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June 27

M'Knight Nathaniel, Samuel M'Knight, and John M'Neille, Erras David, Southampton court, linen draper, July

Liverpool, merch.nts. (Tarrant and co Chancery Ford Samuel, Mireningham, merchant. Jube 17 lane

Firtchet Josiah. Stockport, silkman. July 25, Real Nitchell Thomas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, liuen draper. Fox Bartholomew, Gough square, merchant, Joce 19 (Worthain and Co. Castle street

Gardner George, Oxford street, lineu draper. Just 13 Mathias John, Brightelmstune, slater. (Hughes, clir. fnal ford's ng

Gassiot: John Peter, Union street, merchant, June Merac Theuphilus, and Moses La Porte Merac. Queen Ginger John Piccadilly bookseller July 3

street, warehousemen, (Swaine and Co. oi Jewry German Jarvis, Aldermanbury, hosier, June 26 Nickells Tomas, the younger

Powey, shipricht. Green Theodosia, Woore, tallaw chancler. !oly , foa! (Brown, Fowey

Gordon Alexander. Snowhill, cordwainer. July u Oldmeadow James, King's Lynn, upholsterer. (Lyon HOBE James, and Edward Holmes Cherboracant, mer and Co. Gray's inn

chauts. July 7 Parry James, and John Pickman, Deptford, merchants. Hart William. ad Samuel Turner, the younger, Lothbar, (Lee, Three Crown court

warehousemen, July 3 Pickering Joseph, Trodsbam, corn merchant. (Windle, Haynes Benjamin, pepper street, hat maker. June 23 John street

Harris Joseph, Keynesham, tanner. June Yascoe John, Plymouth dock, mercer. (Iys, Tooke's

Howey Thomas, Old Change, b'ker June jo court

Hancock Hoory, and John Bernard Hofmeyor, Nescato Pritmore Thomas, Baker's row, refiner of oil and sper. upon Tyne, merchants, June zo maceti. (Parkinson and Co. Symond's inn

Harri's Timothy, Waltham holy Cross. pin maker, July • Prested Robert, Brick Jane, shoe maker. (Mayhew, Hauman John Sloane strert, music selter, June 23 Boswel court

Hirchin Samue), Kingsland road, victualler July ai, tual Palmer Richard, Chathan, cordwainer. (Chapman, Hibbert Williani, victvaller. July 7, final Princess street

Hempel Johanna Chelsea, potter. July ). Foa
Riges William. Old Bailey, plore merchant. (Morgan, Jordan Joemiah Camuel, Fleet street. becik seller, June 16
Gray's inn

Jacks Walter, bristol mershanrs, June 20
Ruwe Thomas Tiplady, Chelmsford, linicu drapor. (Oldk Jestery John. Histut corler, June 20
Sam, Nag's Head court

Juaes Humphrey, Rochdale grocer, Jane 23. kol
Sibbald Alerander, Wapping street, slop seller.

(Smith Jones wibiam, Newnham, drover, July 6, Anal and Co. Great St. Helens

Iman Joseph, Hounusditch, cheesemonger, July 7 Sedley l'avenpurt, London

wal, money

scrivener. Jarrett John, Bristol, hop-merchant July 6 (Crown, Bride lane

Kershaw James, and Joseph Kershaw. Manchester, cota Smith Henry, Birmingham, victualler. Kinderley and

, Co Gray's inn

Leighton William, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, inekcepere Simpson Joho, Bermondsey, tallow chandler. (Laton

June 19 and Hardy, Birchin lane

Lewthwaite John. Liverpool, merchant, July 1, Ana! Silvester John. Dunkirk mill, milles. (Sandy's and Co. Mitford Robert, Corrhill, woollen draper. Juse Enal Crane court

Mairby Thomas, and George Maltby, size anc, mer! Taylor John Spencer, Gracechurch Street, straw hat

manufacturer. (Pearce and Co. Paternoster ruw Mather George, and James Hutchinson, Manchester, Twamley Samuel, Eardington, iren master. (Devey and

joiners, July 8 Co. Bridgeworth

Marston Edmund Uttoxeter. cork cutter, June 30 Whire Jobs, Birmingham, taylor. (Egerton, Gray's inn Madden Thomas, Page's Walk, victualler, June jo Withers Thomas, and Henry Brown Withers, Gruenhills. Mencelio Isaac, and David Amick, Cheapsize, perfumers rents. (Gregory and bruoks, Maiden lane

