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ittle window-panes, the ragged carpet made of this minute! with a salt mackerel, as usual, for odds and ends patriotically arranged to represent his family-dinner. the American eagle holding stars and stripes in He wrote a short note as he dressed and his firm and bounteous claws, with an open beak shaved leisurely. The note was to Dorcas, and that seemed saying—“Here they be! _'cordin' only said—“Meet me under the old pear-tree beas you belave yourselves ! - stars or stripes !”— fore sunset to-night”-and was signed with his all within was more familiar to his eye than initials. This note he at first placed on the little household words, for it was the old room he mantel-shelf in plain sight, so that he should had occupied the year before he left America. not forget to take it down-stairs when he went He stepped quickly across the chamber to a to breakfast. Afterwards he put it into his certain beam, where he had, fifteen years before, pocket-book. written four initial letters, and intertwined them . His dress— But the dress of 1811 has so curiously that the Gordian knot was easy | not arrived at the picturesque, and could never weaving in comparison. The Gordian one was be classical under any circumstances. He cut, and this had been painted and effaced for finished his toilet, and went into the diningever.

room just as everybody else had dined, and asked Swan returned to his trunk with a half-sigh, the landlord what he could have for breakfast. He selected a suit of clothes which he had Even then, the landlord hardly looked curious. purchased in Boston, put aside travelling- Taft was certainly failing. In five minutes he dress and looked out of the window occasion- | found himself at a well-known little table, with ally as he dressed. It was a warm, sunny the tavern-staple for odd meals, ham and eggs, day. The Indian summer had relented and flanked with sweetmeats and cake, just as he come back to take one more peep, before winter remembered of old. He nibbled at the sharp should shut the door on all the glowing beauty | barberries lying black in the boiled molasses, of the year. A dozen persons were crossing the and listened eagerly to the talk about British street. He knew every one of them at sight. aggressions which was going on in the bar-room. Of course there was no forgetting old Dan Suddenly a face looked in at the low window. Sears, with whom he had forty times gone Swan sprang forward, kicked over his chair, a-fishing; nor Phil Sanborn, who had stood be- and knocked the earthen pepper-box off the hind the counter with him two years at the old table. Before he reached the window, however, store. Though Phil had grown stout, there the shadow had passed round the corner of the was the same look. There was the old store, house, out of sight. too, looking exactly as it did when he went It was only a youthful figure, surmounted by away, the sign a little more worn in the a broad-brimmed straw hat, that half hid two gilding. He seemed to smell the mingled sweet, sparkling eyes. Ah! but they were odours of rum, salt-fish, and liquorice, with Dorcas's eyes ! which every beam and rafter was permeated. He picked up the pepper-box, and mechani. And there was old Walsh going home drunk ,cally sifted its contents into the barberry-dish.

(To be continued.)


POETRY received and accepted, with thanks.--"Left “H. H.," and our valued contributor, “Mrs. C.G.,"

his Home;" “Summer in the Country;" “Sleep are declined solely on account of our inability to Well;" “ Snow-birds ;” “Wild-flowers."

afford them space. Declined, with thanks. _“Fidelia ;” “Swimming ;" | PROSE accepted.--"A Chapter on Trees;" "Some

"Alpine Memories;” “Far Out of Sight;" "To thing about Birds." a Star Cloud-hidden;" “Peace.”

Prose declined.--" Plodders;" "Our Party;" "Mrs. PROSE. — Will our contributors bear in mind that, 1 Bracebridge and the Two Miss B 's."

while it is quite impossible to make use of more *** Books, Music, &c., for notice or review, must than one or two continuous stories, we are always be forwarded by the 10th of the month, to appear glad to receive short tales, sketches, and descriptive in the following number. papers to make about five or six printed pages. All MSS. will be returned on the receipt of stamps The manuscripts returned to "E. L. B.," "Duplex,"' for the purpose.

London; Printed by Rogerson and Tuxford, 246, Strand.

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