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Ope, like eagles wings,beyond our nest, Conscience of guilt, is prophecy of pain, Fr, trzyond the worth of all below. And bosom-countel to decline the blow. jest to large, prefage a nobler flight, Reason with inclination ne'er had jarr'd, See our title to the skies.”

If nothing future paid forbearance here.

Thuson-these, and a thousand pleas uncallid, ( 253. Tbe Paffions.

All promise, some insure, a second scene; Tetbelogues, of calmer kind!

Whích, was it doubtful, would be dearer far #tattution dictates to your pen,

Than all things else most certain ; was it false, surfelves, think ardorcomesfromhell!

What truth on earth so precious as the lie? macineption now they lend their wings: The future of the present is the foul: vu patfiuns from corruption sprung, This world it gives us, let what will ensue;

This world it gives, in that high cordial, hope; mistress, not their mother. All ( Creajun deem divine : I see,

How this life groans, when sever'd from the next! 1 Erdeur in the passions too, [end;

Poor, mutilated wretch, that diibelieves ! sess their high defcent, and glorious By dark distrus his being cut in two, oksthera rays of an eternal fire.

In both part perishes; lite void of joy, Tarif they burut as strong,

Sad prelude of eternity in pain ! ; the wifer in their aim. ****iur paiiions are run mad, and stoop

§ 255. Mifery of Unbelief. Winterrestrial appetite, to graze ** . cz t0;5, dethron'd from high desire; COULDST thou persuade me, the next life

would fail Um, ''tadir disgrace, no feeble ray

bines, and tells us whence they fell: Our ardent wishes; how should I pour out ponosen raion moderates the rein,

My bleeding heart in anguish, new, as deep! , re-mount their former fphere. Oh! with what thoughts, thy hope, and my deBurzteir plirenzy laits; their phrenzy And wide extends the bounds of human woe!

Abhorr'd Annihilation blasts the foul, [spair, Pst une providential end; (fails Fiat , boundless passion speaks

In this black channel would my ravings run: ****of boundless obiects too,

“ Grief from the future borrow'd peace, ere

while tidings of eternal day. Lez! 'tis that enlightens all;

The future vanish'd ! anel the present pain'd!

Fall, how profound ! hurl'd headlong, hurl'd at -- itzat enlightend, proves it sure.

reas an immortal being, , al; and all is great:

To night! to nothing! darker still than night. (kas mortal, all is dark,

If 'twas a dream, why wake me, my worst foe ?

O for delusion! O for error ftill! tanto da reason weeps at the survey.

(plant Could vengeance strike much stronger than to 24 Brent Immortality. Max's Happine's Not over rich before, now beggar'd quite;

A thinking being in a world like this, is in the Hope of it.

More curst than at the Fall? The sun goes out! kaki en urg'd; and dost thou call for the thorns thoot up! what thorns in ev'ry

thought! 12:55h endless questions be distrest, Why sense of better? it imbitters worse: be, it earth is all.

Why sense ? why life? if but to ligh, then sink izle, a moment; infinite, desire ? To what I was ? twice nothing! and much woe! 14cenity; our home, the grave? Woe, from heaven's bounties! woe, from what

Tile dormant lies in human hope, was wont berstlite immortal, proves it too. To fatter most, high intellectual pow'rs. nes purlu'd, tho never found ? “ Thought, virtue, knowledge bleflings, by 301 bappiness declares it is,

thy scheme, Det er gravitates to nought;) All poison’d into pains. First, knowledge, once yoguenclit declares it is not here, My soul's ambition, now her greatest dread. a trimniihip rivetted so deep, To know myself, true: wisdom?-no, to ihun pierce at first, at parting, rend, That shocking science, parent of despair!

Sriend Arip vanilh in an hour? Avert thy mirror; if I lee, I die. tment in the mark of joy?

“Know my Creator ? Climb his bleft abode Teflection marr'd the joys of sense! By painful lpeculation, pierce the reil, 31 fature, preying on our hearts, Dive in his naturs, read his attributes, all our prefe:it joys to death? And gave in admiration--on a tve,

real'n inttinit were as well; Obtruding life, withhing happiness? testter; whit can ch» fe, cun err; from the fiul rivers that surround his throne,

le the thuhtless brute! Not letting full one drop of joy on man; **** inclination wliy at war? Man gaspion for one drop, that he might cele **32*whyconscience up in arms ?" Tu curic his birih, nor envy reptics inde!

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Ye sable clouds! ye darkest fhades of night!

