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my mill.

bray. Change of weather finds discourse God's sake, alks for himself too. God for fools. A pound of care will not pay keeps him who takes wbuat care he can of an ounce of debt. The forrow men have himself. Nothing is valuable in this world, for others hangs upon one hair. A wise except as it tends to the next. Smeke, man changes his mind, a fool never will. raining into the house, and a talking wife, That day on which you marry you either make a man run out of doors. · There is mar or make yourself. God comes to no to morrow for an asking friend. God fee, or look upon us, without a bell. You keep me from still-water, from that which had better leave your enemy something is rough I will keep myself. Take your when you die, than live to beg of your wife's first advice, not her second. Tell friend. That's a wise delay which makes not what you know, judge not what you the road safe. Cure your sore eyes only fee, and you will live in quiet. Hear reawith your elbow. Let us thank God, and son, or she will make herself be heard. be content with what we have. The foot Gifts enter every where without a wimble. of the owner is the best manure for his A great fortune with a wife is a bed full of land. He is my friend who grinds at brambles. One pin for your purse, and

Enjoy that little you have two for your mouth. There was never while the fool is hunting for more. Say- but one man who never did a fault. He ing and doing do not dire togetoer. who promises rurs into debt. He who Money cures all diseases. A life ill-spent holds his peace gathers stones. Leave makes a sad old age. 'Tis money that your son a good reputation and an employmakes men lords. We talk, but God doth ment. Receive your money before you what he pleases. May you have good give a receipt for it, and take a receipt luck, my son, and a little wit will serve your before you pay it. God doth the cure, turn. Gifts break through fone walls. and the physician takes the money

for Go not to your doctor for every ail, nor to it. Thinking is very far from knowing your lawyer for every quarrel, nor to your the truth. Fools make great feaits, and pitcher for every thirst. There is no bet: wise men eat of them. June, July, Auguit, ter looking-glass than an old true friend. and Carthagena, are the four beit ports of A wall between both belt preserves friend. Spain. A gentle calf fucks her own mothip. The sum of all is, to serve God ther, and four cows more (between two well, and to do no ill thing. The creditor ow'n brothers, two witnesses, and a notary). always hath a better memory than the The devil brings a modelt man to the debtor. Setting down in writing is a court. He who will have a mnule without lafting memory. Repentance always costs any fault, must keep none. The wolves very dear. Good-breeding and money eat the poor ass that hath many owners. make our sons gentlemen. As you use Visit your aunt, but not every day in the your father, so your children will use you. year. In an hundred years time princes There is no evil, but some good use may are pealants, and in an hundred and ten be made of it. No price is great enough peasants grow princes. The poor cat is for good counsel. Examine not the pedi- whipped because our dame will not spin. gree nor patrimony of a good man. There Leave your jest whilst you are most plealed is no ill thing in Spain but that which with it. Whither goeft thou, grief? Where can speak. Praise the man whose bread I am used to go. Leave a dog and a you eat.

God keep me from him whom great talker in the middle of the street. 1 trust, from him whom I trust not I shall Never trust a man whom you have injured. keep myself. Keep out of an hasty man's The laws go on the king's errands.' Pa. way for a while, out of a sullen man's all rents love indeed, others only talk of it. the days of your life. If you love me, John, Three helping one another will do as your deeds will tell me so. I defy all fec- much as fix men single. She spins well ters, though they were made of gold. Few who breeds her children well. You candie of hunger, an hundred thousand of not do better for your daughter than to furfeits. Govern yourself by reason, though breed her virtuously, nor for your son fome like it, others do not. If you would than to fit bim for an employment. Lock know the worth of a ducat, go and borrow your door, that so you may keep your

No companion like money. A good neighbour honeit. Civil obliging lan. wife is the workmanship of a good hul- guage costs but little, and doth a great deal band. The fool fell in love with the lady's of good. One “ Take it” is better than The friar who asks for two “ Thou shalt have it.” Prayers and


laced apron.