June 30 Williams Griffith. Newington Causeway, liben draper. Milburo Edward Cook, Hallowell, and Tb mas alamskey (Drake, Ola Fish street

North Shields, ship builders June zo Watson William, the younger, Basford, Joiner. (Black- Maitland David. Wigan, Walter Campbell, Londoeana lock, Temple

William Wright, Liverpool, cuttua manufactures, Wicken Joseph, Sandhurst, lined draper. Dym, Ser

July = final
Jeani's inn

Mountfurt, Wamin, Walsall, miller, July 13

Newton Elevard, Watling streer, wholesale leen éraper,

July is Anderson Alexander, and David Robertson, Coleman street, Oliver Francis, Tottenham High Cross, erocer. July 7 merchants. June 16

Perry John James, Whitechapel ruad, staffordshire var Alfrey John the younger. Carshalton, carpenter, June 13 houseman June 16 Atkinson Henry, Bread street, ironmonger, July 4

Pearce Matthar, Blackınan street, cheesemanger, Jere i Angell Henry Hanson, New Bond street, haberdasher, haal Avgust in

Pritchard Charles Green, and Sarah Tipper, Chippenkara Bowman John, Water lane, brandy merchant, June 16, victvallers. June 29 final

Preston Bernard Holborn, linen draper. July
Ballantine William, St. Martin's Le Grand, coldsmith, Parkes John, Birmingham brass founder, Juli
July 7. final

Pritty John, Hadleigh, crocer. July to
Braint Richard Garland, Minories, butcher, June 27 Purh' william, Berwick street, taylor, July 7
Bowler Juhn, Bishop's wearmouth, hatter, July 25

Perkins lohu, Hertford, carpester. Jy ir
Bore pohn, Bishop's Castle, pinber, June 23

Parnell James, Deal, innkeeper, July !! Blunt John, and Robert Scollay, Coal Exchange, coal fac- Paing George. Bron pton, butcher, july it tors June 30

Quaile Mark, Liverpool, merchant, July 6 Blunt George, and John Monat, Little Carter Jane, whole- kouksby Thomas. Chatham linen draper, June jo sale process. June 30

Raymond John. Fowey, sail maker. June Brownson Benjainisia Parwich, dealer and chapman, Rawlingson Samuel, Manchester, mercbast July is July 2

Richold Michael, brightelmstore, wine merchant. Je Prown Johu, Liverpool, draper, July 9

finat Boyd Thonias, Buckingham street, wine merchant, Sanderson Jonn, St. James's street, goldsmith, Jure to Tuly 11

Somerville Juhn. Chancery lane cabinet maker. Ju * Blades John, Bath, linen draper, July 6, fival

Sheppard Henry, Carnbridge. wide merchant. July a Brown William, Holcuti, wanlcoinber, fuly o. fical

Sharples John, Wolcon-in-le-dale. cntton TESTOSTES Cunninghame William, Goodtnan's fields, wine merchant, July i June 16, Aaat

Stiles Sarab, and Mason Stiles, Dorking plumberly Champion William, Worksop, common brewer, July 2, Stork Tohn. Thomas Whitby, and Mattew bottenll, Great final

Driffield, merchants, July 4, fipal Cobb Christopher, Ringwood, hosier, June 13

Stretch Thomas, Grafton street Rucer, july 11 Craik James, Union court, insurance broker, June 30, Swan toeph. Caster, grocer, July 13 fuial

Titfurd william Chailes, bishop.gate etrect, lirea draper Choinette Francis Davis De La, Laytonstone, merchant, june July 11

Twyeross Charles, Thavies inn. manty scrirener. Jana Chainherlain Needler, Fleet street, drugeist, June 30 Theobald Thumas, oxford street hosier, July u Colbourne Thomas, Henstridge, linen manufacturer, Topping john Lewis, Biskopsgate street, grocer, one o July 6, haal

