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!!Tena deciine it ; Suicide's foul birth; Behold th' inexorable hour forgot!
*T'#kinds of grief; the faults of age; And to forget it, the chief aim of life;
Desdited character-invite mysong. Tho' well to ponder it, is life's chief end.

, it'impo tance of our end survey'd.
Sanel quick danifion of our grief; $ 227. Little Attention paid to the Warnings of
kad nets! our hearts heal too loon.

Death. *t torekindthan He who struck the blow? dit do bis errand in our hearts,

Is Death, that ever threat'ning, ne'er remote, 41. peace, till nobler guests arrive,

That all-important, and that only sure, ontbuck, a true, and endless peace ? (Come when he will) an unexpected grieft? It'stints: as glaring day

Nay, tho' invited by the loudeit calls va home number'd lustres robs our light;

Of blind imprudence, unexpected still? is out innumber'd thoughts

Tho'nuin'rous messengers are sent before ma, and light divine to min.

To warn his great arrival. What the cause, i sasa w blett, why, fick of gaudy scenes, The wond'rous cause, of this mysterious ill? *** 7to thruit between us and ourselves!) All heaven looks down astonish'd at the fight.

2. For to take his favourite walk 37* tris g.comv, filent, cypress fades, § 228. Life compared to a Stream. ,Pay's fantastic ray;

Is it, that Life has sown her joys so thick, -Druments, to weigh his duit,

We can't thrust in a fingle care between? 1.*, Iduwell among the tombs!

Is it, that life bas such a swarm of cares, og Wiha Narcili's stone;

The thought of death can't enter for the throng? 10 ter jerly can touch

Is it, that time steals on with clowny feet, 18!1. rat pathos in the date !

Nor wakes indulgence from her golden dream? in trike, and yet in them we see

To-day is fo like yeiterday, it cheats;
of what we here enjoy.

We take the lying fitter for the fame.
ve we to build on length of life? Life giides avay, Lorenzo, like a brook;
eskize when fear is laid alleep;

For ever changing, unperceiv'd the change. wie is our ftrongest guard. In the fame brook none ever bath'd him twice: bomber sunnh, Truth tallies on my soul, To the same life none ever twice awoke.

): 5 s dosky train to fight; We call the brook the fame; the same we think ** Tas gar tultry paifions raile, Our life, though still more rapid in its flow; In the real eitimate of things, Nor mark the much irrevocably laps’d, *)"), unumlicted, ever law;

And mingled with the tea. Oi thall we say "*:* from Virtue’s rising charms; (Retaining still the brook to bear us on)

tion in a thousand lies. T-

That life is like a velel on the tream ?
ekon men, as autumn's leaves, in life embark’d, we smoothly down the tide
******itur, as the summer's duit,

Of time defcend, but not on time intent;
** cluind: lighted by her beams, Amus’d, unconscious of the glioing wave;

"zon, gain new powers, Senthe, feel things remote,

Till on a sudden we perceive a thock;

We start, awake, look out; our bark is burst.
wir tuturities; think nought Is this the cause death flies all human thought!
*VTT, as the joys poiseft, Or is it judgment by the will ftruck blind,
och dis as those beyond the grave. That domineering mistress of the foul !
*ps its colour in her fight:

Or is it fear turns startied reason back, lotes all her charms.

From looking down a precipice so steep?
We'lly wisdom, and divine ?

'Tis dreadful; and the dread is wisely placid;
warm and the waxing moon. By nature conscious of the make of man.

weriwly widoin every day ; A dreadful friend it is, a terror kind, dy more fuir her rival thines.. teaterm for widom is expir’d,

A fiaming sword to guard the tree of life. ning foul is writ in fire,

By that unawd, man on each pique of pride, so witts us the skies.

Or gloom of humour, would give rage the rein,

Bound o'er the barrier, rush into the dark, -ie prescribes the best?-a friend's; And mar the schemes of Providence below. d's grave how soon we disengage,

$ 229. Suicide, 2. Stion's ties, on human hearts, mis tavith'a frontus: Cois to bind, what groan was that? There took his gloomy


, On wing impetuous, a black fullen foul, d, so rarely fastens there.

Blasted from hell, with horrid luit of death. nor Affection, no, nor both

Thy friend, the brave, the gallant Altamont, 3. mexorable hour at hand! in break the witchcrafts of the world. So call'd, so thought-and then he fled the field. Leís base the fear of death, than fear of life.

O Britain !

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$ 230. Tears.

quct there.