provender never hindered any man's joure from the plough. Wine wears no breeches,
ney. There is a sig at Rome for him who' The hole in the wall invites the thief. A
gives another advice before he asks it. He wise man doth not hang his wisdom on a
who is not more, or better than another, peg. A man's love and his belief are seen
deferves not more than another. He who by what he does. A covetous man makes a
hath no wisdom hath no worth. "Tis bet. half-penny of a farthing, and a liberal man
ter to be a wise than a rich man. Because makes fix-pence of it. In December keep
I would live quietly in the world, I hear, yourself warm and sleep. He who will re-
and see, and say nothing. Meddle not be- venge every affront, means not to live long.
tween two brothers. Th: dead and the Keep your money, niggard, live miserably
abient have no friends left them. Who is that your heir may squander it away. Ja
the true gentleman, or nobleman? He war, hunting, and love, you have a thou-
whose actions make hiin so. Do well to sand sorrows for every joy or pleasure. Ho-
whom you will; do any man harm, and nour and profit will not keep both in one
look to yourself. Good courage breaks ill fack. The anger of brothers is the anger
luck to pieces, Great poverty is no fault of devils. A mule and a woman do beit
or baseness, but some inconvenience. The by fair means. A very great beauty is
heard-hearted man gives more than he who either a fool or proud. Look upon a picture
has nothing at all. Let us not fall out, to and a battle at a good distance. A great deal
give the devil a dinner. Truths too fine is ill wasted, and a little would do as well.
pun are subtle fooleries. If you would An estate well got is spent, and that which
always have money, keep it when you have is ill got destroys its master too. That
it. I suspect that iil in others which I which is bought cheap is the deareit. 'Tis
know by myself. Sly knavery is too more trouble to do ill than to do well.
hard for honest wisdom. He who resolve's The husband must not fee, and the wife must
to amend hath God on his fide. Hell be blind. While the tail maid is ftoop.
is crowded up with ungrateful wretches. ing the little one hath swept the house.
Think of yourself, and let me alone. He Neither fo fair as to kill, nor so ugly
can never enjoy himself one day who fears as to fright a man. May no greater
he may die at night. He who hath done ill befal you than to have many chil-
ill once, will do it again. No evil hap- dren, and but a little bread for them. Let
pens to us but what may do us good. If nothing affright you but fin. I am na
I have broken my leg, who knows but 'tis river, but can go back when there is rea-
best for me. The more honour we have, fon for it. Do not make me kiss, and
the more we thirst after it. If you would you will not make me fin. Vain-glory
he pope, you must think of nothing else. is a flower which never comes to froit,
Make the night night, and the day day, The absent are always in the fault. A
and you will be merry and wise. He great good was never got with a little
who eats moil eats least. If you would pains. Sloth is the key to let in beggary.
live in health be old betimes. I will go I left him I knew, for him who was highly
warm, and let fools laugh on. Chuse your praised, and I found reason to repent it.
wite on a Saturday, not on a Sunday. Do not say I will never drink of this
Drinking water neither makes a man fick water, however dirty it is. He who trifles
nor in debt, nor his wife a widow. No away his time, perceives not death which
pottage is good without bacon, no sermon stands upon his Moulders. He who spits
without St. Augustin, Have many ac- against heaven, it falls upon his face. He
quaintance, and but a few friends. A A who fumbles, and falls not, mends his
wondrous fair woman is not all her hus. pace. He who is fick of folly recovers
ba) 's own.

He who marries a widow, late or never. He who hath a mouth of will have a dead man's head often thrown in his own Mould not bid another man blow. his dith. Away goes the devil when he finds He who hath no ill fortune is tired out the door shut against him. 'Tis great with good. He who depends wholly upon courage to suffer, and great wisdom to hear another's providing for him, hath but an patiently. Doing what I ought secures ill breakfast, and a worse fupper. A me against all censures. I wept when I cheerful look, and forgiveness, is the best was born, and every day shews why. revenge of an affront. The request of a Experience and wisdom are the two best grandee is a kind of force upon a man. I fortune-tellers. The best soldier comes am always for the frongest lide. If folly

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get her.

were pain, we should have great crying who strives to make you good, than he out in every house. Serve a great man,

who strives to please you.