Taylor William, Little Last Cheap, cork cutter, tab Chard Charles, High Ho'botu, drugrist. July !!

hnal Douse William Thomas, Coad's' row, haberdasher, June 16 Taylor William, Hardwich, shipbuilder July Pickson William, Stamford, linen dr per, July 7. hnal Tanart Benjamin New Son sireet bookcher, Jet Dennert Geurre. Gray's inn lane. cow-keeper, June 30 Travers Benjamin, and James Edaile, the ruleger, Char Devereli George, Rodbourne SITE W har manufacturer, side sugar dealets juiy il July 18

Turner Jahn, Kingston upon Thames, malcster. Just Dewdney William, Fleet street, Jeweller, Sune 27, final Usher john. Kyneton, butcher. July 10, final Durser George, John Johnson, John Wilkinson, William White Tbomas, Borough, haberdasher yuyrt

Beracts, and James Tilson, New Boud street, bankers, Whiting Richard. Daventry. brandy berchant une u July 4

Williame stephen. Durer, frucet juy.
Drewett Menry, Mansfield strees, victualler, Jhiy 7 Wallace james, Manchester, cutton riarutacture. Iako
Scau iliam. Newbrough. coin mon brewer, July 27
Deschnips William Wentworth, Bennett Stevens ou mor.

Westhory Nathagel, Harwich. merettajaar 25
Woud Abraham,

cotisad yasd, victualier jure gan, and Peter M°Targart, Suffolk lanc, meri bante. Wicks Wallaun, Middle ruw, hubernader, JUE July ni

Wake james, Whitby, the builde. July ) Faust
Edwards waliam, Little Newport street, toyman, July 7 Windecker Angel Liverpoul, meschut ja
Eliis Thomas, Preston, ironmonger, July 1

Watsutt William Peter, Selky, tercer jeyi Loft George. 2nd George Pickaid, Woou street, ribbon Younghusband willian, Colenester. Or per, ty. muutacturers, July 7

York, bzyodakire street, Kaun, Jules



Containing official and authentic Documents,

Treceived by Viscount Castlereagh,

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the opposition, if any, would be trifling; and THE following intelligence has been every precaution was recommended that pru

dence could suggest.

Finding, however, by the renewed repreone of his Majesty's principal secretaries of State, from Major-General Alexander the persor:al application of the sorbagi, or

sentation of Major Misset, corroborated by M'Kenzie Fraser, cominanding his Ma

chief magistrate, in the name of the people jesty's Land Forces in Egypt, transmite

at large, that a famine would be the certain ted in a letter from the Right. Hon. Ge- and imniediate consequence of our remaining neral Fox, to the Right Hon. W. Wind- at Alexandria without the occupation of ham.

Rosetla, I have, with the concurrence, adExtract of ibe Copy of a Letter from Major vice and co-operation of Rear Admiral Sir

General Fraser, to the Right Hom w. Wind- Thomas Louis, (who commands the squabam, dated Alexandria, April 6, 1807, trans

dron here since the departure of Sir John mitted to bim by General Fox, ebe Original Duckworth) detached another corps, under Rot baving been received.

the command of the Hon. Brigadier General SIR,

Stewart and Colonel Oswald, (as per mar. My letter of the 27th ultimo has already it appears impossible that the measure pro

gin*) to effect this purpose, without which informed you, that in consequence of the strong representation of Major Misset, his posed by his majesty's ministers, of keeping Majesty's resident here, (a copy of which possessions of Alexandria, can be accomplishI then transmitted) stating the risk the in. Extract of a Dispatch from Major-General Fra. habitants of Alexandria run of being starved, unless Rosetta and Rahmonie were taken

ser ro General ibe Right Hon. H. E Fox, possession of by his Majesty's troops, I had

dared on board bis Majesty's Ship Canopus, with the concurrence of Rear-Admiral Sir

Aboukir Hay, April 24, 1807.
John Duckworth, detached the 31st regl that the second attempt that I thought ne

I bave the mortification to acquaint you, ment and Chasseurs Britanniques, under Maj. cessary to make against Rosetta has failed, Gen. Wauchope and Brigadier Gen. Meade, owing to a great reinforcement of the enemy for that purpose.

