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Vol. 55.-No.1.] LONDON, SATURDAY, JULY 2, 1825. [Price 6d.

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“This Bill (Mr. Peels) was grounded on concurrent Reports of both
“ Houses; it was passed by unanimous votes of both Houses; it was, at the

close of the Session, a subject of high eulogium in the Speaker's Speech to
" the Regent, and in the Regent's Speech to the two Houses : now, then, I,
“ William Cobbett, assert, that, to carry this Bill into effect is impossible ; and

I say, that, if this Bill be carried into full effect, I will give Castlereaghi
« leave to lay me on a Gridiron and broil me alive, while Sidmouth may stir
6 the coals, and Canning stand by and laugh at my groans.”—Taken from
Cobbett's Register, written at North Hempstead, Long Island, on the 24th of September,
1819, and published in England in November, 1819.

PEEL's Bill, together with the laws about Small Notes, which last were
in force when Peel's Bill was passed : these laws, all taken together, if
they had gone into effect, would have put an end to all Small Notes on the first
day of May last : but, to prevent this blowing up of the whole of the
Funding System, an Act was passed, in the month of July, 1822, to
prevent these laws, and especially that part of Peel's Bill which put an
end to Small Bank of England Notes, from going into full effect !—Thus the
System received a respite ; but, thus did the Parliament fulfil the above
Prophecy of September 1819.


GOLD AND BANK NOTES; for I have laughed myself almost

into hysterics!
THE RAG-ROOKS IN CONFUSION. Now, then, you base and blun-

derheaded blackguard brothers
TO THE READERS OF The Register. of the broad sheet, whom Mr.

O LORD! O Lord! Let me BROUGHAM calls the “ best of all
take time to draw my breath; possible public instructers :" Now,

Printed and Published by C. CLEMENT, No. 183, Fleet-street.


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then; you provincial slaves of the laughed, as well as at me, I proFire-shovels, the Jolterheads, and ceed to lay before you the abovethe Cotton Lords : now, then, mentioned report of proceedings, Baines, of some town in York- and then to offer


such comshire, and private - letter Bott ments as justice to myself, still Smith of Liverpool : now, then, more justice to you, and still more feelosofer of the Chronicle, who than that, justice to the meritorifinds no evil except in the having ous person who has been the cause of children : now, then, Peter of the grand exposure that has just Macculloch, who, with Mr. now taken place, requires. It is not Brougham and others, is about often that I trespass upon your to form an University, wherein valuable time by requesting you Scotchmen are to teach us “loons to read speeches made in that oʻth' Soothhow to get millions honourable, Honourable House, by only “watching the turn of which it is impossible for me justly the market : now, then, you to characterize, and which I dare whole tribe of Jews and Stock- not justly characterize if I could. jobbers, about ten thousand of I dare not characterize that House whom, together with some thou- which protected the Bank against sands of pickpockets, I had the its creditors, that House which pleasure to see coming from the resolved, in 1811, that a one '. . “ Grand Review” yesterday, pound note and a shilling were soaked to your sallow, dirty skins : equal in value to a guinea in gold, now, then, all the whole tribe of and which same House resolved, fools and knaves, who have af- in 1819, that the one pound note fected to laugh at my predictions and a shilling had not been equal relative to gold payments ; now, in value to a guinea in gold in then, read the report of the pro- 1811. I dare not characterize ceedings in the thrice Honourable that House, which, during the House of Monday last, the 27th War, enacted that the protection of June, 1825; and then twist of the Bank should cease in six about your lantern jaws, show months after the Peace, and which your rotten teeth, and muster up same House prolonged the proa laugh, if you can.

tection during eight years after And, now, ReadERS Of The the Peace. I dare not characREGISTER, you, at whom these terize that House, which enacted, empty skulled wretches have in 1819, that it was absolutely

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necessary to the safety of the no longer to be drowned or burn country to return to the currency ed, but which makes not the of our fathers; and which same smallest attempt to prevent men House, in 1822, passed an Act, from being shut up six years the obvious effect of which was to in a gaol (and possibly for life) prevent a return to that currency. for mere matters of opinion about I dare not characterize that House, religion; wbich makes not the which, in 1819, passed a law to smallest attempt to soften the new prevent the making of small notes and terrible laws about poaching, by the Bank of England after the which fill the gaols and the hulka month of May 1822, and to pre- for the sake of hares and phea. vent small notes being issued by sants and partridges ; which country bankers after two years makes not the smallest altempt to beyond that period, and which soften the new trespass law, by same House, when 1822 came, which a man or a boy, or a wos passed another Act to enable the man or a girl, may be crammed Bank of England, as well as all into gaol, and sent to hard labour country bankers, TO MAKE for deviating ten yards from a footONE POUND NOTES FOR path, but which leaves wholly un ELEVEN YEARS LONGER. touched the rich man, who may I dare not characterize this House, gallop through a farmer's corn and I will not, and I need not. with whole droves of dogs and But, I will speak of what passes horses, without the farmer's darin it, or, I will, at least, give you ing to arrest him, and who is liable an account of what the newspa- to no responsibility, except through pers tell us passed in it, relative the means of a tardy and expento this paper affair, on Monday sive action at law. When Sir last, the 27th instant.

with his long It is not, as I said before, often speeches for ameliorating the that I trespass upon your valua- criminal code, I apply the paper ble time by pointing out to you to the basest uses, and hope that what passes

in this House. you will do the same. When Sir When Sir JAMES MACKINTOSH BOBBY WILSON, in bis patriotic treats us to seven or eight feet efforts for the liberties of England, of speech, intended to bring about makes uncommonly long speeches that "softening of the criminal to persuade us that those libertieg code" by which poor witches are are wounded in their tenderest



part by the shackles imposed on But, before I proceed to the the free ingress and egress of fo- proceeding itself, I ought to give reigners; when the great Re- you the history of the ground of it. former, Westminster's Pride and It is perfectly notorious, that there England's Glory, pours forth his is very little, and, indeed, no gold bombastical strains, in order to circulating in the country; and restore happiness and liberty to that even in London, when you go the Irish, by calling upon us to to a banker's with any thing more give money to transport the Irish than a five pound note, they tento the wilds of America ; and par- der you in change Bank of Engticularly when he is endeavouring land notes of five pounds. It is to make them free by taking from also notorious that, if you go to nine tenths of them the right which one of these London bankers with they possess of voting at elections country notes payable by him, he for Members of Parliament. When always tenders you Bank of Engspeeches of nine yards in length, land notes, and not gold; and that,

; taken altogether, are made about as to the rest of the kingdom, gold delays in the Court of Chancery, is never seen in circulation ; and and when it comes out at last that that the whole of the people have the evil of these delays consists in believed that the law, as it now the refusal of the Lord Chancellor stands, authorizes the country to give the chief crawler a silk banker to give you Bank of Enggown. When wise Denman occu- land notes in exchange for his pies whole evenings in a charge notes, and to refuse to give you against Mr. Kenrick, and when gold in exchange for his own his own witness proves the charge notes. to have been such as even his I have endeavoured to cause friends were unable to support. the people to know that this was When things like these take place, not the law, and that the Bank I fling aside the paper: I bestow of England, and every country no time on the matter; but, now banker, and all the Irish fellows we have something worthy of our that issue notes, and the Bank of attention, in the proceedings of Ireland, and all the Scotch raglast Monday night : something rooks, and the Bank of Scotland, that we are to read with care from as they call it; that every

devil of the beginning to the end, without them, from first to last, and from missing a single word.

highest to lowest (if there be, or

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