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$ 340. Reflections on a future State, from a Still bows submissive to the tyrant hand

Revierw of Winter. Thomion. That tore the suff'rer from his native land; Tis done! dread Winter spreads his latest Yet, ere the arts of luxury began, glooms,

They bcasted liberty, the right of man; And reigns tremendous o'er the conquer'd year. Serene, they saw each peaceful morning smil How dead the vegetable kingdom lies! Joy led their hours, and plenty bless'd their How dumb the tuneful! Horror wide extends Their pleading sighs, their suppliant, mo His defolate domain. Behold, fond man!

prayor, See here thy pictur'd life: p.:Is some few years, Daughter of Virtue ! Royal Charlotte, hear Thy fow'ring Spring, thy Summer's ardent Sovereign, yet parent of this happy ile, strength,

O'er whose gay plains fair plenty dvigns to in Thy sober Autumn fading into age,

Where ipotless peace extends her azure wir And pale concluding Winter come: at last, And liberty's enchanting blottoms spring; And shuts the scene. Ah! whither now are fied Thine is compallion's sympathetic figh, Those dreams of greatness? those untolid hopes The melting tear thut beams in pity's eye: Of happiness ? those longings after fame? The heart like thine, that feels another's pa

Those reftleis cares? thote busy bustling days? Hears not distress'd misfortune plead in in Those gay-Ipent, tettive nights ? thiole veering Be 't thine to heal pale forrow's wounded br thoughts

And lull each raging pasion into reft; Lost between good and ill, that shar'd thy life? Let not the wretched flave in vain deplore All now are vanith'd! Virtue sole survives The long-lost joys he must behold no mere Immortal never-failing friend of man, Then, while Britannia hails thy facred na His guide to happiness on high. And see! A deed like this hall swell the trump of fi. 'Tis come, the glorious morn! the second birth Virtues like thine shall wake the founding: Of heaven and earth! awak’ning nature hears Each bolom glow with emulative fire ; The new-creating word, and starts to lite, Andswell d with theines like this, the poet's

; In ev'ry heighten'd forin, from pain and death Remain admir'd through each succeeding For ever free. The great eternal scheme, When Superstition rais'd her threat'nin, Involving all, and in a perfect whole And scatter'd horror round the bleedingl." Uniting as the prospect wider spreads, On fad Britannia's ravag'd plains the flou"

, To realon's eye refin'd clears up apace. Drench'd in one fatal stream of martyrdl.. Ye vainly wise i ye blind presumptuous! now, O'er ev'ry scene with fell delight she flew, Confounded in the duit, adore that Pow'r And {mil'd, exulting, at the dreadful view And Wisdom oft arraign'd; fee now the cause Religion's sacred truths, though once de Why unassuming worth in fecret liv d, To banith error from the darken'd mind, And died neglected: why the good man's share Avail'd not here; her pure celeltial lighi, In life was gall and bitterness of soul : Lost in the gloom of Superstition's night, Why the lone widow and her orphans pin'd Drooping, beheld the fatal torrent roll In starving folitude; while luxury,

Relistlers terrors o'er the doubtful foul; In palaces, lay itraining her low thought, Till bright Eliza came, whose matchless su

To form unreal wants; why heaven-born truth, Callid forth the dawn of fair Religion's da And moderation fair, wore the red mark3 Cherith d the genial influence as it rose, Of superstition's scourge: why licens'd pain, Dispeli'd their errors and reliev'd their w That cruel spoiler, that emboiom'd foe, Shall Britain, then,whoboasts th’unrivalled Embitter'd all our bliss. Ye good dittressd! Relentless, see the guiltiess victim bleed? Ye noble few! who here unbending stand Amid the horrors of tormenting pain Beneath life's pressure, yet hear up awhile, He seeks for inercy, but he seeks in vain; And whàt your bounded view, which only law Affrighted Mercy quits the guilty land, A little part, deem'd evil, is no more : Wheregrim Oppreffon waves her tyrant'st The storms of Wintry Time will quickly pass, Where, to the lavage herd, a harmless prey And one unbounded Spring encircle all. Sinks taint beneath the fervid beam of day

Or, haply trembling in the inidnight air,

Sunk in the deepest gloom of low despair; $ 341. On Slavery. Miss H. Falconar.