O Britain ! infamous for suicide ;

Indelible, death's image on his heart ; An island in thy manners! far disjoin'd Bleeding for others, trembling for hiinsel From the whole world of rationals beside, We bleed, we tremble; we forget, we imi In ambient waves plunge thy polluted head, The mind turns fool, before the cheek is Wash the dire stain, nor shock the continent. Our quick returning folly cancels all:

But thou be shock'd, while I detect the cause As the tice rushing rafes what is writ Of self-affault, expoíe the monster's birth, 111 yielding iands, and smooths the letter'd! And bid abhorrence hiss it round the world. Blame not thy clime, nor chide the diftant fun; Immoral clincs kind nature never made. The cause I fing in Eden might prevail, Lorenzo! halt thou ever weigh'd a figh And proves it is thy folly, not thy fate. Or itudied the philosophy of tears ?

The soul of man (let man in homage bow Haft thou descended deen into the breast, i Who names his foui) a native of the ikies! And leen their jource: If not, descend with High-born, and free, her freedom thould maintain, 'And trace thele briny riv'lets to their prin Unfold, unmortgag'd for earth's little bribes. Our funerii tears from diferent cautes n Th' illustrious Itranger, in this foreign land Of various kinds they tow. From tender lit Like itrangers, jealous of her dignity, By tott contagion caild, some burst at onc Studious of home, and ardeut to return, And it:eam obiequious to the leading eye Of earth suspicious, earth's enchanted cup Some ask more time, by curious art distil With cool relervelight-touching, hould indulge Some hearts, in tecret hari, unapt to me! On immortality her godlike talte ;

Struck by the public eys, guth out amain There take large draughts; make her chief ban-i Sonie weep to thare the faine of the decea

So high in merit, and to them so dear: 1! But tome reject this sustenance divine; They dwell on prailes, which they think To beggarly vile appeutes descend;

Sume mourn in proof that fomething they c Alkalnis of eartii forgifts that came from heaven; love. Sink into llaves ; ad Jul, for prefent hire, They weep not to relieve their grief, but th. Their rich reversion, and (whartares its tate) Some weep in perfect justice to the deat, Their native freedom, to the poi..ce who lways 'As conícious all their love is in arrear. This nether wo:ld. And when his paymentsiail, Sorne mitchievously weep, not unappriz'd, When his full balket gurges them no nore; 'Teus, fometimes, aid the conquest of an Or their pail'd palates loatli the basket full, As seen through crystal, how their rolesç, Are, instantly, with wild remoniac rage, While liquid pearl runs trickling down For breaking all the chxins or Providence,

chicek. And buriting their confinement; tho' tut barr'd' Fiy kind conitruction some are deem'd to w By laws divine and human; guarded Itrong Because a decent veil conceals their joy. With horrors doubled to defend the país, Some weep in earnest; and yet weep in The blackcí nature, or dire guilt c'ın raile; As deep in indiscretion, as in woe. And mozted round with fathomlefs destruction, Pallion, blind pallion! impotently pours Sure to receive, and wholm them in their fall. Tears,thatdelerve more tears; whilereatini

Such, Britons! is the cause, to you unknown, Or gaizes, like an idiot, unconceru'di Or worte, o’erlook'd; o'eriook'd by magiftrates, Nor comprehends the meaning of tbe fio Thus, criminals themtelves. I grant the deed They weep impetuous, as the lummer itor Is madnels; but the madness of the heart. And full as Thort! the cruel grief foon tar And what is that? our utmolt bound of guilt. They make a paltime of the itingless tale A fenfual, unreflecting life is big

Far as the deep-resounding kneil, they ip With monitrous births, and suicide, to crown The dreadful news, and hardly feel it mor The black infernal brood. The bold to break No grain of wisutom pays them for their w Heaven's law supreme, and desperately ruth When the fick soul, her wonted itay withd Thru' fuured nature's murder, on their own, Reclines on earth, and sorrows in the du Because they never think of death, they die. Instead of learning there her true support When by the bed of languishment we sit, She crawls to the next thrub, or bramble Or, o'er our dying friends, in anguish lang, The stranger weds, and blossoms as befor Wipe the cold dew, or stay the linking head, In all the fruitless fopperies of life. Number their moments, and in ev'ry clock, Start at the voice of an eternity; See the diin lamp of life just teebly lift

$ 231. Inattention to the Voice of Dia An agonizing beam, at us to gaze,

What thus infatuates? what enchan Then fink again, and quiver into death.

plants (That most pathetic herald of our own;) The phantom of an age, 'twixt us and de How read we fuch lad Scenes? as sent to man Already at the door? He knocks, we hear In perfect venge2.ce? no; in pity tent, And yet we will not hear. Wat mailers Toimii bin down, i ze stjx, and then impress 'Our untouch bearts i what miracle tur:


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Te pued thought, which from a thousand $ 233. The Caprice and universal Power lain, and is daily thunn'd? [quivers

of Deuth. baina battle, throngs on throngs LIKE other tyrants, Death delights to finite, 17 stalling; wounded oft ourselves; What fmitten molt proclaims the pride of power,

ang with our wounds, immortal itill! And arbitrary nud. His joy fupreme, 1.- L' furrows on another's brow, To bid the wretch turvive the fortunate; sizi entrench'd, preparing his assault; The feeble wrap tli' athletic in his throud; Estemlelses, in that just mirror, see! And weeping tatliers build :heirchildren's tomb;

Longevity! More, more, it cries: Methine, Narcilla!--what tho' thort thy date? Neone wealth, more train of every kind! Virtue, not rolling luns, the mind matures. amb marre mad for more, when relith fails? That life is long, which answers life's great end. i wwur hard to mend the bow, The time that bea.s no tiuit, deferves no name: is relaxing ev'ry string?

The man of wilcion is the man of years. attor joy; grow rich and hoard within. In hoary youth Methnialems my die, müthe foul, when this life's rattles cease, how mildated on their fattering tombs! * of more manly to succeed?

All more than common menaces an end: izstie taite immortal; learn even now A blaze betokens brevity of lite.

i alone subfifts hereafter: To plant the soul on her eteraai guard, : roke, henceforth your joys for ever. In awful expectation of our endi,

[but lo y me gury is to wish to die.

Thus runs Death's dread commillion; Strike, nasale and promise; it applauds " As most alarms the living by the dead." *, 20 promiles our future bliss. Hence tratagein delights him, and surprise, enes iee not children in their fires ? And cruel sport with man's fecurities. Vogerical absurdities!

Not simple conquest, triumph is his aim, [n:oft. ir authority to faults of youth,

And where least fear'd, there conquest triumplis 2. ! it makes folly thrice a fool; What are his arts to lay our fears asleep! Arildhond might our last despise. Tiberian arts his purposes wrap up

T:: can be ranker? like our shadows, In deep dissimulation's darkett night. teta.engihen, as our fun declines. Like princes unconfeit in foreign courts,

toiter, then, this fide the grave. Who travel under cover, Death affumes +91 wuld leave the world, before the The name and look of life, and dwells among us. - Adraraes to mend the foil. [knell Behind the roly bloom he loves to lurk, mive in tempest; die in port.

Or ambush in a smile; or wanton dive Prin concourse, cover in retreat In dimples deep; love's eddies, which dtaw in

sent, and the will subdue; Unwary hearts, and fink them in despair. Winti on the filent, folemn shore Moit happy they whom lealt his arts deceive. 6:22can it must fail fo foon; One eye on Death, and one inll fix'd on heaven,

macks on board; and wait the wind Becomes a mortal, and immortal man.
as us into worlds unknown; Where is not Death? sure as night follows day,
tvo, a dreadful scene! Death treads in Pleature's footite ps round the


(thuns, When Pieasure treads the paths which keaion 6:12 Lahe Learning required, to be Good.

When, against reaion riot thuts the door, 1 dezler'd; in volumes deep you tit; And gaiety supplies the place of lente. **w: pompous ignorance ! Then foremost at the banquet and the ball,

wknow how much need notbeknown; Death leads the dance, or stamps the deadly die; *** that knowiedge, which impairs your Nor ever fails the midnight bowl to crown.

Gaily carouting to his gay compeers,
knowledge, like our needful food, Iwy he laughs, to fee them laugh at him,
-, l'es open in life's common field; As ablent far; and when the revel burns,
2. welcome to the vital feast. When fear is banilh'd, and triumphant thought
obat lies before you in the page

Calling for all the joys beneath the moon,
* ad experience, moral truth;

Againit him turns the key: and bids him fip
Poscience for distinguish d names,

With their progenitors-He drops his nak
zvitiue, as you rise in fame.

Frowns out at tull; they start, deivair, expire !
-3, like the lunar beam, affords Scarce with more indden terror and surpriie,

si heat; it leaves you undevout. From his black mak of nitre, touch'd by fire
i icarn death's character, attend.

He burits, expands, roars, blazes, and devours.
sa anduct, all degrees of health,

And is not this triumphant treachery,
And more than iimple conquest in the fiend?

And now, gay trifler, doit thou wrap thy soul
at randor. Or if choice is made, In loft security, becauie unknown
squite farcaltic, and in uits Which moment is commission'd to destroy?
In deathi's uncertainty thy danger lies.

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*374 mitunt, and ali dates of age,

Exk in his impartial urn,

om bez poliure, and fund hopes of man.