You know not and you will know what sorrow is. Make what may happen, is the hope of fools. no absolute promises, for nobody will help Sleep makes every man as great and rich you to perform them. Every man is a as the greatest. Follow, but do not run fool in another man's opinion. Wisdom after good fortune. Anger is the weakcomes after a long course of years. Good ness of the understanding. Great poits fortune comes to him who takes care to and offices are like ivy on the wall, which

They have a fig at Rome for makes it look fine, but ruins it. Make no him who refuses any thing that is given great hafte to be angry; for if there be ochim. One love drives out another. Kings cafion, you will have time enough for it. go as far as they are able, not so far as Riches, which all applaud, the owner feels they desire to go. So play fools-I must the weight or care of. A competency love you, and you love somebody else. He leaves you wholly at your disposal. Riches who thinks what he is to do, must think make men worse in their latter days. He what he should say too. A mischief may is the only rich man who understands the happen which will do me (or make me) use of wealth. He is a great fool who good. Threatened men eat bread ftill, i.e. squanders rather than doth good with his live on.

Get but a good name and you estate. To heap freth kindnesles upon unmay lie in bed. Truth is the child of grateful men, is the wiseft, but withal the God. He who hath an ill cause, let him most cruel revenge. The fool's pleasures fell it cheap. A wise man never says, I cost him very dear. Contempt of a man did not think of that. Respect a good is the sharpelt reproof. Wit without disman that he may respect you, and be cretion is a sword in the hand of a fool civil to an ill man that he may not affront Other virtues without prudence are a blind you. A wise man only knows when to beauty. Neither enquire after, nor hear change his inind. The wife's counsel is of, nor take notice of the faults of others not worth much, but he who takes it not is when you see them. Years pass not over a fool. When two friends have a com men's heads for nothing. An halter will mon purse, one fings and the other weeps. sooner come without taking any care about I loft my reputation by speaking ill of it than a canonry. If all asles wore others, and being worse {poken of. He packsaddles, what a good trade would the who loves you will make you weep, and packsaddlers have. The usual forms of he who hates you may make you laugh. civility oblige no man. There is no more Good deeds live and flourish when all faithful nor pleasant friend than a good other things are at an end. At the end of book. He who loves to employ himself life La Gloria is sung. By yielding you well can never want something to do. A make all your friends; but if you will tell thousand things are well forgot for peace all the truth you know, you will have your and quietness fake. A wise man avoids head broke. Since you know every thing, all occafions of being angry. A wise man and I know nothing, pray tell me what I aims at nothing which is out of his reach. dreamed this morning. Your looking- Neither great poverty nor great riches glass will tell you what none of your friends will hear reason. A good man hath ever will. The clown was angry, and he paid

No pleasure is a better pennydear for it. If you are vexed or angry worth than that which virtue yields. No you will have two troubles instead of one. old

age is agreeable but that of a wise The last year was ever better than the pre man. A man's wisdom is no where more sent. That wound that was never given seen than in his marrying himself. Folly is best cured of any other. Amictions teach and anger are but two names for the same much, but they are a hard cruel master. thing. Fortune knocks once at leait at Improve rather by other men's errors, than every one's door. The father's virtue is find fault with them. Since you can bear the best inheritance a child can have. No with your own, bear with other men's fail- sensual pleasure ever latied so much as for ings too. Men lay out all their under a whole hour. Riches and virtue do not standing in studying to know one another, ofien keep one another company. Ruling and so no man knows himself. The ap- one's anger well, is not so good as preplause of the mob or multitude is but a venting it. The most useful learning in poor comfort.

Truths and roses have the world is that which teaches us how to thorns about them. He loves you better die well. The belt men come worse out of


good luck.