I am now under the disagreeable necessity being sent down the Nile from Cairo, which of acquainting you that, contrary to all ex.

overpowered our troops, and obliged them pectation, this measure did not succeed. Our

to fall back with the loss (I am grieved to troops took possesion of the heights of Abour- say) of nearly 1000 men, in killed, wounded, mandour (which command the town) with. and missing. Among the latter are Lieu.

tenant Colonel M.Loed, Major Vogelsanj, out any loss; but, from circumstances as yet unexplained, the General, instead of and Major Mohr. Brigadier General Stew. keeping his post there, unfortunately was

art, who commandert the troops on this ser. tempted to go into the town, with his whole Alexandria with the remainder of his force,

vice, is only now upon his march towards force, without any previous examination of from the windows and tops of the houses, the Wizard brig immediately from this bag it, when the troops were so severely handled and has not yet sent me the details, but, as

the admiral thinks it necessary to dispatch without ever seeing their enemy, that it was thought expedient to retire, more especially all the information I am at present in pos

to Messina, I think it necessary to give you as Major General Wauchope was unfortu. session of, and shall send you the particulars nately killed, and the second in command, of this unfortunate aftair by his majesty's Brigadier General Meade severely wounded. The troops, I understand, although cer.

ship Thunderer, which will leave Alexandria tainly placed in a most trying and perilous pery soon; and as I have not time to acsituation, behaved extremely well; and a ter quaint his majesty's nuinisters of this event having suffered, I am sorry to say, very have the goodness to do it as soon as possible.

by this opportunity, I must request you to materially in killed and wounded, (as you will see by the annexed return) retired to Aboukir, in good order, without molestation, * Detachment of royal artillery, detachfroin whence I directed them to return to ment of 20th light dragoons, detenment of Alexaodria.

seamen, light infantry battalion, 1st bastalion This certainly has been a very heavy and of 35th reginept, wi battalion us 781h regi. unexpected stroke upon us, more especially ment de Roll amounting in the whole to as every informatiqu led me to conclude, that about 2500 mea.

4 G 2


Return of Killed and Wounded of the Army in Andover, T. A. Smith, 2, Hon. N. Fel

the Action, 31st Marc, 1807, at Rosetta. lowes, 2. Killed. Staff.-1 Major-General,

Anglesea, + Hon. B. Paget. Royal Artillery-2 Rank and file.

Appleby, #Lord Howick, 6, J. R. CuthSist Reg.-1 captain, 3 serjeants, 3 drum- bertt. mers, 69 runk and ble.

Arundel, Sir A. Pigot, 2, Col. Wilder, 1. Chasseurs Brittanniques-1 captain, 1 Ashburton, W. Palk, 3, +Lord C. Bes lieutenant, 3 serjeants, 2 drummers, 99 rank tinck. and file.

Aylesbury, *Lord G. Cavendish, Sir G. Total --1 major-general, 2 captains, 1 Nugent, 1.--Sir George Nugent, 50; Lord lieutenant, 6 serjeants, 5 drummers, 170 rank G. Cavendish, 490; Mr. Williams, 413 and hle.

Banbury, W. Praed, 2, D. North.-W. Wounded. --Staff--1 brigadier-general, 1 Praed, 9; D. North, 9; double return. brigade major.

Barnstaple, W. 'Taylor, 1, TG. W. The!. Royal Artillery-10 rank file.

lusson.-G. W. Theliusson, 964; W. Tay. 31st Reg.-1 captain, 6 subalterns, 7 ser- lor, 173; Lord Ebrington, 161 ; Sir J. jeants 1 Drummer, 129 rank and file. Miles, 2.

Chasseurs Britanniques-4 captains, 5 su- Bath, Lord J. Thynne, S, J Palmer, 3. balterns, 1 adjutant, 4 serjeants, 111 rank and Beaumaris, Lord Newborough, S. Gle.

