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as totally to prevent the second division from fulness 'with which the troops bore every approaching the shore. The next morning, privation, and the ardour and splrit they howevei, with infinite difficulty and risk they shewed in the attack of the enemy's works, were landed; but finding my situation now as weil as the inclination and the wish they from the increased height of the zuri and ap. displayed to have stormed the plare ; . Hindi parance of the weather, to be very precarious, dceniod that step advisedle. To Major-Ge. both with respect to getting provisions or neral Mauchope, Brigadier-General Stuart," stores on shore, or having any communica and Colonel Osvald, who landed with and actips wih the transports, I determin:d at all companied me, I feel myselí under great oblie hazards to force my way to the western, patiuns for their exertions and assistance in where I could receive supplies from Aloukir carrying on the service; and I am much inRay, at te same time resolving to attempo debied io Lieutenant-Colonel Airey, acting (in passing) to get into the town as deputy-adjutant-general, and Captain with the small force I had, and pusii my way, Green acting as deputy quarter-master-gene. ii posible into the forts that commanded it, sil, for the great attention and zeal shewn by a inat'er I hai reason to believe from Alajor them in forwarding and executing the duties Misset and others, would not be very difficult of their respective departments ; and I think to accomplish

it but justice to Captain Pym, and to the of I therefore moved forward about eight ficers and men of the detachment of the royal o'clock in the evening of the 18th, and in artiliery, that was with me, to mention the our way pulisatoed intrenchment, with a very grex zeal and alacrity which they dide deep wich in front of it, (that had been p ayed on every vocasion, which I am confi: throun up by the Turks, as a defence against dent would have been equally conspicuous un the Mamelukes and Arabs on the western side) the part of 'apt Burgoyne and the otficers of stretching from fort des Bains to lake Ma- the engineers, tad circumstances permitted Teutis, strengthened by three batteries mount them to hive acted. ing 8 guns, exclusive of fort des Bains on its To Captain Hallowell, and the officers and right Aank moun ing 13 guns. This we cf. seamen of his Majesty's ship Tigre, I cannot fected with very little loss, though under a sutliciently express my acknowledgments for heav fire of cannon and musketry, and pro- the assistance they afforded me and for Ceuded within a few yards of Pompey's Gate, the readiness with which they stood forward where we found the garrison prepared to re- on all occas ons. Captain Hallowell landed ceive us, the gate barricaded, and the walls and marched with me to the attack of the lined with truops and armej inbauitants: enemy's entrenchments and to the very gates thes, adoed to the smallness of my force. (not of the city, and remained on s'ore until the exceeding one thousand men of all descrip- place surrendered; from his advice and local tiens), led me to think the risk too great, and knowledge I drived much uselul information. I derermined to proceed to the Westward, as Captain Withers-o: the royal navy, asent of I had originally intended, where I arrived in transports, is also entitled to praise, for his acthe morning o' the 19th, and took up my po- tivity in landing the troos, and for the exer Sition on the ground the British troops occu- tions he afterwards made for supplying them pied in the acuon of the 21st, inmediately with provisions I send you h-rewith a reSending dutachments to take possession of turn of the killed, wounded, and missing, toAboukir Cascot, and the cut between the gether with returns of the prisoners made, Likes Maadie and arcoris, by which com- and of the public stores of ditieren descripTunication the reinforcement of Albanions tion, found in the several batteries and maga. was expected in Alexandria ; in both these

I have the hocuur, to be, &c att mpt, we succeeded.