For me, to trespass on the brutal rights ? Once all my comfort; source and soul of joy! Too much for chaos to permit my mass

“Know his achievements! ftudy his renown! A longer stay with esences unwrought, Contemplate this amazing univerie,

Unfashion'd, uptormented into man? Dropt from his hand, with miracles replete! Wretched preferment to this round of pain For what? 'Mid miracles of nobler naire, Wretched capacity of phrensy, thought! To find one miracle of mifery !

Wretched capacity of dying, life! To find the being, which alone can know, Life, thought, worth wisdom,all (oh foul revo And praise his works, a blemish on his praise ? Once friends to peace, gune over to the foe. Thro`nature's ample range, in thought to stray “ Death then has chang'd its nature two And start at man, the single mourner there,

death, Breathing high hope ! chain'd down to pangs, Come to my bosom, thou best gift of heavy and death!

Best friend of unan! since man is man no m “ Knowing is fuff'ring: and hall virtue dare Why in this thorny wilderness fo long, The tigh of knowledge ? virtue thares the sigh. Since there's no promis'itland's ambrokial bo By straining up the steep of excellent, But why this sumptuous infult v'er our hea By battles fought, and from temptation won, Why this illustrious canopy display'd ? What gains she, but the pang of seeing worth, Why to magnificently locig'd despair? Angelic worth, Toon, thuitled in the dark At itated periods fure returning, roll, With ev'ry vice, and swept to brutal daft! Thele glorious orbs, that mortals may com;

Duty; Religion ! these, our duty done, Their length of labours, and of pains; nur Imply reward. Religion is mistake: Theirmisery's full measure?--smiles with fion Duty? there's none, but to repel the cheat. And fruits promiscuous, ever-teeming ert) Ye cheats! away; ye daughters of my pride! That man may languiih in luxurious icene Who feign yourselves the favorites of the skies : And in an Eten mourn iiis with’ring joys ? Ye tow'ring' hopes! abortive energies ! Clain earth and skie; man's admiration, du That tofs and struggle in my lying breast, For such delights! bleft animals! too wile To scale the skies, and build presumption there, To wonder; and too happy to complain! As I were heir of eternity ;,

"Our doom decreed demands amournfulsce

! Vain, vain ambitions! trouble me no more. Why not a dungeon dark for the condemn d As bounded as my being, be my wish. Why not the dragon's fubterranean den, All is inverted, wisdom is a fool :

For man to howl in? why not his abode Sense! take the rein; blind passion! «rive us on; of the fame dismal colour with his fate? And, ignorance ! befriend us on our way; A Thebes, a Babylon, at vast expence Yes, give the pulle full empire ; live the brute, of time, toil, treasure, art, for owls and adu. Since, as the brute, we die: the sum of man, As congruous, as, for man, this lofty dome Of godlike man! to revel, and to rot. Which prompts proud thought,and kindles i

• But not on equal terms with other brutes : detire, Their revels a more poignant relish yield, If from her humble chianiber in the dust, (Arn And safer too, they never poisons choose. (meals, Wliile proud thought iwells, and high defiri Instinct, than realon, makes more wholluine The poor worm calls us for her inmates the And sends all-marring murmur far away. And round us death's inexortable hand For sensual life they best philofophize; Draws the dark curtain clole; undrawn nom Theirs, that serene, the sages sought in vain : “Undrawn no more ? behind the cloud 'Tis man alone expoftulates with heav'n, Once I beheld a run; a lun which gilt [de: His, all the pow'r, and all the cause to mourn. That fable cloud, and turnid it all to gold : Shall human eyes alune diffolve in tears ? How the grave's alter'd ! fathom!ess as hell And bleed, in anguilh, none but human hearts? Annihilation ! how it yawns before me ! The wide-stretcht realm of intellectual woe, Next moment I may drop from thought, fi Surpasling lensual far, is all our own. The privilege of angels, and of worms, ! In life fo fatally diftinguilh'd, why

An outcast from existence and this spirit, Caft in one lot, confounded, luipt. in death? This all-pervading, this all-conscious joul, “And why then have we thought? Totoil and this particle of energy divine, eat,

(thought. Which travels nature, flies from star to ftir, Then make our bed in darkness, needs no And vilits gods, and emulates their pow'rs, What superfluities are reas'ning fouls! For ever is extinguish'd. Horror! death! Oh give eternity! or thought destroy:- Death of that death I fearless once furvey d, But without thonght our curse were half unfelt! When horror univerial thall descend, Its blunted edge would spare the throbbingheart; And heaven's dark concave urn all human r: And therefore tis beltow'd. I thank thee, reason, On that enormous, unrefunding tomb, For aiding life's too small calarities,

How just this verse! this monumental figh! And giving being to the dread of death. Beneath the lumber of demolish'd worlds, Such are thy bounties !--Was it then too much Of matter, never dignify'd with lija,


prad rationals; the fons of beav'n! Where nought substantial, but our misery? de of tartá! the property of worms! A world, where dark, mysterious vanity 15 zieraz, an: nx to-morrow! Of good and ill the distant colours blends, Tutz diz terror, and in pangs expir'd." Confounds all reason, and all hope destroys ; Am 24 thou then a íhadow}less than shadow! A world to far from great (and yet how greas A :-2205! leis tban nothing? To have been, 11t shines to thee !) there's nothing real in its 2* to be, is lower than unborn.