Bedfordshire, F. Pym, 1, *General FitzStaff Corps-1 rank and file.

patricks, 9.-F. Pym, 1145, 13 single Total-i brigadier-general, 1 brigade-ma- votes ; "Gen. Fitzpatrick, 1084, 51 ditto; jor, 5 captains, 10 lieutenants, 2 ensigns, 11 Mr. Osborn, 1069, 887 ditto.-Number of serjeants, 1 drummer, 251 rank and file.

persons polled, 2133 - Number of voters, Names of officers killed.-Major Gen. Wau- 2169. chope.

Bedford Town, S. Whitbread, 3, W. L. 31st Regiment-Captain John Robertson. Antonie, 2.

Chasseurs Britanniques-Captain B. de Bedwin, *Sir J. Nicholl, , J. H. Leigh, .. Serocourt, Lieutenat D'Amiel.

Beeralston, Lord Luuvaine, 3, Hon. Capt. Names of officers wounded.-Brigadier-Ge- Percy, 1. neral the Hon. Robert Meade.-31st regi- Berkshire, G. V'ansittart, 6, C. Dundas, to meni-Captains Horsburgh (brigade-major) Berwick, Sir A, M. Lockhart, Col. and Dowdall; Lieutenants E. Knox. Fearon, Allen. Thornton, Sleddon, and Ryan; Ensign Kirby. Beverley, +Capt. W. H. Vyse, J. H. -Chasseurs Britanniques-Captains Duhau- Wharton, 3.-Capt. Vyse, 1012; J. H. toy, De Combromont, De Calonne, and De Wharton, 739; Major Staples, 279. Lasitte; Lieutenants Le Maitre, J. Spitz, De Bewdley, M. P. Andreus, 3. Sault, and Ensign Bonsingault, adjut. Bishop's Castle, W. Clive, B, J. Robis(Signed) GEO. AIREY,

son, 3. Acting Dep.-Adjutant Gen, Blechingly, W. Kenrick, 1, +T. HeatbN. B. Most of the wounded officers and men are recovering.

Bodmin, D. Giddy, 2, +Sir W. Oglander.

Boroughbridge, H. Hawkins, i, W. H. LIST of tbe MEMBERS returned to serve in Clinton, 1.

tbe NEW PARLIAMENT for sbe several Bossmey, Lord Randelsham, J. A. So COUNTIES, CITIES, BOROUGHS, C. Wortley, 2. in ENGLAND and WALES, alphabetically Boston, T. Fydell, 2, W. A. Maddocks, arranged.

2.-T. Fydell, 229; W. A. Maddocks, 196; Those marked thus t, were not in the Hon. Mr. Burnell, 149 ; J. Cartwright, 8. last Parliament. Those marked thus *, are Brackley, R. H. Bradshaw, 2, A. Heanew for the respective places. All the derson, %. rest are re-elected. The figure after the Bramber, t Messrs. Burrell and Shelley. nime shews in how many Parliaments Breconshire, Col. I. Wood. the Member has served. Thuse marked Brecon Town, Sir R. Salushury, 3. thus, are returned for niore thanone place. Bridgenorth, I. H. Browne, 8, J. White Abingdon, + G. Knapp.

more, 4. Agmondshan, T. D. Т. Drake, 4, T. T.

Bridgewater, + W. Thornton, G. Pocock. Drake, 2.

Bridport, Sir Evan Nepean, 1 Samuel Alian's, St., Hon. J. W. Grimstone, 2, Hond, i. +). Halsey.-J. Halsey, esq. 323 ; Hon.

Bristol, Right Hon C. B. Bathurst, 4, j. w. Grimstone, 288;

Lurd Duncannon,

E. Baillie, 2 275.

Buckinghamshire, Marquis Titchfield, 4, Aldborough, Suffolk, Sir J. Aubrey, 9,

Earl 'Temple, 2. Col. M'Nalon, 2.

Buckingham Town. Right Hon. T. Gres. Aldborough, Yorkshire, G. Jones, 1, H. ville, 5, Hon R. Melville. Fine, 1.

Bury St. Edmundi, Lord C Fitstoy,



Lord Templetown, 2.---Lord C. Fitzroy, 23; man, 2.-W. M. Pitt, 1454; E. B. Port-
Lord Templetown, 23; Charles Bloomfield, 10 man, 1101 ; Mr. Bankes, 1091.
Calne, J. Jekyl, 6, +H. Smith,

Dorchester, H. C. Ashley, 4, *R. Wil.
Cambridgeshire, Lord C. S. Manners, 4, liams, 2.
Right Hon. C. Yorke, 3.