(Signed) AM FRASER, Toe next day, the 20th, I sent in (by a

Maj. Gen. friendly Arub that had stulen out or cown and P. S. The Apollo, with 19 missing transjoined us) a manifesto, addressed to the inha- ports came to anchor in Abuukir Bay, on the bita..ts, warning them o the changer or im morning or the 201h, and Sir J. Duckworth's plicating frients and foes, in the event of squadron here on the 22d. taking the place by assault, and urging them to return of the Killed and Wounded of the A. my, force the governor to capitulate. This had in ile Attack of the 1810 of Musk, 1807, the desired etct; a Nag of trule was sent under the Command of Mujor General Fraser : out, and a capitulation (of which I here with 1st Pat 35th Rug. 2 Rank and Fik, killed; inciose a copi) was agreed to and signed. Al- 1 Subaltern, 1 Serjeant, 4 Rank and File, though this service has fortunately not been wounded. - Reg De Roll, 1 Assistant surof Long duration, yet íroin the scantiness of gon, 2 Rank and File, killed; 1 Rank and Our numbers, and scarcity of all sorts of sup- Fire, wounded. - Sicilian Volunteers, 2 rink plies, as well military stores as provisions and File, kuiled. --Royal . rtillery, i Bome (whuuhtrie boisterous state of the weather bardier, i Gunner, wuunted.loti, 1 Offcompletely presented our receiving); our si- cer, 6 Rank and File killed; 1 Officer, 1 Ser. tuation was for some time rather criti. jeant 8 Rank and File, wounded. Assisiatcal; and I am happy to have it in my power Surgeon, Catanazo, killed; Litut. Camerun, to bcas testimony to the patience and cheer- wounded.




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REPORT OF DISEASES, In the public and private Practice of one of the Physicians of the Finsbury Dijpenjary,

from the 20111 of April to the 20th of May. PTHISIS PULMONALIS

15 calculated to awaken a particular disa Scrophula..

7 orcier One who presuming on constitu.

2 tional immunity from scroplula, froin Asthenia ebriosa & crapulosa

21 asthma, cousumption, or insanity, exposes Pleuritis

himself witli negligence and without reRheumatismus acutus Disenteria

serve to the exciting causes of thein, will Enteritis

be m greater danger of their invasioa Catarrhus

than another, who conscious of an oriTusss

9ginal propensity to their production, Tussis Dyspica

4 cautiously regulates his internal stale Dyspnea

6 and external cuscamstances, in order to Ascites

2 prevent this predispostion from ripening Epilepsia

into actual and established disorier. Paralysis

2 He may cut off the entail hy appropriate Diarrhea


management and resolute self denial. Dyspepsia

The Reporter has known several inRlumacisinus Ch

stances, in which lic entertains cutire Menorrhagia.

4 Menorrhea

belief, that an early sendency towards

3 Leucorrha..

mental derangement has been arrested

4 Scorbutus

in its prosiers by a vigorous and perseMania,

3 verilig exertion of the understanding and Constipatio.

the will. Vermes.

3 We are in more danger froin ourselves Hysteria

6 than from our parents. There may be Infantile Diseases.

5 a morbid temper of body, as well as of Consumption, that “ giant malady," mind coeval with the inoment of our still contmues to present itself the most birth. But this, in each insturce, may prominent and conspicuous object witbin perhaps, by proper care and culture, be the circle of the Reporter's observation. neutralized or resisted.

Several cases of scrophula have oc- Those who start in life with a scanty curred during the last month. In scro- fortune, or an indigent constitution, oftes phula, as allied to consumption, the gain an oltiinate superiority in both over writer of this article feels particularly others who born with more robust stamina, interested. Nothing surely could be have beeui nursed in the lap of affluence, more irrational than what formerly was educated in prospects of prosperity, and the general, and is now a too frequent in babits of inadvertence, or of luxurious practice in the treatment of this disease, and licentious dissipation. It is a disease of debility, which is exhi- Several cases have recently passed, bited more obviously, and particularly in under the eye of the Reporter, which glandular obstruction. In such cases, consisted in the impaired and nearly eie the object ought to be to invigorate, and hausted vitality of a prenature and artito excite the languid and enfeebled ener- ficial old age. Men seldunn live out their gies of the frame.

legitimate lease of existence. Purgatives that have been so com- By profusely squandering the energies monly administered, are unequivocally of youth, they leave no fund for the inimproper. To give laxatives in order to firmity and inbecility of age. These, give strength, is a kiod of slecism, which bankrupts in constitution can beves, like trespasses beyond the ordinary limits of coinoercial insolvents, be restored to even inedical absurdity.

