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Olight darkness; in a middle field, And fated to survive the transient sun! We schoon! there to nark th' event A starry crowd thy raven-brow adorns, [loom sirka dana, whole preceding scenes An azure zone, thy waist; clouds, in heav'n's

de ciofe fpe&ators, thro' a length Wrough: thro' varieties of hape and Mhade, Ilmning to this grind result; In ample folds of drapery divine, [out, An as yet unnumver'd but by God; Thy fiowing mantle form, and, heav'n through

6133, pronouncing.entence, vindicates Voluminously poor thy pompous train: Dn of virtue, and his own renown. rhy gloomy grandeurs claim a grateful verse, izny, the various sentence past,

And, like a table curtain Itarr'd with gold, Hasier d throng diftin&t abodes, Drawn o'er my labours past, thall close the scene.

en ambrofial: What ensues? s with dia ternin'd aspect, turns $93. Regularity of the Heavenly Bodies: seket's enormous lize

Nor think thou feeft a wild disorder here; t's inextricable wards,

Thro' this illustrious chaos, to the sight, Tijev'ry bolt; on both their fates ; Arrangement neat, and chaiłeft order, reign.

De cruit: battlements of heav'n, The path prescrib'd, inviolably kept, van hehurls it thro'the dark profound, Upbiains the lawless fillies of mankind :

ud tbouand fathom; there to ruí, Worlds, ever thwarting, never interfere ; rerus.ock her resolutina more. They rove for ever, without error rove:

selounds and hell,thro' all her glooms, Contulion u.icontusid ! nor less admire in grueas, the inelancholy roar. This tumult untunultuous: all on wing,'

In motion, all! yet wliat profound repose !

What fervid action, yet ro roile ! as aw'd T The exreajonableness of Complaint. * J n an I?

To filence by the presence of their Lord; Amidst applauding worlds, or hufhd, by his command, in love to man,

celellial, is there found on earth, And bid let fall toft beams on human rest, A2tant, rebellious string,

Reitless themselves. On yon cerulean plain, **asite grand chorus,and complains?

in exultation to their God and thine, hisze, by God ordain'd, or done ;

They dance, they ling eternal jubilee, essFa Gud,refum d the friends he gave? Eternal celebration of his praite :

el heen complaining, then, so long?- But, fince their song arrives not at our ear, to his favours; pain, and death?

Their dance perplex'd exhibits to the fight *****onsadvice would e'er be good ? Fair hieroglyphic of his peerless power: Trash , but would be good in vain Nark, how, the labyrinthian turns they takes

The circles intricate, and mystic maze, 1.2.3 and death to save fron) death: Weave the grand cypher of Omnipotence; 2:21. ts to guard immortal lite;

To Gods, how great! how legible to man! T******is, the presumptuous awe, 122 of fouls another way;

$ 294. Miracles. stederness divine ordain'd,

And yet Lorenzo calls for miracles, * *! Eden, and high-bloom'd for man,

So give his tott'ring faith a solid base :
Ages, endless in the skies.

Why call for less than is already thine ?
Say, which imports more plentitude of powers

Or nature's laws to fix, or to repeal ?
$ 291. Grief and Joy.'

To make a sun, or stop his mid-career? griei be banith 'd, joy indulg'd, To countermand his orders, and send back * zen, when grief puts in her claim: The faming courier to the frighted east, 2 oyous, frequently betrays, Or bid the moon, as with her journey tird, Saty, and dies in woe : In Ajalon's soft, flow'ry vale repose ? --, corroborates, exalts;

Great things are these ; ftill greater, to create. A

- craqueft; joy, and virtue too : From Adam's bow'r look down thro' the whole *made in ills, delights

of miracles ;-resistless is their pow'r? (train **2. ourselves; 'tis duty, glory, peace. They do not, cannot, more amaze the mind,

be good man's shining scene; Than this, call'd un-miraculous survey. seals his brightest ray: Say'st thou, " The course of nature governs all?”

