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Hintegrering fo when hell'sdire agent found, The name of Godly he may blush to bear; St Wie breng virtue fcarce maintain d her Is 't after God's own heart to cheat his heir ?

He to his brother gives fupreme conmand,
He pees free forces in, and thus replies: To you a legacy of barren land;
Ti'eemal God, fupremely good and wise, Perhaps th' old harpon which he thumps his lays,
Loparts not these prodigious gifts in vain : Or fome dull Hebrew ballad in your praise.
Wer wonders are reservd, to bless your reign ! Then the next heir, a prince severe and wise,
Againk von will your arguments have shewn, Already looks on you with jealous eyes;
Tut vitut's only giranguide a throne. Sees through the thin disguises of your arts,
Not that your father's madness I contemn; And marks your progress in the people's hearts ;
But manlyfence becomes the diadem. Though now his mighty foul its grief contains:

Tis tree, le grants thepeople all they crave; He meditates revenge who least complains:
And more perhaps than Subjects ought to have: And like a lion, flumb'ring in the way,
For lavila grasts fappale a monarch tame, Or sleep dissembling, while he waits his prey,
fed more his goodness than his wit proclaim. His fearless foes within his distance draws,
But when thould people strive their bonds to Constrains his roaring, and contracts his paws;

so when kingsare negligent or weak? [break, Till at the last, his time for fury found, Lechin give en till he can give no more,

He shoots withfuddenvengeancefromtheground; The thrifty lanhedrim fhall keep him poor; The proftrate vulgar paffes o'er and spares, Anaimeekel which he can receive But with a lordly rage his hunters tears. Sal cost a limb of his prerogative. Your case no tame expedients will afford : Topy him with new plots ihall be my care, Resolve on death, or conquest by the sword,

lange him deep in some expensive war; Which for no less a ftake than life you draw; Wer shen his treasure can no more fupply, And self-defence is nature's eldest law. Pent, with the remains of kingship, buy. Leave the warm people no considering time; His fall friends, our jealousies and fears For then rebellion may be thought a crime.

jesuítes, and Pharaoh's pensioners ; Avail yourself of what occasion gives, Mam when our fury from his aid has torn, But try your title while your father lives : The fol ke naked left to public scorn. And, that your arms may have a fair pretence,

zat facceflor, whom I fear and hate, Proclaim you take them in the king's defence; arts have made obnoxious to the state; Whose sacred life each moment would expose me'd all his virtues to his overthrow, To plots, from seeming friends and secret foes. ad gaind our elders to pronounce a foe. And, who can found the depth of David's soul? nicht, for sums of necessary gold, Perhaps his fear his kindnefs may controul.

be pawnd, and afterwards be fold; He fears his brother, though he loves his son, i time fhall ever-wanting David draw For plighted vows too late to be undone. Topi pour donbtful title into law: If so, by force he wishes to be gain’d: fest, te people have a right fupreme Like women's lechery to seem constrain d.

. Douht not: but, when he most affects the frown, Aspire is no more than pow'r in trust, Commit a pleasing rape upon the crown.

Ltd, when resum d, can be no longer just. Secure his person to secure your cause : talon, for the general good desiga'd, They who possess the prince possess the laws. faits on wrong a nation cannot bind;

He said: and this advice above the rest, altring that the people can relieve, With Abfalom's mild nature suited best; Tete: oue fuffer than a nation grieve. Unblam'd of life, ambition set aside, Dhe Jews well know their powr: ere Saul they Not staind with cruelty, nor puff d’with pride.

