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Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageSri Lanka - News: July 17, 2002 - Headline: UNICEF Hopes Cease-Fire Will Help Reunite Sri Lanka's Child Soldiers With Families. Excerpt: UNICEF official Jean-Luc Bories said the rebels are cooperating with UNICEF in trying to resolve the child soldier problem. During the past few months, Mr. Bories added that the rebels, known as the LTTE, have released more than 60 children. ... According to Mr. Bories, the Tamil Tigers deny that they intentionally recruit children. They say that if they have recruited any under-age people it is because the youngsters were using forged birth certificates showing they were at least 18 years of age.Patent UsageMethod and Apparatus for Device Input Identification: Patented by Jolynn Bories and Justin Beghtol on December 15, 2000. Abstract: The present invention comprises a method and apparatus, which provides feedback for identification of a selected input on an electronic device. The method and apparatus is provided for identifying selected inputs of a device by a user of the device before the selected input is accepted as input for further processing in the device.Bibliographic UsageAdoue, D., et al. Carpal tunnel syndrome with digital ulcerations in a patient with renal insufficiency on periodic hemodialysis appears in Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie written by D. Adoue, P. Arlet, P. Giraud, M. Giraud, P. Bories and J. L. Bonafe. Published in 1984.Akendengue, B., et al. Acaricidal activity of Uvaria versicolor and Uvaria Klaineana (Annonaceae) appears in Phytotherapy Research: PTR written by B. Akendengue, E. Ngou-Milama, H. Bourobou-Bourobou, J. Essouma, F. Roblot, C. Gleye, A. Laurens, R. Hocquemiller, P. Loiseau and C. Bories. Published in April 2003.Alary, J., et al. 1,4-Dihydroxynonene mercapturic acid, the major end metabolite of exogenous 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal, is a physiological component of rat and human urine. appears in Chemical Research in Toxicology written by J. Alary, L. Debrauwer, Y. Fernandez, J. P. Cravedi, D. Rao and G. Bories. Published in February 1998.Amarouch, H., et al. Dihydro-5,6-imidazo2,1-bthiazoles, dihydro-2,3-imidazo2,1-bbenzothiazoles, analogs of levamisole appears in Il Farmaco; Edizione Scientifica written by H. Amarouch, P. R. Loiseau, M. Bonnafous, R. Caujolle, M. Payard, P. M. Loiseau, C. Bories and P. Gayral. Published in May 1988.Amoyal, P., et al. Subtotal colectomy for necrotizing ischemic colitis in a long-distance runner appears in Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique written by P. Amoyal, P. Bories, P. Lyonnet, P. Avril, G. Barneon, F. Potet and H. Michel. Published in April 1989.Bahar, S., et al. Spontaneous vertebro-vertebral arterio-venous fistula associated with fibro-muscular dysplasia. Report of two cases appears in Neuroradiology written by S. Bahar, J. Chiras, J. P. Carpena, J. F. Meder and J. Bories. Published in 1984.Ballestrero, Anastasio. Author of Cammino per una vita nuova. Translated into French, titled Chemin pour une vie nouvelle (translator: Marie-Beacute;atrice Bories). Publisher: Nouvelle citeacute; (Paris). Published in 1979.Barbirato, F. and A. Bories. Relationship between the physiology of Enterobacter agglomerans CNCM 1210 grown anaerobically on glycerol and the culture conditions appears in Research in Microbiology written by F. Barbirato and A. Bories. Published in July - August 1997.

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