded during tbe firge.--Lieutenant in his power to grant.

O'Brien, of the 87th. The Honourable . The captains and officers of the navy Irby, Midshipman.' Killed in tbe offault.have been cqually zealous to assist us; but Major Dalrymple, of the 40ch. Captain fee' particularly indebted to Captains Donnelly Rennie, of ditto. Lieutenant Alton, of ditc. and Palmer for their great exertions. They Captain Malon, of the 38th. Lieutenant commanded a corps of marines and formen Irwine, of the 87th. Captain Dickenson, of that were landed, and were essentially useful the 950h. Wounded in obe affault. Lieuteto us with the guns, and in the batteries, as nant Colonel Brownrigg, of the 11th, fince well as in bringing up the ordnance and dead. Lieutenant Smith, of the hoch. Ea, ftores.

sign Cancern, of ditto. Lieutenant Evans, of This dispatch will be delivered to you by the 87th, severely. Lieutenant M’Res, of Major Tucker, who was wounded at the ditto, severely Lieutenant Colonel valtal, aiTault; and as he has long been in my con-' of the 38th, fince dead. Captain Shipton, of hvence, I beg leave to refer you to bim for ditto, severely, Lieutenant Brownion, of further particulars.

dicto, dangerously. Ensign White, of ditto, I have the honour to be, &c. severely. Ensign Willfhire, of ditto, lightly.

S. AUCHMUTY, Ensign Fraser, of ditco, fince dead. Pag

Brigadier General commanding. master Willfire, of ditto, severely. Adjo. To the Right Honourable William Windtam, tani Hewill, of ditto, dangerously. Afift. &c. &c. &c.

ant-Surgeon Garrat, of ditto, slightly. Cap. P. S. I am extremely concerned to add, tain Whetham, of the 40th, severely. Lies. that Lieutenant Colonels vanal and Brown. tenant Wallace, of ditto, dangeroufij. Lieu. sigg boob died yesterday of their wounds. I tenant Johnson, of ditto, leverely. Lieutenant haj hattered myself with hopes of their re. Ramus, of ditto, severely. Major Tuckes, covery ; but a rapid mortification has deprived of the 22d, Nightiy. Afidant-Surgeon Wil. his Majesty of two most able and gallant offi. dair, of the 87th, leverely. Lieutenant Scan

lan, of the 95th, nightly. Lieutenant Return of the killed, avounded, and milfing of M'Namara, of ditto, figlitly. zhe forces under the command of Brigadier Ge

Captain Donnelly, of his Majesty's nerel Sir Samuel Auchmury, between ebe 16th thip Ardent, arrived on the morning of of January, ibe day of landing at the Punta the 12th of April, at the Admiralty-ofDe Caretas, to the 2016 of January inclusive.

fice, with dispatches from Rear-Admiral Between 1616 and 20:5 Ult.- 1 Lieutenant, Stirling, cominanding a squadrou of bis 1 drummer, 18 rank and file, killed; 2 ma. Majesty's niips in the Rio de la Plata, jors, 3 captains, 1 lieutenant, 2 ferjeants, 1 of which the following are copies : drummer, 119 rank and file, wounded : 1 Diadem, off Monte Videa, 816 Feb. 1807. sank and file, miling. During the SIR, 1 captain, 3 rank and file, killed; 1 lieute- I have peculiar satisfaction in congratulatnant, 1 enlign, 12 rank and file wounded ; 71 ing my Lords Commisioners of the Admiralty rank and file, mising. At the aluit-5 ma- 'on the capture of Monte Video, as well from jors, 3 captains, 2 lieutenants, ? serjeants, 2 the importance of the conquest, as trom the ho. drummers, 105 rank and file, killed; 2 lieu. nour which has thereby been acquired by bus tenant-colonels, 3 captains, 8 lieutenants 4 Majesty's armas enligns, 4 ftaff, 18 ferjeants, 5 drummers, 235 Immediately on the arrival of Brigadier Tank and file, wounded.

General Sir Samuel Auchnuty, at Maldonado. Total-1 major, 4 captains, 3 lieutenants, it was determined to invest this place, and 2 serjcants, 6 drummers, 126 rank and file, and having asembled our force off the land killed; 2 lieutnant colonels, 2 majors, 6 of Flores, a descent was effected on the 10th captains, 10 lieutenants, 5 ensigns, 4 staff, Ultimo, neu, Carretea Point, which is abuut 20 Scrjeants, 6 drummers, 366 rank and file seven miles to the Eastward of the town. wounded; & rank and fic, milling.

The enemy had aflembled in conliderable Captains Willgress and Crook danks, and numbers, and with several pieces of Artillasy 51 rank and file, included in the above, have seemed determined to oppofe our prugtels. fince returned to their duty.

