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Walker, esq.

Year 1764.


At Grove Place, Samuel Williams, esq. At Mossley-Hill, Mrs. Baker, widow of

Peter B. esq. one of the aldermea of Liver. At Kirbymoorside, in her 78th year, Do- pool. rothy Comber, wife of the Rev. William C. At Blackburn, Miss Ellen Olverson, of vicar of that place. She was the daughter of Ormskirk, 18. James Arbuthnot, of Weymouth, esq and At Manchester, Charles Lawson, e.q. M.A. near relation of Dr. Arbuthnot. She was a formerly of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, person of exemplary piety, lively manners, 79. He was appointed second master of' tise of a benevolent and charitable disposition; Free Grammar School in this town by the and her loss will be greatly telt by the poor, Late Dr. Randolpin, the president of that Cola and the circle of her acquaintance.

lege, in the year 1748, and succeeded the A Ferham, near Rotherham, Jonathan late Rev. Mr. Purnell, as head master, in zire

In him the gentleman and the At Malton, Mr. Elias Inchbald, attorney. scholar were intimately united. He bore

long and painful indisposition with uncommon fortitude, and resigned his last breath

under the heavenly consolation of a wellThe first foundation stone of the intended

spent life. Mrs. Hannah Deacon, 26.--Mr. New Corn Exchange, in Brunswick-street, Liverpool, was laid on the 24th of April. John Mulcaster.-Mr. Crossley, 56 _Ms.

Henry Barton.-Mr. James Stewart, 73. This buildin: is intended for a general resort

At Lancaster, Mr.David Dockwray, 74.of the corn merchants, on the plan of the

Richard Postlethwaite, esg. one of the aides. Exchange in Mark-lane; and considering that

men of the borough, 74. Liverpool is tise seat of the second corn mar. ket in the kingdom, it is somewhat surprising ing, 20.

At Penningtos, near Ulverston, Miss Flemthat an establishment of this kind has not

At Prescot, John Chorley, esq. sen. 66. been instituted before. It will be a very

At Everton, John Gregson, esq. receiver. handsome structure, with a stone front to Brunswick-street, of plain Grecian architec- general for Lancashire, 52.

At Brwick, Mrs. Parkinson, relict of Ms. ture. Like the New Exchange Buildings, it is erected by subscription; a fund of 10,0001. Henry, L. of Woodaire, near Garstang.

At Preston, Thomas Tunnel, ceq. collector having been raised by shares of 1001. each.

of excise. Married.) At Winwick, Mr. Richard

At Heywood, Mrs. Buckley, wife of Mr. Fisher, merchant, of Lancaster, to Miss M.

James B. merchant, of Liverpool. Fosier, of Ulverston.

At Tenterfield House, near Rochdale, Miss At Liverpool, Captain Thomas Southward, Susurinala Dawson, second daughter of Ms. of the ship Sampson, to Miss Rookin, of

Edward D. 19. Whitehaven-Mr. John Hall, of Falmouth, to Miss Mary M'Pherson, daughter of the Crompton, paper maker, 53.

At Farnworth, near Bolton, Mr. Joha Rev. Mr. M.P.

At Broughton, in Furnese, John Smith, At Bury, Mr. James Holt, cotton merchant, to Mrs. Mercer, of the Trap Inn.

At lavertree, Mr. Jos. Southall, many At Rochdale, Mr. John P. Arrowsmith, of Manchester, attorney, to Miss Holt, third years a landing waiter at Liverpool, 81.

At Pit Bank, near Oldham, Mrs. Lees, daughter of Mr. Oliver H. of Underwood, relict of John L. esy. Rochdale.

At Oldham, Mr. Henry Henshaw.
At Manchester, Mr. Thomas Hudson, of
L'nderbank, near Stockport, attorney, to Miss
Latham, only daughter of Mr. Amus L.