Being, a thadow! consciousness, a dream !

A dream how dreadful! univerfal blank tuam vitious? why then make the worm

:qul? runs thy ralte of pleasure high? Before it, and behind! poor man a spark Ve size lure death of every joy?

Prom non-existence struck by wrath divine, -***: why choose beggy in the grave, Midlt upper, nether, and iurrounding night,

Glite'ring a inoment, nor that moment sure, Onze a bankrupt! and for ever? Prva zerátt? Andis there nought on earth

His lad, fure, sudden, and eternal tomb, Rád by train of transitory forms, 24, breaking, millions in an hour? $ 259. The World a System of Tbeology,

**a tattic lord, blown up The skies above proclaim immortal man, i, and then in cruelty destroy'd ? And man immortal all below resounds.

rau cime, unmerciful Lorenzo, The world's a syltem of theology, *** fcheme the whole of human race? Read by the greatest strangers to the schools, 173.1 Lecifer compar'd to thee : It honeft, learn'd; and sages o'er a plongh.

inse this waste of being half divine ; What then is unbelief? 'tis an exploit: *Solace th' economy of heav'n, A ftrenuous enterprise : to gain it, man

Muit burit thro' ev'ry bar of common sense, 1e Annibilation of Man, incom

Of common Thame, magnanimously wrong ; Barbie weith ibe Goodness of God.

And what rewards the iturdy combatant ? Purinaal love; all joy in giving joy;

His prize, repentance; infamy, his crown. fra created, but to bless; And it then trike off the list of life, $ 260. Virtue the Fruit of Immortality. speed, or worthy fo to be?

The virtues grow on immortality ; lazeri muts at an anniúilating God. That root deitroy'd, they wither and expire,

A Deity believ'd will nought avail; 199 The Guilty alone wish for Annibilation. Rewarıls and punishments make God ador’d; W?-ature starts at, thy detire? And hopes and fears give conscience all her 2010 with thyleltail clay?

As in the dying parent dies the child, (pow's, ** delul with the dying groan Virtue with immortality expires, Pasterid by the blackeit guilt:

Who tells me he denies his soul immortal, Wention has thy nature drank?

Whate'er his boast, has told me, he's a knave. Tote bauch'd no shock so great ;

His duty, 'tis to love himself alone, Kering wil is endless happiness ; Nor care, tho' mankind perilh, if he smiles. Care at an after-thought,

And are there fuch? --Such candidates there Li with, unborn, till virtue dies. For more than death; for itter loss of being; * Et depth of horror lies inclos'd ! Is it in words to paint you? O ye fall’n! 7nutence no mın ever wish'd,

Fall'n from the wings of reason, and of hope ! kavith'd the Deity destroy'd.

Erect in Itature, prone in appetite!
Patrons of pleasure, posting into pain !

Boatters of liberty, falt-bound in chains ! 2. No fpiritual Substance annibilated.

More senseless than th' irrationals you scorn! tu omnipotence a naked root, Far more undone! O ye most infamous Lien fair of Deity destroy'd ? Of beings, from fiperior dignity!

dad; nay, nothing fleeps ; each foul And are you, too, convinc'd, your souls Aly off ar zumated human clay,,

In exhalation soft, and die in air, Teses; is on the wing: and when the call from the full flood of evidence againit you ? 1:2 nd trump colle&is us round heav'n's In the course drudgeries, and links of sense, have balk in everlafting day. [throne, Your fouls have quite worn out the make of

for at this prospect shines! how gloomy heav'n A med world! and a devouring God!

By vice new-cast, and creatures of your own. 3 babe shambles of omnipotence!. horitzt all itain'd with caureless macres

§ 261. Free-thinking. seis millions, born to feel the pang

This is free-thinking, unconfin'd to parts, " St. Lorenzo, can it be!