God was their king, and God they durst depose. Had higher plac'd his birth, or not so high! Boge don your piety, your filial name, His kingly virtues might have claim'd a throne,

A taber's right, and fear of future fame; And bless'd all other countries but his own.
Dhe public good, that universal call, But charıning greatness fince so few refuse,
Torbich e en Heaven submitted, answers all. "Tis jufter to lament him than accuse.
er let his love enchant your gen’rous mind

; Strong were his hopes a rival to remove,
Tis nature's trick to propagate her kind. With blandifliments to gain the public love:
Our fond begetters, who would never die, To head the faction while their zeal was hot,
Lose but themselves in their pofterity:

And popularly profecute the plot. Or let his kindness by th' effects be tried, To further this, Achitophel unites

The malcontents of all the Ifraelites; A better proof than to anoint him king? God fid, he lord your father; could he bring Whose diff'ring parties he could wisely join,

For feveral ends, to serve the same design.

, The belt, and of the princes fome were such, Who gave so fair a flock as Ifrael.

Who thought the pow'r of monarchy too much;

, Miftaken inen, and patriots in their hearts ; What means he then to alienate the crown? Not wicked, but feduc'd by impious arts;


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By these the springs of property were bent, | He laugh'd himself from court; then fought Andwound so high, theycrack’dthe government. By forming parties, but could ne'er be ch

The next for int'rest sought t'embroil the state, For, spite of him, the weight of business To sell their duty at a dearer rate,

On Abfalom and wife Achitophel: And make their

Jewish markets of the throne; Thus, wicked but in will, of means bereft Pretending public good to serve their own. He left not faction, but of that was left. Others thought kings an useless heavy load, Titles and names 't were tedious to rehe: Who cost too much, and did too little good. of lords, below the dignity of verse. These were for laying honest David by, Wits, warriors, commonwealths-men, wer On principles of pure good husbandry.

best: With them join'dallth'haranguers of the throng, Kind husbands and mere nobles all the refi That thought to get preferment by the tongue. And therefore, in the name of dulness, be Who follow next, a double danger bring, The well-hung Balaam and cold Caleb fre Not only hating David, but the king: And canting Nadab let oblivion damn, The Solymxan rout; weil vers'd of old Who made new porridge for the pascal lan In godly faction, and in treason bold; Let friendship’s holy band some name assu Cow'ring and quaking at a conqu’ror's sword, Some their own worth, and some let scorn fet But lofty to a lawful p:ince restord;

Nor shall the rascal rabble here have place, Saw with disdain an Ethnic plot begun, Whom kings no title gave, and God nog And fcorn'd by Jebusites to he outdone. Not bull-fac'd Jonas, who could statutes di Hot Levites heavied these ; who pull'd before To mean rebellion, and make treason law. From th'ark, which in the judge's days they bore. But he, though bad, is follow'd by a worse Reium'd their cant, and with a zealous cry The wretch who heaven's anointeddar'dtoc Pursued their old belov'd theocracy:

Shimei, whose youth did early promise briu Where fanhedrim and priest enllav'd the nation, Of zeal to God, and hatred to his king, And justified their poils by inspiration : Did wisely from expensive fins refrain, For who so fit to reign as Aaron's race, And never broke the Sabbath but for gain If once dominion they could found in grace? Nor ever was he known an oath to vent, These led the pack, though not of fureit scent, Or curse, unless againit the government. Yet deepest mouth'd againit the government. Thus heaping wealth by the most ready w. A num'rous host of dreaming faints succeed, Among the Jews, which was to cheat and p Of the true old enthufiaftic breed;

The city, to reward his pious hate 'Gainst form and order they their pow'r employ, Againit' his master, chote him magistrate. Nothing to build, and all things to destroy. His hand a vale of justice did uphold; But far more num'rous was the herd of such His neck was loaded with a chain of gold; Who think too little, and who talk too much; During his office treason was no crime; These out of mere instinct, they knew not why, The Sons of Belial had a glorious time; Ador'd their fathers' Goul, and property ; For Shimej, though not prodigal of pelf, And, by the same blind benefit of fate, Yet lov'l his wicked neighbour as limfell. The devil and the Jebulite did hate:

When two or three were gather'd to declai. Born to be fav'd, even in their own despite, Against the monarch of Jerusalem, Because they could not help believing right. Shimei wis always in the midlt of them; Such were the tools: hut a whole Hydra more | And, if they curs'u the king when he was Remains of sprouting heads too long to score. Would rather curle than break good compa Some of their chiefs were princes of the land: If any durit his fačtious friends accuse, In the first rank of these did Zimri itand; Re pack'd a jury of disenting Jews ; A man lo various that he feenid to be Whole fellow-feeling in the godly cause Not one, but all mankind's epitcine:

Would free the fuit 'ring faint from human L. Stitt in opinions, always in the wrong; For laws are only made to punith those Was ev'ry thing by itärts, and nothing long; Who ferve the king, and to protect his foes. But in the course of one revolving moon If any leilure time he had from pow's, Was chemitt, fiddler, ttatesman, and bustoon; Because 'tis fin to mitemploy an honr, Then allforwomen,painting, rhyming,drinking, His butinets was, by writing to persuade Behetės ten thousand treakstivaidied in thinking. That kings were useless, and a clog to trade: Bleit madman ! who could ev'ry hour employ, And, that his noble style he might refine, With something new to with, or to enjoy. No Rechabite more thunnid the fumes of wi Railing and praising were his usual themes: Chalte were his cellars, and bis frieval board And bot'ı

, to the w: his judyinent, in extremes : The groílness of a city feast abhorr'd; So over-violent, or over-civil,

Hlis cooks, with long disufe, their trade forgo That ev'ry man with him was God or Devil. Cool was his kitchen, though his brains were be In squandering wealth was liis peculiar art: Such frugal virtue malice may accuse; Nothing went unrewarded, but defert; But sure 'twas necellary to the Jews: Beggar'd hy fools, whom itill be found too late ; For towns, once burnt, such magiftrates requi He had his jett, and they had his eltate: As dare not tempt God's providence by fire

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Wat patul food he fed his fervants well, His looks, his gestures, and his words he frames,

Bar Free fa felh that inade the Jews rebel: And with familiar ease repeats their names. E AS VB kves be held in more account, Thus form'd by nature, furnith'd out with arts, Befast days of fafting in the mount. He glides unfelt into their secret hearts.

to pak the rest, who better are forgot, Then with a kind compaflionating look,

tould tire a well-breath'd witness of the plot. And sighs, bespeaking pity ere he spoke, = Corah, thou shalt from oblivion pass; Few words he faid; but easy those and fit,

& thyself, thou monumental brass, More flow than Hybla-drops, and farmore sweet. gh as the serpent of thy metal made, I mourn, my countrymen, your loft eftate; Eile nation stand fecure beneath thy shade. Though far unable to prevent your fate:

at though lis birth were base, yet comets rife Behold a banish'd man, for your dear cause to earthly vapours ex they shine in skies. Expos'd a prey to arbitrary laws ! frodigious étions may as well be done Yet oh! that I alone could be undone, By weaver's illuc, as by prince's son. Cut off from empire, and no more a fon! This arch-attestor for the public good, Now all your liberties a spoil are made;

that one deed, ennobles all his blood. Egypt and Tyrus incercept your trade, ho ever ak'd the witness's high race, And Jebusites your facred rites invade. Fbote cath with martyrdom did Stephen grace? My father, whom with rey’rence yet I name, ses was a Levite; and, as times went then, Charm'd into ease, is careless of his fame; tribe were God Almighty's gentlemen. And, brib'd with petty sums of foreign gold, werebis eyes, bis voice was harsh and loud; Is grown in Bathsheba's

embraces old; at Egna be neither choleric was, nor proud : Exalts his enemies, his friends destroys;

lez chin prov'd his wit; his faint-like grace And all his power against himself employs. durch vermilion, and a Moses' face. He gives, and let him give my right away: Dery, miraculously great,

But why should he his own and yours betray? dould plats, exceeding man's belief, repeat; He, only he, can make the nation bleed, Tried the fore cannot be accounted lies, And he alone from my revenge is freed. bera wit could never such devise. Take then my tears (with that he wip'd his future truths are mingled in his book;

eyes), bere the witness faild, the prophet spoke; 'Tis all the aid my present pow'r fupplies : things like visionary flights appear; No court-informer can these arms accuse; pint caught him up the Lord knows where; These arms may fons against their

fathers use: gave him his rabinnical degree, And 'tis my with the next successor's reign down to foreign university.