1123, woe luftre gives to man: The course of nature is the art of God: Lastle, pilots in the storm,

The miracles thou call it for, this attest; 21.amities, admire.

For, say, could nature nature's course controul! franhood is a winter joy; is recome that stands the northern blast, $295. Nature the foc of Scepticisin. As ... in the rigour of our fate. Open thy bosom, fet thy wilhes wide,

And let in manhood; et in happiness; 1 292. Nigbt.

Admit the boundless theatre of thought Varstic Night!

From nothing up to God; which makes a man: ats per ancestor! day's elder-bora Take God from nature, nothing great is left:


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Man's mind is in a pit, and nothing sees: That granted, all is solv'd.-But, granti: Emerge from thy profound ; erect thine eye; Draw I not o'er me still a darker cloud See thy distress! how close art thou belieg'd! Grant I not that which I can ne'er con Beliegʻd by nature, the proud sceptic's foc ! being without origin, or end! Inclos'd by these innumerable worlds, Hail, human liberty! There is no Gud. Sparkling convićtion on the darkett mind, Yet why? on either scheme the knot to As in a golden net of providience,

Subsist it must, in God, or human race: How art thou caught ! fure captive of belief! If in the latt, how many knots befide, From this thy b!cit captivity, what art, Indiffoluble all ?--why choose it thera, What blafphemy to realon lets thee free? Where, chosen, till subfilt ten thousan This scene is heaven's indulgeat violence : Reject it; where that chosen, all the Canst thou bear up agunit this tide of glory? Dispersid, leave reaton's whole hor 24.1 What is earth botom'd in the ambient orbs, What vast preponderance is here! Can: But faith in God impos’d, and prets’d on man? With louder voice exclaim-Believe a ( God is a spirit; fpirit cannot Itrike

What things impoflible must man think These grofs, material, organs; God by man On any other system and how ftrange As much is seen, as nan a God can see, To disbelieve, through mere credulity!" In these astonishing exploits of power: What order, beauty, motion, distance, size ! § 297. The Power of God infinite Apt means! great ends! consent to general good! CAN man conceive beyond what God Each attribute of these material gods,

Nothing, but quite-impossible, is hard; A separate conquelt gains o'er rebel thought; He summons into being, with like eate, And leads in triumph the whole mind ot man. A whole creation, and a single grain. [

Speaks he the word? a thouland was $ 276. Reasons for Belief.

A thousand worlds ? there's space for m “What am I? and from whence ?--I nothing And in what space can his great fiat fail: know,

Still seems my thought enormous? But that I am; and, since I am, conclude

again ;Something eternal : had there e'er been nought, Experience felf shall aid thy lame beli: Nought ftill had been: eternal there must be: Glalies (that revelation to the fight!) But what eternal ?---Why not human race ; Have they not led us deep in the disc! And Adam's ancestors without an end ? Of fine-ipun nature, exquisitely small; That's hard to be conceiv'd; tince every link And, tho demonstrated, still ill-conce Of that long-chain'd succession is fo frail; If, then, on the reverse, the mind would Can every part depend, and not the whole ? In magnitude, what mind can mount to Yet grant it true ; new difficulties rise; [too? To keep the balance, and creation poite Whence earth, and these bright orbs ?-eternal Stupendous Architect! Thou, Thon art Grant matter was eternal; still these orbs My soul flies up and down in thoughts Would want some other father :-much design and finds herself but at the centie iti Is seen in all their motions, all their makes: I Am, thy name! existence all thine ou Delign implies intelligence, and art :