their former condition. Every regular Scrophula being regarded as an here- gratification of appetite, or passion, proditary disease, is a subject of peculiar duces a deleterious impression og the horrir, and apprehension ; and to be permanence and solidity of our frame. afflicted with it, is by many considered on this account it is, that veterans in as an ignominious taint. But it ought rice, often appear to become virtuous ia to be inderstood and impressed, that consequence of having lost a capacity there is no disease which is arrinevitable for voluptuous indulgence. inheritance; although there may be trans

JORS REID. mitted more than vrlinary susceptibility Grenville-street, Brunswick-uri, to the operation of those agents which are

Muy 21, 1807.


the 20th of April and the 30th of May extructed from the London Gazettes.

(Ike Slicitors' names are bersveen Parentheses)

cery lage

Gosling David, Nottingham, victualler, (Bromley and Co.

MolUOI court
Newictt Ja, Gloucester, cabinet-maker. (Jenkins and

Co. Newton
Hishamn Kobert, Preston, core merchant. (Windle, Jubn

street ALIEN John. Platform, coal merchant. (Flexie ģ

Hawkins John Isaac, City Road, dealer and chapman, Cancery lane

So art. Clement's inn Agar Moses, Austin Friars, merchant. (Crowder, Old

Hope Williams, Manchester grocer, (Ellis, Cursitor street Jewiy

Harris Robert, Finli-ytreet Hill, woollen manufacturer. Abell Thordas, Astleburgh, grocer. (Baxters aod Co.

(Galt and son, tedturd ireet Furnial's inn

Nickisne Daniel, Frisby, butter. (RIBEC and Co. Carey Atchesoo David, weidea Beck, draper. (Egerton, Gray's

strett inn

Hubbard Charles, Norwich, haberdasher. Gildard, Bale Thomas, Manchester, cotton manufacturer. (Edge,

riolbord court Temple

Hibbs Thomas and Robert Sarby, Wecley, process. Rurge Richard, the younger, Edford, stocking thaker.

lox edew William, Leeds, starch maker."(Ba'tie, Char. (Bleasdale and cu Now it's Blatchford Peter, Lifton, maler. (Anstice Temple

Joynour Reuben Ellis. Bristol, merchrot. (Platt, Temple Burraad William, oid Bond street, coach-maker. (Rich

Jones i hoinas, Birmingham, coal merchant. (Pimtun ardson, Bury street

Hind cuur: Bow yer Ji bn, cheapside, warehouseman, (Ellis, Cursi.

Johnstone Hellwood, Liverpool, linen draper. (Parr and tor street

Co liverpool Bonwick Jacob, Horsley duwa, srocer. (Sherwood, CR.

Janies Jantes, rithney, woolstapler. (Roberts. Helstone! sharon-churt

jarmy William. Norwich, te monger. (Harmer Norwich Braid andrew, Frith-Areel, baker. (Martelli, Norfolk

Kenyon Robert, Manchester, inuslin manufacturer, street

Juhnson and Co Manchester. Brown William, Liverpool, taylor. Battye, (Chancery

Laird Michæs, Redburn, staw-hat manufacturer. (Morlane

ton, Furnival's inu Bartowclou £b Thomas, Leeds, clorhier. (Sykes and Co.

Lycer James, Manchester, calico-tranufacturer. (Kin. Nrw its

derlay and Co Gray's inn Bichop Jofeph. St. Swithin's-lane, merchant. (Hester

Landssown Edinund, bridgewater, innholder. (Pleasdale 3u1 Co. Lincoln's inu

and Co. New inn Eelrirger Ana, Budinin, linen draper. (Bige, Harcos

Lolley William Liverpool, rectifer. ! Avicon, Liverpual garden Barnes Jobs, Newport, carpenter (Gilbert, Newport

Levy Samuel, Mansell steet, jeweller. (Puola, Dow at

Hill Bense William, Park place bruker. Wadison and Co.