May make no other Ifraelite complain. ugment yet his memory did excel ; Youth, beauty, graceful action, seldom fail;

piered his wond'rous evidence so well, But common intoreit always will prevail: dited to the temper of the times, And pity never ceases to be shown Den grening under Jebulitic crimes. To him who makes the people's wrongs his own.

Icel's foes suspect his heavenly call, The crowd, that still believe their kings oppress, perbly judge his writ apochryphal; With lifted hands their young Messiah bless:

a laws for such affronts have forfeits made: Who now begins his progress to ordain alss kis life who takes away his trade. With chariots, horsemen, and a numerous train; cre I myself in witness Corah's place, From east to west his glories he displays, Le wretch who did me such a dire disgrace And, like the sun, the promis'd land surveys.

and whet my memory, though once forgot, Fame runs before him as the morning star, la make him an appendix of my plot.

And shouts of joy salute him from afar : and led his person with indignities. Bu tead to Heaven made him his prince despise, Each houfe receives him as a guardian god,

And confecrates the place of his abode. Burnal peculiar privilege affords,

But hospitable treats did most commend Indulging latitude to deeds and words: Wise Issachar, his wealthy western friend. Ia tenns as coarse as Samuel us'd to Saul. And Corch might for Agag's murder call, This moving court,that caught the people's eyes,

And seem'd but pomp, did other ends disguise; What others in his evidence did join, Achitophel had form'd it, with intent

The bill that could be had for love or coin, To found the depths, and fathom where it went a la Corah's own predicament will fall; The people's hearts,diftinguith friends from foes, Por Witness is a common name to all. And trytheir strength before they came toblows.

Surrounded thus with friends of ev'ry sort, Yet all was colourd with a fmooth pretence
Deluded Abfalom forsakes the court: of specious love and duty to their prince.
mpatient of high hopes, argʻd with renown, Religion, and redress of grievances,
And frd with near possession of a crown, Two names that always cheat and always please,
D'admiring crowd are dazzled with surprise

, Are often urg'd; and good king David's life And on his goodly person feed their eyes. Endanger'd by a brother and a wife. His joy conceal'a, he sets himself to show; Thus in a pageant show a plot is made ; Du cach gde bowing popularly low : And peace itself is war in masquerade.


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Oh foolish Israel! never warn’d by ill! | Yet some there were, ev'n in the worst of Still the same bait, and circumvented itill! Some let me name, and naming is to prai Did ever men forsake their present ease; In this short file Barzillai first appears; In midst of health imagine a disease; Barzillai, crown'd with honour and with Take pains contingent mischiefs to furefee ; Long since, the rising rebels he with tooc Make heirs for monarchs, and for God decrce? In regions walte beyond the Jordan's foc What shall we think? Can people give away, Unfortunately brave to buoy the state; Both for themlelves and fons, their native sway? But linking underneath his master's fate Then they are left defencelets to the sword In exile with his godlike prince he mou Of each unbounded arbitrary lord :

For him lie suffer'd, and wish him returi And laws are vain, by which we right enjoy, The court he practis’d, not the courtier": It kings unquestion'd can those laws destroy. Large was his wealth, but larger was his Yet if the crowd be judge of fit and just, Which well the noblest objects knew to And kings are only clicers in trust,