Creation's nothing; flatter'd much, it t'i That can't be from themselves, orman: that art" The thin, the faceting atmosphere of Man scarce can comprehend, couli man beitow? And nothing greater, yet allow'd, than man.- $298. The ll'orld sufficient for Man. Who, motion, foreign to the smallest grain,

le mflation of the Heavens. Shot thro' valt mailes of enormous weight? Yet why drown fancy in such depths 33 Who bid brute matter's reitive lump afiume Return, presumptuous rover! and con Such various forms, and gave it wings to fly? The bounds of man; nor blame them as to Has matter innate motion? Then each atom, Enjoy we not full scope in what is fecn Allerting its indisputable right

Full ample the dominions of the fun! To dince, would form an universe of duit: Full glorious to behold! how far, how * Has matter none? Then whence these glorious Thematchless monarch from his flamin? forms,

(posid Lavish of luftre, throws his beans alol: And boundiers Aights, from shapeless, and re. Farther, and tailer, than a thought can i Hlis matter more than inotion? has it thou ht, And feeds his planets with eternal fires Judgment, and genius? Is it deeply learn'd Beyond ihis city, why strays human the 1:: nithematics? Has it fiam'd juch laws, One wonderful, enough for man to kno 1}iclı, but to gueís, i Veston made immortal : 0.10 firmamenti, enough for man to read ito, how tach lage atom lauglis at me, Nor is instruction, hcre, our only gain ; Wo think a clod inferior to a man!

There dwells a nobler pathos in the skies If art, to form; and council, to conduct; which waims our pullions, profelytes our Ad that with greater far than hun un ikill; How eloquently fines the glowing pe Kiss not in each block,--Godhead reigns. With what authority it gives its chegam C. thun, inililie, cicinal, mind; Remonft.tin" srcai truilis in style ruvi

Tyles, loud! heard earth around; above Without, or star, or angel, for their guide, Teplice beard; and not unheard in hell; Who worship God, mall find him: humble love, : 5 wonder, tho' 100 proud to praise. And no proud reason, keeps the door of heaven; Patrdor! thy firit volume, this, Love finds admission, where proud science fails. pertal; all in capitals !

Man's science is the culture of his heart; 31, us (heaven's golden alphabet !) And not to lose his plummet in the depths itucize the tight; wboruns, may read; Of nature, or the more profound of God: 1.0, can underitand: 'tis unconfin'd, To fathom nature; (ill attempted here !)

aiand, or Jewry; fairly writ Past doubt, is deep philofophy above; 1. uriversal, to mankind:

Higher degrees in bliss archangels take, otty to the learn'd: yet plain, As deeper learn'd; the deepest, learning still: matfeed the flock, or guide the plough. For, what a thunder of omnipotence Crastnik strike out the bounding grain! Is seen in all! in man! in earth! in skies !

, worthy the great mind that 1peaks! Teaching this leffon, pride is loth to learnnd comment, to the sacred page ! “ Not deeply to discern, not much to know,

a book of wisdom, to the wile ! “ Mankind was born to wonder and adore." 3 book! and open'd, Night! by thee. ***much opend, I confess, O Night!

$ 300. The Greatness of God inexprefille. la th; lay, gentle Night! whole beams

“O what a root! () what a branch is here ! {"2018w creation, and present

O what a father! what a family! zido great picture, foftend to the fight; Worlds! fyftems and creations! --and creations, ", shule mild dominion's lilver key

In one agglomerated cluster, hung, 10 iz bemisphere, and sets to view trend cumber; worlds conceal'd by day I he filial cluster! infinitely Ipread

Great Vine! on thee: on thee the cluster hangs;. bas proud, and envious, star of noon! Ciut draw a deeper scene?—and thew

In glowing globes, with various being fraughtį.

Or, thall I lay (for who can suy enough?) Taza? potentate, to whom belong

A constellation of ten thouiand genis, 12:egalia, pompoully display'd? Ipie of him my soul adores !

Set in one lignet, flames on the right-hand

Of majelty divine! the blazing seal, übart, amid the desert waste, [her, That deeply stamps, on all created mind, Lists the living itream; for him who made indelible, his sovereign attributes as the urity soul, amid the blank

Omnipotence and love: nor stop we here, azijos: say,goddess! where? (throne?