Loveday Charles, Painswick, clutbier, (Shepherd and Co Austia rias

Redford row Bell Joseph, Flear de-luce. A eet, Suap manufacturer,

Mason Richard, Bermondsey-street, dyer. (Milne and Co. (Vincent and Co. & dford sect

0:0 jewry Burke Jubu. bowling Quienis Elins. perchons. (Pasmore,

Marke itham, Liverpool, timber morchant, (Black. warnfort court

stock, SC Mildred's court Bennett Matthew. . Thomas, the Apostle yarn manu- May Thomas Shipperton, shopkeeper. (Rigg, Carey street

facturer. (Budier and Co Honiton Clark John, Berin nd ey, hide salesmas. (Morgan and

Mealey Charles, soit in Tuning, coach master. (Chap.

peil, New Inn Co. Sherbu ne lane

Maiten Wilian, Lion street, builder. (Smith, Bere Cox Silas, Bourton, miller. (Dype, Cerjeant's inn

inondsey Chapman Jon, varsin's lanc, dry Galler.

Gregson and co. Turom itch street

Morle, William Prury lane, warehousenan. (Hutchin.

son Brewer's tall Cranstone Wiwam Drury lane, currier. (street and Co.

Norman Jubel, Bristul, cual merchant. (Edmuuds, LinPhilpot lane

coln's inn Cassano Alexander, Piccadilly auctioneer. Popkin, Dean Oates Edward, Leeds, drysa'ter. (Allen anCo. Fur strect

nival's in Coomos Robert Llocola's iun,money scrivener (Popkin, Ollivant George, Manchester, merchant (Ellis, Cursitor Dean streer

Street Cole fristupher, Buckfastleigh. fermonger. (Williams

Peers John, Liverpool, sastier. (Davies, Liverpool and co i incoln's in

Pource klisna maymarket, music seiler. (Dawson and Coqu Anthabaid, Lambeth, yeast merchant. (Marson, Co. Golden Square Lauicho,

Poole Samuel Chapside, inillioer. (Earnshaw, Red Clark jonn aod Meary Hall, Marke Harborough, carpet Cross iteet

manufacturers. Kinder y and Co. Gray's inn Cro's renry Albany House, Cuuk. (Blake and co. Issex,

Parker Joseph Kingwood, grocer. (Jennings and Co.

Lincoln's inn firret Cux Robert, C atle street, carpenter. (Yates, Tepper

Preston James, Barton upo humber, tanner. (Brown

and (0. aarton upon itumber Clayton Robert, siaey bridge, victualler (Elks, Cuisi

Puikey Matthew, Prohus, wool stap'er. (Edwards, Trura tur Street

Parry Morgaing Ponit, pool, shopkeeper. (Whitcomde and Dearman athan, Pindar Oakes, Moen manufacturer.

c'o. Glucester aw, Hoburn Doda James, rul-Mall, batter.

Parry James, Great Purtland street, linen draper. (Ho. (D:W500 alid Co. Guiden

lamby, Furnival sing square Daithal william, George Yard, stationer, (Turner, Ed.

Pollars william, and James Pollard, Mancheter, cotton.

spinnera. Ellis, cursitor sfreet aid trert Davut William Nixon, Tabernacle

Pawson William, Chatlam, porter merchant. (Cooper syware, draper.

ant Co. Chancery lane (Meuried Palsgrave place De Wur. Lutier.baue, warehouseman.

Palke Richard, Litle Himpiton, coal merchant. (Digby, (Blunt,

Finch lane old pay efhce Dent obert, suke golding, grocer. (Ruddall and Co.

Poole Thomas Edward. Drayton io-Hales, currier. (Hellom

baw and Co. I incoln's in Clementinn Daries deurge Cranbourn street, liuen draper. (Dewbug,

Puuldcu 1homas, Shadweli, chce emonger. (Vincent and

Co. Bedford-street
Conduit streit
Desrigacs itter. Rosomind street, watch case maker.

