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Main; and on the Expediency of a gradual Lectures on Scripture Facts; by the Rev. and systematical Emancipation.

William Bengo Collyer. Considerations upon the Trade with India, The Duties of a Marriage State, or, Pasand the Policy of continuing the Company's toral address; designed also as a general IlMonosoly. 4to. 7s. 68. boards

lustration of the Form of Solemnization of Thoughts on the present Crisis of our Do- Matrimony; by Bazil Wood. mestic Affairs; by Another Lawyer. 2s.6d. A Fourth Address to the Members of Con

The Fallen Angels! a brief Review of the vocation, respecting the new Statute ypon Measures of the late Administration, parti- Public Examination ; by the Rector of Lincularly as connected with the Catholic Ques- coin College. 61. tion.

Sermons and Letters by the Rev. William A Letter, stating the Connection which Alphonsus Gunn. 8s. 8vo. bound. Presbyteriaas, Dissenters, and Catholics, had The Glorious Hope of a Last World. 61. with the recent Event. 6d, A Reply to Observations on what is called

Blomefield's Topographical History of the the Cathulic Bill; by a Protestant Clergy. County of Norfolk; containing the whole man. 3d.

Matter which is in tlie five Folio Volunies, A Speech of Francis Paui Stratford, esq. ad- with all the Places re-engraved, and a Pore dressed to the Freeholders of the County of trait of the Author. li vols. royal 8vo. Northampton, on the 14th Day of May, 1807.

18s. each ; royal 1to. two guineas each.

Delincations of St. Andrew's: being a par

ticular Account of every Tbing remarkable in A Sermon preached in the Chapel of the the History and present state of the City and Mazdalen Hospital, before the President, Ruins, the University, and other interesting Vice-President, and Governors of that Cha- Objects of that antiest ecclesiastical Capital sity, at their Anniversary Meeting, on Thurs- of Scotland; hy James Grierson.

12mo. 5s. day, April 23, 1807 ; by Thomas Lewis boards. O‘Beirne, D. D. Lord Bishop of Meath.

A Description of the Cathedral Church of 13. 60.

Ely, with some Account of the Conventual Two Sermons preached in the Parish Buildings, with Plates; by George, Church of St. Philip and St. Martin, Bir

125. 8vo. boards. mingham, at the Request of the Governors of

The New Picture of Scotland, being an the Bluc. Coat School in that Town, on Sun

Accurate Guide to that part of the L'nited day, April, 26th 1807 ; by the Rev. John Kingdoms, with Historical Descriptive Ace Eyton, A. M. 28

counts of the principal Buildings, Curiosi. Genuine Methodism acquitted, and Spu. ties and Antiquities, rious Methodism condemned ; by the Au. thor of the Remarks ; in six Letters, addressed to Mr. J. Cooke, in Answer to his The Travels of Bertrandun de la Brocquere Vindication of his Sermón, ironically enti- (Counsellor, and First Essaire Carier to Philip tled Methodism condemned by Methodist le Bon, Duke of Burgundy) to Palestine ; Preachers. 12mo. 1s.

and his Return from Jerusalem overland to A Sermon preached at St. Mary Magda- France, during the Years 1132 and 1-133, Jen's Church, Taunton, at the Visitation of from a Manuscript in the National Library the Worshipful John Turner, May 19, 1907; at Paris ; translated by Thomas Johnes, esą. by the Rev. Thomas Comber. 1s.

with a Map of Tartary. Svo. 12s. boards.




Including Notices of Il'orks in Hund, Domeflic and Forrign. Authentic Communications for this article will always be thankfully received.