For want of power in God, but thought in man. bis bright court? where burns his e. for thou art near him; by thee, Dread Sire! --Accept this miniature of thee;

If greater aught, that greater all is thine, on

, facred fame reports, (round And pardon an attempt from mortal thought, van's drawn, if not, can none Tahter-train, so swift of wing,

In whicharchangels mighthavefail d,unblam'd." discover where he dwells ? AE: ing pointed out below:

§ 301. The Misery of Sin. Senide the wilderd in the waves,

O Thou, ambitious of disgrace alone? Gli ja muft I bend my course to find Art thou atham'd to bend thy knee to heaven?

Rank coward to the fashionable world! 5. ets keep the secret of their king;

Not all these luminaries, quench'd at once, taze nights, in vain, to steal it from which gropes for happiness, and meets despair.

Were half so fad, as one benighted mind, 2, 33 from my barrier, I set out:

. How, like a widow in her weeds, the night, bi mognt! diminifid earth recedes; How forrowful, how desolate, she weeps

Amid her glimmering tapers, filent fits? 123007; and, from her further side, transblue curtain;pauseat everyplanet,

Perpetual dews, and faddens nature's scene! kat:tim, who gives their orbs to roll.

A scene more sad sin makes the darken'd soul; betri ring, I take my bolder fight, ba" e forereign glories of the skies,

All comfort kills, nor leaves one spark alive. Orpiunt, native lustre, proud,

302. Reason.

Tho'blind of heart, still open is thine eye; Hyttem What behold I now? Asers of wonders burning round;

Why such magnificence in all thou feit? funs inherit higher spheres;

Of matter's grandeur, know, one end is this,

To tell the rational, who gazes on itke; nay toil is but begun; pathold of the Deity;

Tho' that immentely great, Itill greater he, 6,1 oth it, I am grovelling till,

Whofe brealt, capacious, canembruce,indledge,
Unburthen'd, nature's universal fcheine;

Can grasp creation with a single thought; * 's Science the Culture of his Heart. Creation grasp; and not exclude its tire

curious, but the pious path, Lizes , ro guard the important; yel-d perding, iat:

$ 304

Of being, brighter than a thousand suns; Haste, hatte,sweet stranger! from the peasant's One single ray of thought outshines them all. The ship-boy's hammock, or the soldier's ft

Whenceforrow never chas'd thee: with theebi § 303. Man.

Not hideous visions, as of late; but draugh O Thou most awful being! and most vain ! Delicious of well-tafted, cordial, rest; Thy will, how frail! how glorious is thy power! Man's rich restorative; his balmy bath, Tho' dread eternity has town her seeds That supplies, lubricates, and keeps in play Of bliss, and woe, in thy despotic breast; The various moveinents of this nice machi Tho' heaven and hell depend upon thy thought, Sleep winds us up for the succeeding dawn ; A butterfly comes cross, and both are fed. Fresh we Ipin on, till sickness clogs our whe My solemn night-born adjuration hear;

Or death quite breaks the spring, and mo Hear, and I 'll raise thy spirit from the dust.

When will it end with me?


-Thou only know it, Death.

Thou, whose broad eye the future and the P By flence, death's peculiar attribute! Joins to the present; thou, and thou alone, By darkness, guilt's inevitable doom :

All-knowing !-all unknown! and yet v By darkness, and by silence, filters dread!

Thee, tho' invisible, for ever seen! I knov That draw the curtain round night's ebon throne, And seen in all the great, and the minute, And raise ideas, solemn as the scene :

Each globe above, with its gigantic race, By night, and all of awful, night presents

Each fower, each leaf, with its small pec Tothought, or sense, by these lier trembling fires

, to the first thought, that asks, from when swarm'd,

(deci By these bright orators, that prove and praise, And press thee to revere, the Deity:

Their common source, thou fountain runn Perhaps, too, aid thee, when rever'd a while,

In rivers of communicated joy!