Parnell John, Manchester, linen draper. (Wilson, Gre

ville treet (lokayne and Co Lyon' inun Davis George Philip and Author Mackie, Polipot lane,

Reid Audrew, lower East Smithheld, victualler. (Holines

and Co. Mark tave murchauta. ee bum, Ruuver je street. Chancery tane Deanele hartes Tewkesbury okreper(Windus and

Squire Vristram ad T.s, the younger, Stoke Damarell,

tin-pare wurkers. (Cleather, Plymouth C, ce har byuverit street

Swanuace Charles, Russell street. grocer (superci ded Dewhurst Ralph Preston, upholsterer. (Blacklock,

Suter John, East Retford, mercer. (Atkinson, Castle Temple

arrect Davis Meney, Old-street road, cabinet-maker. (Pike, Nir

Skurray Charles Thomas, Iloyd's coffee house, unde. street

writer. Robinson, New square Daxsa Thomas. Portland strtet, dealer and chapman, Short Barthokin'w, Pinsbury-piace, merchant. (Drew (Mercan, Bcurru-ruw

and Co New 11 Duttun Juteph norwardsley, chce sefacter. (Allen and

Stevens William, Litle St. Thomas Apostle, money 'CO Furnival's inn

scriveder Everest, Epsom Davis Peter, Manchester mercbant. (Kearsley aud Co.

Spring Tlomas the younger, Great Grimsby, iroumonger, Manchester

Barber, Gray's inn Poster Mathew, Bell's-close, bue manufactures. (Atinson, Chancery lane

Squire Thuma West Sutare, dealer and chapman.

Holmes and Lewis, Mark lane Trader wenry, Last Smithfield, crucer. (Towse, Pish

Syr Jus pl, Gray's Inn Lane, and Jono Jeffery, Titchmonger hali

Meid street, barness makers. Beckett, Clenicut's inn Dreher Charles, and Samuel Winrer. I wreece Puuntney

su wley Richard. and Jon! Coles, Kauwle, coin lactosa. lang merchants (Coote, Austia Frian

(Egertuli, Gray's inn Guyn Laward, Laubesh, timber Derslan, (Clarke, Shaw kichra, Ash by de la Zouch, cabinet inaker. incule'i ima

(Price ana Cu. Lincoln's Iuu


King John Yarmouth, miller, May 29
Lee Jonn Yrk w'Oru draper. Junen
Lindsay eres Greenwich taker, June 30
LUC Willian James, Worcester, baker June 9
Morris George, urkine, Uptoserri, Jube
Murkan Juha, Conduit street, buokselier Jude 6
Muat Thinus. hia itax And George Panter, so tboaris,

mulailt: ne o
M. inlay Danies and Abraham Mendes Beltario, $13€

harr, Junta M2cjonaid Duncan, 7hread-needle-street. merchant

Sent Mark Bury, rope-naker (Milne and Co. Old Jewry
Stuare 16*. Bern.undsey street, hat manufacturer.

{ Buffa, Gray sinn
Sailblauch, liu" street, baker. (Wilkinson and Co.

white Lyon otreet Tucker William, 5 x cm ma'rchant. (Brouks, New square Taylor John, taham, shokteper. twyward, lamos

Df5e 7oor uscph the younger, St. Ives, linen draper. (swain

and Co. Old Jerry Yipon Joseph, Penrith, fax dresser. Wordsworth,

5t-ple in Vaughn Richard, Fore street. linen draper, (Syddall,

lde swate sist Valentine Richard, and Jotin Valentine, Munford's court,

warehousinen Vandrart jou, wood street, carpenter. (Ledwick La

111er, Gruy's inn, cloak lane
Wilck Henry, od J W. Manchester, stay makers.

