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(Specially from Paris.)

First FIGURE.--Country Toilets.- before and behind with three bands of linen, White foulard dress, scolloped at the edge of embroidered in black or groseille sontache. the skirt, and trimmed with a ponceau silk With this chemisette a groseille waistband borfluting. The front of the skirt has a fluting of dered with black lace is worn. With the grothe same description, set on en tablier. Figaroseille chemisette, the waistband should be of the jacket, ornamented in the same way. The sleeves material of the skirt. consist only of a foulard jockey, bordered en The outer garment to be worn with this demisuite. Muslin under-body in plaits, separated toilet is of the half-fitting form, of the same stuff by bands of linen. Gros-grain waistband, Chan- | as the dress, cut all round in dents de loup, bortilly black lace shawl. Fanchon bonnet, made of dered with groscille ribbon No. 5. The botton tulle, and trimmed with a wreath of ponceau of the sleeves, which are nearly tight, are geranium.

finished with the same ornament, and have at SECOND FIGURE.—Linos dress with two the top a jockey indented and trimmed in the skirts : the first is trimmed with two or three same way. Head-dress a little black hat of rows of black velvet, edged with narrow lace; English straw, with a small white and black the second skirt is trimmed with tabs. Under-wing in the middle. Another robe is of maize. body with swiss plaits, Bernese waistband. coloured mohair, garnished at the bottom with Linos outer-jacket made almost tight. This a Greek design, traced with a double bias of Mex. garment, like the dress, is trimmed with black ican blue silk; between these biases on a velvet, edged with lace; velvet waistband plain band of silk a row of blue buttons, har. fastened with a handsome steel buckle. Hairing in the centre of each a little white pearl. dressed à la jeune, and intermixed with rows of A little corselet of the materal is worn with beads.

this skirt, which is triinmed with the same I have remarked another very pretty walking ornament. The corselet is held together by dress, composed of toile de l'Inde of a soft flax-epaulets cut in the Greek pattern, and falling as coloured grey. The bottom of the skirt is cut a sort of sleeve over the under-body, which is into deep dents de loup, under which is mounted, composed of Swiss plaits, on each of these plaits in great plaits a founce of groseille foulard, a narrow blue velvet. which shows between each indentation, on which The assorted envelope is of the same material falls a knot of black taffetas bordered with as the robe, very oval behind, and cut at the narrow black lace.

edge a petites greques. A Figaro jacket, cut in little dents, is worn The round hat worn with this toilet is bowl over a chemisette either of groseille foulard, shaped, with a flat rim, above which is rolled a or of very fine white Nansook, ornamented green veil, fastened in its place by a swallow,


** UNDER THE PEAR-TREE.”—The Editress is not (We regret that this paper is not adapted to our

responsible for the above tale, which should not pages]; “A Welsh Mountain by Moonlight" If have appeared in this publication : a mistake mainly the author's composition were equal to his imresting with the printer.

pressions we should be glad to accept this paper; POETRY accepted, with thanks.—“Late Tidings;" | as it is, we would advise him to re.write it.

“ The Building of Newark Priory;" "A Corner EYEBRIGHT (Euphrasia officinalis). -A small shrubfor Flowers."

by plant, with dark, deeply-cut leaves, and many

whitish-grey flowers, pencilled with yellow. It is PROSE accepted, with thanks.-“Curiosities of

found on dry heaths, and downs beside the sea. Writing;' " Wardley Court;" “Mrs. T— 's Step

Being at Weymouth, our correspondent will have daughter;" “The Nibsey Family, or Village

no difficulty in finding it. Sketches;" “ May Goldsmith” [We must see the **

"! *** Books, Music, &c., for notice or review, must remainder of this tale before we can decide.]

be forwarded by the 10th of the month, to appear Declined, with thanks, and posted to the writers in the following number.

“Our Vague Ideas ;" "An Old Man's Musings;' | All unaccepted MSS. will be returned on the receipt "One too Many;" “Marsh Murrains in England's l of stamps for the purpose.

London: Printed by Rogerson and Tuxford, 216, Strand,

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