Is death uncertain? therefore thou be fix'd; When, on a moment's point, th' importar Fix'd as a sentinel, all eye, all ear,

Of life and death, spun doubtful, ere it to All expectation of the coming foe.

And turn'd up life; my title to more woe Route, stand in arms, nor lemn against thy spear, But why more woe? more comfort leti Lett slumber steal one moment o'er thy foul, Nothing is dead, but that which with'd to And fate surprise thee nodding. Watch,beItrong Nothing is dead, but wretchedness and p Thus give each day the merit, and renown, Nuthir.g is dead, but what encumber'd, s Of dying well; tho' doom'd but once to die; Block’d up tle pass, and barr'd from real Nor let life's period hidden (as from most), Where dwells that with most ardent of the Hide too from thee, the precious use of life. Tuo dark the sun to see it; highest itas

Does wealth with youth and gaiety conspire Too low to reach it; death, great death a To weave a triple wreath of happinefs ? O’er stars and fun triumphant, lands ust That thining mark invites the tyrant's spear. Nor dreadful our trantition; tho' ther: As if to dump our elevated aims,

An artist at creating felf-alarms, And strongly preach humility to man, Rich in expedients for inquietude, O how portentous is prosperity!

Is prone to paint it dreadful, Who can How, comet-like, it threatens while it shines! Deatli's portrait true ? the tyrant never i. Few years but yield us proof of Death's ambition Our sketch, all random strokes, conjecture To call his victims from the faireit fold, Close Muts the grave, nor telis one fingle And iheuth bis shafts in all the pride of life. Death, and his image riting in the brain, When fiooded with abundance, purpleu o'er Beir taint resemblance; never are alike; With recent honemus, bloom'd with ev'ry bliss; Fear thakes the pencil, Fancy loves exca Set up in oftentation, made the gaze, Dark Ignorance is lauth of her Thades; The gudy centre of the public eye; And these the formidable picture draw. When fortune, thus, has toss'd her child in air, But grant the worst ; 'tis paft; new pr » Snatch'd from the covert of an humble itate, And drop a veil eternal o'er her iomb. How ofien have I seen hin dropp'd at once, Far other views our contemplation clair, Our morning's envy, and our ev'ning's ligh! Views that o'erpay the rigours of our lis. As if her bounties were the lignal giv'n, Views that fufpend our agonies in dertl

. The fow'ry wreath, to mark the lacrifice, Wrapt in the thought of immortality, And call Death's arrows on the destin'di prey. Long life might lapte,age unperceiv'd con

And find the fouluntated with her them.

Its nature, proof, importance, fire any long The Death of Narcisa. SHE (for I know not yet ber name in heaven) Not early, like Narcilla, left the scene;

§ 235. RefleEtions on Man and Immorta' Nor sudden, like Philander. What avail? The nature, immortality, who knows? This seeming mitigation but infames; And yet who knows it noi? It is but lite This fancy'd medicine heightens the disease. In Itronger thread of brighter colour ipun. The longer known, the closer till the grew; And spun for ever; black and brittle here And gradual parting is a gradual death. How short our correspondence wiili the ili

O the long dirk approach thro' years of pain, And while it lasts, inglorious ! our beit de Death's gallery with table terror hung; How wanting in their weight ! our highes Sick hope's pale lampits only glimmering ray! small cordials to support us in our plin, There fare my melucholy walk ordain'd. And give us strength to fuffer. But how How oft I gaz'd, prophctically sad!

To mingle intereits, converse, amities, How oft Ilaw her dead while yet in smiles ! With all the fons of Reason, scatter'd wi In inules the junk her grief to lessen mine : Through habitable space, wherever lurt, Slie (poke me comfort, and increas'd my pain. Howe'er endow'd! to live free citizens Like powerful arinies trenching at a town, of univertal Nature! to lay hold By flow and filent, but reiilleis lap,

Ry more than feeble faith on the Suprema In his pale progrefs gently gaining ground, To call heaven's rich unfathomable mini Death urg'd bis deadly fie e: in ipite of art, Our own! to rise in sciince as in bliss, Of all the balmy bleflings nature lends Initiate in the secrets of the ikies! To luccour frail humanity. Ye fars! To read creation; read its mighty plan And thou, O moon! bear witness; many a night In the bare bufom of the Deiy! He tore the pillow from beneath my head, The plan and execution to collate! Tied down my fore attention to the shock, Tore, before each glance of piercing the By ceuelets de predations on a lite,

All cloud, all shadow blown remote; and Dearer than that he left me. Dreadful post No mystery-but that of love divine, Of observation ! darker every hour!