[C To reach his throne; as Itages of the foul,

Who gav'ft us speech for far, far humblerthem Thro’ which, at different periods, the shall pass, Say, hy what name shall I presume to call Refining gradual, for her final height;

Him I see burning in these countless suns,

A3 Moses in the bush? illustrious mind! And purging oft' fome rofs at every iphere: By this dark pall thrown o'er the filent world: How shall I name Thee?-how my labouring By the world's kings, and kingdoms, mort Heaves underneath the thought, too big forbir.

renown'd, From Thort ambition's zenith set for ever;

306. Address to ide Trinity. Dy the long list of twift mortality, From Adam downward to this evening.'s knell, of nature, that luxuriant growth of God,

Great lyitem of perfections! mighty calie Which midnight waves in tancy's turtled eye; Father of this immeasurable mafg And shocks her with a hundred centuries

of matter multiform: mov'd, or at reft: Round death's black banner throng d, in human Father of these bright millions of the niger thought:

Of which the least full Godhead had prociaio By thousands, now, resigning their last breatli, Father of matter's temporary lords ! And calling thee-wert thou fo wile to hear: Father of spirits! nobler offspring ! sparks By tombs o'er tombs arising, human earth; of high paternal glory; rich-endowd Ejected, to make room for human earth;

With various mealures, and with various mc. By pompous obsequies, that thun the day,

Of instinct, reafon, intuition; beams The torch funereal, and the nodding plume, More pale, or hrighit troin day divine, that ta Boast of our ruin! triumph of our dut! Each over other in superior light, By the damp vaule that weeps o'er royal bones; Till the last ripens into lustre Itrong And the pale lamp, that thews the gháitly dead, of next approach to Godhead : Father kind More ghaftly thro' the thick-incymisent gloom! Of intellectual beings! beings bleft By vilits (if there are) from darker scenes, With powers to pleale thee: not of passives The gliding spectre ! and the groaning grove! To laws they know not; beings lodgid in feia By groans and graves, and mileries that groan

Of well adapted joys; in different domes For the grave's thelter: by desponding men, Senseieis to pains of death, from pangs of guilt: ur, oh ! indulge, immortal King!


Of this imperial palace for thy fons: By guilt's last audit: lvy yon moon in blood, A title, lets august indeed, but more The rocking firmament, the talling stars,

Endearing; ah? how sweet in human ears ! And thunder's last discharge, great nature's Father of immortality to man ! By second chaos; and eternal night (knell! And thou the next ! yet equal! thou, by whe Bé wile-nor let Philander blame my charm;

That bleiling was convey'd; far more! But own not ill-discharg'd my double debt,

bought; Love to the living ; duty to the dead. Ineffable the price! by whom all worlds

Were made ; and one redeemid ! illustrious lig 305. Refieflions on Sleep.

From light illustrious! Thou, whose regal powe But oh!-my spirits fail!-leep's dewy wand on more than adamantine bafis fix'd, His strok'd my drooping lids to foft repore: o'er more, far more than diadems and throne


more :

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bara eigns; beneath whose foot

Ş, 307. Conclufinn. ABC" Tandate of wbose awful nod, Then, farewell night? of darkness, now no 4revclations, fortunes, fates, C , of mind, and matter roll Joy breaks, shines, triumphs; 'tis eternal day! So hot channels of expiring time, Shall that which riles out of nought complain, cean of eternity,

Ofa tew evils, pay'd with endless joys?
the fabection !-and, o Thou My soul! henceforth, in sweetest union join

T73 third ! diftinct, not separate, The two supports of human happiness,
Beriman both! incorporate with duit! Which some, erroneous, think can never meet ;
Brion, as thy glory, great;

True taste of life, and conft:int thou sht of death; i nigan' of human hearts, if pure, Thy patron, he, whose diadem his dropp'd Izent! Me tie divine

Yon gems of heav'n ; eternity thy prize. "*tadilantearth!--mysterious pow'r! How muft a spirit, late e cap'd from earth, 12 enreveal'd! darkness in light! The truth of things new-blazing in its eye, Sirisemity! our joy! vur dread !