Dover, Jenkinson, 1, J. Jackson.-C. Cambridge University, Lord Euston, 7, Jenkinson, 872; John Jackson, 628; Hon, Sir V. Gibbs.

Mr. Piersepont, 622. Cambridge Town, Gen. Finch, 6, Gen. Downton, Hon. B. Bouverie, 1, Sir T. Manners, o.

Plumer. Camelford, * Lord H. Petty, 2, R. Adair, 2. Droit wich, Hon. A. Foley, 8, +Sir T. E.

Canterbury, John Baker, 3, + E. Taylor Winnington. John Baker, esq. 689; E. Taylor, esq. 655; Dunwich, Lord Huntingfield, 5, S. Barne, Lushington, 537;

Far- Durham County, Sir R. Milbanke, 4, quhar, 452.

+ Sir H. V. Tempest. -Sir H. V. Tempest, Carditi, Lord W. Stuart, 2.

262 ; Sir R. Milbanke, 298; Mr. Ellison, Cardiganshire, T. Johnes, 4.

234. Cardigan Town, Hon. J. Vaughan, 3. Durham City, R. J. Lambton, 3, R.

Carlisle, J. C. Curwen, 4, W. S. Stan Wharton, 1. hope, 3.

East Looe, Capt. E. Buller, 2, +D. Van. Carmarthenshira, * Lord R. Seyn.our, 4. derkerden.

Carmarthen Town, Admiral G. Camp- Essex, Col. J. Bullock, 8, Admiral E. bell, 1.

Harvey, 2. Carnarvonshire, Sir R. Williams, 3.

Evesham, Wm. Manning, 4, Sir M. M. Carnarvon Town, Hon. C. Paget, 3. Lopez. - Wm. Manning, 194 ; Sir M. M.

Castle Rising, R. Sharpe, 1, Hon. C. Lopez, 334; H. Howorth, 820. Bagot.

Excter, Sir C. W. Bamfylde, 3, J. Bul. Cheshire, T. Cholmondeley, 3, D. Daven. ler, 3. port, 1.

Eye, + M. Singleton, +Hon. H. Wellesley. Chester, Gen. Grosvenor, 4, tj. Egerton. Flintshire, Sir T. Mostyn, 3.

Chichester, G. W. Thomas, 6, 7J. Du- Flint Town, Col. Shipley.--Col. Ship. pref.

ley, 129, Sir S. K. Glynne, 128; Sir N. Chippenham, J. Maitlani, ?, +Dawkins R. Lloyd, 121. and + Blake - Mr. Maitland, 59; Mr. Daw- Fowey, Right Hon. R. P. Carew, 2, R. kins, 58; Mr Blake, 58-double return. Wigram, 2.

Christchurch, Right Hon. G. Rose, 5, Gation, M. Wood, 2, +C. B. Greenough. W. S. Bourne, 3.

Germain's, St., *M. Montague, 1, Sir J. Cirencester, M. H. Beach, 4, J. Cripps, 1. S. Yorke, 4.

Clitheroe, Hon. R. Curzon, 3, Hon. J. Glamorganshire, T. Wyndham, 3. Cust, 2.

Gloucestershire, Admiral Berkeley, 7, Cockermouth, J. Lowther, 3, James Gra. Lord R. H. Somerset, 2. ham, 2.

Gloucester City, H. Howard, 4, R. More Culchester, R. Thorrion, 7, +R. H. Da- ris, 2. vies.-R. H. Davies, 632; R. Thornton, Grampound, Hon. A. C. Johnstone, 587; Col. Tufnell, 95.

fllon. G. A. Cochrane. - Hon. A. C. JohnCorffe Castle, H. Banks, 7, +P. W. Baker. Stone, 27; Hon G. A. Cochrane, 27 ; Mr.

Cornwall, Sir W. Lemon, 9, ). H. Tre- Parry, 13; Mr. Williams, 13. mayne, 1.