Or burning thirst and furious want, combi To man superior reason's light was giv'n With wild distraction fire his glowing min Reason, the noblest gift of bounteous Heav'n, Till death reitores to him eternal reit, Unfailing beam, bright intellectual ray, And calms the tumults of his troubled hr Thor steady guide through error's devious way, The Britith youth, torn from his muchSay, wert thou first by gracious Heav'n design d home, To stamp injustice on the human kind? O'er foreign feas and foreign coasts to roa Forbid it truth, forbid it ev'ry breast Amid the fury of the piercing blast, That heaves in pity for the wretch opprest: Theswell d wavecircling round the thiverd Yet reason, justice, mercy, plead in vain; While bursting peals of thunder rend the Still the sad victim drags his gulling chain; And o'er the deck the foaming billows ri




A while integror views the lightning glare, | Loft in the pleasing dream, awhile the soul, With freaming horror through themidnight air, Where avorice reign'd secure from all controul, Teitora ance past, be gains the friendly ray Slept calm, till conscience, with unerring dart, Dopazo guide him througthedang 'ronis way: Struck deep conviction through the guilty heart; Sales, the bids each future prospect rile, And bade reflection wake the feeling mind, Through fancy's varied mirror, to his eyes. That turn'd to ev'ry scene it left behind : Hot so the flave; oppress 'd with secret care, There might they see the tortur'd wretch implore Herks the bapless victim of despair; Eternal vengeance on Britannia's fhore; De doom'd to torments that might even move In filent grief, amid distraction wild, The steely heart, and set it into love; The wretched parent mourn her long-lost childe Til, worn with anguil, with'ring in his bloom, These scenes appear when death, in terror drest, He falls an early tenant of the tomb!

Bids sharp repentance wound the ihudd'ring Shell Britain vies, umor'd, fad Afric's Chore breast, Delug'd lo oft in fress of purple gore! Wheno'er your heads th'avenging thunders roll, Britain, where science, peace, and plenty, smile, And quick destruction seems to snatch the foul; Virtue's brigát fest and freedom's favour'dislei When fatt around the dreadful lightnings fall, Rich are har plains and fruitful is her clime, And guilt fall hear th' incens'd Almighty's call; The foarge er tyzants, and the boast of time; Then will his wrath destroy the life he gave, Ofer'sy vitae, ev'ry worth, pofseft, And justice fnatch the soul that mercy could not Tant tires the hero's or the patriot's breast: Britain, be thine the glorious task to heal [fave. Thers, nobly warm'd with animating fire, The bleeding wounds thy wretched fons shall Dar Shakespeareitrackhisfoul-commanding lyre; Extend thy ev'ry noble pow'r to save [feel; There scenes of bliss immortal Milton fung, The wretch just tott'ring o'er an early grave; And notes harmonious issued from his tongue: For, noble nere the deed that could impart And bards like these thall boast in ev'ry age, Reviving vigour to the drooping heart; While native genius glows in Hayley's page; For, then no more the fatal branch shall bind, While genies bids to our enchanted eyes, In golden ties, the lost enchanted mind; La Serili's own Krains, a second Pope arile. Tear ev'ry fibre from the verdant root, Shea trath, perplex'd in errors thorny maze, And blait each dang’rous blossom ere it shoot: area o'er the worldobícur'dand darken'd rays, So fall the praise of ransom'd millions rise, een Newton role, unveil'd the beauteous maid: In grateful incense, to the echoing skies; e fože, mod nature ftood at once display'd. So through the world thy matchless fame extend, hele were the fouls that Britain once postess’d, And wond'ring nations hail thee mercy's friend; Men genuine virtue fir'd the patriot's breast; Thee, first in ev'ry virtue, ev'ry worth, Ami til all the protect fair freedom's cause, That gives to glory or to genius birth; and vindicate ber violated laws;