Look back, altoniil'd, on the ways of men, sotterrable, unconceiv'd,

Whole life's whole dritt is to forget their gravess og vet demonstrable, great God ! And when our present privilege is part, porno greatert! with soft pity's eye, The same astonishment will leize us all. **Antheme,fromthat high firmunent, What then must pain us, would preferveus now! mou, iom all-eternity, halt dwelt; Seize wildom, ere 'tis torment to be wrie; Entrenagels unatlifted ken;

That is, seize wildem, ere she leizes thee : Trizat risks of effences unknown; For, what is hell? full knowledge of the truth,

changes in dies from hierarchies detachd, When truth, refiited long, is Tworn our foe; 129 aris Banners of omnipotence,

And calls eternity to do her right. semnange of rapturous duties fir'd; Thus, darkness aiding intellectual light.

situs beings interposing swarms; And facred silence whispering truths divine, si at the cal, to dwell in thee; And truths divine converting pain to peace, Tande waite of worlds-look down- My fong the midnight raven has outwing’d, Criawn,

And thot, ambitious of unbounded scenes, bretbing particle in dust, Beyond the flaming limits of the world, *...?", an importal in his crimes : Her gloomy flight. But what avails the flight som store ive! forgive his virtues too! Ot fancy, when our hearts remain below:

hults; half-converts to the right. Virtue abounds in flatterers and foes ; sediste these eyes, which never more Lorenzo! rile, at this aufpicious hour; ****an (tho' night's descending scale An hour, when heaven'smolt intimate with man;

zin) unpity'd and unbleit! When, like a falling star, the ray divine E-se dwells eternal pain;

Glides swift into the bofom of the juft; - mana is terrible to man,

And just are all, determin'd to reclaim;
!:, 'ay me in my bed, Which lets that title high within thy reach,

by nature, now, so near! Awake, then, thy Philander cails, awake, 4:19 n helter of thy wing implor'd)

Thou who thalt wake, when the creation sleeps Machd, shall sink in soft repole; When, like a taper, all these funs expire: Estruth till deeper in my soul,

When time, like him of Gaza, in his wrath Preis fecal, tho turn d,and tofs'd for ever, Plucking the pillars that fupport the world,

keto lice, can reft on nought but thee,, In nature's aimple runs lies entomb'd; begonjeruk; hereafter, in full joy.

And midnight, universal midnight! reign3.
Budmurtal! thence more God to man!
***?* fcape uninjur'd from our praite,

$ 308. Sclitude. Young,
in our praise can he escape, O SACRED folitude ! divine retreat!
nmd from the Father, bows Choice of the Prudent! envy of the Grent!
et heavens, to kiss the distant earth! By thy pre stream, or in the waving thade,

wgonies a finless soul ! We court fair wisdom, that celestial maid:

cross, death's iron sceptre breaks! The genuine offspring of her lov d emi race sivat the gates celesti.I to his foes ! (Strange's on earth) are innocence and peace;

uide, for luch a boundless debt, There, from the ways of men laid fafe athore,

air justering brothers to receive ! We smile to hear the distant temneit roar; *235 our duty, to rejoice!

There, bleft with health, with / us'ness unger. We all) omnipotently kind,

This life wereliih, and enture the next. [plex d, d'ights among the tons of men. There iou the Mules sport; the e numbers free, Wiwid are these? --And did they come Pierian Eastbury 1 I owe to thee.

tilrau'n? imre i es spoke to man? to guilty man?

The Day of Jud, m.nt. Young. m;iteries to love like this? Lo! the wide theatre, whole ample space bora pieebasion of consummate joy !

Must entertain the whole of human race,



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