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R. BLORE, of Stamford, the accu- monumental, and other antiquarian sub

scareles as an antiquary are well known Mr. Bowyer, of Pall-Mall, bas issued to the public, has been long engaged in proposals for a splendid work, which is preparing a History of the County of intended to conmemorate the final Muiland. The Work is now printing in a triumph of humanity in the cause of the very splendid manner, at the press of natives of Africa. It will be called A Mr. Newcome, and will be ready for Tribute of the line Arts, in Honour ofilie publication carly in the ensuing winter. Abolition of the Slave Trode; and will In iependent of other advantages, this coitain three original poems by three new County IIistory possesses the pecu- gentlewell, who liave already given disliar one of having its drawings made by tinguished proofs of their poetical talents, the son of the Author, a young gentleman besides extracts from some of the most who, in the delineation of architectural, eminent authors. These will be emubellished by nearly twenty plates, inclue ary, being impeded by many circuito diny vignettes, by the first engravers,

4 E2


stance of a public and private nature, and the historical subjects will be from he is now engaged in au elementary original cabinei-pictures, by the first work for the use of schools, ou Grainmar painters in this country. The entire work in general, and the English Grammar ia will form one handsonne volume, in large particular. quarto, printed by Beusley, on superfine Mr. MALCOLM has just finished at vove paper.

press the concluiting volume of his Mr. Tuomas Fisher proposes to pubo Londinium Redivivum. lish a Series of Copies of the ancient The Clarendon press is now employed Allegorical, Historical, and Legendary in printing Wyttenbach's Notes on Paintings, in Fresco, discovered in the Plutarcli's Morals, in quarto and octavo; Summer of 1804, on the Walls of the an edition of Sophocles in Greek, with Chapel of the Trinity, at Stratford-upon- notes by Elmsley; the Clergyman's 19Avon, acoonpanied by Views and Sec- structor, being a kind of Sequel to the tious, illustrating the Architecture of the Clergyman's Assistant; new editions of Chapel. The first part, contaiving eight Davis's Cicero De Natura Deorum; paintings, and a suitable title-page, in Musgrave's Euripides; Florus's, Homer's colours, is nearly ready for publication; Iliad and Odyssey; Bishop Batler's and the three parts will be coinpleted Works, in two volumes octavo; and within the ensuing twelve months, at two Shuck ford's Connection. gwineas each.

Mr. EGERTON BRYDGES has printed Mr. James ELMEs, who has been sin- a Life of Lord Chancellor Egerton, with gularly successful in collecting materials Portraits of the Lord Chancellor, and for his purpose, proceeds with his design the late Bishop of Durham of that vame. of publishing by subscription, an Archi- We believe this work is not published, tectural and Scientific Investigation of though Mr. Brydyes has presented a the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Lon- copy to some learned societies. don, illustrated by Plans, Elevations, Sir RICHARD TOAPE has just pube Sections, and Parts at large, from actual lished a Tour in Ireland, measurements; with an Essay on the Mr, SOWERBY intends shortly to pub Life, Writings, and Designs, of Sir lish a new edition of his Botanical DrawCHRISTOPHER WREN. The work to be ing-Book, to which he has made great

on ; in a lated to range with those celebrated concise Prodromus of the British Minearchitectural publications, the Ruins of rals in his Cabinet, as a sort of Essay Palmyra. Balbeck, Desgodetz's Anti- towards forming a new, natural, and easy quities of Roine, Stuart's Antiquities of arrangement, having reference to his Athens, &c.

British Mineralogy, and designed for Mr. John Hill, merchant of Hull, those who may find it more useful for a has in the press, a pamphlet entitled, Jibrary than a Travelling Book. Mr. $. Thoughts on the late Proceedings and is also engaged in an Essay towards fuse Discussions concerning the Roman Ca- ming a new, useful, and universal Chrom tholics.

matic Scale, or List of Colours. The second volume of the Botanist's Mr. SAMUEL Rush Merrick, of Guide through the Counties of Northom- Queen's College, Oxford, intends pub berland and Durban, will appear early lisling by subscription, in ne rolume in the present month. In this voluine à quarto, a History of the County of Carconsiderable muinber of British Lichens digan, to be illustrated by eightees are now for the first time arrangerl ac plates, from Drawings made on the spot cording to the Methodus Lichenuin of by the Author. Acharius; a copious Addenda to the first Dr. WALKER has prepared for the volume is prefixed; and, to render the press, an Essay on Vaccination, with work more generally acceptable, an soine Account of its Rise and Progress Index of English Names is added This of the Authors who first established tbe volume completes the Flora of those Practice, and of the Associations formed counties, and will contain about 1880 in the Metropolis for its future Propagan species.