At Dean, near Bolton, Mr. Wowell, of Married.] At Frodsham, the Rev. Juseph Smithels, to Mrs. Peel, relict of Robert P. Allen, Fellow or Trinity Cuslege, Cambridai, €54.

and prebendary of Westminster, tu Miss Maro Died.) At Liverpool, Mrs Woods, 73. giret Ashley. -Mrs. Hughes, 60.--Mr. Benjamin Smith. At Tarvin, Mr. Robert liughes, to Miss

Mr. Hunter, 50.--Mrs. Elizabeth Murrow, Sarah Crawford, of Clorop Iluotield. 70 --Mr. William Mackford, one of the ex- Died.] At Chester, uits Baxter, wife of cise port-surveyors.--Mr. James Shanks, 36. Mr. B. attaney.- Mr. R. Pinche's Mr. -Mr. James Newell, of Chester, 57.-Mr. Read, printer, 84.- Mrs. Lloyd, mother to James Riddioagh, late of Ormskirk, surgeon, Mr. L. dru sist. Mrs. Jackson, rrother to 35 - Robert Blundell, sq. 53.-Mr. Ed. Mrs. Brown, of the Grcen Dragon lun, 7 1. wurd Ashburner, many years commander of a At Lach Eyes, near Chester, Peter Snow, vessel in the West India trade from this port, esq. 7.-John Colquitt, csq town clerk, the At Peover, Miss Drake, 25. death or whose wife is recorded in our last At Brazillt, dear Huly well, Mr. Samud number, 61.-M:s Powell, 41.- Mrs. Mer- Gratton, agent to the Dee Bar! Smoing cer, 54 - Mrs. Morris, relict of Captain Tho Works, and captain in the Hulhu Raagus, mas N. 07.

Vo.unteer Corps.

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had been a member of the volunteer cavalry Married.] At Little Missenden, the Rev. from their first enrolment in 1796. Frederic Anson, rector of Sudbury, in this

At Burton, Richard Thorley, gent. 33.county, to Miss Levett, of Milford, Stafford- Mr. William Hudson. shire.

At Spilsby, Mr. John Asthorpe, formerly

of the White Bull Inn, 78. -Mr. Thomas At Duffeld, Mr. Godfrey Lichfield, of Belper, to Miss Robinson.

Stedcall, 78.-Mr. E. Jackson. - Mrs. ChapAt Bolsover, Joseph Bilbie, esg. of Blid- man, widow of Hussey C. gent. late of Wiswith, to Miss Ann Hallowes, daughter of thorpe. Thomas H.

At Cowbib, near Spalding, Mr. William of Glasswell-Hall.

esg. Died.] At Weston-upon-Trent, the Rev,

Guy, 74. William Dawson, rector of that place.

At Boston, Mr. William Harwood, sen. Al Dovebridge, Mr. Robotham.

druggist. At Stapenhill, Mr. Wm. Ensor.

At Thoresby, Willoughby Wood, esq. forAt Derby, Mrs. Bridgart, 78.-Wn. Har- merly a Captain in the North Lincoln Militia,

80. rison, gent. one of the brethren of this corporation, 84.--Mrs. Webster, wite of Paul

At Gainsbro', Mr. J. Groombridge, str. W. esq. 46.-Mrs. Rawlinson, 83.

geon. At Aslover, John Shipman, 86, and on

At the house of Sir Montague Cholmeley, the same day, Ann, luis wife, 83.

near Grantham, Mrs. Harrison, wife of Jobs At Weston Ion, Mr. Hunt, 72.

H. esq. of Norton-Place, and mother of At Hollingknowl, George Bagshaw, 96. Iudy C. His father died aged 93, his grandfather 96,

LEICESTERSHIRE. and his great grandfather 99. At Glossop, Mr. Isaac Lees, of Longsight,

Died.] Mrs. Watts, relict of John W. near Manchester.

esq. formerly of Danett's Hall, near Lei. cester.

At Leicester, Mr. Dawes, of the Haunch Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. John Jos. H.-Mrs. Linney.-Mrs. Ann Stsetten,

of Venison Inn.-Mrs. Hurst, wife of Mr. Pearse, of Eastwood, to Miss Ellen Sheldon.