Let thy avenging, thy all-conqu’ring hand Wat peace and freedom to a wretched land, Give peace and freedom to an injur'd land ! And featter beings with a lib'ral hand. Glory be thine ; and let pale misory prove

In Britain's paradise, by freedom made, The joys of friendthip and the bliss of love ! The free of commerce spreads its ample thade; And heav'nly liberty's celestial ray Seipuring plenty bends the lofty brow, Beam o'er the world one pure eternal day! and wealth bright glitters on eachgoldenbough; kame the nichelt gems of India fhone, $34.2. A Prayer in the Prospect of Death, Burns. added luftre to the British throne; is in gentle radiance might outvie

O THOU unknown Almighty Cause be telting luftre of the sparkling eye;

Of all my hope and fear!

In whose dread Presence, ere an hour, bahas a gay variety might grace

Perhaps I must appear! de tative beauties of the lovely face: Ja fame the bad of health, in rosy bloom,

If I have wander'd in those paths I'd lnguid fickness from an early tomb;

Of life I ought to thun, bade contented labour calmly smile

As Something loudly in my breast

Remonstrates I have done; for the fiche prospect of his native foil. ample branch, fuperior to the rest,

Thou know'st that Thou hast formed me es to the view, in fplendid radiance drest; And lift'ning to their owitching voice

With passions wild and strong: Seeley leaf the tempting manna hung, golden dyes each beauteous blossom (prung;

Has often led me wrong. below rs of brightest hue oppreffion nama, where human weakness has come short, et from the tree the rank of commerce claim'd. Or frailty stepp'd afide, ly the får deceit, beneath its shade

Do Thou, All-Good! for such Thou art, esger eye the slaves of av’rice stray'd; In shades of darkness hide. fatal fruit was loveliest to the view, Where with intention I have err'd, on the spreading tree of commerce grew; No other plea I have,

gralp'd the baneful lead with fatal halte, But, Thou art good; and goodness still muctive poison to th' enchanted taste ; Delighteth to forgive.

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$ 343. The Genea! sy of Christ, as it is repre- There Abfalom the ravish'd fceptre fways, ***

Jeated on the Eujt il'indow of Il'incbejler College And his stolen honour all his hame display 51 Chapel. Written at l'inton School by Dr. The base usurper Youth! who joins in on Louth.

The rebel subject and th' ungrateful fon. AT mce to raise our rev'rence and delight, Amid the royal race, see Nathan stand: ri. To elevate the mind, and please the light, Fervent he fecms to speak, and lift his hati To pour in virtue at th'attentive eye, His looks the emotion ot his soul disclose, And wift the foulon wings of ecíticy; And eloquence from ev'ry gesture flows. For this the printer's art with nature vies, Such, and so ltern he caine, ordain d to bring And bids the visionary faint arise :

The ungrateful mandate to the guilty Ki Who views the sacred forms in tliought aspires, When, at his dreadful voice, a sudden sm Catches pre zcal, and, as he gazes, fires; Shot thro' the trembling monarch's cont Feels the fame ardour to his breast convey'd ; heart, Is what he sees, and emnulates the shade. From his own lips condemn'd; severe de

Thy ftrokes, great Artist, to subline appear, Had his God prov'd so itern a Judge as I. Tocy check out plexfure with an .wiul fear ; But man with frailty is allied by birth; Wilt ol!" sortiae line tic God you trace, Consummate purity ne'er dwelt on earth Aitor triuf und blei-ci Julie's race, Thro'all the soul tho' virtue holds the re

"W tyd defign, Beats at the heart, and springs in ev'ry v

in the hand divine. Yet ever from the clearest source have ra Hy was the riling daythallstream, Some grols alloy, some tincture of the

inline bimui, praile, and name. But who is he deep mufing? in his mi 113sty as ours to the Mufe impart He seems to weigh in reason's scales mani je emanatio. fiom her lister art,

Fix'd contemplation holds his steady eye Twannaite the ver e, and bid it shine I know the lage t, the wiselt of the wile. In coloeały, bright, and ti ong as thine ! Blelt with all man could wish, or prince a

Saapine on earth an awful ngure lies, Yet hisgreatheartpronounc'dthoseblesing While fofteit Blumbers leein to seal his eyes; And lo! bright glittering in his facred ha

The hoary fire Heaven's guardian care demands, In miniature the glorious temple ttands. And at his feet the watchful angel stands. Efulgent frame ! ftupendous to behold! The form august and large, the mien divine, Gold the strong valves, the roof of burnih Betray the founder of Meffiah's liner.