What you

company than they went into it. The river. He who hath a handsome wife, or most mixed or aliaycd joy is that men take a castle on the frontier, or a vineyard in their children. Find money and mar near the high way, never wants a quarrel. riage to rid yourself of an ill daughter. Never deceive your physician, your conThere is no better advice than to look al. feflor, nor your lawyer. Make a bridge ways at the issue of things. Compare of silver for a flying enemy. Never trust your griefs with other men's, and they him whom you have wronged. Seck for will seem less. Owe money to be paid at good, and be ready for evil. Easter, and Lent will seem short to you. can do alone by yourself, expect not from He who only returns home, doth not run another. Idleness in youth makes way away. He can do nothing well who is at for a painful and miserable old age. He enmity with his God. Many avoid others who pretends to be every body's particubecause they fee not and know not them- Jar friend is nobody's. Consider well befelves. God is always opening his hand fore you tie that knot you never can undo. to us. Let us be friends, and put out the Neither praise nor dispraise any before you devil's eye.

"Tis true there are many know them. A prodigal son succeeds a very good wives, but they are under coverous father. He is fool enough himground. Talking very much, and lying, self who will bray against another ass. are ccuin-germans. With all your learn. Though od and wile, yet fill adviso. ing be sure to know yourself. One error Happy is he that mends of himself, withbreeds twenty more. I will never jest with out the help of others.

A wise man my eye nor with my religion. Do what knows his own ignorance, a fool thinks he you liave to do just now, and leave it not knows every thing. What you eat yourfor to-morrow: Ill tongues Mould have self never gains you a friend. Great a pair of scissors. Huge long hair, and house-keeping makes but a poor will. very little brains. Speak little, hear much, Fair words and foul decds deceive wise and you will seldom be much out. Give men as well as fools. Eating too well as me á virtuous woman, and I will make first makes men eat ill afterwards. Let her a fine woman. He who trusts nobody him speak who received, let the gives is never deceived. Drink water like an hold his peace. An house built by a man's ox, wine like a king of Spain. I am not father, and a vineyard planted by his forry that my son loses his money, but grandsather. A dapple-grey horse will that he will have his revenge, and play die sooner than tire. No woman is ugly on ftill. My mother bid me be confident, when he is dressed. The best remedy but lay no wagers. A good fire is one againit an evil man is to to keep at a gocd half of a inan's life. Covetousness breaks distance from him. A man's folly is seen the fack; i. e. lofes a great deal. That by his finging, his playing, and riding full meat reliihes best which costs a man no- fpeed. Buying a thing too dear is no thing. The ass bears his load, but not an bounty. Buy at a fair, and fell at home. over-load. He who cats his cock alone, Keep aloof from all quarrels, be neither a muit catch his horse so too. } le who witness nor party. God doth us more and makes more of you than he used to do, more good every hour of our lives. An either would cheat you or needs you. ill blow, or an ill word, is all you will get He that would avoid the fin, muit avoid from a fool. He who lies long in bed his the occasion of it. Keep yourself from eltate pays for it. Consider well of a buthe anger of a great man, from a tumult finess, and dispatch it quickly. He who of the mob, from fools in a narrow way, hath children hath neither kindred nor from a man that is marked, from a widow friends. May I have a dispute with a that hath been thrice married, from wind wise man, if with any. He who hath lost that comes in at a hole, and from a re- name is lost to all virtue. Being in love conciled enemy. One ounce of mirth is brings no reputation to any man, but vexworth more than ten thousand weight of ation to all. Giving to the poor lessens melancholy. A contented mind is a great no man's store. He who is idle is always gift of God. He that would cheat the wanting somewhat. Evil comes to us by devil muit rise early in the morning. ells, and goes away by inches. He whole Every fool is in love with his own bauble. house is tiled with glass must not throw Every ill man will have an ill time. Keep stones at his neighbour's. The man is fire, your sword between you and the strength the woman tow, and the devil comes to of a clown. Be ye last to go over a deep blow the coals. He who doth not look


forward, finds himself behind other men. for a by-path, thinks to save ground, and