70.-Mrs. Unwin, 87.-Mr Shelton. At Orston, Mr. Marsh, of Scarrington, to Miss Harris, of Ratcliffe-upon-Trent.

At Quorndon, Mrs. Huckson, relict of the

Rev. Thos. H. perpetual curate of that place, * Died.] At Nortingham, Mrs. Orme, re.

93. lict of Mr. O. of Chesterfield, 81.-Mr. John Butcher.Mis. Plant, 57.-Mrs. Yates, re.

At Castle Donington, the Rev. J. Collier,

80. lict of Thomas Y. gent.-Mr. John Hill. Henry Stones, gent. The Lady of Lieut. Col. Kane, inspecting field officer of volun

Married.] At Wolverhampton, Mr. Ri. teers in this district

chard Bissell, of Sedgley, to Miss Mary At Bingham, Mrs. Hutchinson, wife of

Glover. Mr. Wm. H.

Mr. William Bird, of Stowman-House, At Willoughby, Charles Wrile, aged 86,

ncar. Wolverhampton, to Miss Hurt, of and Joseph Paget, upwards of 70. They Seighford, near Stafford. were both labourers to Messrs. Bryans for more than 40 years, and had received pre- Burton-upon-Trent, to Miss Hayes.

At Ratcliffe Culey, Mr. William Clark, of miums from the Agricultural Society.

Captain W. Rogers, R. N. to Miss Gollid, As Teversall, Mr. George Wragg, 75.

eldest daughter of the late J. Townsend G. esq. of Stafford.

Died.) At Stafford, aged 82, Mr. Bullock, Married.] At Louth, Richard Bellwood, basket maker, whose general habits of life esq captain in the Louth Volunteer Infantry, were us rare as they were excinglary. By to Miss Marsh.

honest industry he supported a large Family: Died ] At Stamford, Mr. Lawrence Gil- and, for the last thirty years, he had been in bert, formerly or the Horns Inn, 66. the constant habit of appropriating the profita

Ai Welby, near Grantham, Miss Rawlia- of four hours labour every day to the use u son, only daughier of Mr. John R. 19. the poor. Whenever this singular character

A: Grimsby, Mr. Atkinson, of London. felt disposed to yield to the ebullitions of He went tu Grimsby, to settle the attairs of anger, or the murmurings of discontent, i his "rother, who died there a few weeks ago. was his constant practice to retire into a pri * At Lea, near Gainsbro', Mr. George Craw- vale apartment, where he kept for the pure shaw, 77

pose a cottin, in which be used to retaja | Ar Lincoln, Mr. Robert Robinson, 42 he had subdued the irregularity of luis paaniasze Mrs. Osborn.--irs. Hollind, wife of Mr. by the efforts of his reason. Robert H. chemist and drugzist.

Ar Lichfield, Mss. Dorothy Coties, ou A: Luuth, Mr Jobo Petitser, only son of At Stube, near Newcastle, Mr. Josh $.c. cuener, esq. - Mr. Juid Blyth, who Gibbons,






At Stafford, Mr. John Westbrook Chan- ter of Mr. Thomas S. of the Highwood, Hedler, an artist of considerable eminence. refordshire, 17.

Ai Shenstone, the Rev. William Inge, At Oswestry, Mrs Prynallt, wise of Mr. canon residentiary of the cathedral church of John P. of the Golden Lion, 10. Lichfield, and rector of Brereton, in Cheshire, At Brid, walton, Mr. George Davies, 76. 84.

At Whitchurch, Mrs. Ano Horton, 70,

At Coalbrook Dale, Mrs. Mary Rathbone, Married.) At Birmingham, Mr. Peter At Weston, near Oswestry, Mr, Downes, Hope, jun. of Liverpnol, to Miss Potts, eldest daughter of Thomas P. esq. Luw Bailiff. At Castle Green, near Coalbrook Dale,

At Aicester, Mr. Charles Brown, of Ox. Mr. Samuel Thompson, formerly of New ford, to Miss Hobbins, only daughter of the castle-upon-Tyne. late Mr. H.