The wand'ringark,inthatbrightdome enf Lo! froin his loins the promis'd Item ascend, Spreads the strong light, eternal, anconi And bigh to Heaven its facred boughs extend: Above th' unutterable glory plays, Each limb productive of some hero priigs, Pretence divine! and the full-streaming, And bloom luxuriant with a race of kings. Pour thro' reluctant clouds intolerable bk Th’eterr: 11 plant wide spreads its arms around, But stern oppression rends Reboam's And with the mighty branch the mystic top is see the gay prince, injurious, proud, and crown'd.

Th' imperial sceptre totiers in his hand, And lo! the glories of th' illustrious line And proud rebellion triumphs in the lan At their first dawn with ripen’d (plendours thine, Curs'd with corruption's ever-fruitful ff In David all express'd ; the good, the great, A beardless Senate, and a haughty King The king, the hero, and the man complete. There Afa, good and great, the sceptre Serene he lits, and sweeps the golden lyre, Justice attends his peace, success his war And blends the prophet's with the poet's fire. While virtue was his swordand Heavenhis See! with what art he ftrikes the vocal strings, Without controul the warrior swept the The God, his theme, in piring what lie tings! Loaded with spoiis, triumphant he return Hark or our ears delude us—from lois tongue And half her swarthy fons fad Ethiopiamo Sweet flows,or seems to fow, some heavenly long. But since thy fagging niery decay'd, Oh could thine art arrest the fleeting sound, And barter'd God's defence for human a And paint the voice in magic numbers bound; See their fuir laurels wither on toy brow, Could the warm tun,aserit when Memnon play'd, Norherbs nor healthtul arts avail thee na Wake with his rising beam the vocal thade; Noris Ileav'n chang'd, apostate prince,butt

Then might he draw the attentive angels down, No man atonennt does this lapse requi Bending to hear the lay, so tweet, fo like their But lee the Son, you must forgive the sur own.

Hej, the just prince-with ev'ry virtue b On either lide the monarch's offspring shine, He reign'd, and goodnets all the man puis And some adorn, and some disgrace their live. Around his throne fair happiness and pe Here Ammon glories ; proud incetinous lord! Smooth'd ev'ry brow, and limit'l in ev'ry Thi: hand sustains the robe, and that the sword. As when along the burning waite he it. Frowning and fierce, with haughty Itrides he Where no pure itreams in bubbling maze, tow'rs,

Where drought incumbent on the thirtyg And on liis horrid brow defiance low'rs. Longtincehadbreath dherscorchingblata Jerre + Solomon.

1 Josaphar.

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Earth, trembling from her entrails, bears a part ; Nor vain the wish, while George the gol And the rent rock upbraids man'situbbornheart. scale

The yawning grave reveals his gloomy reign. With steady, prudence holds, and temp And the cold clay-clad dead start into life again. And when his course of earthly honours ru

And thou, O tomb, once more shalt wide dir- With lenient hand thall Frederic foothy Thy fatiate jaws, and give up all thy prey. [play Rich in each princely quality, mature [C Thou,groaning earth, tħallheave,abforpt inflame, In years, and happicit in nuptial choice. As the last pangs convulse thy lab'ring frame ; Thence too arise new hopes; a playful trok When the fame God unshrouded thou shalt tee, Circies his hearth, sweet pledges of that ber Wrapt in full blaze of pow'r and majetty, Which Faithand Joy,and thouland Virtueggy Ride on the clouds; whilft, as his chariot flies, His be the care t inform their ductile mind *** The bright effusion streams thro’all the skies. With worthielt thoughts, and point the war