The fighting warrior, and recording Me Then this resuming (?vnant was declar'd, His bed could once a fruitful iflue boat; When kings were muie, or is for ever barr’d. Now more than half a father's naine is lo If those who gave the sceptre could not tie His eldest hope, with ev'ry grace adorn 'd By their own deed their own posterity, By me (to Heaven will live it) always mo How thien could Adam bind his future race? And always honour'd, fuaich'd in man! How could his forfeit on mankind take place? B'unequal iates and providence's crime:( Or how could heavenly justice damn us all, Yet not before the goal of honour won, Who ne'er consented to our father's fall? All parts fulilld of subject and of lon: Then kings are llaves to those whom they com- Swift was the face, but short the time to n mand,

oh narrow circle, but ot pow'r divine, And tenants to their people's pleasure stand. Scanted in space, but perfect in thy line Add, that the pow'r for property allow'd By lea, by land, thy matchless worth was ki Is mischievoully seated in the crowd: Arms thy delight, and war was all thy or For who can be secure of private right, Thy force infus'd the fainting Tyrians pro If sovereign fway may be diffolv’d by might? And baughty Pharaoh found his fortune fte Nor is the people's judgment always true; Oh ancient honour! oh unconquer'd h.n The most may err as grossly as the few; Wlioni foes unpunith'd never could withi And faultiers' kings run down by common cry, But Ifiacl was unworthy of his name: For vice, oppreflion, and for tyranny, Short is the date of all immod'rate fime. What standard is there in a fickle rout, It looks as Heaven our ruin had designd, Which, flowing to the mark, runs faster out? And durft not trutt tlıy fortume and this Nor only crowds, but fanhedrims may be Now, free from earth, thy dilencnumber'd Infected with this public lunacy,

Mounts up, and leaves behind the clouds And thare the madness of rebellious times,

starry pole: To murder monarchs for imagin'd crimes. From tl:ence thy kindred legions may's If they may give an i take wheneer they please, Not kings alone, the Godhead's images, To aid the guardian angel of thy kin: But government itself, at length mult fall Here Nute, lere cease thy paintili To nature's state, where : il have right to all. No pinions can purtve immortal heigt: Yet, grant our lords the people kings can Tell gouri B.rzilai thoa cauft ting no.707? make,

And tell thy tuul the thould have red bello What prudent men a settled throne wouldshake: 'Or Hled ihe with his life, and lett this verf For whatsoe'er their sulierings were before, Tu hang on her departed patron's hcarle! That change they cover makes them fuffer more. Now take thy steepy flight from heaven, and All other errors but difturb a Itate; If thou canit find on earth another he: But innovation is the blow of fate. Another he would be too bard to find; If ancient fabrics nodd, and threat to fall, See then whom thou cant see not far behint To patch their fiaws, and buttress up the wall, Zadoc the priest, whom, shunning pow'r Thus far 'tis duty: but here fix the mark;

place, For all beyond it, is to touch the ark. His lowly mind advanc'd to David's grace. To change foundations, cast the frame anew, With bim the Sagan of Jerusalem, Is work for rebels, who base ends pursue, Of hospitable foul, and noble flem; At once divine and human laws controul, Him of the western dome, whose weighty fer And mend, the parts by ruin of the whole. Flows in fit words and heavenly eloquence. The tamp'ring world is subject to this curfe, The prophet's fons, by such example led, To plytic their disease into a worse.

To learning and to loyalty were bred: Now what relief can righteous David bring? For colleges on bounteous kings depend; llow fatal 'tis to be too good a king! And never rebel was to arts à friend. Friends he has few, to nightle madneis grows; To thefe succeed the pillars of the laws; Who dare be such must be the people's foes. Who belt can plead, and best can judge, a causa





Man then train of loyal peers ascend; Thus long have I, by native mercy fway'd, Sanja Adriel

, che lules' friend, My wrongs dissembled, my revenge delay'd : Hiscis Mafe: in fanhedrims debate So willing to forgive th' offending age; Tres kis prince, but not a flave of state; So much the father did the king asluage. Wie David's love with honours did adorn, But now so far my clemency they flight, Teut ren is diobedient son were torn.

Th' offenders question my forgiving right: team of piercing wit, and pregnant thought, That one was made for many, they contend; dural by nzure, and by learning taught, But 'tis to rule; for that's a monarch's end.

bove aheadlies, who but only tried They cal my tenderness of blood my fear; Le worle zile, then dose the better side: Though manly tempers can the longest bear. Bachaft ita, battund the balance too;

Yet, since they will divert my native course, So much the vaglit of cee brave man can do.