Grantham, T. Thoroton, 2, +W. E. Wel. Coventry, P. Moore, 2, W. Mills, 1.- by.-T. Thoroton, 420 ; W. E. Welby, P. Moore, 310; W Mills, 312; H. C. 411; Sir W. Manners, 352; Sir Gilbert Montgomery, 84; M. Shawe, 8z.

Heathcore, 349. Cricklade, Lord Porcluster, 4, *J. Est- Grimsby, Hon. G. A. Pelham, 2, +W. court.

Ellice.-W. Ellice, 141; Hun. G. Pel. Cumberland, Lord Morpeth, 4, J. Low. ham, 138; Col. Loft, 157 ; Hon. W. Pei. her, s.

ham, 123, Dartmouth, E. Bastard, 7, A. H. Holds- Grinstead, East, Sir N. Holland, +C. worth, 2.

R. Ellis. Denbighshire, Sir W W. Wynne, 4.

Guildford, Hon. T. C. Onslow, 1, +Hon. Denbigh Town, Robert Middleton Bid- C. Norton.-Col. Onslow, 145; Gen. Nordulph, 1.

ton, 78; G. H. Sumnier, esq. 75. Derbyshire, Lord G. Cavendish, 8, E. Hampshire, * Sir H. P. St. John Mildmay, M. Mundy, 6

3, +W. Chute.-Sir H. P. St. John Mildmay, Derby Town, E. Coke, 7, W. Caven- 547; W. Chute, 547; Hon. W. Herbert, dish, 2.

152. Devizes, J. Smith, 6, T. G. Estcourt, 2. Harwich, J. H. Addington, 4, W. Huse

Devonshire, Siz L. Palk, 6, ). P. Bas. kisson, 2. tard, 7.

Haslemere, Right Hon. C. Long, 6, +R. Dorsetsbire, W, M, Pict, 7, E. B. Port. Ward.


Hastines, *Right Hon. G. Canning, 4, Lincolnshire, C. Chaplin, 2, +C. Pelban. +Sir A Hume

-C. Chuplin, 1602; C. Pelham, 1168; Mi. Haver.ord, West, Lord Kensington, s Ellison, 955. Helstun, +Sir J. St. Aubyn, +R Richards. Lincoln City, R. Ellison, 3. Hon. Col.

Herefordshi'e, +Col. Foley, Sir J. G. Cot- Monson, 1. terell, 1.

Litchfield, G. Anson, 2, G. G. V. VerHere:ord City, Col. Symonds, R. P. non, 1. Scudamore, 2.

Liverpool, Gen. Gascoyne, 3, +Gen. Tarle. Hertfords bire, *Hon. T. Brand, 1, +Sir ton.-Gen. Tarleton, 1500 ; Gen. Gascoyne, J. S. Seahright

1334 ; Mr. Roscoe, esq. S98; W. J. DeniHert.ord Town, Hon. E. S. Cowper, 2, son, 38. Mr. D. was put in nomination usN N. Ca vert, 2

known to himself. Heydon, G. Johnstone, 3, A. Browne, 1.- London, Sir C. Price, 2, Sir Wm. Curtis, G. Johnstune, esq. 102 ; A. Brown, esq. 4, Ald. Shawe, 1, Ald. Combe, 3.-Sir. C. 94, C Duncombe, esq., 50 ; Sir T. Slengs. Price, 3117 ; Sir Wm. Curtis, 3059 ; Ald. by, 10.

Shawe, 2863; Ald. Combe, 2583; Ald Heytersbury, *Lord Fitzharris, 2, +C. Hankey, 226. Moore.

Ludlow, Viscount Clive, 1, Hon. H. Bigham Ferrers, *Right Hon. W. Wind- Clive. ham, 6,

Ludgershall, T. Everett, 3, M, D. Mae Hindon, B. Hobhouse, 3, W. Beckford, 1. gens, 2.

Honiton, Hon. A. C. Bradshaw, 2, +Sir Lyme Regis, Hun. Col. Fane, 2, Lord C. Hamilton.