Hurley Temple
Wright Juha ulanam, mercer. (Merertion and Co. Line

Wiliaia juhn, Romney Iron Works, shopkeeper. Bland.

ford 41 02. Tanp
Whitakis Willi. Wakefield, 29 Joseph Whitaker, Lee

Grui), chuchiers. (Wisao. Threnorton street
Wyks William Pres:01, then raper. Black, I empie
Wells Wilhara, Rosemary lane, dictualier. Jones, New

Wil:27 Jones, Bristol, bruker. (Berriage, Hattun

Young Killiam), Leaton, Brucer. (Lowodel and Co Red

LIUD share


Mar6 rge, Ligle street, wo lle craper June :7
Martindale John New Bond euect, winc SLETT beste

juis 7
Nichosseorge Portfool lane bu der June 6
Pearson oht, Pudsty video
Perry John James, hapel road, warehouses

May 23
Pa ne vithair, lowich, couch-maker anal
Ppillon Vime, #thià, mera.. kay>
Fact iikin m45. Ninct. optician,
Phe ps Rubeit, idy: outi: dich, narker. Juneo
T'acter ni omnes,heasan, roer writer, fart 6
Paton Bubuit, matirin bakc Jine
Parker lese, Ebasok, rope maken. fune 13
Pomon'sit Days, Rasnant piace, bulder, fuo :}
Paip tenjanin. and Wine halu, Ewer Street

drug gjes, junto
Parne i Jan B., inni erper. May 3
Parkinson Tools and to. Par, co eman street, choy

miut ju
Push Edward, Franklin': Yard oilmar, Jure 23
k1y tits A ), acheter cart, ju si
Ravenscroft William Cry tichaei Led Fell as

Jamie Entwistle. Men heste custom spar Jane :
Sutton i noms Rinemore snipu der. May s
Synos Jo ath 11, '

Twbre Cother. May ! )
Symm tiamirminghals, en toy maker May 26,

Ses e john, Newport liquer merchant May >
Siok john, Thunds Whity. and Matthew oferill

Grear liffi id mers. Une
Samst:ury Richard, Bath, tván 11 28 er. Jne 6. ***
Scudown Robert, the younger

June y, fina
Scrape J fery, Red Lion átreci tuck troker, I se je

Tuner Sohn, Maryle tone vinner June 6
Tittordiam tharies, Bu bait atteet

May 10
Townsenu job, hara i proceT.
Thiupp Hry te tritt borse dealer. June
. 5

mtih. * John Lenceles
Proper$une 20
Thoma Wilian Portland street, coal Durchant. **

Wilians john learke Lunden Ricad mercbant. May
Waston ohrane na cite!
We two kind, CT M-y 15
Wilson 1 | 11&111. runton ATOLE
Hisane Witam. and john Wilso, citostati street

W raper way
Wake james Whitby spbuilder Mayonal
Webbrain #156 a toalh erchant Jute 16
Hate wur Lewid, eu purt. Du set 7
Wesford athniel, exrrer, haberdaher, un
Wiikt ohu cain Cuieman stTci, Herct ant June 17

Alfrey John, the younger, Carsha tuti, carpenter, May 26
Arden john, and John Barker, everley, wine me chants

June 7
Atkinson Richard, Henry Waters, and willam Ord, F¢.

charth street, merchants Sne 7
Dobson Jobin), Liverpou nierchant May 22
Prewitt Henry, Manselo street victusster. June 9

on Janne, Manchester Metsla, fuite 3. tinal
Dewody Bebamin Riegate, t... se dealer July 4
Dairy pie john fermondsey, Cra) merchant July 4
Idwards William, New Bond street, goldsmith, May 16,
Juis Thomas, Whitechapel auctioeer, June :o
Yuner Richard Piumer, Guildford, ironinwer, *y 30
Dettou Flizabeth Bolton on the Mos. niuer, une zo
Sister Henry, Gracechurch streer, grece June 13
Graut)ho, Lawrence Pourtney-lanse, merchant, Junte a
Guuin Richard. Uld stret", size maker. Jus y
Harford Joho, riford, keeper june 2
Bletheriutton Andrew, a na Juho wackie, l rury lane, per-

funer, May 10
pulsou Hiljam, wbally innkeeper. Mas 15
Hopkins Thomas, West-reem, Varuih ker, June 1
Haywood Abrahasti, Malden irmonger, ay 6, final
Hawkes them, tuuley, Taster May 20. final
Harvey Thomas Newport irunmatiger Mayo
Marris Timothy Waltham Holy Cross, pin laaker, June 9
Horuby William, Gainshuich and Sir Joseph Esgaile.