The publication of Mr. Crabb's long Nr. ELTON has nearly completed a announced Critical, Grammatical, and Poetical Translation of Hesiod, with Dis Practical, English and German Diction- sertations and Notes.


A wlung

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A volume of Poems, from the pen of is necessary for the two subjects of Ana Lord Byron, who is not yet of age, may atony and Surgery to illustrate each shortly be expected

other. The whole enriched with plates The Rev. Mr. COLLInson has in the and original delineations, and to form press, a Lite of the Historian Thuanus, three octavo yolumes. which will be comprised in one volume, A new edition of HELVETI US's Essays, octavo. From the distinguished rank accompanied with a Portrait, and a Life which Thuanus held among the literary of the Author, will be published in a few men of his age, this work promises to

days. prove highly interesting

The English Fire Insurance Compa Mr. COLERIDGE has, in the press, two nies calculate on an alarm of fire every new voluines of Poems, which will day, and about eight serious fires in every sp edily be published.

quarter of a year. From Michaelinas, The second volume of Jones's History 1805, to Michaelmas, 1806, the different of Brecon is nearly completed, and ready lire-Offices in London experienced to go to press.

three hundred and six alarins of tire, diits Bower has in the press, and attended with little damage, thirty-one nearly ready for publication, a Collection seriens fires, and one hundred and fiftyuf Miscellaneous Puens.

five alarins, occasioneri by chimneys The fifth and last volume of Dr. Leigħ- being on fire, unounting in all to four Tox's Works is in considerable forward- hun tred and ninety-two accidents. ness, and will shortly make its appear- The Watch-trade has been doubled in ance.

Europe within the last fifty years. It Dr. VILLER, Lecturer on Chemistry, 'increases with the progress of civilization, at Edinburgh, has undertaken to piepare which renders the instrument which for the press, a new edition, in two shews and divides time, nearly as valuavolumes octavo, of Williams's Mineral ble as time itscit. One of the French Kingdom. He proposes' carefully to Commercial Agents in the Levent has revive the original, to expunge all extra- recently given the following particulars beous matter, to correct and polish the of the sale of English watches in Turkey, style, and to add the valuable discoveries before the late disputes between the two that have been made in the science of countries. England used to sell annually, mineralogy, since the publication of that thirty dozen watches at Salonica, as Work. Dr. Miller has made an actual many in the Morea, three hundred dozen survey of the principal mines of the at Constantinople, foor hundred dozen kingdom, and may be supposed well at Smyrna, one hund ed and fifty dozen qualified to execute this undertaking in a in Syria, and two hundred and fisty scientific manner.

dozen in Egypt. Nineteen out of twenty Mr. Card, Author of the History of were silver watches; the gold ones not the Revolutions in Russia, has in the being so easily sold. The average press a Life of Charlemagne, which will amount of the whole English watch-trade anake one volume in octavo.

in Turkey was valued at 110,000l. sterThe Rev. Joun OI DISWOBTI, of ling annually. Swansea, intends to publish by subscrip- A public exhibition took place, on the tion, a new edition of Nicholls's Para- 19th of June, of the house-pupils, at Mr. phrase on the Common Prayer and TherwALI's institution fo- the Cure of Psalms of David, with some alierations Impediments of Speerh, in Bedford-place, and observations, taken froni various Rosell-square. The Recitations occueminent authors.

pierd nearly three hours, and consisted The Rev. J. H. BRANSBY, of Dudley, of the Passions, Alexander's Feast, an is preparing for the press, (to be pub- Ode to Peace, John Gilin, Pitt's Reply lished by subscription) two volumes of to Walpole, an Oratorical Defence of the Serious Practical Sermons for the Use of ancient animated syntein of Elocution, Unitarian Cloristians, particularly those the Enlouies of Framin ndas and Alfred, of them who are the heads of families. and part of a Funeral Oration on Lord

Mr. WILUAM TURNAULL, author Nelson; all of which exc'ed considerable of the Naval Surgeon, announces a System interest and sem hv: and except in the of British and French Surgery, medical individual instance of be gentleman first and operative; containing the m'ist referred to, scarcely an occasion apmodern irnprovements in the science, pared for the articular indulgence that arranged on clinical principles; and had been clained. The Odes were reaniting anatomical information, so far as ciled in parts and stanzas, distributed


and par-.