Burghersh, 1. Horsham, *Sir S. Romilly, ?, L. P. Lymington, J. Kingston. 2. Col. +Dec. Jones, 1.

kett. Huntingdonshire, Lord Hinchinbroke, 4, Maidstone, G. Simpson, 1. G. Longman, *R. Fellowes, 2.-Loru Hinchinbroke, 750; 1.--Mr. Simpson, 396; Mr. Longman, 374 ; R. Fellowes, 645 ; Lord Proby, 458.

Sir Wm. Geary, 332. Huntington Town, J. Calvert, 2, + W.M. Maldon, J. H. Strutt, 4, +C. C Western. Farmer.

-J. H. Strutt, esq. 58 ; C. C. Western, esq. Hyche, T. Godfrey, 2, +W. Deeds.-T. 99; B. Gashell, 27. Godfrey, 109; W. Deeds, 104 ; Mr. White, Malmsbury, Sir G. Bowyer, +P. Gill. 93; Plunimer, 66.

Sir G. Bowyer, 10; P. Gill, esq. 10; Hon. Ilchester, *R. B. Sheridan, 7 *M. A. B. Bouveue, 3; B. Smith, esq. 3. Taylor, 31

Malton, *Lord Heaoley, 1, +Hon. M. Ipswich, *Sir H. Popham, 2, +R. A. Dundas, 2.-Lord Headley, 211; Hon. M. Crickett. --Sir H. Popham, 226; R. A. Dundas, 253, Brianbooke, 196; Isaac LesCrickett, 224; R. Wilson, 155 ; Capt. Ben- tham, 138.

Marlborough, Lord Bruce, 3, Lord Visc. lves, St , S. Stephens, 1, Sir W. Stirling. Stopferd, 2. -Sir. Walter Stirling, 147 ; Sam Stephens, Marlow, O. Williams, 3, P. Grenfell, .. esq. 147; Chas. Cochereil, 125; Capt. Woola Mawes, St., +Lieut. Col. Shipley, S. Ber

nard, 1. Kent, Sir E. Knatchbull, 1. W. Honey- Michael, St. +Captain Gower, +G. Galway wood, 4

Mills. King's Lynn, Lord Walpole, 4. Sir M. B. Merionethshire, Sir R. W. Vaughan, 4. Folkes, 4

Midhurst. Hon. J. Abercrombie, •S. Kingston-upon-Hull, J. Staniforth, 2, Smith, 6. Lord Viscount Mahon, 1.

Middlesex, W. Mellish, ?, G. Byag. 1Knaresborough, Lord J. Townshend, 6, W. Meliish, esq. 2206; G. Byug, esq. 2.108; Lord Oşsulton, 2.

Sir C. Baynes, 1959. Lancashire, T. Stanley 8. J. Blackburne 6. Milhourne Port, Lord Paget, 1, Hogh Lr.

Lancaster Tour, Dent, 3. P. Patten - cester, 2. J. Dent, 1:444; P. Patton, 1343; Col. Caw- Minehead, +J. F. Luttrell, J. Denaissa. thorn, 880; W. Doneon, 874.

- J. F. Luttrell, 128; John Densisca, 10% ; Launceston, Earl Percy 1,1,J. Progden, 3. Hon. T. Bowes, 64. Leicesterhire, Lord R. Manners

,, G. A. Monmouthshire, Lord A. Somerset, 1, Sit L. Keck, 1.

C. Morgan, 3. Leicester Town, S Smith, n, T. Rabing- Monmonth Town, Lord C. H. Somersel, ton, 3.--T. Bibington esq 1794 ; S. Smith, Montgomeryshire, C. W. W. Wynne, esq. 137%; Mr. Macnaml., 10:0).

Montgomery Town, W. Kerne, & Leominster, Sir J. Lubbock, 3, H. Bon- Morpeth, W. Ord, %, Hon. W. lior. ham, 1.

ard, 1, Leskeard, +Lord Himilton, Hon. W. El- Rewark, H. Willoughby, 9, Gen. S. Csilios, 4.

ton, 1. Lestwithiel, E Maitland, G. Folford. Newcastle-upder-Lyne, E. W, Boocke, dy Lewes, T. Kimp, 1, Henry Shelley, 2, J. Macdonald, 1.-E. W. Beotie so


Net, 154.

more, 123.

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