To send the soul, on curious travel bent, duhudder at the thoughts of life, Thro' all the rrovinces of human thought, Pas visai be born to such a phantom world. To dart her f'ght,thro' the whole sphere of man;

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To look on truth unbroken, and entire; And he that would be barr'd capacity
Truth in the fystem, the fullorb; where truths Of pain, courts incapacity of bliss.
By truths enlightend, and suitain'd, afford Heav'n wills our happiness, allous our door

A: arch-like, Itrong foundation, to support Invites us ardently; but not compels;
Th’incumbent weight of absolute, complete Man falls by man, if finally he falls;
Conviction ; here, the more we press, we stand And fall he must, who learns from death al
More firm ; who most examine, most believe. The dreadful secret,--that he lives for ever.
Parts, like half sentences, confound; the whole Why this to thee? thee yet perhaps in de
Conveys the sense, and God is underitood; Of second life: but wherefore doubtful itile
Who not in fragments writes to human race; Eternal life is nature's ardent with:
Read his whole volume, sceptic! then, reply. What ardently we wish, we foon believe:
This, this is thinking free, a thought that Thy tardy faith declares that with destroy'.

What has destroy'd it?-hall I tell thee, w
Beyond a grain, and looks beyond an hour. When fear'd the future, 'tis no longer will
Turn up thine eyes, survey this midnight scene; And when unwith’d, we itrive to diluelieve
Whatare earth's kingdoms te yon boundless orbs
Of human souls, one day, the destin'd range?

263. The Golfel. And what yon boundless orbs to godlike man : Instead of racking fancy, to refute, Thosenumerousworldsthatthrongthehrmament. Reform tly manners, and the truth enjoy.And atk more fpace in heaven, can roll at large From purer manners, to sublimer faith, In man's capacious thought, and still leave room Is nature's unavoidable ascent; For ampler orbs, for new creations, there.

An honest deist, where the gospel shines, Can such a soul contract itself, to gripe

Matur'd to nobler, in the Christian ends. A point of no dimension, of no weight?

When that blest change arrives; e'en cast at It can; it does: the world is such a point, And of that point how tmall a part enllaves.

This tong luperfluous; life immortal itrike

Conviction, in a flood of light divine. How Imail a part-of nothing, ihall I say?

A Christian dwells, like Uriel in the sun: Why not?-friends, our chief treature ? how Meridian evidence puts doubt to flight;

they drop! How the world falls to pieces round, Read, and revere the sacred page; a page

And ardent hope anticipates the ikies.
And leaves us in a ruin of our joy!

Where triumphs immortality ; a page
What says this transportation of my friends?
It bids me love the place where now they dwell

, which not the conflagration thall destroyi

Which not the whole creation could prodat And icorn this wretched spot, they leave fo poor. In nature's ruins not one letter loit: Eternity's vait ocean lies before thee; Give thy mind fer-rvom; keep it wide of earth,

'Tis printed in the minds of gods for ever.
Thit rock of fouls immortal; cut thy cord;
Weighanchor; fpread thy fails; call ev'ry wind; § 264. The Misiery of a Future State, a
Eye thy great Pole-far: make the land of life.

Argument against it.
STILL seems it Itrange, that thou shouldīt

for ever?
$ 262. Rational and Animal life.
Two kinds of life has double-natur'd man,

Is it leis strange, that thou shouldst live at.

This is a miracle; and that no more.
And two of death; the last far more severe.
Liie animalis nurtur'd by the sun;

Who gave beginning, can exclude an end; Thrives or its bounties, triumphs in its beams. Deny thou art, then, doubt if thou shalt be. Life rational fubfifts on higier foort,

A miracle, with miracles inclos'd, Triumphant in his beams who made the day. ismind and starts his faith at what is ftran When we leave that sun, and are left by this,

What less than wonders from the wonderfu (The fate of all who die in fubborn guilt)

What less than miracles from God can flow Tis utter darkness; strictly, double death.

Admit a God,—that mystery supreme !

That cause uncaus'd! all other wonders coa We fink by no judicial stroke of heav'n, But nature's course ; as fure as pluimmets fall. Nothing is marvellous for him to do:

If then that double death fould prove thy lot, Deny him-all is myltery berides. Blame pot the bowels of the Deity:

We nothing know, but what is marvellou, Man thall be blett, as far as man permits.

Yet what is marvellous, we can't believe. Not man alone, all rationals hcav'n arms

So weak our realon, and so great our God, With an illuftrious, but tremendous, pow'r,

What mott surprises in the sacred page, To counteract its own moft gracious ends :

Or full as strange, or Itranger, must be true. And this, of striet neceflity, not choice,

Faith is not reason's labour, but repose. That pow'r deny d, men, angels, were no more Bit palive engines, void of praise, or blame.