Mrs. Griffiths, relict of the Rev. Mr. G. At Birmingham, George Langley, esq. of rector of Hordley. Great Clackton, Captain in the navy, to Miss

At Market Drayton, Mr. William Steele, Thumpson.

79. At Tanworth, Richard Burman, esq. of

At West Bromwich, in the 87th year of Hounsfield, to Miss Field, daughter of Ri- her age, Mrs. Esther Bulkeley, sister of the chard F. esą of Blackford.

late Rev. Charles Bulkeley, of London, and Died.] At Birmingham, Elizabeth Line- grand daughter of the Rev. Matthew Henry, gar, a poor woman, 102. Mr. John Ball, 84. an eminent dissenting minister, who died at -Mrs. Mander.-Mr William Hodgkinson. the beginning of the last century. This veMrs. Ann Wright, 72.-Mrs. Ursula Wal- nerable lady retained to the last a singular thall, 81. - Richard Gibbs, esq. 79.--Mrs. vivacity of faculties and vigor of mind, united Startin, relict of John S. esq. merebant, 75. with a spirit of piety worthy a descendant of -Mr Charles Chandler. ---Mr. Newby.-- the Henrys. Caroline, daughter of Mr. Richard Blood.Mr. Benjamin Blood, 49.-On the same day, Miss E. Pottinger, 13, and her mother, Mrs. The inhabitants of Worcester having had it P. 33.-Mr. William Meers, 63.-Mr. Wile in contemplation to erect a steam engine, for liam James, 6+

the sole purpose of conveying co the city the At Lapworth Park, Mrs. Devis, wife of water to be raised by such means from the Mr. D. late of Kenilworth.

Severn, Abraham Robarts, esq. one of their At Berkswell, Mr. Thomas Young, 97. representatives, has addressed a letter to the At Union Hall, near Kinver, John Brindo mayor, requesting that it should be erected

at his charge and expence. At New House, Tettenhall, Mr. Charles Married.] At Worcester, Mr. S. Loyd, to Stokes

Miss Ridgway. At Stratford upon-Avon,

Mr. Richard At Tenbury, Mr. John Bishop, to Miss Pestel, surgeon and apothecary, 53.

Anna Maria Nixon, daughter of the late Mr.
Ac Atherstone, Mr. John Guest, 23. Joseph N.
At Hay House, Castle Bromwich, Mrs. Died.] At Bewdley, Mrs. Beresford, relict
Chattuck, wife of Tliomas C. esq. 66. of Mr. James B. schoolmaster, 84.
At Castle Bromwich, Mr. Smith, 88. At Ladywood, Mrs. Bailey.

At Abberley, Mr. King.

At Worester, Mr. H. Martin, proctor and Married ) At Audley, James Bromfield, notary-public of the diocese. --Mrs. Hadley, esq. of Whitchurch, to Miss Gardner, daugh wife of Mr. H. butcher. -Mr. Richard Ni. ter of John G. esq. o: Domvilles, Staford- C.vis, 77.--Mr. Sterry, formerly a woolshire.

stapler.-Mrs. Sarah Mason.-Mr. Meredith, At Sylatrin, near Oswestry, Mr. John maltster.-Miss Julia Barr, daughter of Mr. Broughall, or' Kinsall, to Miss Tudor, of B. of the Royal China Manufactory.--Mrs. Pentreclawdd.

Powell, mother of Mr. P. glover. At Coalbrook Dale, Mr. Samuel Simkins, At Droit wich, Mrs. Mence, wife of Mr. of Ketley, to Miss Hannah Bradley, of John M. Shrewsbury.