The navigation of the Rio de la Plata, with J. BRADFORD, Dep Adj. Gen the strong breezes which we have experien.ed Officers killed and wounded.

for several weeks, rendered the landing of Killed upon landing-Lieutenant Fitzpatrick, troops, and allifting their operations, sety of the soc. Sligtily wound dupon land rg. - dificult, but the place chieu was happtiy


adapted to allow the covering veitels, under ten guns and garrisoned by seventy men, the direction of Captain Hardyman, to ap- which surrendered without any reliftance, proach so close as to command the beach, and although it is well adapted for delence, and notwithstanding che weather threatened, and might have given confiderable annoyance. was unfavourable, the fuldiers got all on thore A very fine frigate mounting twenty-eight. without a fingle accident of any kind, and guns was set fire to by lier crew, and blew up were in poficflion of the heights before fix with an awful explosion; as also three gun o'clock, with such things as the general boats, but the other refrils in the barvoar wanted.

were saved by the exertion of our people. On the 19th the army moved forwards, and It has been much the custom to speak as an attempt to harass the rear was expected. Nightly of the refittance to be expected from I directed boats to proceed close along Thore to the Spaniards in this country; and with conlook out for and bring off any wounded men, fidence of the facilitv which has been given whilst the covering vessels were placed to pre- to naval operations, by a prior knowledge or vent the enemy from giving annoyance, and I the river, but the battles lately fought prove trad the happinels to hear that all the sufferers the former opinion to be erroneous, and ex. were brought off in despite of well directed perience evinces that all the information efforts to destroy them. In the evening 1 hith-rto acquired has not prevented the most dropped, with the Acet, off Chico Bay, near for mid ble difficulties. which the army encamped, within two miles The conduct of the captains, officers, leae of the city.

men, and royal marines or the thips and verI had landed about eight hundred seamen fels, which I kept with me for this service, and royal marines, under the ordeis of Capt. has met with my entire approbation; and I Donneily, to act with the troops; and, as I feel perfuaded that I should have had occaLaw oo advantage could result from any effort fion to express my fatisfaction with the exer of thips againit a string fortress, well defended tions of the officers and crews of the Diomede at all points, and which, from the shallowness and Protectur, if I had not been obliged to of the water, could not be approached within detach them on other service. a distance to allow shot to be of any use, I

CHARLES STIRLING, disposed the squadron so as to prevent any el. Total-6 seamen killed, 28 wounded, 4 cape from the harbour, as well as to impede a mising. communication between Colonna and Buenos The thips taken in the harhour were 57, beAyres, and confined my whole attention to give lides 15 noop-rigged gun boats ; every poilible afiiftance in forwarding the with guns. Lege, by landing guns from the line or battle Nothing but foie affairs of outposts thips, with ammunition, stores, provifions, and have occurred between the Rullian and every thing required by the commander of the French arınies liuce the bloody battle of furces.

Eylau. The liege of Stralind has been The diftance which the ships lay from the fore, with the almost condant high winus raited, and the Suedes have gaineil couand twell we had, and the great way every

fiderable advantages over the retreating

French. ching was to be dragged by the seamen, up a teavy sandy road, made the duty exce:Tively

Adiniral Duckworth having pasied the laborious. The squadron had almost daily Dardanelles with an English flect, anlourteen hundred men un shore, and this ship chored before Comitantinople, with a

often left with only thirty men on view to give weight to the negociations dard.

with the Porte. The forcign journals in The defence made by the enemy grotracted the French interest bave given jonne dethe dieze longer than was expected, and re- tails of this butinefs, not worth repeatduced our stock of powder to low that the ing; but otficial dispatches froin the Engking's thips, wit's all the transports, and what lith Admiral are daily expected. a fleet of mercbantmen had for sale could not have iurailhed a further consumption for more

Various infurrections, which have broken than two days, when a practicable breach was out in India, seem to call for the excrfortunately made, and on the sa instant, tion of more wisdom in the English gocarly in the morning, the town and citadel vernmcut than it is teared appertain to were moit gallantly carried hy storm. the prefent adıniniltration. Ina conversation with the general on the

At home we have to record another preceding đay, I had made such disposition of event, which has cxcited great aların the smaller veficls and armed boais, as ap- among the friends of their country and peared most likely to answer a detired purpose, the principles of its contitution. We and so soon as Fort Saint Philip was in mean the SLDDEN DISSOLUTION OF THE polleffion of the British troops, lieutenant Wil- PARLIAMENT AFTER IT HAD SAT BUI A lorto Milne, with the armed launches, took por- FEW Monius! lellion of the Mand of Rattones, muunting


row boats

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