$ 255. Hope. A nature rational implies the pow'r

Hope, of all pallion's, most befriends us he Of being bleit, or wretched, as we please; Joy has her tears; and transport has Elle idle realon would have nought to do;



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cordia!, innocent, tho' ftrong, They still are men ; and when is man secure ? IN*, at once, inipirits and serenes; As fatal time as storm ! the rush of years

kim pay his wildom for his joys; Beats down their Itrength : their numberless .. prelent state can safely bear,

escapes 2. refrane! and vigour to the mind ! In ruin end : and now their proud success

te makeit eye chastis'd delight! But plants new terrors on the victor's brow: crescimmer-evening, mild, and sweet! What pain to quit the world just made their own, Z's cup; his paradise below! Their neft so deeply down'd, and built fo high!

Too low they build, who build beneath the stars. NIGHT VII. Worldly Pursuits. Onzy itage, one inch above the grave,

$ 268. The Love of Diflinction. in up and down in quelt of eyes: AMRITION ! pleasure ! let us talk of these : 1i, in pursuit of something worse ; Doft grasp at greatness ? first know what it is : zi; the politic, of pow'r; Think it thou thy greatness in distinction lies? butterflies, as vain.

Not in the feather, wave it e'er so high, atings frivolous, and light, Is glory lodg'd : 'tis lodg'd in the reverse; 123: heirt by vanity drawn in ;

In that which joins, in that which equals all, Lunigicice of returning toys,

The monarch, and his slave-"A deathless soul, rake, rcund and round, and then Unbounded prospect, and immortal kin, nd,

A father God, and brothers in the skies!" situlion darkens to despair! We wisely strip the steed we mean to buy :

Judge we, in their capuisons, of men?

It nought avails thee, where, but what thou art; Famar Life compared to the Ocean, All the distinctions of this little life 2:5 u dreadful and tumultuous home Are quite cutaneous, foreign to the man: [creep, 23, at eternal war with man!

Whenthro'death'sítreightsearth'sfubtile serpents Ja! where most be domineers,

Which wriggle into wealth, or climb renown, 2. nis chosen terrors frowning round,

They leave their party.colour'd robe behind, faited high at Albion's coit,

All that now glitters, while they rear aloft *24553, and loud roaring still for more! Their brazen crests, and hiss at us below: 11 mirror! how dost thou reflect

How mean that inuff of glory fortune lights, Bez chytace of human life!

And death puts out! doit thou demand a test. Szeumblance tempts me farther still : A teit at once infallible and short, . Ertain may be deeper ftruck

Of real greatness ? that man greatly lives, th, in such a mirror seen,

Whate'er his fate or fame, who greatly dies : - nebeids for ever at her eye.

High fluih'd with hope, where heroes Tall
SI-, unexperienc'd, high in hope,

in with fanguine cheer and streamers
wie, launch into the world, (gay,

$269. Pleasure.
team each wind and star our friend; Though somewhat disconcerted, steady still

dariing enterprise embark'd: To the world's caule, with half a face of joy, Bride can fathom its event? Lorenzo cries, “ Be, then, ambition cait; fara'ditude of artleis hands,

Ambition's dearer far 1tands unimpeach'd, se perquillte! her lawful prized Gay pleasure ! proud ambition is her slave:

and but the black blaft blows hard, who can refilt her charms ?"-Or, should ? Stich wide of hope: with hearts of

Lorenzo! FI

What mortal shall resist, where angels yield ? -ut wind, and side, some win their way; Pleasure's the mistress of etherial pow'rs ; a frung effort has deserv'd the port, Plexure's the mistress of the world below: :) it into view, tis won! 'tis loit! How would all stagnate, but for pleasure's ray? 1€; and, while they triumph, they What is the pulse of this so busy world?

The love of pleasure: that, through ev'ry vein, lo i neather, mott: some sink outright; Throws motion, warmth; and diuts out death ** -rando'er their names the billows close; from life. ***13* knows not they were ever born: Tho'various are the tempers of mankind,

:rt memoriil leave behind; Pleasure's gay family holds all in chains. - Bishoning, when the bark's ingulphid, Some moit affect the black; and some the fair :

Tenent, and is leen no more; Whate'er the motive, pleasure is the mark:

'bres, a thou and are furgót. For her the black alla fin draws his sword; 'neath a picious plan tilorn, Forher,dark ttatelmen trim their midnight-lamp, .:*", ne fuils make good the promis d port. To which no lingle facrifice may fall;

is withies feizhted! Yet even thefe, The Stoic proud, for pleafure, pleasure scorn'd; Lovci nih asl their withes, foon complain: For her, aldiction's daughters griet indulge,

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