At Hartlebury, Mr. Michael Harward, At Broseley, Mr. James Easthorpe, of Bir- 79. mingham, to Miss Guest.-Mr. Roberts, to At Kidderminster, Mr. Pochin Lister, forMrs. Baker.

merly an attorney there. Died.] As Shrewsbury, Amelia Butcher, At Stourbridge, Mr. Williano Tilt, 72. 104. She declared chat she broke her heart Ac Henwick, Mrs. Smith, 61. for the loss of her husband, wbo died seven At Feckenham Lodge, Mr. Isaac Parker. years ago. -Mr. George Street, 75. -Mr. R. Thomas. -Mrs. Owen --Mrs. Lloyd Mrs. Astertey.-- Mss. Clemson.

Married.] At Ross, Mr. Tynedale, to At Ludlowe, Mrs. Russe', wife of Mr. R. Miss Johnson. BUT.CO2, 73.-Miss Ann Sayor, second daugh- At Lugwardine, the Rev. Mr. Parsons, of

ley, esq.



Rey, 87.



Stresron, to Miss Williams, daughter of John Died.] At Thame, Samuel, third son of W. esq. of Wilcroft.

Mr. Hollier, attorney. Ar Hereford, Mr. Seward, to Miss Davies. At Ox'ord, Mrs. Leaver, 48.-Mr. Chris

Died.] Ac Hereford, Mr. Gomond, 88.- topher Ellis, 72.-Mr. William Budrail. ij. Mr. Price, 8! Mr J. Packwood.

-James Morrell, esq. 67.-Mr. F. Cox, 6j. At Ross, Mr. Purchas.

- Mr. Francis Timms, 3 k. At Leominster, Mr. George Morgan, offi- At Kingston Blount, Mrs. Turner, widos ces of excise. 73. At the Rectory, Cradley, Miss Susannah At Kidlington, Mr. Philip Hanwell, 84, Ford, sister to ihe Rev. Dr. F. canon residen- At Woodstock, Mrs. Cotes, wite of Mr. tiary of Hereford Cathedral.

Alderman C. At l'loughfield, Mr. John Gilbert, attor

Married.] 'At High Wycombe, Mr. Married.) At Gloucester, Thynne Howe

Treacher, tu Miss Martha Alien Gwynne, jun. esq. of Buckland, Brecknock- of Mursley.

Died At Waterperry, Mr. John Miller, shire, to Miss Mary Gorges, youngest daugh

* At Long Crendon, Mr. William Winter. ter of the late Richard G. esa of Eye, Herefordshire. --Mr. Charles Fletcher, to Miss P. esq. of Cornwell, Berks.

At Peri, Mis. Penyston, wite of Francis Ludley, of Brockhampton,

At Randwick, Mír. J Butcher, only son of William B. esq. of Westrip', to Miss.Will- Married.] Mr. William Carter, of Sul. shire, dauthter of the late Mr. W. of Bristol.

grave, lo Miss M. Adkins, third daughter of At Tewkesbury, Mr. Smith, attorney, to Hr. John A of Helmdon. Miss Spilsbury, daughter of the Rev. Mr. S. Mr. Mason, of Kimbolton, to Miss Blott,

Died.] At St.nley, in the parish of Blais- of Weston-Favell Lodge. don, Mr. Wiliam Lullock, 61.

At Grendon, Mr. L. Saunderson, to Miss At Beachley, Mrs. Rogers.

Coe. Ac Nevent, Charles Aycrigg, jun. esq. Mr. William Borton, of Northampton, to

At Gloucester, Lieut. Col. M'Creagh, of Miss E. Douglas, of Chipping-warden.' the Ad battalion of the 6th regiment, quar- Died? Ai Harleston Park, Robert As. tered in this city-Mrs Evans. -Mr. Wil. drew, esq. 72. Jam Peach, sen. 76.- Mr Billingham.

At Peterborvugh, Mrs. Vinter, wife of At Puckiechurch, Mrs. Hathway, relict of Mr. V: apothecary, 70. Edward H. esq, 81.