Morniden Ash, bark TG, May 17
Hockham Thomas Jurdan, New bond street, bookseller

July 3
Hannar John, Sloane street, musis seiler, June 9
Manitou bainaei, shre !ale pinter. June 72
Ji Winjenies, Wo. strie wireh niemal, May :6
June juhn, Ashby-delouch n Tier, June 24, nua!
Ircialiu sao ucl, . Ciements - 810's, ei chant, juhe 271

Kaapt frederick, Rathbone place, cabinet maker, June 6

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Walace Abro e, and John Pogb, iower Tsumes trir, je
Waters Fleph, ob erhirmtureer. Jane i hal
YU husband was, Colcheter, diaper, May so


Tiith Biograplacul Memoirs of difting Whed Characters recently deceded. THE Annual Report of the Lon'on Dispen. narrowly escaped the same fate, and ja laant

sury tor curing Diseases of the Eye and Ear, child or Airs. H. Leger's P3S with difficulty under the care o 11: Saunders, in Charter. res.ucd from tie fijmes. The house laite house-square, states that from the 25th of cently been fitred up in the most fashionable March, 1896, to the same sa, ia 1907,1036 manner, and neither ibal for the rurortait patients have been curet of diesea of the was insures. eyes, and 10 of diseases us the ear.

The Commitee of the Refuge for the Desti. A Fire broke out at thiee a'clock in the tite, ut Cuper's Bridge, laat berb, repet, morning of the 1st o: May in the house of that during the shori pered the lastituuona Mrs. St. Ledger, or Corent-garden Theatre, been opened, 58 persons bave applicaciter in lorton-treet, Masy-de-bone, which was for a mission or relie;'o'nhum 20 have x1 totally consumed. Achar woman in the em- admitted, 20 relieved out o the bonic, and ploy of Mrs. Si. Löger, who slept in the 18 not considered proper oujeeta: 10 of stast house', erdeavouring to iscape from a window aumitted, are now in tire bouse, un certa ou the Huur, teil into the stree and themselves with great propriety. it ma's Wala kullcu on the spot. 'Two.emale servants ure enployed in splitsing niewoud, and orta


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sion. Ily working in the garden. The emales Edw.ird D.ulbee Temple, esq. only son of are employed in spinning, making household the Rev Dr. l'., of Northwood-place, in Sufand wody linen, washing, scc Oi tie 10 who folk, to Miss Honywood, furth daughter of have been discharged, some have been uis. the late Sir John H., bart. o: Evingeni, Kent. lised or improçer behaviour, and others Richard Ballanıv, eq. of Sherburne, Dore have been placed in situations, where they are set, to Miss Eliza Mary Randall, youngest ewning their livelinoud, and have expresad daug'iter or Simuel ki, esq. of Puddie Trunthemselves rate.ul for the benefits they have thide, in the same county received from the Institution The present

John Prict, esq ui Bell's Hill, NorthurState of the Fuous of the Charity is usul berland, to Miss Owen, of Nortolk-street, :

d. Strand In 3 per cent. Consolidated An

The Hon. George Winn, of Little War

1875 oley, Essex, tu Miss Elizabeth Mary Majendio, la Short Annuisies

50 Ocidet daughter of Lewis M., e q. of HeadNin Ixchequer Bills, and one

lingham Cuttle, in the same counte. India lond, tor 1001. each 1000

Price Edwards, esq. of Talgarth, to Miss Cath in the 'Triasurer's and

Brown, only daughter of the late Herbert Bankei's huojs, &c.