D Then hill the proud dissolving mountains glow, honour. And yielding rocks in fiery rivers flow: How often fall he hear with fresh delight The molten deluge round the globe shall roar, Their earnest tales, or watch their riling And all man's arts and labour be no more. With timorot attention; then thall tell The thallthe fplendours of the enliven'd glass of justice, fortitude, and public weal; Sink undistinguish'd in the burning mass. And oft the while each rigid precept imor And oh! till earth and seas, and heaven decay, With winning tokens of parental love!" Ne'er may that fair creation fade away ; [ipare, Thus myo'erweening heart the secret ft May winds and itorms thote beauteous colours of Britain's hope explor'd, while my itt Still may they bloom, as permanent as fair; Pursued her fading hills, till wrapt in milt E All the vain rage of wasting time repel, (well. They gently funk beneath the swelling tid And his tribunal fee, whose Cross they paint so Norilept those thoughts,whenc 'er in othere

I mark'd the cruel waste of foul oppreilior... § 344. On the Death of Frederic Prince of Wales. Siw noblest spirits, and goodliest faculties

Written at Paris, by David LORD VISCOUNT To vas alaye and loathsome service bound.

STORMONT, of Christ Church, Oxon. Then conicious preference rose; then north Little I whilom deem d my artless zeal My eye to gratulate my natal soil. (1) Should woo the British Muse in foreign land Hów have I chid, with froward eagernels, To trains of bitter argument; and teach Each vecring blast that from my hand wit The mimic Nymph that haunts the winding The well-known characters of some lov'dfi And cozy current of Parisian Seine, (verge Tho' diftant not unmindful! Still I learn To fyllable new founds in accents it range. Delighted, what each patrict plan devis'd

But sad occasion calls: who now forhears Of arts or glory, or diffutive commerce. The last kind office who but consecrates Nor winted its endearment ev'ry tale His oft'ring at the shrine of fair Renown Of lighteft import. But, oh heavy change To gracious Frederic rais'd ; tho' but compos’d What notices come now? Distracted scen of the waite flow'rets whose neglected hues Of helpless forrow, folemn fid accounts; Chequer the lonely hedge or mountain llope? How fair Augufta watch'd the weary nigh Where are those hopes, where fled th' illusive Tending the bed of anguilh; how great G scenes

Wept with his infint progeny around; That forgeful fancy plann'd what time the bark How leav'd th' orphan's and the widow's: Stemm'dthefaltwavefrom Albion'schalkybourn That follow'd Frederic to the filent tomb!

Then filial Piety and parting Love [cliffs, For well was Fredetic lov’d, and well dele Pour'd the fund pray'ı-“Farewell, ye leis'ning His voice was ever swect, and on his fteps Fairer to me than aught in fabled song Attended ever the alluring grace Or inystic recoril toid of shores Atlantic! Of gentle lowliness and social zeal. Favour'd of Heav'n, farewel! imperial ifle, Hini thall remember oft the labour'd hind, Native to noblest wits, and best approvd Relatir.g to his mates each casual act In manly science and advert'rous deed ! Of courteous bounty. Him th'artificer, Celeitial Freedom, by rude hand estrang'd Plying the varicd woof in tuilen sadness, From regions once frequented, with Thee takes Tho' wont to carol many a ditty tweet. Her flertalt station, fut belide the throne Soon to the mariner, who many moons of fceptred rule, and there her itate maintains Has counted, beating till the fo:my fure In social concord and harmonious love. And treads at last the with'd-for beach.thalt Thele blessings still be thine, nor meddling fiend Appall'dat the sad tale, and foon thalidal Stir in your buly streets foul Faction's rour; Down his rough check th' involuntary ter Still thrive your growing works, and gales pro- Be this our jolace yet-all is not dead; pitious

The bright memorial lives: for his ex.imp! Visit your fons who ride the wat'ry wate; Shall Hymen t:im his torch, demeltic prziie And Itill be beard from furth your gladsome Be countenanc'd, and virtue fairer shew,

age fucceeding, when another George, Skrill tubur pipes, and ev'ry péaceful found. 1 To istity fome weighty Ordinance

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