Ai Keitering, Mr. Thomas Wright, carAt Cirencester, Mrs. 'Mary Hill.-Mr. rier frons that place to Lomun upwards of Coates.

half a century, 75. At Tewkesbury, Mr. W. H. Hartiebury. At Buitosi latinicr, Mr. Burnaby, 74.

At Coaley Mills, Mr. Nathaniel l'pier- At Lairport, Mis. Ishim wite on the Rev. wood, 69.

Euseby l. vector of that pice. At Puolway, near Calford, Miss Worgan, At Moulton, Mr. William Han kes, 7+.

At Keslingbury, Mrs. Mary Linnell. At Bislry, aged 79, Richarel Tyler; and,

HUNTINGDONSKIRE. ayed 83, Jane Tyler, his wife. They followed their labour till within a few days o their Married ] At Sc. Neot's, Mr. J. M. Pierdeath; had been married 60 years, huel 10 $0!, banker, Herts, to Miss And Gorkem, children, 45 grard children, ani 19 įreat second rugier o. Mr. G merchant. grand-children. When the old man beerne Diell.] At Euchden, Mrs. Grcea, wife of dangerously ill, the wife earnestly prayed that

Mr. G. 55. she might: 1100 survive her husband, which

The R v Charles Favel, M. A. rector of she did only 41 hours; and they were both Brington cun Bythorn, and formerly fellow buried in one grave --Sar e day was interred,

of Clare Hall, l'amridge. Sarah Gregory, of Bisley, aged 06.

At Hedsor Mills, Mr. Robert Lunnon, 73. At Kingsweod, Mr. W. Stoner.

At Stilton, Mr. Sibley, coacha propric:of, At Oxenhall, Mirs. Deyke, wife of Mr. 70. William D. 64.


On the 13th of May, the foundation sonte Married.] Thomas Fluiund, esq. of Bampe Of Downing College was laid, by :be toaster, ton, Mrs. Bagnell, o. Widmoreotreti, professors and fellows, first appune hy the London.

charter. The university assembled ia St. At Oxford, Mr Gabriel Davis, to Miss Mary's church, and after hearing a semea Keep.—Mr Shepherd, of Witney, to Miss preached by the public orator Dr. Outzat Turner, ot Crawley,

went in procession tu the site of the interend At Kirtlington, Mr. T. Rrgers, to Miss college. There the master delivered 2 vuitShoan... -Mr. Benj. Busley, tu Miss Walk. able aderes in Latin, and depuented in t. lett,

stone, pecimens of the ditercat cause of ais



present reign, and placed over them a plate, At Watton, Lydia, youngest daughter of on which was engraved an inscription, con- Mr. J. Bishop taining a short mcmorial of the origin of the At Massingham, Mrs. God rey, 75. foundation and the objects of the institution. At Northwold, Mr John Beales, 60. Mr. Watts, the university printer, deposited At Swaff ham, Mrs. Crown, wife of Mr. in the stone the first stereotype plate cast in Gilbert C, 58. this university

At Coltishall, Mr. George Boorne , 67. Dicd.) At Cambridge, the Rev. John Ac Wells, Mr. Francis Jickling, 69. Mainwaring, Lady Margaret's Pro essor of At North Walsham, Mr. John Debenne, Divinity in the University of Cambridge, 79. 1788. He was a native of Warwickshire; At Acle, Mrs. Wigg, 86. educated at St. John's College ; B A. 1745 ; At Happisburgh, Mr. John Summers.-M. A. 1750; 'S. T. B. 1758; rector of Mrs. Sieley, wife of Mr. Andrew S. of the Church Stretton, Salop, in the gift of Lord customs. Weymouth; and of Aberdaron, co. Caernar- On his passage from Jamaica to England, von; and was highly esteemed for his classical Lieutenant William Cady fromow, of the knowledge and taste. He published, in 1780, Royal Navy, son of Mr. John F. of Horsford, a volume of Sermons on several Occasions, in this county. Lieut. F. was in his 33d preached before the University, nosto which year; he had particularly distinguished himbad helvre appeared singly. These discourses, self in the West Indies ; for three years he and the elegant prefixed dissertation is that commanded La Superieure schooner, but was species or composition, have been admired as lately appointed First Lieutenant on board polished specimens in their kind, and place Almiral Dacres' flag ship. That officer hothe genius and judgment of their author in a noured him with the greatest regard, and most respectable point of view. He pub- exercised towards him a care almost paternal, lished a tew occasional single sermons since; in the hours of his sickness. Lieut F. was also a Sermon, at the primary visitation of eminently distinguished for the virtues which Dr. Butler, bishop of Hereford; and was en- adorn private life, as well as for those which gaged in a controversy with the late bishop attract public admiration. In all the relations Hallitax, about the proper way oi quucing of society his conduct was exemplary, and his passages of Scripture.