The love of God prevails for ever, all he loses it. He who serves the public other things come to nothing. He who obliges nobody. He who keeps his first is to give an account of himself and others, innocency escapes a thousand fins. He must know both himself and them. A who abandons his poor kindred, God forman's love and his faith appear by his fakes him. He who is not handsome at works or deeds. In all contention put twenty, nor Itrong at thirty, nor rich at a bridle upon your tongue. In a great frost forty, nor wise at fifty, will never be handa nail is worth a horse. I went a fool to fome, frong, rich, nor wise. He who rethe court, and came back an ass. Keep folves on the sudden, repents at leisure. He money when you are young, that you may

who rises late loses his prayers, and pre-" have it when you are old. Speak but lit- vides not well for his house. He who tle, and to the purpose, and you will pass peeps through a bole may see what will for somebody. If you do evil, expect to vex him. He who amends his faults puis suffer evil. Sell cheap, and you will sell himself under God's protection. He who as much as four others. An ill child is loves we!l sees things at a distance. He better fick than well. He who rises early who hath servants hath enemies which he in the morning hath somewhat in his head. cannot well be without. He who pays his The gallows will have its own at lait. A , debts begins to make a lock. He who lie hath no legs. Women, wind, and for- gives all before he dies will need a great tune, are ever changing. Fools and wil- deal of patience. He who said nothing fut men make the lawyers great. Never had the better of it, and had what he design a writing will you have read it, nor fired. He who feeps much gets but little drink water till you have seen it. Nei- learning. He who fins like a fool, like a ther is any barber dumb, nor any songíter fool goes to hell. If you would have your very wile. Neither give to all, nor con business well done, do it yourself. 'Tis tend with fools. Dono il, and fear no the wise man only who is content with harm. He dosh something wiro sets his what he hath. Delay is odious, but it house on fire; he scares away the rats, and makes things more fure. He is always warms himself. I fell jothing on truit cill safe who knows himiclf well.

A good co-morrow. ¡Written over the Thop-doors.] wife by obeying commands in her turn. The common people pardon no fault in Not to have a mind to do well, and to put any man. The fidler of the same town it off at the present, are much the fame. never plays well at their feast. Either Italy to be born in, France to live in, and rich, or hanged in the attempt. The fast Spain to die in. He loses the good of his is over, but here is the fool lill. To dia - afflictions who is not the better for them. vide as brothers ufe to do: that which is "'Tis the moit dangerous vice which looks mine is all my own, that which is yours I like virtue. 'Tis great wildom to forget go halves in. There will be no money got all the injuries we may receive. Prospeby losing your time. He will soon be a rity is the thing in the world we ought to loft man himself who keeps such men com trust the least. Experience without learnpany. By courtesies done to the meanelt ing does more good than learning without men, you get much nicre than you can experience. Virtue is the best patrimony lose. Trouble not yourself about news,

for children to inherit. 'Tis much more it will soon grow ftale and you will have painful to live ill than to live well. An it. That which is well said, is said soon hearty good-will never wants time to hew enough. When the devil goes to his itself. To have done well obliges us to prayers he means to cheat you. When do so still. He hath a great opinion of you meet with a fool, pretend business to himself who makes no comparison with get rid of him. Sell him for an ass at a others. He only is rich enough who hath fair, who talks much and knows little. all that he desires. The belt way of inHe who buys and sells doth not feel what struction is to practise that which we teach he spends. "He who ploughs his land, and others. 'Tis but a little narrow soul which breeds cattle, spins gold. He who will earthly things can please. The reason venture nothing must never get on horse why parents love the younger children back. He who goes far from home for a bert, is because they have so little hopes wife, either means to cheat, or will be that the elder will do well. The dearest cheated. He who fows his land, trusts child of all is that which is dead. He in God. He who leaves the great road who is about to marry should consider


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