Which lifts us on the seraph's faming wis Less dread the day that drove me to the brink, From earth's Aceldama, this field of Lilou And pointed at eternity below.

Of inward anguith, and of outward ill, When my soul fhudder'd at futurity, From darkness, and from duft, to such a ice

$ 234.


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§ 237

1*: text! true joy's illustrious home! The bare ideas ! folid happiness manerd contrast (now deplor'd)more fair. So distant from its lhadow chas'd below! moud thoughts that aggrandise the And chase we itill the phantom thro' the fire,

O'er bog, and brake, and precipice, 'till death? -mi stüeyet we tread the kindred clod, And toil we still for sublunary pay?

outent fear to link beneath Defy the dangers of the field, and food, sve bread; ioon trodden by our sons)- Or, spider-like, spin out our precious all, *** in the wild whirl of time's pursuits, Our more than vitals spin in curious webs

supause, involvid in high prelage : Of subtle thought, and exzuilite design; ***ong vilto of a thousand years, (Fine net-work of the brain!) to catch a fly?

.templating our distant felves, The momentary buz of vain renown! liring mirror seen,

A name, a mortal immortality. por ed, elevate, divine ! by town futurities!

§ 236. Genius connected with Ignominy. i baghton whatallthouglittranscends!

GENIUS and art, ambition's boasteti wings, 43 rellow-candidates, of joys

Our boast but ill deserve. A feeble aid ! kind conception, as desert, 28, atonih'd talkers and the tale !

Heart-merit wanting, mount we ne'er so high, "at we? when these Thackles caft? When I behold a genius bright and bale,

Our heiglit is but the gibbet of our name. - 33c: de creation ? this small nest,

Of towering talents, and terrestrial aims; si a cour of the universe,

Methinks, I see, as thrown from her high sphere, *** Itsety cloud, and fine-fpun-air?

The glorious fragments of a foul immortal,

With rubbishi mixt, and glittering in the dust. ene, but gross and feculent wud; souls ordain'd to breathe

Hearts are proprietors of all applause, ****$; and drink a purer sky;

Right ends, and means, make wildom: wordlytint on time's farther shore.

Is but half-witted, at its highest praise. [wise 47 what scenes Thall strike! met wonder thall unravel there!

Exalted Station, pour on all the paths of heaven, -What is station high?

Almighty's footiteps in the deep! 'Tis a proud mendicant; it boasts, and begs; ***"tied day of our discharge It begs an alms of homage from the throng, T(t, töt labyrinth's of fate, And oft the throng denies its charity. Si sextricable maze!

Monarchs, and ministers, are awful names; buble thirit in man

Whoever wear them, challenge our devoir. Bil., how full our banquet here! Religion, public order, both exact Le world alone untulds; External homage, and a supple knee, "*4-lately seen in ihades,

To beings pompously set up, to serve :-24, by fragments only seen, The meanest; all more is merit’s due ;

agments by the labouring eye, Her sacred and inviolable right, 1200w, luftrious, and entire, Nor ever paid the monarch, but the man. 5, its universal frame, Our hearts ne'er bow but to superior worth; *** cas, iwells to the survey; Nor ever fail of their allegiance there. . ?!me glance, the ravith'd light. Fools indeed drop the man in their account,

fanger man's illumin'd eye, And vote the mantle into majetty. Such of unbounded space,

Let the small savage boast his filver fur; state of floating worlds His royal robe unborrow'd, and unbought, *2600 waves of ether pure,

His own, descending fairly from his fires. 1:54, without port! the least Slall man be proud to wear his livery, ** minated orbs how great!

And souls in ermine (corn a low without ? kartice to the stupendous whole ?

Can place or lessen us, or aggrandize? -- atoms ill-perceiv'd.

Pigmies are pigmies ftill, tho percht on alps, is a fource of joy, [heaven. And pyramids are pyramids in vales, 2xt hence! Yet this the least in Each man makes his own stature, builds himself: van illustrious robe He wears,

Virtue alone out-builds the pyramids; - 23 mass of wonders from his hand, Her monuments shall last, when Egypt's fall. 2 carnett of his power!

Ofthele fure truths doit thou demand the cause? TV, whence all glory flows, The cause is lodg'd in immortality. s mnennelt flow'ret to the sun, Hear, and affent. Thy bolom burns for pow'r; birth. But what, this Sun of "Tis thine. And art thou greater than before ?

Then thou before was something less than man. of reme of the supremely blest! Has thy new post betray'd thee into pride? death

, the question can retölve. That pride defames bumaniry, and calls [raise. fedpe bought th' ideas of our joy; The being mean, which lass or strings can

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