'Tis time to thew I am not good by force. Haibai , the friend of David in distress;

Thofe heap'd affronts thathaughty subjectsbring laptic furns of early ftedfastnets:

Are burdens for a camel, not a king. Briga treaties be informod his youtlı,

Kings are the public pillars of the itate, in and experkace to his native truth.

Born to sustain and prop the nation's weight : ihani care fapplied the wanting throne ;

If my young Samson will pretend a call al for these bit bounteous of his own:

To thake the column, let him share the fall: ejanduć : when exchequers flow;

But, oh! that yet he would repent and live! hard the task to manage well the lɔw:

How easy 'tis for parents to forgive ! in reign pa'r is too depress’d or high,

With how few tears a pardon might be won akamgeure fcrc d to fell, or crowds to buy. From nature, pleading for a darling fon! gees beboer more, my weary Muse, Poor, pitied youth, by my paternal care

Her: Tho can Amiel's praise refuse? Rais'd up to all the height his fame could bear: maciez ect by birth, but nobler yet

Had God ordain'd his fate for empire born, Besoz vərth, and without title great:

He would have given his fonl another turn: kirim long time as chief he rald,

Gull'd with a patriot's name, whose modern teaza guided, and their passion cool'd:

sense tous tras lie in the ciown's defence, Is cne that would by law supplant his prince ; nad to speak a loyal nation's sense,

The people's brave, the politician's tool; as their band was Israel's tribes in small, Never was patriot yet but was a fool. As he to represent them all.

Whence comes it that religion and the laws raber charioteers the feat ascend,

Should more be Abfalom's than David's cause? ble careers his steady skill commend: His old indtructor, ere he lost his place, the th’ unequal ruler of the day,

Was never thought endued with so much grace. me the seasons, and mistake the way;

Good heavens! how taction can a patriot paint! wiedraw at their mad labours tiniles, Víy rebel ever proves my people's faint.

cloys the sabbath of his tcils. Would they impose an heir upon the throne, Bates, in the breach who dar'd to itand, se were the chief,a small but faithful band, Let fanhedrims be taught to give their own.

A king's at least a part of government; Laptth'united fury of the land. "And mine as requilite as their consent? med they view'd such pow'rful engines Without my leave a future king to choose, bates down the lawful government:

Infers a right the present to depole.

True, they petition me t'approve their choice: hal ladrims to plame the regal rights; es faction, with pretended frights, But Efau's hands suit ill with Jacob's voice.

My pious subjects for my fafety pray;
The trajucceffor from the court remov'd;
Tik perhy hireling witnesses improv'd.

Which to secure, they take my pow'r away.

From plots and treasonsheaven preiervemyyears, They are the king the danger of the wound: Untatiaie as the barren womb or grave, as they saw, and, as their duty bound, But fave me must from my petitioners!

crave. Kenaires fornented the diseale:

What then is left, but with a jealous eye was made the lure to draw the people down: The law shall itill direct my peaceful sway, Abalom, ambitious of the crown,

To guard the small remains of royalty? Pete Achitophel's pernicious hate And the farne law teach rebels to obey : Dear Shinei taught Jerusalem to curte. becoinci violent, the rabble worse : plot to ruin church and state ; Votes thall no more establish'd power controul,

Such votes as make a part exceed the whole. With all these loads of injuries opprest,

Nogroundless clamours shall my friends remove,

Nor crowds have pow'r to punih ere they prove;
The event of things, at last his patience tir’d, Still to defend their lervants in distress.
Andlung revolving in his careful breast For Gods and godlike kings their care express,
Dhe from bis royal throne, by heaven inspir'd, Oh, that my pow'r to saving wereconfin'd!
The codike David spoke; with awful fear
Elis train their Maker in their master bear:

Why am I forc’d,like heaven, against my mind,
To make examples of another kind?



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