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among the different speakers;

melite Orlando, on this sulject, have ticular portions of them were recited, in been taken notice of in the Act. Erudit tull chorus, by the whole of the pupils, Lips. An. 1724, p. 102, in these words, in correct time and harmonious accor- “ Thon discoursing of paper, he refers dance of voice; a novelty which had a

the invention of it almost as far back as very striking and noble effect; while it the eighth century, when Eustathiss illusirated at once the practicability and published his Commentary on Homer, jinportance of regulating the speaking which is said to bave been written va voice, by the principles and proportions paper; he adds, that a manuscript of of the musical scale. Mr. Thelwall Homer was shewn in Genera, in his proposes to have another similar exhi- time, said to be eight hundred years Lition in the month of August, Tickets old.” of Admission to which will be given to

RUSSIA. such ladies and gentlemen as send their names and directions to the Institution with the Greek missionaries, as had been

M. KIAPROTH does not go to Pekin for that purpose, as soon as the precise formerly announced; he has set out fur time is determined upon.

Mr. Rylance has in considerable for- Krachta, with Mr. Helms, a hotanist, fus wardness a Treatise on Comparative frontiers of Russian and Chinese Tartary.

the purpose of making a tour along te Elocution, designed as an elementary book for the use of schools and grown dence has been established at Petersburg;

A new school of pracucal junsprue persons, who may be prevented by their in which four professors teach the law of confirmed habits of utterance, froin cultivating a practical knowledge of the nature and ethics; the Roman law, anıtte foreign languages. It will comprehend a

history of Russia; to which is added a general enquiry into the peculiarities of

course of lectures on the labours of the pronunciation in the modern European tures are in the Russian language.

Commission of Legislation. All the lecdialects, and into the means of facilitating their acquisition.

Translations of ARCHENROLZ'S England

and Italy, Gatterer's Art of Heraldry, and The Emperor Justinian's Charta Plenaria Securitatis is one of the most ancient in- Condillac's Logic, have lately been struments written on Egyptian paper, and published at St. Petersburg; but fear as such deposited in the Library of the original works have appeared." The most late king of France, and is published interesting of which is a Life of Paul I. by Mabillon in his work, De re Diplo

SWEDEN. matica. St. Augustine's Epistles, and M. DJUberg has published the fourth part of Josephus's Antiquities, in Latin, and last volume of his Geography, which of the sixth century, were in the Eene- treats of the gcography and statisucs of dictine Library at Paris, at the com- Sweden. mencement of the French Revolution, M. SVEDENSTIERNA has published at all written on this kind of paper. The Stockholm, in one volume 8vo. an Ac use of Eyyptian paper scems to have count of his Travels in England and been laid aside in the ninth, or at the Scotland in 1804, undertaken at the elbeginning of the tenth century, when pense of th: proprietors of the Great silk paper was introduced as more con- Swedish Iron Works, for the purpose of venieni and lasting than the weed that acquiring a knowledge of the processus grew on the banks of the Nile. As to used in those of Great Britain. Ninethe paper in ose at this day, Petrus Jo- ralogy is at present much cultirated in ritius, surnamed Venerabilis, who lived Sweden, where Baron d'Hermelin las in the twelith century, calis Chartu é added to the stock of kuowledge to las rasuris tolerum punorum facta, a kind of Essay of a Mineralogical Histvary of paper made of the lmt" or vid sag; it Lapland. sens to have been invented in the eleventh M. NORBEEG, professor of Oricocentury. The exact time, hencver, ofthe tal languages at the University of Land, invention of our modern paper cannot be has published several Essays relativ i ascertaincd. Rembold, in his Disser- different branches of Oriental literatur, tation on paper, printed at Berlin, ju such as the Agriculture of the Eastero 1774, fixes the time of iis invention in Nations, the Militia of the Arals, the 1470, but upon very - slender grounds. Temple of Mecca, and other interesting Niall'on mei with a manuscript on mo- objects of inquiry. deru paper, which was nine hundred It is intended to establish in Sweden, years old, in a Monastcry in Lorraine. an Institution for the education of the The observations of the learned Car- Deaf and Dumb, their number beter