connexions and his country have alike to laMrs. Longley, wife of John L. esq. of ment his loss. Chichester.-Mrs. Beales, wife or Mr. B. At Norwich, Mrs. Barber, wife of Mr. surgeon and apothecary, 64.

Joseph B. of Mundesley, 55 –Miss Deacon, At Ely, Mrs. Freeman, niece to the late 23.-In bis 60th year, James Hudson, esq. Thomas Gotobed, esq.-Dr. William Royle, banker. He was elected an alderman of F. R. S. eldest son of the Rev. William R. Mincroft Ward in 1791, and served the office of Crimpleshin, Norfolk, 28.

of slierilt in 1788, and that of mayor in 1794. At Trumpington, Mr. Thomas Headley, 47. -Mr. T. Elston, of Birmingham.-Mr. ThoAt Swati ham Privr, John Peter Allix, esq. mas Taylor, 49.-Mr. George Dady, of the At Witam, Mr. Thomas Ware, 82. Imperial Arms Tavern, 30.-Mr. William NORFOLK.

Millor, 73.
Married.) Anthony Gwynn, esq of Baron's
Hall, Fakenham, to Miss Siedman, os Paken.
ham, Surtolk.

Marrie!] At Gretna Green, William At Norwich, Lieut, P. Faddy, of the Royal Green, esg. proctor of Doctor,'Commons, Artillery, to Miss Sarah Rose.

London, to Miss Mary Brewster, eldest At Thurgartun, Mr. Robert Wegs, surgeon, daughter of John B. esq. of Barndon, in this to Miss Fish, daughter of John F. gent. County. of Aylsham.

Captain Ray, of the East Suffolk Militia, Died] At Southtown, near Yarmouth, to Miss Brid,man, daughter of Edward B. John Burton, esq. 80.

esq. of Weston. A: Walsingham, the Rev. Michael Bridges, Did.] At Wetheringsett Lodge, James rector of Berwick St. Leonard, with Sedgehill Press, gent. eldest son of James P. oi Hurne, annexed, in Wiltshire, 88.

37. Ac Wereham, near Stoke Ferry, Mrs. Mary At Barnham, Mr. W. Davey, 65. Pilgrim, 88.

At Chevington, Mr John Kemp, 25. At Ayisham, Mr. Shadrach Ives, 38.- Ac Sax mundiam, Mr. Thumus Farrer, 81. Mrs. E Francis, of, the death of whose lus- At Bury, Mrs. Dion, 69.--Mr. James Huile bani is mentioned in our list number. stone, one of the burgesses of the cornron

A: London, Mr. john Cpron, 20 - Mrs. council, 77.-Dirs. Fulcher, wie of Mr cuba Jane Stration, wite of Robert s. F. surveyor.-- Mr. Richard Hide, ne aldic W. Pansey, 27.

painter, who, as a seif-taught artist, posAt Yarmouth, Mrs. Gill. --Mrs. Aldred, $ed considerable abilit es. wife of Mr. A. of the custoin-house.

At Finningham, M. Edward Moon, only A: East Ruston, the eldest son of Juba son of the Rev. Mr. M. 20.

A Great Barton, Mi. Juhn Hammond, 80. MONTULY MAG. No, 157.



Rudd, gent.


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