2 10 19 5 Guyne B., esq. of Imley, Northamptonshire. The Committee also observe that most of William David Field, esqof Clcety the difficulties, whish it was presum d would 'Grange, Lincolnshire, to Miss Oldham, Haughe impede, it nut entisely prevent, this Establish- ter of the late Captain 0., of the bed joot. ment, are now dune away, and a Reluge is acCually, w, enci, where the penitent Criminal,

DIED, the deserted Female, the helpless Lubourer, In child bed, Mrs. Ebers, wife of Mr. John and the samished Stranger, may find empluyEbers, librarian and stationer of Old Bondmeni, support, and instructioa.

street, who with three children have deeply

to lament their irreparable loss. MARRIED.

In the ridelphi, Benjamin Boorb, egmany Lord Chartley, eldest son of the Earl of years a director of the East India Company's Leicester, Miss Gardener, of Lower Grosve alants Dor-streer, with a fortune of 100,0001. In Russel-street, Mrs. Egan, many years

A. S. Learmorth, esq. of Manchester- wardrobe keeper and principal dress maker to buildings, to Miss Jessy Learnionth, Jaugh- Covent-karten Theatre. ter of Alexander L., es of Pariiament street. Mrs. L 92r, of the Prince of Wales's Cofa

Joha Willock, esq. of Golden Square; to fee House, Conduit-street. Miss Grojan, daughter of the lace franc.s G., In Old Broad-streer, Dr. Hamilton, one of 65. of Brompton Grove.

the physicians of the London Hospital. John Ans ruther Thompson, esq. of Carl- in Montague-street, Russelt-square, Wila ton, Fiteshire, to Miss Adam, only daughter liam Day, !9. of William A., esq. of Bloomsbury-square. At Hampstead, Lidy Charlotte Wingfield,

Major Geperal the Hon. Charles Hope, to wife of William W., esų, and sister to Euri
Miss Finch Hecton, eldest daughter of Digby, :35.
George Fisch H , esą of Eastwell Park, Kent. At Clay Hail, Herts, William Gosling, esq.

Robert Heathcote, esq to Miss Searle, merchant of Lundon. late ut the Tlcatre Royal, Covent garden. In the Heralds College, Mrs. Ars Horrie

George Warwick Bample, eso. only son son, wife or George H., csa, Clarenceux King of Sir Charles W. B. to Miss Sacyd, only 0 Armsy widow or George Bishop, Esq. of Sydaughter of the Rev. Ralph S.

denham, in Kent, sist ror Mrs. Alice Fenwick I ne ilon. Colonel Crewe, son of Lord C., (who died at Hackney exactly five weeks pre10 Miss Hunger.ord, of Cavendish-square. ceding), and only surviving issue of Michael

Jacies liakerville, esq, o: Margaret street, Fenwick, formerly of College-hill, London.' Cavendial2-square, to miss Miria Catharine in Charter house square, Mrs. Beard, wife Browo, second daughter of William B., esq. of Mr. John B , proctor, Doctors' Commons. Gi Green-strect, Grossenor-square.

At Stanmore, Gerrge Hwng, ea. The Rev. 1. Scott, ot Brighton, to Miss At Hackney, Sopeia Wams, fourth daughM, White, youngest daughter of Juse, »t W., ter of the lase William W., esą of the Cusesq. of Cheabure.

tom house, London. Captain J. . P. Mac Gregns, of the Ben- In Upper Curlocte-street, Mrs Hill, relict gal Infantry, to Miss Jane Ness, or Baker. o Admisal H.

In Wimpoie street, Mrs. Margare: Fiber, Captain John Croft, of the Royal Navy, to widow of Thom. F., esų. Miss Buckworth, daughter of the late Thu- Aged 71, at the house of his friend and forhas B , esą oi Finsbury, square.

mer pupil Henry Smith, esq. M.P., Mr. Edward Ellis, esq. of Dancer's Hill, South George Walke, uf Wavertree, neur Liverpocl, Mims, to Mary Ann Heyman, daughter of F.Rs; turmerly an emin: nt dissentin mis Henry H., caq. of Queen's-square. .

nifter at Nostiagham, and afterwards ccaduc

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