The present

very considerable in that country. In nately with opium and carbonate of potthe dioceses alone of Upsal, Vexió, Cal-' ash, he made it pass tive or six tiines inar, Ikera, and Carl-siadt, more than from the inghest degree of irritability, to two hundred and eighty of these unfor- a state of perfect asthenia. The method tunate people have been enumerated. of M. Stutz, who has been employed

with the greatest success in the German

hospitals, consisted in an alternate interThe envoy of the Emperor of Morocco nal application of opium and carbonate at lamburyli has announced that he of potash. It has been seen that when wishes to have the description of Morocco, thirty-six grains of opium, admmistered published in Danish by M1. Hoest in in the space of twenty-four hours, pro1799, translated into Spanish, and has duced no effect, the patient was consipromised a considerable reward to the derably relieved by ten grains more of translator. Mr. Wedel is publishing in numbers alkaline solution. This new treatment

opium, employed after having given the at Copenhagen, an Account of liis Tour of Tetanus is worthy of attention. in the Interior of the Danish Provinces.

The Austrian empire, according to a In 1799, 1800, and 1801, the author Report lately published, contains 11,630 visited Zealand, Funen, Jutland, and the

square iniles, and a population of Duchies of Sleswick and Ilolstein. He

23,500,000 souls. The revenues amount gives detailed accounts of the manners

to 104,000,000 of guilders, the expenand customs of the inhabitants, of the diture to 103,000,000 and the national state of rural and domestic economy, and debt to 1,200,000,000. of the productions, arts, and manufac- establishment of the army consists of tures of those countries.

341,315 men. Dr. Frost, of Aalborg, in Jutland, has

There has been established at Prague, begun a new Danish Journal, entitled, a School for the Deaf and Dumb, which “ Cimbria,” which contains historical, is supported by subscription. The chilpolitical, and thcological essays, and dren of those parents who are in good Mterary news.

circumstances, are received into the Professor Wad read at a late meeting house on paving annually one hundred of the Scandinavian Society, a Memoir and twenty-five Horins, for which sum on the Specimens of Minerals

, sent by they are provided with food, lodying, and RI. Oursen from Iceland to the Board instruction; and the directors of this of Finances. The specimens have been establishment are by these means enabled deposited in the Royal Museum at Co- to afford gratuitously the same advanpenhagen. An interesting Description of the Ni- dumb children, belonging to poor parents.

tages io a certain number of deat and cobar Islands bas lately appeared at The whole is under the direction of M. Copenhagen; from which it should secin

FLORIAN KLEIX, who is assisted by that the Danes intend forming a settle- other able instructors. meut there.

A periodical work is published at

Prague, entitleri “Illasatei Cesky," or. Professor Bode took advantage of the Bohemian Intelligencer, by JOUN NEfine weather between the 23d of April, GEDLY, LL.D. and protessor of the Boand the 5th of May, to view the new hemian language and literature, in the planet lesta, which he did wine times at University of Prague. The principal Berlin, from the Royal Observatory, with object of the cititor is to improve the the mural quadrant. On the 5th of May language and literature of Bohieinia; and at 9+ 2 56'' mean time, its riglit ascen- the articles in the numbers which have sion was 178° 29' 56" and northern de- already appeared are we'l calcolared for clination 120 35' 19."

that purpose; consisting clienty of transA new method of curing those dread- lations from Lucian, Cicero, Pope, the ful convulsions which carry oť so many Messiah of klopstock. ani biographical brave wounded soldiers, lias been prac- accomts of eminent Bohemians. tised in the hospitals of Germany with lir. MEINERs bas published a History great success. It was first resorteil io by of the principal Insurrections which have the late 11. STUTZ, : physician of em- happened among the Sturlents at the nence in Suabia, and he was led to this diferenc Universities of Europe. important discovery from the analogy of The third and fourth Volune piMr. a simple fact. M. HCMBOLDT haul an- MI AURICE ARENDI's Travels in Sweden nounced, in his work upon the Nerves, have appeared. The Author gives a that on treating the nervous tibre alter- very interesting account of the country.



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